BestBuy.Com And Rated Worst For Electronics By Consumer Reports Readers

In its third annual survey of its hundreds of thousands of loyal readers, Consumer Reports says BestBuy.Com and were voted as the worst firms to purchase electronics goods from.

The reason cited was poor customer service. Another reason to stay away from surfaced today (June 9) with the discovery that its computer system is mixing up customers’ shipping address.

On the other hand, was voted as the best for service.

Having purchased several items over the years from, I can vouch for the accuracy of the survey.

You will find better prices on and on eBay or other Internet sites, but you will not find more knowledgeable and helpful technicians than at Crutchfield.

Please leave a comment on your experience with these stores and any others that sell electronics.

And speaking of shopping, you can’t get a better deal than purchasing Consumer Reports online or its monthly magazine. I guarantee it.

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3 Comments on "BestBuy.Com And Rated Worst For Electronics By Consumer Reports Readers"

  1. Paul McCarter | June 10, 2011 at 12:14 pm |

    Excuse me, better deal than Consumer Reports? Sure, if I want information for a purchase I made 6 months ago. How about the total BS of the ratings? Kenmore is made by LG or Whirlpool, yet the Kenmore model will finish in the top 5 while the actual model (without the Kenmore name on it) is 10 or more places down the list.

    Consumer reports is like getting medical advice from your grandmothers friends. They just like to b#$% and moan about their knees.

  2. I have found Crutchfield’s prices to be even WORSE than Best Buy’s. They routinely charge list price for most electronics. Their selection, at least of what they carry, isn’t bad, but also you have to plan on installing any equipment yourself, as they do not offer that service, unless you live near them. The one or two times I have dealt with them on the phone, they have been mostly adequate. Best Buy and Walmart, are, of course, horrible, but what do you expect from large Corporate retailers and minimum wage morons?

    • Chris Moriarty | June 28, 2011 at 8:37 pm |

      You get what you pay for. Crutchfield offers way more than any other company in terms of customer service, expertise, not to mention FREE technical support for the life of the product. I used to work there and I will still only buy electronics from them.

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