Bond Dinettes Allegedly Caught Lying To Customer About Why Delivery Of Furniture Delayed

If you are one of the scores of customers cooling your heels waiting for furniture you special ordered and paid for from Bond Dinettes in Newington to arrive at your home, you might want to read this column.

And you might want to see proof that the store actually ordered AND PAID the manufacturer before believing that its the manufacturer that is at fault for the delay.

Sally Weisman of Bloomfield got tired of waiting for Bond to deliver four chairs that she had special ordered and paid for, so she contacted the manufacturer in Canada to see if the firm could deliver the furniture directly to her.

Before contacting Trica Stools in Canada she said she had been told by Bond representatives that the furniture she ordered last June was being delayed because of a factory shutdown. The next time she was able to reach someone on the phone at the store she said she was told that the manufacturer was delaying shipment because it wanted a full truck before sending it to Connecticut.

However, when she contacted Trica she was told that the reason that her stools had not been shipped was because Bond had not paid for them.

Weisman then contacted Bond and a check was sent to Trica and she received her chairs in a couple of weeks.

Weisman filed written complaints with the state Attorney General’s office in September. She said has not had a response.

State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said his office’s records show that a response was sent to Weisman and he insists that his office is investigating Bond Dinettes based on her complaint as well as other complaints of a similar nature.

Bond Dinettes officials did not respond after I sent them a copy of Weisman’s complaint on Monday. Bond Dinettes has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau with 100 complaints filed against it in the last three years. Bond has failed to respond to 10 of the complaints.

What follows are the email exchanges and Weisman’s complaint to the Attorney General:

Hello Mr. Gombossy,

I read your recent article about Bond Dinettes with interest as I filed a claim against Bond with the BBB and the Department of Consumer Protection in September 2009. Like many of the people you describe in your article, our order was significantly delayed. Bond consistently blamed the company – first for not processing our order, then, when our chairs were (supposedly) complete, for holding up the shipment.

When Bond failed to give me definitive response, I did a web search for the manufacturer, Trica Stools in Canada and sent an email to customer service. Since we had paid in full and Bond told us that our chairs were done, I considered them our property and asked Trica if we could arrange for shipment and cover any costs.

The message string below is my correspondence with Trica (reading from the bottom up). It is amazing that it took filing a BBB complaint, a letter to the Attorney General and contacting the manufacturer directly to get an honest answer – that, after 8 weeks, our order had not even been processed. And, that the delay was due to payment owed by Bond Dinettes to Trica. I am so appreciative of Trica’s candor and it was clearly a a situation they took seriously given the individuals copied on the final message by Johanne of customer service.

It is shocking to me that Bond Dinettes is still in business and continues to take advantage of people with their bait and switch practices. I am an attorney, understood my options and how to resolve the issue myself. But what saddens me is to think about all the people that they have taken advantage of, especially people that aren’t knowledgeable in this area – young couples, seniors, people with literacy and/or language barriers?

That’s why Connecticut is lucky to have you – thank you for your continued focus on this company and the many consumer issues that arise.

All the best,

Sally Weisman

—–Message d’origine—–

De : Sally Weisman []

Envoyé : 13 septembre 2009 13:57

À : Tricastool

Objet : Request

LANG: en

title: Ms

Name: Sally Weisman

Company: Attorney at Law

City: Bloomfield

State: CT

Who_Reach: Customer_Service

Requested_Info: Other

Describe_Yourself: Individual

Message: Hello, On June 10, 2009 I placed an order and fully paid for 3 Chateau 26″ barstools from Bond Dinettes, Inc., 2691 Berlin Turnpike, Newington, CT. On June 18, 2009, I placed a supplemental order for 1 Napa backless swivel (custom cut to approx. 19″) to match. All four seats were to be covered with Emile Papaya fabric. Bond Dinettes, Inc. represented that the 3 chairs would be delivered in 4 to 6 weeks, but no later than 7 weeks. Delivery of the custom stool was uncertain, but Bond Dinettes, Inc. represented that it should arrive with the other chairs.

At 4 weeks, I telephoned the store to check the status of the order and was told that the chairs were delayed because the manufacturer in Canada (Trica, Inc.) was “closed for its annual two week factory shutdown” in July. I was told to telephone back at the end of the month. I continued to call the store once a week, leaving several voicemail messages (as one cannot reach a person directly) and when my calls were ultimately returned, was told that shipment from the manufacturer was uncertain because the manufacturer was waiting to stock a full truckload before shipment.

