Signing Up For AT&T U-Verse Was Huge Mistake For Family

Audrey Simpson of West Hartford, Ct. thought she would un-complicate her life recently by signing up for AT&T’s triple digital package for her telephone, Internet and cable service.

Since then her life has been anything but simple.

For weeks she has been frustrated with the signal from AT&T freezing not only TV reception but her telephone, making it unable to use.

Worse, “customer service” personnel – just like at major competitors like at Comcast, make up reasons for her problems, and fail to follow through on their promises.

“The service has been ‘freezing’ since the first day we had it and after many, many calls the problem is still not resolved,” Simpson wrote me last month. “When the picture on the television freezes I also lose my internet and phone service for three minutes.”

“I have had AT&T techs at my door tell me that because my furnace is turning on that is why the service in freezing,” she said adding that many other explanations came along with techs who never even showed up for their appointments.

She said she and her husband have spent close to 50 hours dealing with the issue during the 13 visits from technicians.

I contacted AT&T’s public relations staff, which is usually pretty good at escalating these issues to competent people who solve the problem.

AT&T’s Kate MacKinnon promised to get someone competent on the case.

Within 24 hours another technician arrived at the Simpson residence and candidly told her that the issue was not just at her home but on her whole street.

“This is the first time I have heard this. He told me that they would be working on the lines tomorrow but I saw a truck on the street off and on today,” she said.

She was also given $100 off her first bill and was promised a $10 reduction on her next six bills.

The following day I got another email from her telling me “the service has not frozen so far today so I am becoming a little more optimistic. Maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel!”

Unfortunately she spoke too soon. NEXT PAGE

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147 Comments on "Signing Up For AT&T U-Verse Was Huge Mistake For Family"

  1. I’ve long been wary of putting all my technological needs in one basket. I use ATT for landline phone service and DSL. I use Comcast for cable TV. And I have a Tracphone that has never dropped a call and that also has Internet access. I feel comfortable with this set-up because I doubt that there’s any way I’ll lose everything all at the same time.

    • For the past 6 months we’ve had serious interruption of Internet service with your uverse product yet all your customer support people offer me is to just send me a new modem OR give me the opportunity to pay $150 for a tech to come to my house!

      I had a tech come out 6 months ago (when you didn’t charge back then) and he said we had a bad port. So, I’m stuck in a catch 22 situation. I’m sitting here now with my family without a connection now for 4 days (missing the Olympics) and wondering how a company can treat a loyal customer for the past several years in this manner.

      No Internet or tv. All AT&T offers after calling tech support is to send another modem. Just hooked up my 3rd modem with the same expected result- it doesn’t work…imagine that…. But AT&T can’t except the fact that there could be a bad port down the street where all the houses tap into the line?

      I’m so frustrated in being treated like this as a customer that’s been paying our bill on time for years and this is what I get in return?

      How do I deal with a company that is so dysfunctional? It’s like they actually don’t want my business and want me to go away or something. 

      Please advise as I’m already looking at my options of how to seek another service.


      • I have had similar issues with AT&T ( almost verbatim) and after replying to another post, AT&T social media managers contacted me. I spoke with one who gave me some good incentives that made me want to stay with them at least until the promos run out.
        Silly me, I thought I had finally reached someone who could reassure me that my issues were resolved. Now two days later AT&T rethought possible and messed it up again.
        This time they rolled out a new format for the “On Demand” feature. Now you can’t demand anything. When you press play you get error messages and they ask you to accept it or retry. It still doesn’t work after you enter “retry”. Not only that, but my recorded shows on the DVR won’t play either. Way to go AT&T.

      • Tom Bloodgood | January 23, 2016 at 7:44 pm |

        SAME CRAP we have. They cant fix the problems!! Tech here right now, says port is bad. TV freezing up and pixelating.

        Anyone know a good Lawyer? Our experience has been horrible. We will be documenting and hounding them or have it all ripped out!

        • Class action lawsuit might get ATT’s attention, Bad publicity re. lawsuit helps too.

        • CeeCee Arbusto | June 3, 2016 at 1:04 pm |

          Same problems. Internet cuts out and you have to go through whole system rebooting and still sometimes it is still out. I remember old days when we had something like data sharing which was like trains on same track. One goes thru, one is sidetracked while it passes. Is something like that going on with the u-verse system, Because that ain’t progress?

      • There are several reasons you are losing your service. A bad port, bad wiring outside the house between the port and your house (called the F2), the wire that feeds your modem from the phone box (called a NID or SNI) which might be coax, quadwire, ewire (all bad) or cat3 or cat5 (which is what you want, or even an intermittent connection at the jack. Even the data cable (cable from the jack to the modem) could be intermittent. Do you have underground wiring outside the house or is there a drop wire from a telephone pole? Basically you need a good tech who wants to solve your problem and not just make an appearance to satisfy his numbers. Those types of techs are fading fast.

        • I have a guest house 400 hundred feet away from my main house which has U-verse Internet and TV can I get A strong enough signal back to the guesthouse to use one of the remote boxes for Internet and TV

      • Daniel Moore | December 26, 2016 at 4:13 pm |

        Bob, replace the damn thing a kid could hook it up

        • Daniel Moore | December 26, 2016 at 4:24 pm |

          Unhook everything but the modem port, try it then. If you still have the problem replace that port. If you have the problem with a new port and nothing else hooked up, call them and tell them what you have, and that they have a problem before it comes to your house. If not, hook up each item and check if you have the problem. If you hook up an item and it then has a problem, check everything in that line system until you find it. If it’s in your house, you can find it. If an item is connected by wifi, you may have to unplug those items to test the system.

    • sounds like a plan. I have problems with att also. If I miss a program it take days for me to get it back so I can catch up. my internet is slow as molasses in January. and as far as my bill…it is a different amount every month. It started at near 100.00 which was at least feasable.then it went to 113.00, then 125.00 and the last one I got which was around xmas time (worst possible time ) it went to 300.12? I cannot seem to get as decent answer. I am 76 years old and tv is a big part of my entertainment, especially my recorded shows so I can enjoy at my convenience. I live on s/s and between this and medicine I’m struggling like crazy. I at least solved my cell phone problem. I went with straight talk and so far not a problem. 45.00 for everything which I don’t really need but hey much more for my money.I have a million channels that I have absolutely no use for but because they are in the particular bundle I have to have them…so ridiculous.I truely think they should give people a choice of a bundle that they like the most. I know it would make my life a little simpler. I dobn’t particularly want to but I may hae to go back to Cox

    • Rebecca Quiles | June 10, 2015 at 10:31 am |

      sounds like all companies seem to have the same issues depending where you are as I have had nothing but the very best of service from At&T both in PA and in FL . I lived in both states never had a dropped call interrupted service or any other issues. I had Comcast cable and internet in PA and never had a problem with them either. Only lost service due to severe weather . they had it up and running in a few hours. However I have had the worst service ever by cox and centurylink both who seem to hold the area I’m in hostage to their services. I have been without landline for over a week. Not happy. So it seems it is hit and miss with who answers the call each person sends in for help to whatever company.

