This is what Alexa – the Web information company – has to say about CtWatchdog readers:

 “Compared with all internet users, the site’s users are disproportionately high-income, and they are disproportionately moderately educated women between the ages of 35 and 65 who have more children and browse from work.”

 Alexa rates CtWatchdog on Sept. 7, 2011:

Global Rank
Rank in US

That is much higher than many small papers in Connecticut. For instance, this is how Alexa rated the Meriden Record Journal the same day:


Global Rank
Rank in US

Our readership continues to grow and our rates are competitive and we offer something rare and crucial in the world of Journalism and online advertising: full transparency. Our readers trust us because they know that our advertisers are treated the same as non-advertisers and we disclose all of our conflicts. We also offer exclusive advertising in your field or in your customer service area.

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We are very selective about who advertises on our site. We look for good companies who value their customers and who take customer complaints seriously.

Advertising on our site does NOT provide you with protection against complaints. What it does provide is exclusive marketing for your business and being associated with a trusted consumer site that is run by professional journalists.

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We don’t use a rate card because we have so many different types of ads and ad campaigns that we can provide. We now have the ability to set your ad so that its only seen by consumers in Connecticut or at whatever zip code is important to you. That way you only pay for the ad views that are important to you.

We can do a single ad for $100 on one column. Or we can provide a $15,000 year-round full ad campaign that includes a large ad on ALL the pages as well as ads inside each of the more than 2300 pages on our site. And of course we can design ad campaigns anywhere in between.

We can provide large banner ads for categories, or for individual columns. Advertisers can purchased sponsorship ads for any of our bloggers – the revenue will be shared with the blogger.

Advertisers are not only showing their support consumerism by appearing on CtWatchdog, they also are purchasing EXCLUSIVITY. We only accept one firm in a category. For instance, only one consumer law firm can advertise at any one time or only one bank (unless it involves two banks that don’t compete with each other).

We use OpenX, Google Analytics as well as Woopra for metrics so you will have access to accurate data on who and how many and how people use our website.


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