During my last conversation with Bond Dinettes, Inc. on Friday, September 11, 2009, I was once again told that they cannot represent a shipment date. My order is going on 8 weeks overdue with absolutely no representation of a fulfillment date. As you can understand, I am discouraged and seek your assistance. My husband and I were extremely pleased with the quality, beauty and comfort of the Chateau chairs when we chose them and were looking forward to enjoying them in our newly renovated kitchen. At the same time that this order was placed, we purchased other quality furniture (full custom upholstery) from local stores, and all orders were delivered within 3 weeks of the represented delivery date. We pride ourselves in supporting local businesses and it is unfortunate that Bond Dinettes, Inc. does not value their customers or the Trica, Inc. products enough to follow worthy business practices.

Is it possible to arrange for shipment of our orders directly from Trica, Inc.? I would cover any or all shipment costs in order to expedite delivery. Please let me know as soon as possible. If not, if there is any information you can provide regarding the shipment, I would greatly appreciate it. Please feel free to call my cell phone number below.

Thank you, Sally Weisman

From: Information Tricastool <>

To: ‘Sally Weisman’ <>

Sent: Tue, Sep 15, 2009 10:45 am

Subject: RE : Request

Good day Mrs. Weisman,

Thank you for your email and your interest in our products.

We are very sorry to hear that you had such difficulties with Bond Dinettes. We have forwarded your email to the proper department. Please be reassured that we contacted the dealer Bond Dinettes yesterday and they assured us that they will make the necessary arrangements in order for us to process your order of one custom height backless Napa stool in a timely manner.

We produce the majority of our products in 5-7 business days, providing the dealers are meeting certain requirements, which unfortunately Bond Dinettes were not. As mentioned before, Bond Dinettes assured us yesterday that they will take care of your order.

We are glad to hear that you enjoy your Chateau stools and we appreciate your comments.

Do not hesitate to let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

Thank you and have a nice day!.


Customer Service Department

De : []

< B>Envoyé : 15 septembre 2009 11:18

À :

Objet : Re: : Request


Thank you so much for your prompt response to my message. Please note that in addition to the Napa chair, we have not received the 3 Chateau chairs that we ordered on June 10, 2009. I’m sorry that my message was confusing in this regard and we are seeking your assistance with regard to the 3 Chateau chairs in addition to the Napa custom height chair. We have not received anything we ordered and fully paid for from Bond Dinettes. I would be happy to email our purchase orders if you need verification.

I am reading your message carefully – am I to understand that Bond Dinettes had not sent our order to you? What are the “necessary arrangements” that they need to make?

Thank you for your assistance,

Sally Weisman

From: Information Tricastool <>


Cc: “Ninon Forget”; “Elisabeth Franco”

Sent: Wed, Sep 16, 2009 10:40 am

Subject: RE : : Request

Good day Mrs. Weisman.

The “necessary arrangements” for Bond Dinettes was referring to sending us the payment. As mentioned before, when we received your first email we immediately contacted them and Bond Dinettes promised us they would send us a cashier check for your orders. We received late yesterday afternoon by fax a copy of their check and we immediately put your 2 orders in production. Your stools will ship from our factory approximately on Wednesday September 23rd, 2009, providing we have received Bond Dinettes check by then.

Your orders will ship by UPS; it normally takes them 3-5 business days to ship to your area, so you should have your complete order by the end of the month.

We once again apologize for all the inconvenience this situation with one of our retailer caused you. Please be reassured that your orders are now in production and we hope you will enjoy your stools for many years.

Do not hesitate to let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

Thank you and have a nice day!.


Customer Service Department

September 16, 2009

Richard Blumenthal

Office of the Attorney General

Department of Consumer Protection

55 Elm Street

Hartford, Connecticut 06106

Re: Bond Dinettes, Inc. / Fraudulent Business Practices

Sally Weisman, Purchase Orders 6/10/09 and 6/18/09

Dear Department of Consumer Protection:

I have had a very unfortunate experience dealing with Bond Dinettes, Inc., 2691 Berlin Turnpike, Newington, CT regarding two orders I placed in June for kitchen chairs. My hope is that the matter is resolved through my contact with the manufacturer (email attached), however, I believe their business practices to be highly questionable and would like my dispute added to any other review you might be conducting.

Enclosed please find copies of the following:

1) 9/16/09 email exchange with the chair manufacturer, Tricastool in Quebec

2) Better Business Bureau, Inc. Complaint Activity Report, Case #84059799

3) 9/15/09 Letter sent to Bond Dinettes, Inc.

4) Bond Dinettes purchase order dated 6/10/09

5) Bond Dinettes purchase order dated 6/18/09

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like additional information.

Best wishes,

Sally J. Weisman

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