  2. I had so much trouble with AT&T over the past 2 years (without ever falling into he trap of getting ‘U-Verse’ tv, that I dropped them back in October. Customer service was obnoxious at best, and ofte when I called to discuss a problem with my bill they’d try and sell me MORE services than I wanted or could afford. After I dropped them they sicced their collections people on me who humiliated my on the phone, made fun of my job (hey it’s a JOB right?), called me names and basically bullied me into payment terms I can’t afford. I will NEVER EVER EVER have ANYTHING to do with AT&T (or it’s affiliates) ever again. Companies like this are why anti-trust and consumer laws had to be implemented.
    I have service with Comcast now and things are fine.

    • I was advised by A T AND TTO UNIFY MY bills sense I have 3 services:, cellular, uverse, and directv. There has been nothing but difficulty and bullying with their representatives both in customer service and especially in collections and a payment reversal incurring huge fees and embarrassment for me, the consumer of over 17 years with the company. For instance, today I spoke to a woman named Nakita who refused to let me speak to a competent agent with whom I dealt in the past regarding my out of control bill and their arbitrary changing of my data plan without my permission. I worked in the customer service field incall centers for almost 20 years and never provided such inadequate and obnoxious feedback to my customers as that experienced these past 3 months. Forget contacting corporate, all I get is a message saying I will be contacted in less than 24 hours but no phone calls after over 7 days. If T AND T wants no customers, it is certainly understandable how the company would have none with this type of treatment given to their previously loyal consumers.

  3. Hopefully, everyone will read this. The “high tech bundle” that ATT pushes hard is nothing but old copper wire technology, poor at best.
    What’s particularly laughable and irritating (and typical of the internet/tv/phone behemoths) is their offer to this family of $10 off their bill for the next six months.
    When we lost our cable for a day recently, I contacted Charter cable and asked for a 1/30 credit of my monthly cable tv bill and that’s exactly what no-customer service did, they laughed.
    When I then told them to come take their equipment out of my house, they magically came up with an offer reserved for new customers (another pet peeve of mine) and reduced my bill by $30 a month for one year.
    Good luck to this family, I think the suffering associated with dealing with these companies is just below the death of a pet.

  4. I have had the same thing in Guilford ever since I signed up more than a year ago.
    I just put up with it as I figured I’d get the same response and no help from AT&T

    • AT&T Customer Care | February 8, 2011 at 1:35 pm |

      Hi Don,
      We’re sorry to hear that you are having trouble. Please email us at and we’d be happy to look into this for you.
      -AT&T Customer Care

      • I cannot believe what we pay for uverse and the constant problems we have. Yet again one of our tvs shows no signal and the green light is on. Yet the others tvs work. Help

  5. over the past 2 years we too have had continues problems with att,we have had at least 7 [maybe 10] different techs at our house,replaced the boxes [4] once and one box twice,had new wires run, been told the problem is with the boxes,the connections to the boxes,the main controller,the connection to our house,the line on our area and a main box down the street,we have rebooted the boxes and the main controller too many times to count.we have given up on on the tv in our bedroom completely,a nightly ritual is to turn it on see if its working and if not listen to the total i have spent days not hours on the phone with att cs.someone comes out,the situation gets better for a short time and then the tv’s start pixulating,our main tv is working now [although pixalating occasionally,not completely freezing], we have resolved ourselves to the fact that in order to receive att’s superior channel selection we have to deal with its technical all honesty all of the employees at att have been professional and courteous,i think its the technology that is the issue.
    ps at no time have we ever been offered a credit on our bill.

  6. I sympathize with the West Hartford family. I live in West Haven and had the same problem last year when I signed up for UVerse service. Except, our television and internet would freeze for days at a time, not hours. AT&T also sent technicians (we had 10 different visits); and all 10 gave us a different reason as to why this was happening. The most believable one, however, was that we should have never been sold the service in the first place because we are simply too far from the signal box. Additionally, warm and cold temperatures will affect the contracting and expanding of cable wires, further complicating the problem.Supervisors were unwilling to do much; gave us a very minimal credit and are still trying to collect for service we could barely use. Tell this family to stop wasting any more time and money and switch back to Comcast.

  7. Our condo association voted to switch to UVerse in 2006. We had the same problem with freezing, and also “tiling”. They both stopped when we removed the second TV set from the system, but other problems persist: while watching TV the set suddenly slips into “blue screen” mode or “dvd” mode and has to be reprogrammed. AT&T techs have told us that we must be accidently pushing the buttons on the remote, but it happens when the remote is across the room. Other AT&T techs have told us that the cause is our “crappy” television and advised us to get a new one.

  8. We also have freezing issues with At&T and their customer service is the worse that I have ever encountered. I too am looking for resolution to this ongoing problem. I cannot wait for verizon to come to Orange so I can drop uverse immediately. Thanks for the great article.

  9. It’s too bad. We also had a few problems at the beginning of our U-verse subscription, mainly due to old infrastructure in our house. Our street was rewired about 3 years ago, before the service was even offered. So that was not the problem. The diligent technician who returned told us it turned out that the switches needed to be replaced and upgraded to something of higher power. Bear in mind, this is just my paraphrasing of the events. But we’ve never had an issue since. We’ve never lost any TV or internet signal. The quality of the services, the interactiveness, the wide array of channel options, it’s all been an upgrade to our former provider, Comcast. A few of my friends have also had problems with U-verse, but most of them haven’t. So I guess it’s one of those things that when it’s not working right, it’s a gigantic problem. But when it does work right, it’s far superior to any of the other options out there right now. Good luck!

  10. Pieter Klein | February 6, 2011 at 1:31 pm |

    I was a faithful Comcast customer for 31 years. On the anniversary of your your contract that you are warned in very small type at the bottom of you monthly statement that you are required to renew your contract. I missed the warning and my bill was increased drastically. The customer service supervisor said “nothing we can do as far as a refund”.
    Two years ago we went with AT&Ts U-verse. After eight visits and countless hours on the phone for assistance it now only freezes occasionally.
    Things you should know before ordering U-Verse service.
    They do use fiber optic cable to connect the “Cross Box” on the main road. They use copper wire on your street. The use Cat 5 cable within your house.
    ***IMPORTANT… Your house must be well under 3,000 feet from the “Cross Box” to receive quality service. I am at 2,970 feet and they had to reduce the input signal at my pole which extended my service by 400 feet. I still get freezing on occasion. The voice sometimes does not match the video. I experience “streaming” motion on fast moving sports such as basketball games etc… sometimes.
    Tips; If you call customer service more than a few times as for a “level two” tech after you explain that you have an ongoing problem. Level two has a history of your calls. You can request a direct phone number and a password code which is good for two days I believe to get right to them. This avoids all the sales talk messages and useless time wasting to get to level one.
    If you have just experienced a quality problem ask level two to run a test on your line. They found several hundred thousand errors on my line over several minutes of testing!! They found an old Comcast devise outside that had not been removed. They found that I was getting AM radio frequency waves interfering with their service. This was after five service complaint calls. Previously they replaced ALL the house wiring with Cat 5 cable.
    The single most important factor is that you must be well within 3,000 feet of the “Cross Box” which is the signal booster located somewhere in your area. It could be on a nearby street as was our experience and just to far away.
    AT&T may be switching away from this technology in the future. For economic reasons they prefer to upgrade the “cross boxes” only in high density areas where they can have greater numbers of customers. If you are in a residential neighbor hood such as the original poster (Guilford) you may never see an upgrade to the Cross Box due to cost vrs revenue. Before you sign up have a tech come out. His laptop computer can plug into your phone line and measure exactly the distance to the Cross Box. In our case 2,970 feet was past the service limit and required a line drop at our pole. Our HD picture quality is OK but not spectacular for a new Samsung HD set.
    Comcast and other typical “Cable” services tend to be overpriced for what they offer.

