Best Buy Shamed Into Delivering Appliances

Thanks to Ben Popken, co-editor of the, for the great story of how a Best Buy customer shamed the company into finally delivering his washer/dryer.

“After Best Buy blew two delivery dates on the washer/dryer he paid $1,600 for at Best Buy on Black Friday to arrive, a man decided to take his dirty laundry to the store. He had unhooked his washer/dryer at home in anticipation of the new appliances and wanted to know which washer of theirs they wanted him to wash his clothes in while he waited for his. His buddies videotaped the adventure. This plan didn’t go ever so hot with Best Buy management. Let’s roll the clip:” Popken wrote.

Click here to see the side-splitting video shot by the customer’s friend.

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3 Comments on "Best Buy Shamed Into Delivering Appliances"

  1. Got to love it, George. It’s too bad they did not show their “meeting” with the police (if if ever happened). Best Buy is NOTORIOUS for this type of stuff. If you and pay for stuff there and walk out with it, do so. Otherwise, go to an independent dealer to get your appliances.

  2. Sorry, but after seeing the story, I side with Best Buy. The guy was a lunatic and it was a stupid stunt bringing his clothes in. I would have booted him out too. If you are going to show that much disrespect, don’t expect any respect back. Seriously. It was a week delayed at that point, not a month or longer. My god, people are homeless and this is a big issue? I think there is enough consumer issues that are legit, this one is not. It’s an attention grab.

  3. While I agree that the guy went overboard, most people need to miss work in order to be home for an appliance delivery, so after blowing him off twice, I guess they shouldn’t be surprised.

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