Ct Consumer Complaint: IKEA’s Unfriendly Return Policy

September 8, 2011

My first purchase at IKEA has really soured me because of their customer-unfriendly return policy.

I purchased a five-lamp track lighting-type of fixture ($39.99) and two extra sets of 35-watt halogen lamps for it.  The total, including CT sales tax, came to $61.65, which I charged to my AMEX credit card.   We found that the fixture does not provide enough light for the area we wanted.  Unfortunately, I lost the original IKEA store receipt.  So I printed out the transaction amount, date, etc. from my AMEX on-line statement, as proof of purchase.

I was told that, without the original store receipt, IKEA will only provide a store credit for the amount of the items purchased, not including the CT tax paid.  (They said the latter is CT state law, not their idea.)  They said my proof of payment only indicated that I bought some articles at IKEA on Aug 18 that summed to $61.65, including the CT tax.  They said they had to have the original receipt to prove that the lighting fixture and extra bulbs were what was actually purchased.

I said (and they agreed and even demonstrated) that they could enter the SKU (or IKEA equivalent number), and it would show the price for each item.  Despite this, they insisted their policy is to only process a refund if the customer has the original store receipt.  I appealed up thru three levels of supervision/management there, to no avail.  Because I have another 70 or days to decide what to do, I walked out with my original purchases.

Before I accept a store credit, is there anything else that might be done to get a refund processed to my AMEX account?  The IKEA employees’ attitude conveyed during this transaction was a new low in customer “service.”

(Editor’s note: I contacted IKEA Yesterday and if the company respond, this column will be updated)


Don Himes

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5 Responses to Ct Consumer Complaint: IKEA’s Unfriendly Return Policy

  1. Jim on September 8, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    Why should they give you a refund. Their policy is clearly stated and it’s not the stores fault you lost your receipt. You bought the lamp opened it and set it up. It’s now not worth the original price and you expect them to bend the rules for you…..You are lucky to get the store credit

  2. Windsor6011 on September 9, 2011 at 1:17 am

    After reading the headline: “IKEA’s Unfriendly Return Policy” then the story, it’s more like “A unreasonable consumer doesn’t get his way”. Most store policies are just that, store credit if you don’t have your receipt, some are no credit at all. If this person would not have lost his receipt he would have been able to read it right on it. But I guess the rules don’t apply to him and then he gives the employees a heard time. There should be a special section on this site for these jokers.

  3. Davbar on September 9, 2011 at 8:03 pm

    Unfriendly return policy which sounds like a rude demanding customer not getting thier way. Being in customer service I see this all the time which a customer feels they should set the standard on what they feel is fair. The customer is at fault and they feel they should great special treatment. The posted policy is for everyone and it is a way to be fair with customers and provide merchandise at a fair profit. Customers like the one mentioned will not be missed if they go else where.

  4. Fred on June 21, 2012 at 4:15 pm

    The many unhappy customers that have written on many sites attest to the fact that IKEA’s policies while questionably lawful are not accepted as fair by the general public. Ikea also goes out of it’s way to make it VERY difficult to return. The typical wait for a return is one hour ensuring you won’t even try to return something. The statement above “I do not feel sorry for some of you” by an IKEA employee in customer service sums up how you are treated. The managers also deny any returns with weak “pre scripted” responses. A few years ago HOME DEPOT also got tough on their returns but I noticed they relented because their business went down and I suspect IKEA will have the same problem. I noted recently how empty the local IKEA store was.

  5. Carl on February 3, 2013 at 4:55 pm

    Suck it up, you lost the receipt!

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