  11. Bernice Zigler | February 6, 2011 at 3:14 pm |

    This seems to be a countrywide problem with AT&T when people sign up for Uverse and the rest of the package. It seems to depend on the age of your home and the wiring in your home and on the street. Houses built after 1960(iI don’t remember who told me this) seem to have new enough wiring to have no problem. Older homes do and that requires AT&T to update wiring and they do not want the trouble or expense of doing that. People who live in older homes in the Westville section of New Haven have had the same problem.
    My sister, who lives in Kansas City and has a degree in engineering, had the same problem and had to nag and nag to get the wiring in her home replaced. Uverse, her computer and telephone now perform beautifully. In the meantime she was told by AT&T customer service that she was a lonely old lady who wanted someone to talk to on the telephone and that is why she kept bothering them with phone calls. She was also given the offer of $100 off her bill and $10 off her next six bills. But she had to keep calling to see that they fulfilled that offer. So when considering AT&T’s package, think about the age of your home, the wiring in your home and on your street. How old is the home of the couple you wrote about in your column?

  12. George Gombossy | February 6, 2011 at 5:15 pm |

    Mr Gombossy,over the past 2 years we too have had continues problems with att,we have had at least 7 [maybe 10] different techs at our house,replaced the boxes [4] once and one box twice,had new wires run, been told the problem is with the boxes,the connections to the boxes,the main controller,the connection to our house,the line on our area and a main box down the street,we have rebooted the boxes and the main controller too many times to count.we have given up on on the tv in our bedroom completely,a nightly ritual is to turn it on see if its working and if not listen to the total i have spent days not hours on the phone with att cs.someone comes out,the situation gets better for a short time and then the tv’s start pixulating,our main tv is working now [although pixalating occasionally,not completely freezing], we have resolved ourselves to the fact that in order to receive att’s superior channel selection we have to deal with its technical all honesty all of the employees at att have been professional and courteous,i think its the technology that is the issue.
    ps at no time have we ever been offered a credit on our bill.

    • AT&T Customer Care | February 8, 2011 at 1:39 pm |

      Hi Jim,
      We apologize for the issues that you had in the past – and thank you for the kind words. We are here for you, should you need any additional support. Please feel free to reach out to us at
      AT&T Customer Care

  13. George Gombossy | February 6, 2011 at 5:16 pm |

    I sympathize with the West Hartford family. I live in West Haven and had the same problem last year when I signed up for UVerse service. Except, our television and internet would freeze for days at a time, not hours. AT&T also sent technicians (we had 10 different visits); and all 10 gave us a different reason as to why this was happening.

    The most believable one, however, was that we should have never been sold the service in the first place because we are simply too far from the signal box. Additionally, warm and cold temperatures will affect the contracting and expanding of cable wires, further complicating the problem.

    Supervisors were unwilling to do much; gave us a very minimal credit and are still trying to collect for service we could barely use. Tell this family to stop wasting any more time and money and switch back to Comcast.


  14. I just got the Uverse triple play a week ago (phone, TV, internet). The TV freezes and pixulates, the internet is very unreliable… very unhappy thus far (I had better internet service on my old DSL connection). It’s only been a week. I will call AT&T and and try to resolve the problem. I’ll absolutely allow AT&T to make a reaonsable effort to solve the problem (I think 10 to 20 Tech visits over many months like I’ve read here is way beyond resonable… I won’t wait that long)… If they can fix it, great, otherwise, they’ll be getting their equipment back (and they’ll either refund my money or our new Connecticut AG will be getting letters)… I’m hoping for the best….

  15. George Gombossy | February 6, 2011 at 8:59 pm |

    This is for the lady with the AT&T problem. I to had a nightmare on my hands when I switched from Comcast to AT&T package for TV, phones and internet less than I year ago.

    I had 7 techs. at my house in 1 week. They tried everything and nothing they did solved my problem. They also worked on outside wires, inside wires, they even changed my equiptment inside 3 times. My TV’s were freezing with the picture etc. Finally a supervisor came after I requested one. I had 2 phone numbers in my house. I was told to take them off of the package and go back to the land line that I had before. It solved my problem. At this time I have no more trouble with my service. Of course I had to pay a few more dollars since I was no longer in one of their packages through no fault of mine.

    Check with the lady from West Hartford. If she has more than 1 phone number (not phones) tell her to go back to a land line. It worked for me.


  16. I live in new haven and cannot use the u-verse for my phone service, I had nothing but problems with the phone. The t.v and internet is just fine, i never had a problem with that.

    • CeeCee Arbusto | June 3, 2016 at 1:29 pm |

      I did not realize at first that when they hooked up the u-verse that they disconnected my land lines. I thought at first problem with the phone,batteries whatever. Now I know better! I think it is time for a class action lawsuit as someone somewhere suggested?

  17. As the old saying says:

    “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”

    I long for the days of SNET.

  18. I’m just starting to try to deal with this AT&T situation. I’ts been 3 months and my bill it over $600.00. I was origionally paying $116.00 for internet,television and home phone. AT&T service reps actually came to my house and gave me their card (Joanne Davies 203.804.1957 Sales Executive AT&T and Pete Lombard 203.804.1984 Sales Executive AT&T) I was told my bill would be 15 – 20% cheaper if I bundled. I was also told that they would take care of charges my other cable company would charge for disconnecting early which is now $455.00. Today after calling AT&T over 10 times and them telling me that they would correct everything I am now getting late charges added to my bill. I think its time to get together and contact Randall Stevenson President of AT&T to get these problems and many like them corrected. We consumers decide to go with AT&T because we think we can actually afford it but they just get you to sign up and tell you they can’t do anything about it.

    • Contact the FCC with your complaint. That’s the only way these mega companies will do something about your problem

  19. George Gombossy | February 7, 2011 at 1:45 pm |

    Until I read your column on Sunday, I thought I was the only one frustrated with AT&T!! I have the exact same “freezing” problem that Audrey Simpson has, and I don’t even live in her neighborhood! We have had our unit with the DVR replaced twice but the freezing problem persists. Sometimes if we turn to another channel the action is actually going on, and then we turn back to the original channel. Our other “trick” is to turn the set off, count to 10, and turn it back on. We have learned you have to count SLOWLY.

    I’ve never had an AT&T service man miss his appointment, but it sure is frustrating trying to get to talk to a person for help. There is an entire time-consuming procedure to go through before you can talk to a person. This from a COMMUNICATIONS company.

    It was just nice to hear that AT7T is not picking on just our family! Pam, Guilford

  20. George Gombossy | February 7, 2011 at 2:18 pm |

    Afternoon George–I have had ATT Internet srervice for about a year. Their telephone HELP is variable —-some of the overseas helpers seem too operate strictly by rote and dont appear to be well trained. The service guys who have had to visit twice were first class.
    I suspect Ms Meadows has their U Verse system.The service men told me they have a lot more trouble with that than my basic connection. Among other things you have to be within a certain distance of their special pole mounted U Verse box–300yards?

