Despite High Price, IBM Finds Apple Computers a Bargain Because of Reliability

Apple computers are more expensive to buy than PCs, but IBM says they come with less problems according to RESCUECOM’s Annual 2017 Computer Reliability Report.

“Every Mac we buy is in fact continuing to make and save IBM money,” says Fletcher Previn, VP of Workplace as a Service at IBM.

Apple’s high reliability may be due to the durability of its components, providing a lower computer repair rate, and the complimentary tech support that comes with most products.

The annual RESCUECOM 2017 Computer Reliability Report shows that Apple is leading the pack for computer reliability, while continuing to hold a large U.S. market share.

Brand U.S. Computer/Tablet1,2 (% share of computers shipped) RESCUECOM Computer/Tablet Repair Share1 (% of service calls to 1-800-RESCUE-PC) Reliability Score1 Reliability Grade1
1. Apple 18.2% 2.7% 669 A+
2. Samsung 5.8% 1.8% 326 A+
3. LG 1.1% 0.4% 278 A-
4. Lenovo 9.6% 6.9% 139 B
5. Dell 16.2% 25.0% 65 C-
6. Asus 2.7% 4.5% 60 C-
7. Acer 3.1% 5.3% 59 D+
8. HP Inc. 18.5% 31.7% 58 D+
9. Microsoft 1.1% 2.5% 45 D-
10. Toshiba 0.2% 5.7% 4 F

1 – % Computer repair share and computer reliability scores include tablets.

2 – Market share numbers provided by IDC.


Samsung remains high for reliability, receiving little impact from the exploding Galaxy smartphones debacle. Their Android Galaxy Tab S2 is a rival to the iPad. For one, it has a lower price point than many iPad models, but it is a bit pricier than other Android tablets.

If you are having cold feet about purchasing a Samsung tablet, RESCUECOM places LG tablets in the top three for computer reliability. You can find affordable LG G Pads starting at $150 or less.

Lenovo products take the number four spot for computer reliability. Lenovo took over the IBM ThinkPad. Today, Lenovo markets select ThinkPad models as having “military-rated durability for whatever life throws at you.” Would a ThinkPad provide optimal ballistic missile defense? Probably not, but they do have spill-resistant keyboards, just in case you knock over your coffee. Additionally, RESCUECOM’s CEO, David Milman, says, “Lenovo is consistently a top performer on RESCUECOM’s Computer Reliability Report.”

Dell vs Asus vs Acer vs HP. The RESCUECOM computer reliability scores show little variance. If you are trying to choose a brand, ask yourself what you want your computer to do for you. These manufacturers have separate products for different purposes.

Last quarter of 2016, Microsoft launched the Surface Studio touting that the Surface Studio is a “new class of device that transforms from a workstation into a powerful digital canvas, unlocking a more natural and immersive way to create on the thinnest LCD monitor ever built.”  According to RESCUECOM’s CEO David Milman, “Historically Fixing the Surface tablets has been a nightmare for customers. Microsoft has made them “Not Serviceable” in many cases, causing the LCD to break during the process of opening them.”

Toshiba’s RESCUECOM computer reliability score is the lowest in the recorded history of any manufacturers in the RESCUECOM Computer Reliability Report. Their market share dropped to less than 1%, which may be due to the 2015 accounting scandal or just poor computer reliability.


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