Positive Energy Asks State Regulators To Turn Down Request For Its Investigation

A Statement from Positive Energy Electricity Supply, LLC

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Positive Energy Electricity Supply, LLC today sent a letter to the State of Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control (DPUC), opposing Attorney General Blumenthal’s petition to have the DPUC investigate Positive Energy. Below is a statement from Joseph Ventura, President of Positive Energy Electricity Supply, LLC.

“Positive Energy Electricity Supply Company, LLC is a growing Connecticut business with a base of 40,000 customers, the overwhelming majority of whom have been pleased with the savings and service they have received from Positive Energy arranging their electricity supply.

“Despite published reports stating otherwise, Positive Energy gave full and accurate disclosure of each of its current officers and directors when applying to the DPUC to be an electricity aggregator in Connecticut. Additionally, in applying to DPUC, Positive Energy properly disclosed all relevant and pertinent information on its mission for Connecticut and the people involved in it.

“My issue with the Connecticut Banking Department was concerning my personal mortgage loan, and at no time did it involve Positive Energy, its customers, the DPUC, or the state’s electricity market. The matter never involved a consumer protection law or regulation.

“The Attorney General’s allegations concerning delaying of placing customers with suppliers are based on grossly overstated information provided by a terminated employee and a disgruntled investor. Customer service is a top priority for Positive Energy, and our company is proud of the prices and services we are able to provide our 40,000 residential and commercial customers. Our record with the Better Business Bureau is impeccable.

“While we at Positive Energy are confident we can refute all of the Attorney General’s allegations, we also believe an investigation based on the allegations to date would be an unwarranted waste of the DPUC’s time and money, as well as ours. What’s more, it would threaten a growing business that provides a vital service in the emerging energy market to thousands of customers.”

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  1. PE has scammed 2 of my customers , I had 2 clients under contract and PE keeped enrolling them without permission

    2 companies that dont even know each other ,

    I’m MB and i’m in your corner” my A…………………………..ss

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