  21. Jesse Hendershot | February 7, 2011 at 4:16 pm |

    And here I thought I was the only one who was having problems with AT&T phones, internet and TV. I had the system installed in late November and it has been nothing but trouble since. I’ve had the freeze-ups mentioned above(and still do), Two of my 3 TVs didn’t work at all for the first 2 months although I had AT&T Techs at my house so often that my neighbore thought I had taken in borders. They changed cabeling, all the connectors, as well as some of their own equipment. (they changed 3 of their major boxes twice!). They even tried multiple fixes over the phone having me disconnect various of their boxes, push buttons and wait and wait to see if there were any results. They even threatened to start charging me for service calls if I kept calling. Although I never signed any sort of contract, when I threatened to toss their equipment out in the snow, they advised me it would cost me $350 to discontinue the service after the first 30 days. I know what the problem is – Their system is too complex, has had inadequate testing before being put into service and their technicians are poorly trained. But, what is the solution???

  22. George Gombossy | February 7, 2011 at 6:53 pm |

    I have had UVerse for about 2 years now (December of 08). When first put in, it was a disaster. The initial issue was due to a very, very poor, sloppy installation job by their own admission. Freezing, complete malfunction, no phone or internet.
    Long story short, I had many dozens (no kidding) of visits here to try and get things working. Many, many phone calls. They replaced and rewired everything. I spoke with many of their call centers and they even bumped me up to an engineer (Nathan Boyd) in their Texas HQ.
    After gradual improvement over about the first 6 months it got to an acceptable level. I cancelled the digital phone part of the service and went back to an AT&T analog phone. I have kept the internet and TV service.
    The internet now generally works OK. The TV will freeze but infrequently. The picture occasionally has a “jitter”. It is generally good enough at this time. The alternative is to go back to Comcast and they were horrible to deal with.

    New Britain


  23. Sally Farrell | February 7, 2011 at 10:12 pm |

    The first comments I have are that several (and I mean several) friends called me and thought I wrote the Audrey Simpson article and faked my name.

    The article reflects, paragraph by paragraph the exact experiences, in the exact order, that I have had. Spooky! I was especially taken by the heat thing. I was told it was because of the summer heat and had to wonder why Dallas (wires underground) had the same problem.Humph!

    I do have to say however, when you finally get to one of the “on the road techs” that come to your home, they are wonderful, are knowledgeale and are very judicious, they’re just not sent out when you need them.

    I finally told ATT that I wasn’t doing anymore troubleshooting for them (including serial number research), and was not going to repeat anything their techs should have reported in their activity report . That was their job.

    I am so skilled now, I am cheap labor for one of those overseas, over the counter techs. Hey call me if you need front line support – I am very good.

    As far as the phone / tv / freezing problem, it has been since Jan 20th (this time), but has been a problem for over 2 years,.The techs are coming to replace 2 boxes on the 10th which I am now told have caused all of the problems:)) Crazy

    Oh and finally, I have read everything George above had to say (who is right on) but I can beat him 100 times over, I make my 800ATT2020 “answer the phone people” read for themselves ,their own notes. I can’t go to Comcast because I am in a COX area, been there, done that.

    I believe this whole concept is so great, I love it. BUTT……………

    I just wish ATT would be less greedy, less cheap and spend more time supporting their local employees to help integrate their product correctly with their equipment, their software, local help desk (the front line help desk need to come back to America) and the out door line guy staff.

    The line guy (poor guy) takes the hit for everything. It’s always the line guy.

    If I have to speak with that machine man one more time I think I will end this all and begin to read more, but if you yell (and I mean yell the word “agent” many times the machine man will transfer you to a person. Thank the Lord!

  24. We have been pleased with the AT&T Uverse package. Except for a few moderate, but not major, distractions on the phone, the overall product and service have been great. It has been annoying at times to contact customer service, but the overall response has been reasonably adequate. The ultimate recourse is to change vendors. Thankfully, we now have competition, and reverting to the original provider keeps everyone alert and responsive. Competition and oversight by a free press can only help the customer and the the market for these services.. Joe Fox

  25. Yes, AT&T is the worst consumer provider of anything I have ever tried. Buying Uverse was the easiest thing I did. Upgrading my channel package and getting a DVR took 60-70 days, 3 missed service visits. The product is weak at best- not a good HD picture, and they bill me for dialing TF calls.
    The worst part about this was my discoing the old DSL and Dish service: they put me into collections on the 31st day despite dish network saying they got their equipment back. I was billed the $300 equipment fee, tried my damnedest to dispute it (AT&T SOLD ME AND BILLED ME FOR DISH.) They sent me to an outside collection agency to collect the $300, when my balance was $96, and the account was closed. 120 days and 8-10 phone calls later Dish send me a check. WHEN YOU BECOME A UVERSE CUSTOMER, THEY IMMEADIATELY SEND YOU TO UVERSE CUSTOMER SUPPORT- you will be transferred 2-3 times if you want to talk about your “old” services.
    Bottom line: AT&T UVERSE and AT&T wireless and even AT&T business: an absolute catastrophe. It stuns me this company doesn’t get sued daily for its staggering incompetence.

  26. AT&T Customer Care | February 8, 2011 at 1:33 pm |

    Hi folks,
    We’re sorry to hear that you are having trouble, and we’d like to help. Please feel free to email us at so that we can address your individual concerns.
    -AT&T Customer Care

  27. Regarding cable television, I used to have Cox cable and I hated it! So when a couple of years ago AT&T started offering U-verse in my town I decided to switch. Right from the start the problems began! In fact, no lie… I had one U-verse installer at my house telling me how bad other U-verse installers were. In the two years since switching, I have hated U-verse as much as Cox. My problem with Cox and U-verse is not so much their product… overall, when it is actually working correctly their product is quite good! No, in both instances it is their (in the words of Clark Howard) “customer-no-service”! It seems to be designed to take a customer who is already frustrated by the trouble he/she is having with their TV from a state of mild annoyance to complete insanity. I believe that the CSR managers give out a gold pin to the CSR who is able to make the most customers insanely and furiously frustrated each day. Those CSRs who are able to make the customers happy are publicly shamed then summarily dismissed and told to never return. Choosing your cable TV service is not a matter of which one is best (none of them even qualify for that category), but rather it is which one has not yet sent you into therapy.

  28. Here I thought I was the only one having such problems. We switched to Uverse when it first hit our area of West Haven about 7 years or so now. Very little problems to begin with but as more people signed on more trouble happened. Signals would stop, video froze, internet would freeze etc.What bugs me the most is when I call for tech service I end up with someone in India or Pakistan who does not understand the problem I am having. One day I was on the phone for 3 hours with one lady and she finally says “Oh I see service too your area is out.” This after running up and down stairs disconnecting power and boxes trying to get the system going again. Just as I hung up everything came back up again. Another problem is when something happens with the internet service. Major run around again. My email account was hacked back at the end of Oct. and I was given the run around trying to get the mess cleared up. Mostly I wanted to access my contact list which the person who hacked it blocked on me. ATT ; Oh That’s Yahoos problem. Yahoo; That’s ATT’s problem Took me several weeks of yacking with idiots to finally get one who created a new email account for me without canceling my whole account which would jack up my payments from my original plan. Recently I spent several hours in a chat session online with Tech Service because I had one simple question. Why did Facebook contact me saying a new IP address had used my account and was it me. This after their founders account was hacked. The IP address given was for Wallingford, CT. The clowns online couldn’t understand that it is ATT’s problem not Facebook’s problem. Just glad I didn’t get rid of my land line for phone service. Sure do miss SNET. At least they used local people to solve local problems not somebody half a world away. Maybe someone will come up with something that lets people watch whatever they want when they want without paying a fortune to do it. After all we still have to suffer through all those commercials.My wife is still mad that ATT dropped Hallmark channel because it was to expensive for their viewers. Yeah Right.

