Best Ct Electric Rates: Easy Way To Compare Ct Electric Rates

Thanks to Tony Castagno for pointing out a great site to quickly compare electric rates in Connecticut.

Just log in and check whether you are in the UI territory or CL&P territory and the site easily lets you compare the standard rate with what alternate suppliers are offering.

It works for both commercial and residential users and tells you whether the offers are fixed or variable and what percentage of the electricity comes from renewable sources.


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  1. Be careful of the variable rates – they do NOT vary monthly in my experience but vary WITHIN each month of service, so your actual rate can vary greatly from the rate the company quotes, both below and above. I really do not know how the companies with the variable rates can even quote a rate, since the rate actually paid will vary with the spot cost of power. In my situation, the actual rate I have paid ends up averaging close to the quoted rate, but the DPUC should really require the companies with the variable rates to provide some sort of backup or average over the past three months or something. I would suggest that if you go with a variable rate you select one with a cap for peace of mind. Plus UI is going to be reducing their rates, which are locked in.

    • I had a company called public power 888 354 4415
      their recent price was 15.99 per kw.
      ct light&power was 9.99 per kw.

      I dropped the “saver” public power and went back to ct light&power.

      i’m glad I didn’t have a contract and I wasn’t penalized.

  2. Thomas Keough | June 28, 2012 at 11:29 am |

    Warning – ENERGY PLUS – Dangerous Rate Bait and Switch.
    I signed up for Electricity Supply from what I thought was a reputable company – Energy Plus with the promise of a low rate and airline miles. I didn’t get either.
    My variable rate was outragous at DOUBLE current rates – $.14/KWH!!! Prior months with another supplier were $.07 and I can find similar rates all day long today. I was told it is a variable rate, sorry. I called CL&P and Public Utility Regulatroy Authority, PURA, and while they think that is a crazy high rate, there is nothing they can do either.
    What if they made their variable rate $5 or $10/KWH.
    I had a horrible customer experience with Energy Plus and warn you to be careful.

  3. Has anyone had experience with Clearview Electric?
    BTW Thank you for making this easy to use web page to compare rates.

  4. You will regret signing up with Energy Plus! After the “promo rate” period ended – which was still higher than my previous rate to begin with – my rate got jacked up to 95% of the normal rate.

    Yes, 95%! Even people who are bad at math can see that is almost DOUBLE!

    That is ridiculous. And as a consumer, there isn’t anything you can do about it! In addition, they do not notify you when your promo rate has ended, hoping you won’t notice that your bill has gone through the roof!

    Except get the word out. Learn from my mistake!

    • Thanks so much for the warning re: Energy Plus. This is exactly the kind of information I was hoping to find. I will learn from your experience. Thanks again, and know that your information is greatly appreciated!!

    • Ashley, I think I know what you mean but what you actually wrote was that your jacked up rate was 5% LESS than the normal rate. What you should have wrote was that your rate was 95% MORE than the normal rate.
      I thinkONLY people who are bad at math would think this rate was double!

  5. I don’t see why Mr. Gombossy thinks this is a “great site.” Others have pointed out how it tells you nothing about the “variable” rates listed. The site also is not clear on cancellation fees. Some simply tel you that there are such fees, but not how much. Some say “no cancellation fees.”. Others are silent — does that mean you could bie hit with a fee? And when you click on the link for more info, all you get is the supplier’s address/phone, not any statement or even any summary of the terms you are going to be bound by. Seems like tho only way to really check this out would be to call each supplier. Is this consumer friendly? I thought Mr. G was a consumer advocate. This site leaves much to be desired.

  6. Direct Energy Services has been my supplier for the past eighteeen months, and all of a sudden the rate goes from .72kw/h to 10.99, so I call them and every 15 months you are in a renewal period, oh, and according to the set up with CT they do not send out notifications for this! Anyway, the very nice person I spoke with resigned me up for .74kw/h which is pretty good, for the next 15mos. They also said to check back in March as that is when their rates usually fluctuate down! So, mark your calendars and save a few bucks!

  7. ALERT!!! To all Energy Plus customers that received SWA points. Demand a credit on your next bill after being offered a lower rate. I was charged 15.4 cents per KWH and that is outrageous!!! CL&P is 7.5 cents until January at which time there will be an increase. I notified SWA of their tactics.

  8. Stewart Witt | January 10, 2014 at 10:06 pm |

    19.9 cents by “Discount” Power. Beware

  9. I am in shock!!! My January electric bill from CL&P showed a generation charge from DISCOUNT POWER of .219 up from .098 in December, that is an increase of approximately 120% in one month with no warning. I feel like I have just been robbed… Happy New Year!

  10. Just got a bill from Clearview electric and it was .1999. I am not impressed with their pricing as it has been climbing for the past few months. If you don’t keep up with pricing and prepare yourself to switch providers if the contract renewal price is not a fixed price that you can live with, then you will get hosed by these companies.
    All they are doing is hooking you with a good initial rate and hope that you just suck it up and stick with them when the contract renews. Don’t trust any of them.

  11. BEWARE:::: Starion energy teaser rate for 2mths then doubles.

  12. I have gone through all of the rip-off tactic’s just once. The company now im with at least notified me of the end of my contract. It still takes 2 months to change over. I will be acting fast this time.

  13. OK, when is Connecticut going to step up and put a stop to all these price increases? The deregulation was supposed to help keep the prices down, not so in what I see. My current company wants to raise the rate over 50 percent, it’s Direct Energy. Do these companies think money grows on trees? What can we do to stop this nonsense with our electrical bills?

  14. Just reviewed my electric cost and with “discountpower” we paid $1,000 more in 2014 than fiscal year 2013.
    Nice “job”.

  15. Does anyone have any experience with Con Edison? They advertise no early termination fees and lock the rate in for 9 months. It’s considerably lower than CL&P’s current rate, and I know my parents have used Con Edison in Pennsylvania for years so I’m hoping it’s not one of those bait and switch tactics the others employ…

    • I too am interested in any feedback on Con Edison? Wary about switching but my recent electric bill for this Jan. was $40 more than last year’s for the same usage with CL&P ! Insane!

  16. We already are paying a ridiculous amount for electricity – Who are the legislators or committee that allows Eversource to charge us ever increasing delivery, etc. charges? Why is Ct. electric charges higher than Mass. since it is also Eversource territory? And lastly, the following was copied and pasted from
    © 2015 Energize Connecticuts Energize Connecticut helps you save money and use clean energy. It is an initiative of the Energy Efficiency Fund, the Connecticut Green Bank, the State and your local electric and gas utilities with funding from a charge on customer energy bills. – See more at:
    Swell – we even fund the web site!!

  17. Abbie,
    1. PURA, the CT Public Rate Authority hold PUBLIC hearing for utility company rate increase requests beginning in July of each year. Everyone and anyone, such as you, are encourage to attend and provide comment or testimony. Your comments will be considered and become part of the public record. The hearing are open and transparent. There is nothing mysterious here for all the conspiracy theory types out there.
    2. Each state is unique, local taxes, electrical infrastructure. New York State, for example, has many different rates just inside its state borders.
    Just because you haven’t taken the time to educate yourself on the process doesn’t mean the rates are too high. They, in fact may be, but you are certainly in no position to make that judgement because I am sure you have never taken the time to read the committee report filed each year by PURA much less attend any hearing or offer any pertinent testimony.

  18. Greg Esten | April 28, 2016 at 6:36 am |

    My bill tripled with EVERSOURCE. Was paying no more than 75/mo last year. We’re using same amount of electricity. Bill was put in another roommates name now our bill is roughly 225/mo..?!

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