Consumer Madness: Vote For Consumerist Worst Company In America Contest

The Consumerist’s fifth annual “Worst Company in America” starts this week with a 32 nominees in a bracket-style single elimination tournament similar to the NCAA basketball tournament now underway.

worst company in america contest

Unfortunately, several companies that I own stock in – including Bank of America, Citi, HP, Chase, NBC (GE), Verizon, Apple, Microsoft, and DirectTv – are in the list of 32.

But then the list includes many cable providers, cell phone companies, and bank giants that had had tons of complaints against them on the site, owned by Consumer Reports, the bible of consumers. So go to the Consumerist and cast your vote.

“Four years ago when we started this search Americans voted Halliburton as the national champion and since then we have seen AIG, Countrywide, and others bestowed this honor,” said Ben Popken, co-managing editor of “Every year there is a ‘Cinderella’ company that comes out of nowhere and we can’t wait to see who it is in 2010.”

“Bad customer service and bad business decisions will frustrate customers and our bracket gives consumers a place to vent those frustrations,” said Meghann Marco, co-managing editor of “Each year we see a few repeat nominees including Best Buy, Ticketmaster and Wal-Mart, but some do try and ‘right their wrongs’ and we never see them again.”

The 2010 Grand Champion in’s “Worst Company in America” will receive the prestigious Golden Poo Award, a golden statuette modeled after a pile of…poo.

Following is the calendar for key elimination dates. Consumers can check back regularly at for updated brackets and voting opportunities throughout the month of March and April.

• April 2 – Sweet (and sour) 16

• April 14 – Elite 8

• April 21 – Final Four

• April 23 – Championship Battle

• April 26 – Winner!

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2 Comments on "Consumer Madness: Vote For Consumerist Worst Company In America Contest"

  1. Bulls eye Bill | March 27, 2010 at 11:57 am |

    Golden Poo Award belongs to the federal government!

  2. I must nominate a local company, Garner Heating and Cooling company. They made a mess of my house and Our health by leaving 60 year old ductwork in my house. It leaks and blows dust everywhere. They were suppose to put in a larger return and were gonna put in a whole extra one and then did nothing. They came back stuck on piece of tape on it and said fixed. Oh yeah right. Recently we needed a waranted part and this jerk held it up because we were not official repairmen to fix OURSELVES! We froze this winter and every part had to be replaced on the main unit and last summer we burned up. I wish I had never seen this company. The crew all 8, of the 8, 6 had a party in my front yard smoking and throwing down cigarettes and they acted like they were drunk or sumpin else… the system was put in by 2 very young men who did what they knew to do I guess which was make my life and my families a living nightmare. Used balewire under a house after promising to use straps. Heaven Help ME???

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