  29. I am paying for 3mb of speed on my present AT&T service but I am receiving half of that speed most of the time. When I phoned AT&T they acknowledged their equipment as being obsolete and the issues I was having would require upgrades which they are not willing to do since they are concentrating their efforts on U-verse. I asked when U-verse would be available in my area. They have no idea. So in the meantime I am being billed for 3mp of speed when in fact I’m receiving half that speed. They offered to downgrade my service (which is not acceptable) for a lesser price or give me 5 months credit for paying for but not receiving the 3mps of speed I am paying for. You can’t charge people for one thing and deliver another yet they don’t seem bothered by this at all. I call it misrepresentation and fraud. And they can’t tell me when or if this will ever improve before U-verse is introduced in my area. Watch your bills, if you are not receiving what you are paying for call AT&T’s customer retention service. While your speed may not increase at least they can make restitution for services paid for but not received. Their customer service department leave much to be desired.

  30. I am very nervous now. We got u-verse on Jan 29. The whole system crapped out 2 hours before the Superbowl. After spending an hour on the phone turning things on and off, and unplugging them, it was decided a technician needs to come. I was told we would be first priority in the morning (8:00 am). Twice now, no tech has come early. I refuse to miss work to stay home and wait for the tv guy. He is supposed to come tomorrow evening, we’ll see how it works. We are currently using a digital antenna plugged into the tv, and the picture is clearer than it was when our u-verse worked for a week.

  31. maria warner | February 9, 2011 at 1:35 pm |

    After reading the newspaper article I found it imperative that I comment. I too bundled by telephone and cable service. I do not have a computer at the present time but receive my service from MSN.

    I had a problem with the telephone picture freezing and of course that would freeze my telephone as well. I also was informed that when the electricity went out or the cable went out I would have no phone service. My cell phone is only used for emergencies and because of where I live I don’t always get a good signal. Besides, it is a wise idea to keep your landline incase of an emergency and if you wish to call 911 in an emergency your number will come up on the computer. I especially think it is important when you have young children in the home to have a landline at all times.
    Anyway, I called AT&T and asked them to switch my phone back to a landline. Ever since then my cable service from them has been absolutely beautiful. We are pleased with the amount of channels and the variety we have to watch. There is never a time when there is nothing to watch. Much better than Comcast. I would like to let everyone know that in all the time that I have done business with the telephone company (38 years) and most recently SBC and AT&T, they always have a special price or package available and usually when that package expires they will offer you something else. Comcast has never offered anything except to shut you off on the 16th if your billis not paid on the 16th.
    I would suggest taking the telephone and switching back to a landline or don’t bundle it and see what happens.


  32. We switched from Cox to AT&T Uverse 2 months ago. I loved Cox – great customer service and cable better than fiber optic in my opinion. I was told when I switched that the internet speed would be the same as what I had with Cox. Well, it turns out it’s half the speed 12 mgbs vs 20 mbps with Cox. I called about it but AT&T said I’m too far to get the 18 or 24 mgbs speed. But they told me it’s “like” the same speed because it is a “dedicated” line. It’s not. It’s painfully slow, locks up, pages have trouble loading. So I called again because it can’t possibly be this slow. I was put on hold while the customer service rep said she would get a service tech on the phone. For about 30 min she came back on the line about every 7 min and asked if I still wanted to hold. Finally, she stopped coming back on the line and I put the phone on the coffee table just to see if the music would stop and she would eventually come back on while I watched tv. She never did so after an hour I hung up. The only reason we’re still with them is that their introductory offer included a lot of extras and my husband wants to keep them til it runs out. I was warned before I joined that they have the worst reputation for customer service, so I guess it’s my fault for not listening.

  33. Audrey Simpson | February 10, 2011 at 5:10 pm |

    I just wanted to clear up a few things with my at&t mess. I have three services bundled together: tv, internet and LANDLINE phone. The reason that I was so frustrated by this whole mess was having to explain the problem everytime I spoke to someone whether it was on the phone or at the door. You would think that at&t would document the problem and the information would be available to anyone who wanted to read it. I lost count after explaining the problem 20 times. This has been ongoing for 6 weeks now and I was told the problem would be fixed on wednesday (it wasnt) and the techs were here most of the day today (thursday). Let me say that I was without my three services for a good part of wednesday and part of thursday. While they were on the pole yesterday I got a call from at&t in texas asking if the service was fixed and if I needed a tech sent out. So you see at&t is a communications company with NO COMMUNICATION. When and if the problem is fixed I will post again. P.S.–they are still calling our cell phone number.

  34. We need more competition is this area.
    If the three COX, AT&T, and Comcast, I am not impressed.
    We let these companies get too big and this is how they treat all of us.

  35. i have only phone service with AT&T and for several years have had chronic problems with my lines. In the past year they have come out at least 6 times to change things with no avail. I have a business and when I call repair I am told to expect a repair in 7 days (if you have the perserverance to go thru the arduous task to get someone on the phone). I finally gave up and contacted consumer affair dept. I did get a response in 2 days with a promise to look into the old lines in my area. If this continues I will be switching to VOI

  36. George Gombossy | February 13, 2011 at 1:16 pm |

    Yesterday (2/12) we had three AT&T trucks running up and down our road for a good portion of the day, when they departed we were without phone/Internet service! I called their repair department and was told the problem would be fixed by Wed’s evening and was asked if that would be OK to which I replied no. I was basically told that was the best they could do!!!

    We were scheduled to have UVerse installed next Saturday but because of their lack of response to my phone/Internet problems I decided I should cancel that so this morning I called their customer service number 800-288-2020 and spoke with Louie (really)! I told him I wanted to cancel the scheduled installation, he must have said he was sorry 20 times and finally asked me if he could put me on hold for 2 minutes so he could connect me with an account specialist (Louie cannot cancel an install) after several minutes Louie came back and announced that the account specialist department can only be reached Mon/Fri from 8am to 7pm, he then provided me with their phone number and asked if there was anything else he could do for me? I informed him that I already wasted 13 minutes of my day with him, so no there was nothing else!

    Needless to say you know I’ll be calling them tomorrow morning to cancel. By the way I read “A bundle of problems with AT&T” in today’s paper, that was all I needed to make up my mind.

    Best regards,
    Lee Adams

  37. George – I am so glad that you spoke about AT&T. I ask how a good company can go “down-hill” so fast.? For years I have only had the basic phone service. No frills, no caller-ID, no answering nothing but I decided to try wireless. What a loss that was. In two weeks I canceled. My basic bill has more than doubled in cost. I am trying AT&T inter-net service but they can’t even get that price right. Since last September I have been working to get credits. This month I did receive a few but not clear what they are for. I thought I was the only one with a problem but I am not alone ! I am going to their customer-care and see what response I get. Stay tuned ! As said before – it is just staggering incompetence.

