How To Choose Alternative Electric Suppliers In Connecticut

More than half a million families have switched from getting their electricity from CL&P and UI, most saving money as the result. Before you make a switch go this Internet site to get the up-to-date price information on alternative electric providers.

The data is provided by CTEnergyInfo was developed by the Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control, Energy Conservation Management Board and Institute for Sustainable Energy to help consumers navigate the ever increasing number of energy-related resources.


The site provides assistance in helping to chose an electric supplier.

Some of the suppliers have fixed rates, others have variable rates. The variable rates will depend largely and how cold it gets this winter – the colder it is the more electricity we use and the more expensive it is to purchase it on the open market – and on the price of natural gas, which now is at a very low price.

The DPUC is also investigating the suppliers to determine if they are following the laws in their marketing and sales programs.

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