Articles by Kathleen Kiley

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New England Farmers Join Occupy Wall Street

Farmers from around the country, including Connecticut, officially joined the Occupy Wall Street this past Sunday. Stretching two blocks long on a crisp fall day, over 400 people marched to Zuchatti Park in Manhattan, ground…

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Ct Eat Well: Training New Women Farmers

Attention CT Land Girls: Training for New Women Farmers If you want to be a “land girl,” the Connecticut chapter of the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) is offering training for beginning women farmers. The…

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OrganicFarmingCt: Our New Consumer Column On Healthy Eating In Connecticut.

A growing number of organic farms in Connecticut are becoming a working classroom for neophytes to learn the trade or discover if farming is best left to farmers.

Over the past few years, thanks to journalists such as Michael Pollan, who writes about how food is intertwined with our lives, young and mid-career professionals are swapping the corner office for the dream of becoming an organic farmer.