  38. Unfortunately, this does not surprise me one bit. About two years ago, I broke down and got an AT&T land line so I could save some money on my cell bill (I estimated I could probably cut my minutes in half if people called the house instead). I just wanted a vanilla phone line, no call waiting/answering/etc; two installs and five phone calls to AT&T later, I finally had what I wanted. The initial install was non-existent (installer came to the house, so a demarcation box with four lines in it and two hooked, figured he was done…. had to call him back to actually get mine hooked up) and then the billing issues started; I got billed for every feature AT&T offered plus long distance (which I definitely did not want, most people I call are local and phone cards are cheaper for those rare times I do need to call long distance). It took two months and a complete refund of my first bill to clear all that up.

    As time went on, I decided to ignore what happened before and get a DSL line. A bit of background, I share the internet with other people in the house (we are in a duplex, get along great with the people on the other side of our door). However, I noticed when everyone is home thing would get slow. So I bit the bullet, called and ordered DSL. $150 up front later, I had a router waiting for the mythical activation signal (this thing is evidently so rare and legendary it can only be scheduled to be transmitted at odd windows no closer than 3 days to each other; strange since when I worked at a small ISP and even had cable internet two houses ago we could send it out at any time… but I digress). The day came and went and my router sat in the corner, red status light and looking like a 3 figure paperweight. A quick check told me there was a severe signal issue (you can check this on you own through the 2wire routers diagnostic pages when your computer is hooked into it) and everything was green from the demarcation box (you know, the grey box on the side of your house, where the phone line from the pole comes in) to the router (I ran all the wire myself and have the tools to check it).

    An hour and half later, I was gritting my teeth as I was talking to my third tech support script reader who insisted I didn’t know where to plug the cord coming out of the wall. Finally, I got told I had to wait for the next “signal” for activation… a minimum of 3 days. 4 days later, still no internet, time to call AT&T again. Over the course of two hours, trying very hard not to swear profusely, I finally get to non-script reading tech support. Talking to them, it was quickly agreed the problem was not in my house and I needed a line tech dispatched to the house. The schedule actually worked very well as he showed up the next day, armed with two business cards (one for him, with his company number; the other was the line to non-script tech support in NY). While he went and chased the problem down the wire, I went in the house and opened my first “big bill” from AT&T; despite not even having internet yet, they had nicely charged me my first month of service plus activation.

    What happened next requires some explanation. In order for DSL service (and to a greater extent, uVerse) to work, one’s house must be within a certain distance from the nearest CO or RT (both are “hubs” for local phone wiring). This is because copper can only carry so much signal so far (attenuation); the more data packed into the signal, the higher the attenuation over distance will be (voice uses the least while uVerse uses the most). For a DSL line to work, it has to be about 2.5 miles from the CO/RT to work (in comparison, uVerse requires the house to be less than a mile from the closest VRAD, which obviously have to be placed more often than a CO or RT in order to deliver service). When I ordered the DSL service, I was sure to make sure I was within distance to the RT to get service (it is only 1.2 miles from my house).

    Calling me some time after I had seen him, my line tech was ashamed to tell me there was no room in the nearby RT. Not only that, but it appeared that my line actually went to a CO about 6 miles from my house (surprising, since there is another located only 2 miles from the house and just recently built). I thanked him since he couldn’t do anymore and quickly called the direct line to AT&T support. I informed them at that very moment I was packing up all the DSL equipment and going to the local AT&T store to get a refund. They attempted to pull the “early termination fee” line (I laughed, since no service was provided you can’t penalize for terminating the contract as you voided it by failing to provide the services in it) and then told me I had to mail the equipment to Texas. I laughed again and took it all to the store anyway; I got my refund check in the mail 3 days later from AT&T (guess the machine that activates equipment also prints checks).

    A few weeks after this all went down, I got my monthly bill from AT&T. Within, they charged me another month of service for DSL and then charged me a partial ETF. Within seconds, I was on the phone again, but this time demanded a full refund of the last two months of service as I was now canceling my phone service as well as contacting DPUC and the Attorney-General of CT (Blumenthal at the time, so I didn’t have much hope of getting a result there) and the BBB. That night the phone was disconnected and 2 days later I had a full refund check that I wanted.

  39. To George Gombossy, The Day:
    Your article about the Simpsons pales compared to our experience. Not weeks, but years, with AT&T and computer/DSL problems. Our situation is that we have NO choice. We are in a remote place that only has AT&T telephone wire; no Cable, no alternate telephone company, no Vonage, nothing else. We are locked into AT&T. If we could get ANYTHING else, we would abandon AT&T tomorrow. (That’s what I don’t understand about the Simpsons…why do they stay with AT&T?) I tried to get Thames Comm Company to string a line across the rail line and marsh to us but they never responded. Cable would string a cable, maybe, but only if we pay’d for the cable, which would cost tens of thousands of dollars.

    So the thing I have concluded is that AT&T, on the weekends, and perhaps after 6 p.m. in the evenings, turns the telephone transmission lines’ power down. We are at the very end of the line, away across a wetlands area, and the signal gets so weak we revert to the speed of the old days before high speed DSL (that is IF we can get on). IF we can get on the internet, it is as slow as a snail. We pay extra for the max speed DSL, but on weekends we get nothing most of the time, can’t get on to the internet, no poop.

    Today in the early a.m. I spent another hour or two with a AT&T wireless rep in Manila and he got me to crank up the power from 4 to 6, which improved the reception for a time, but not enough for our 2-Wire wireless to transmit fast to both our computers (we have two offices in the house) and the printer. The trouble is, that it’s probably an AT&T service problem (lines, power, etc) but the impact is on our internet high speed DSL connection. They are two different entities and the account numbers are different even though we get one bill…go figure. We have paid for years for this high speed DSL, but for two days out of five we get little if any satisfaction; if we get any connection it is as slow as molassas, and we get short-changed for 5/7th of our billing. For years. We should sue AT&T for a couple years’ refund on a part of out fees for this gawd-awful DSL service that drives us utterly crazy.

    Your article hit a responsive nerve. I wish to heck we could get out of this AT&T mess. (By the way, like the Simpsons, we have EVERYTHING with AT&T, two lines, TV Dish, Hi Speed (such as it is) DSL, and a whole slew of billing (taxes, freebies, subsidies, non-understandable titbits) items that cost us huge dollars every month before they even start to itemize the actual service totals. The monthly bill is 6 pages long, and completely indecipherable.
    Sincerely Juan O’Callahan Stonington,

    • There is no such thing as “turning down the power” in the world of telephony, at least not in Stonington. I am an AT&T technician in that area, and there ARE “rural” areas, but if you have had issues for “years” without resolution, there may be more than one problem. Keep calling it in, get a person OUT THERE no matter what they tell you on the repair line. Insist on a field visit, and, with any luck, you will get someone out there that will take the time to correct it, or at least get you on the road to recovery. Believe me when I tell you, we as technicians WANT the services to work, and although the company wants us to rush through ALL the jobs (time is money, after all), there ARE a few of us that don’t care about the “numbers” and will do whatever it takes to get it right.

