Do NOT Respond To Survey Calls Or To Dogs Barking On The Phone

Hundreds of people, including one of our readers, reported getting stranger phone calls from 208-758-0218

This is the email I received from Elaine this morning:

I enjoy reading your newsletter every Monday morning.

I have a question that you may or may not want to address. Recently, I have been receiving recorded phone calls on my answering machine which consists of “Small dog”. (About one or two calls a day over the last week on both home and work phones.) The caller id says P30PLE RSPNZ with a phone number of 208-758-0218. I googled this to see if I could get any information on it. It seems that this is happening to many other people.

My question(s) are: (1) How can this be stopped? (2) Is this legal? and

(3) What is the point, what are they trying to do or what is the scam?

What should one do?

Do NOT respond, hang up, note the time of the call. Report it through this site here.

I reported it this morning to the Attorney General’s office and to the Consumer Protection Commissioner.

Meanwhile, I looked the phone number up on the Internet and some of the more astute callers thought it might be a way to trick people to say YES on the phone and then give them a tool to doctor the tape proving you bought something.

Don’t talk to anyone you don’t know on the phone.

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13 Comments on "Do NOT Respond To Survey Calls Or To Dogs Barking On The Phone"

  1. I’ve received these calls for weeks. Today another one came in but with a number change. It now reads as a cell phone from Virginia. 571 214 5430. Same small dog question.

  2. My mother received a call today also asking the same thing from the 571 214 5430 number.

  3. I have recieved this call today at 4 and i said yes

  4. Small dog survey called us at 6:30 on Sept . 5 from number 517-214-5430…It read cell phone on caller I.D.

  5. I didn’t answer but caller ID said “dog survey”.
    I think that since I’m in California + they are in Virginia,
    I shall call + disturb them at 2am 🙂
    Of course I probably won’t get connected, but it’s worth a try!

  6. I got the call from 571-214-5430 on 05-SEP-2010. I answered because it showed up on caller ID as a wireless caller, and I thought it might be someone in need of help. The recording said, “This is a survey. Do you own a small dog?” I Replied, “Yes.” The caller said something that was incoherent. The caller then simply hung up the phone. What it this all about?

    • “The recording said, ‘This is a survey. Do you own a small dog?’ I Replied, ‘Yes.'”

      You should check your phone bill for unauthorized charges. It might not hurt to contact your phone company proactively and let them know you may have been scammed into authorizing something you didn’t want.

      The point is that they have you on tape saying, “Yes,” so they can then doctor it with a different question like, “Would you like Service Y? It’s only $39.99 a month and will be billed directly to your phone bill!” (at which point, you respond “Yes”).

      Then, when you try to claim you never signed up for such a service, they will pull out the recording of you approving the charge as “evidence.”

      It’s a scam. Never say “yes” to someone who cold-calls you. Simply say, “Take me off your list,” and hang up. Or, better yet, say nothing at all. Most phone carriers will allow you to block calls from certain numbers (at no cost). Just get the number blocked if it becomes an issue.

  7. Same thing, this # keeps calling 571-214-5430. I do not pick up.

  8. p.s. And I am definitely on the “Do Not Call List”

  9. If you try to call the number back, it’s blocked and not accepting calls.

  10. The “DO NOT CALL LIST” is nothing but a paper tiger! A seemingly frustrating exercise in futility. I have been on the list for years and yet I routinely get calls from telemarketers. I have reported them to the FCC and I still get calls from the companies that I reported.

  11. I was phoned THREE times within just over an hour. The first call was from number 101-135-2352 at 3:54 pm, which I did not answer . Then they phoned again from 352-352-0352 at 4:19 pm, and I did not answer. Then again at 4:50 pm from the 101-135-2352. I answered this call to find out who was annoying me and wasting my cell phone minutes and an Asian woman asked me “Do you have a home security system?” I told her to immediately remove my # from her list, to stop phoning and never phone again. She then said “I will phone you again and again until you answer my questions”. Flabbergasted, I hung up the phone!

    Can’t this be stopped? If it is not illegal, it certainly should be. We must be protected from this cellular stalking. The gov’t must track these slime-scum scammers and imprison them.

  12. Ruth Earnshaw | November 1, 2011 at 8:43 pm |

    I just received a call on my cell phone wanting to take a vehicle survey. Out of 3 vehicles that they listed did you own any of the 3 one was the vehicle I own…and then asked a couple more questions and wanted to know if I would ever again buy my present vehicle and I said “NO”. They then hung up. There is no number I can call back on my cell phone….I tap the call on the Iphone and get nothing. I will report this to the cell company! Can they get any information off my phone???

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