Apple Phone Support Refuses To Help

As an Apple stockholder, owner of three Mac products, and a business customer, I was frankly stunned this morning when I call Apple Tech support for appears to be a new common issue on iPads and iPhones attempting to receive their emails through Microsoft Exchange.

Starting yesterday morning neither my iPhone 4 or my iPad 3G would receive or send emails.

Despite rebooting, reinstalling the OS, nothing worked. I called, the company that hosts my websites and the emails service, and it insisted that it was an Apple issue and there was some new patch that needed to be installed.

I found Internet references, tried to follow directions, didn’t work. So this morning I contacted Apple phone support. The customer service rep said I had to pay for it. I said I should not have to pay for it since it appears to be a systemic problem with Apple products. When I did not get anywhere with her I asked for her supervisor.

The conversation with Jeff, the supervisor, was pleasant enough initially until he asked me how I know about the patch. I told him that told me. He started laughing like I was a moron. I started losing my cool at that point, explained that its not particularly funny since I did see comments on the patch on the Internet, I am a business customer, run my consumer business from Apple products. He hung up on me. My file number is 190940705 if any is interested.

I now will go to the Genius Bar to get the problem fixed, but the warm and fuzzy feelings I had for all Apple product and its stock, suddenly turned into a bad taste in my mouth.

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9 Comments on "Apple Phone Support Refuses To Help"

  1. George, were you past the free support period offered with each Apple product? If so, you have to pay for the support, just like Microsoft or any other technical product. As a free alternate, you might want to look at the support forums on the Apple website. LOTS of good fixes there – just like on the MS, HP, ASUS, et. al. sites.

    Sorry to say, i wouldn’t cite as an expert on the iPhone, or on ANY client, for that matter. What they know is their servers. Saying “it must be true because I heard it elsewhere on the internet” is just giggle-inducing.

    This site will be useful as it details that the standard warranty entitles you to call for tech support ONCE for the first 90 days. If you purchase Apple Care you are able to call as many times for 2 years. So when they asked you to pay, they were offering AppleCare. This is standard procedure, no matter if you own 3 or 3000 Apple products. They found you a good solution though, a genius bar appointment. And there are no “patches” for iPad email support, only software updates. GoDaddy is just trying to pass the blame over to Apple.

  3. Sounds like a personality issue. The common denominator is you George. Deal with that first and no doubt the Apple issue will get fixed quickly.

  4. I had the same problem last week with with Apple Support. I filed a complaint after 3 different Apple customer service reps hung up on me when I would not pay them $30.00 to tell me where to locate the backup restore option on Itunes. As a family with 3 Iphones, I was totally dissappointed that I needed to pay for this service and then the rude and unprofessional disconnect of 3 calls when they didnt get the response they wanted.

    • Lisa, if you choose “Help” from the iTunes menu, and type in “restore” you’ll have the procedure in a couple of seconds.

      Sorry to say, just because you want to be personally lead through this function doesn’t mean you’re entitled to it. The fact that you got the same response three times in a row says more about you than about Apple support.

      IRS: “Internal revenue service, how can I help you?”
      L: “I want a refund.”
      IRS: “You’re not entitled to one.”
      L: “But I want one.”
      IRS: “Click.”

      Repeat three times.

  5. Apple even addressed this on their site:

  6. There is actually a patch for an issue with iOS 4.0 for the timeout period specified, when connecting to a Microsoft Exchange address. This patch is an alternative to updating your device, if an update is unavailable to you. So yes, updating is normally what’s expected, but it is not incorrect to state that there is a patch.

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