      • UVERSE is Crap | September 9, 2011 at 7:30 pm |

        Only problem is that AT&T suspends or terminates its employees for taking the time to correctly install or repair its customers service. Only time given is to patch it up. And its UVERSE equipment is substandard.

  40. Let me tell you our horror story with AT&T U-Verse. As I work from home we decided to get another LAND line installed. When my husband calls, they sell us the AT & T U-verse bundle which will save us money…my husband even asked if it was available in our area-they said yes.
    We scheduled install. The tech guy comes out and after already turning off my other LAND line/DSL and working outside for 2 hours he comes in and states there is something wrong with outside line-you may not be eligible to receive-will call engineers to come out. He then turns back on my phone/dsl. The engineers came out that night worked on pole outside the house…the following week ATT U-verse calls to reschedule install. We set time on a Sat. for install which was this past wknd. He comes out-disconnects our land line /DSL again and after 2 hours tells us, sorry you are too far away from connection—initial engineer that came out noted you can not get it. But it seems it was never entered into our account. My husband was PO’d-a wasted Sat. as one dept did not tell the other.
    Now to today, I wake up turn on computer for work and no DSL, try the phone disconnected…what the?? Husband calls repair—they transfer us to ATT U-verse as they put the cancel order in as we were now on U-Verse? My husband stated no we were never connected we were told not eligible. The cust. service rep states your order says pending. My husband states just turn our phone service back on—after 20 min…sent to person # 3, who my husband has to repeat the whole story–she then puts him on hold after he asks for supervisor..Person #4 comes on-my husband relies the story and requests a supervisor, instead he was sent back to DSL repair the original number we called 1 hour before. He said my wife is paid by the hour and lost 2 hours worth of work time and I am missing work as AT T doesn’t do their follow up correctly…this person a little sympathetic…anyway 1 hr 30 min. later our service was installed. Person # 5 a supervisor assured my husband everything would be fixed and we would receive $50 credit on our bill…We for sure will not be endorsing ATT U-Verse

  41. George Gombossy | March 3, 2011 at 4:55 pm |

    My name is James Bruni, from Hamden, and I am writing to you because I am in dire need of your help! I read your article in the Sunday, Feb 6th business issue of the New Haven Register. This article told the story of Audrey from West Hartford and her many issues with her ATT service. This article spoke so clearly to myself and my fiancee. We are new home owners and we had our closing on the 28th of December (2010) and had ATT U-Verse installed on the 29th of December. We have been in our home since then and I have to say, there has’nt been a day that the service has worked properly. Our problem is the same as Audreys, however ours is a bit worse. We have had tech after tech come into our home, each one telling a different story. Our service freezes just like Audrey’s, however when our TV freezes, our phone and internet go out as well! This is more of an issue now since I had an alarm installed. Now that I have a home alarm, when the ATT VOIP freezes, my alarm goes off line as well.

    The way ATT has handled this has been atrocious to say the least. It is almost as if they don’t care if I keep the service or not. After countless hours on hold with customer care and tech support, and literally 23 techs in my home alone, not counting techs who were sent to the lines outside my house, I have had it with how I have been treated as a customer. I am paying for the highest level of channels, when it come to the packages as well!

    Help George! What should I do?

    Thank you,

    James Bruni

    • As a suggestion, you should try the old basic copper phone line and not the VOIP phone service.

  42. AT&T used to be the gold standard for customer service. My how things have changed! Their sales rep failed to explain that when you switch your phone to U-verse, it’s VOIP, it was only when the battery backup was installed did I question what was going on. I have skype (VOIP for free) I can call other skype users for free. We had nothing but problems with U-verse-the tv froze, and we lost the picture. After spending hours trying to fix the problems and attempting live chat to resolve the problem only to have the internet connection evaporate during the live chat we boxed up & returned the equipment as per the instructions given us including the Return Authorization number provided by AT&T. We tracked the pkg and it arrived to AT&T. Nevertheless, we were repeatedly threatened and harassed to return the equipment. Despite spending a cumulative total of 19 hours on the phone asking why we were being threatened for not returning the equipment when 2 different supervisors verified its receipt, the harassment continued. My certified letter to Randall L. Stephenson, CEO dated April 29 has still not been acknowledged or answered. Phooey on AT&T U-verse. It was the worst customer experience I’ve ever had. Give me my DISH satellite; even during our record breaking snowfalls last Winter it was more reliable than U-verse, by far.

    • I did not get any results with AT&T regarding equipment return until I filed a complaint with the FCC. You can also try the BBB.

  43. OMG!! I thought I was the only one with this freezing issues; I have work men coming to my house on a weekly basis and still they keep telling me all the wire in my home is ok so it must be the line on the street; so I told them do not send anymore workmen to my home, send them to the outside line because I can’t waste anymore time staying home waiting for AT&T, its like I am living my life around At&t the phone, internet and cable goes constantly; and each time I tell them I am going to cancel the service they keep giving me free stuff; and discounts on the bill; At&t need to step their game up or quit; the customer people also gets on my nerves like they are program to say the same crap over & over again; without them opening their mouth I know exactly they will say. I run a bookkeeping busness out of my home and need the internet to work remotely and this is a total mess I tell you.

  44. Right now i’m on the phone with At&t and this past Sunday and Monday a workmen was at my home; my daughter call and told me service is down again; total madness!!

  45. All the stories about AT&T service mistakes and none response sound like AT&T typical. I know because I experienced the same service problems for about 10 years until I switched away from AT&T.

    BUT you have not seen horrible customer service until you deal with DirectTV.

    Unlike AT&T’s service problems and its inability to correct them, DirectTV works great; very little technical issues if any at all, but that is were the good stops and the horror begins.

    A very quick search on the WEB will explain in detail the many atrosoties that are committed and continue to be perpetrated by DirectTV. From the start of negotiations, where lying is a sales tactic, to extortion, fraud, deceit, bullying, etc. etc. etc.

    You want to experience gangster mob style bad customer service, try DirectTV.

  46. Betty Modkins | July 11, 2011 at 6:06 pm |

    I can’t believe it; I live in
    texas and has and is going thru the same thing with my U-Verse. I am checking into other cable Co. I am so tired of their not knowing what they are doing and I work for AT&T and they will not help me. Can you believe it. Maybe we ought to get together boycott and cancel our servce with them-make a stand. Tech tole me the lines needed to replace and since I was the only one complaining in my area, they would fix the problem correctly. How is that? I HATE THAT THEY WON’T FIX IT. BETTY

  47. S. Phibber McGee | July 21, 2011 at 3:29 pm |

    I had this sort of a problem here in Houston almost from moment one.

    It took close to 6 months for me hounding them and working with them to finally determine the problem was in fact the lead in wire from their distribution box outside my apartment building into my apartment. The complex was built in the early 1970’s and the copper was old and the wiring burred in the concrete slab had deteriorated somewhat. This had not effected us when using standard telephone (though I suspect it was responsible for some of the line noise) or bothered out DSL service.

    An old timer who was an outside cable tech spent 6 hours here on a Saturday working this problem and was finally able to prove beyond a doubt this was it by running a temporary line from their demarcation box into my apartment right to the U-verse gateway totally bypassing the buried line. Once this was in place all my problems with the U-verse service I was experiencing ceased.

