2011 Computer Reliability Reports: Lenovo, Asus On Top

“There have been some interesting changes over the last 3 months.  We are in a time of rapid technical change and consumers more than ever need to have up-to-date unbiased guidance.” stated David Milman CEO of RESCUECOM.

The Computer Reliability Report gives an unbiased summary of the most reliable personal computer manufacturers. The top five brands with the best overall reliability in Q1 2011 are:

  1. IBM/Lenovo (254)
  2. Asus (242)
  3. Toshiba (164)
  4. Apple (149)
  5. HP/Compaq (122)

Dramatic shifts in market share occurred which correlate to the reliability of the brands.  While the top five reliable manufacturers remained the same this quarter as in our Annual 2011 report, there were some shifts in position likely influenced by market share changes.

Although both Asus and Lenovo climbed in the rankings, Lenovo managed to maintain their lead.  Interestingly Lenovo increased their market share over 26% this quarter, while ASUS lost almost 40%. PAGE 2

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14 Comments on "2011 Computer Reliability Reports: Lenovo, Asus On Top"

  1. This is why these “surveys” are FOS. I run a computer service business serving around 900 clients throughout Mass. and NH, and I can tell you from YEARS of hands on experience that Toshiba and HP products are at the BOTTOM of real world reliability experience. Both companies also sport some of the WORST customer service you will EVER encounter. Consistently. Worse even, than Dell. These surveys are useless

  2. Mmm. My experience of Apple is second to none. With five models, with an age range of 2004-10, I’ve made visits to the West Farms’ Apple twice with tech issues (a MacBook Pro screen and software that wouldn’t work on my iMac). I got ace service and speedy resolutions at no cost. Couldn’t ask for more.

  3. I took the leap and bought a Lenovo Thinkpad before Christmas and I have to say that reliability was the top reason I went with them. I’ve bought HPs before but with kids those things don’t last nearly as long as you’d like. Once you hold that Thinkpad it just feels tough and rugged. It’s ugly as sin and I hate that red cursor but I’m positive it’s going to last me forever.

  4. I have owned an HP dell Toshiba and asus I will say I would rather have a broken asus then a new anything else its by far the best computer I have ever owned setting up a new computer is usually a hassle asus was simple runs good has all the bells and whistles and runs circles around its peers. BTW I have never had a boot up time of 2 seconds with any other brand …. Boom ready to go

  5. I wonder how much bias there is in the results, and were the sammples of data normalized first to account for biases?

    I have a Lenovo W520 – top of the line workstation laptop. It shuts down arbitrarily every few days. My problem is not as bad as some – for me, it’s more of an annoyance while the computer is mostly idle.

    Lenovo has 85 pages worth of users on their forum who have this same problem – that’s about 850 posts on that one subject thread. And they still haven’t figured it out, and they are still selling machines that shut down inexplicably. Check out the thread:


  6. ToshibaCustomer | March 5, 2012 at 2:23 pm |

    Don’t like toshiba’s customer service. With unsatisfactory Warrenty repairs, same issues keep appearing and also occurring on even their newer models. They take no steps to find the source of the issue and prevent it from happening again. Like having random shut downs like Lenovo. You should check their forums. Quite a lot of complaints. A few of their latest models, less than 1-2 days old already are having this issue. People with the same models having this issue shows that it isn’t simply a coincidence.

  7. ToshibaCustomer | March 5, 2012 at 2:35 pm |

    Toshiba only does repairs no computer replacements.

  8. Coz i really dont know what i am going to buy, which of these three laptop brand are durable that will last for lifetime.. They are all core i5 processors, all the same in specs, but what is the best, pls i need ur help.. Thanks..

  9. It’s a Rescuecom “report”. First, rescuecom are a bunch of nobody morons themselves, being ripped apart for their own dubious business practices. How this EVER made it outside of their own crap website is beyond me. Try a real report like Square Trade or Consumer Reports

  10. i have just bought a asus laptop and i think its great it seems asus is going to capture the laptop market soon

  11. I think HP would be the worst, both quality and customer service. my hp was bought 1.5 years ago and I bought 2year warranty, it is very slow now even after reinstalling. I called the customer service 5 times and they just play with me. I will never buy a HP Anymore and will dissuade my friends from buying it.

  12. Francesca Gibbons | August 20, 2012 at 6:29 am |

    1st laptop UL20A lasted 4 hours
    2nd Laptop UL20A lasted 24 hours
    Asus External optical drive lasted 2 hours
    Never before had such poor quality products
    Now have £500 laptop that has to go in the bin
    Asus quality and customer service is terrible

  13. @Francesca
    why are you still buying ASUS then….
    1st laptop gone 2nd laptop gone now why are you buying another if you are so sure of the outcome.
    either choose not to buy or choose not to complain…
    giving faulty feedbacks for marketing other brands is not recommended on the forum, please stop misleading us.

  14. My 2010 HP Pavillion dv 6 did not come with a windows 7 repair or statup disk. Not necessary they said as they had a partition recovery drive. Well guess what partition drive went bad could not make a clean backup and then it dies and lost all my files..2 yrs old at most. $160 to get it back with a new operating system, no guarantees that the drive won’t fail so shopping for a new laptop. HP made good rugged printers back in the day. Forget their laptops

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