    Since I live in an apartment complex my next problem was getting them to replace the line but that was a separate issue.

    I suggest Audry have the line from the pole of demarcation box into her house replace as well as from the distribution point in the basement or utility closet to where every the U-verse Gateway is.

    The line from pole to house would be on telephone company (more fun since U-verse swears its separate from the rest of AT&T) however if its an underground line from a demarcation box in that well my be her responsibility unless the demarcation point is inside her dwelling.

  48. We have had our u-verse for over 3 years and had no issues. I am very satisfied with the service. At least when there is a storm I am able to watch TV. Unlike the DISH.

    We leave in a larger metropolitan area. Perhaps that is the difference.

  49. AT&T Uverse has been a complete and utter nightmare for us as well. We are going back to DirectV for t.v. service. Beside many, many issues with this service – one of the main reasons now that we are switching is that Uverse was never with our alarm system. I asked both the alarm co. and uverse techs before having this put in if there would be a problem. “No, not at all!!” Our system will go off during the middle of the night when the uverse system decides to shut down. For months now, we have had no medical alert monitoring that my mother needs. If she had fallen during this time, we would have been SOL!! Now, I have called them to tell them we need to go back to basic phone service and they tell me that we can’t! They say if you are on Uverse now, you can’t be switched back!! That is ridiculous!! I would love to be able to NEVER have another conversation with an AT&T employee, their products, or services but unfortunately where we live the only landline service available is through them but now they say I can’t even get that!!!! I am so thoroughly disgusted! Wish there were more companies than this one that monopolizes the whole industry and knows that you are limited to services but only through them!

  50. AT&T cannot force you to have your home telephone number on Uverse. They are moving DSL customers to Uverse so that would be a problem. The early termination fee is a maximum of $180, dropping $15 per month. I seriously doubt that this fee would hold up in court. File a small claims suit against them to prevent your credit from being hurt. The law is on your side. Find a new provider for internet. They probably installed service when you were out of loop distance. A class action suit is something you could look into after you get your phone back. In all probability you are still using copper from the “node” to your home. It is not all fiber optics.

  51. It seems as though only people with complaints will write something. Working for a small business, we get the same thing although we have hundreds of return customers after 20 years in business who refer by word of mouth.
    I love Uverse!!!!!!!! In the beginning a few glitches had to be cleared up, but I have all of my services billed on one monthly bill. When I have called customer service, I have had the best customer service anyone could ask for. I started using ATT over 40 years ago when they only had land lines.
    Before Uverse I had Direct TV and almost all of the previous letters could have been writtin about them, with the poor (rude)customer service, so anyone considering Uverse, give them a try, I think you wil be happy with their service, as I have recommended it to family and friends,

  52. OMG! Sharon- YOU must be MARRIED to the CEO of ATT! Did you READ AND DIGEST ALL of the above messages??????? I don’t think there were more than TWO people who found the Uverse and ATT “customer service” acceptable!

    ATT is HORRENDOUS! Give me back my good old SNET! They were the best for OVER 100 years!

  53. I cannot for the life of me understand why ANYONE would buy ANY AT&T product. The “new” AT&T is just a renamed/rebranded SBC Global which was noted for horrific service. I currently have Comcast for internet, Dish for TV, for broadband phone service (a great service), and Verizon for cell phones. AT&T is NOT in the picture (no pun intended) and never will be. Their treatment of customers is completely unacceptable.

  54. As I am writing this, there is a DIRECTV installer at my house putting DIRECTV back in after my unfortunate year of misery with Uverse.

    Never again.

    Customer service? Depends on who you talk to…just like every other major company. But the big issue was that the service SUCKED. TV would freeze in the middle of a show for no reason. Sometimes once a week, sometimes every 15 minutes for weeks on end. Had them come out 6 different times, and each time they had a different excuse, but it never got fixed.

    How about the performance of the box itself even when the service was working? Also SUCKED. I’d be watching live TV and be right in the middle of a show when suddenly the channel vanishes because “all HD channels are currently in use”. What? So when a scheduled recording is about to come on I get no warning like “hey, if you want to keep watching this you better delete one of the shows that are about to start recording.” Wouldn’t that be nice? This happened over and over and over. And what a HORRIBLE remote control. If it is dark, forget about using it. lots and lots of buttons…all about the same size…might as well be in braille. Oh, and the remote would not work with my Pioneer Sound system, unlike DIRECTV, so the only volume I could control was that on the TV speakers. Thought I might be doing it wrong but after the first 3 tech visits to fix the signal I asked each of them about the remote and they couldn’t figure it out either.

    Uverse may be good for those who don’t care about the quality of a DVR AND who are also lucky enough to have consistent service but I AM NOT ALONE. I’ve asked many of my neighbors who have it and they have either gone back to Charter or DIRECTV or are about to do so very soon.

    I can’t wait for DIRECTV to come back. I no longer care about the “convenience of a single bill”.

  55. I worked for over two months to get Uverse internet this summer. After I switched my landline to Verizon, AT&T said that DSL was no longer available and that Uverse was my only option. I live in Farmington and the computer system at AT&T directed the first three techs to the wrong address in New Britain. It took many, many, many mutually uncomprehending phone calls (actually, often I thought the customer service representative understood me completely and would have it fixed in a jiffy) and many, many appointments to find out that while my next door neighbor has service, my house was out of range. Out of range meant that the line was about thirty feet away. Once the problem was identified, it took about an hour to resolve. This was the most frustrating experience I have ever had with a corporation – and that includes insurance companies. In all fairness, I will tempt fate and say that my internet has been reliable since it was installed.

  56. *** WANT TO CANCEL AT&T UVERSE / U-Verse WITHOUT DEALING WITH A NIGHTMARE WHEN YOU CALL ?***** Call there regular customer service phone number 800-288-2020 and tell them you do not want to be “transferred” or “placed on hold” you are moving out of the country and no longer have need for the service. OMGosh, they are super nice and will not transfer you and CAN cancel your service same day! They will give you a confirmation number / Cancellation order number for your reference. Best way to handle them without any headache!!!

  57. Yep, I’m done with uverse! We had it installed last summer just to switch up from 10 years of Direct TV and to save a couple bucks. Man, the 1st two months were a nightmare with the phone service/non phone service. Now, within the past week, two of our TVs are have been freezing every couple of minutes. I’ve tried all of the online fixes, and every time I call tech support, I get a message saying the wait is 30 minutes. Every time! I will pay the early termination fee and go back to Direct TV. Besides, with the incentives, it will be a wash. And don’t get me started on the Weak and intermitten wireless signal. I had to reset it twice to post this message. I’m done with them!

  58. Phibber McGee | January 25, 2012 at 12:42 pm |

    I had similar issues here when they came to hook up U-verse. I live in a 205 unit apartment complex built in the 1970s.

    We had installation and line techs out here for hours on end about once a week for probably close to 4 months before we got a real knowledgeable old timer of a line tech who kept coming back to this tap on the line that his equipment was showing him.

    When in total frustration he finally ran a new line the length of the apartment from their demarcation box outside into my apartment thru a window to our gate way our problems totally disappeared like magic!

    His belief was that what was appearing as a tap was in fact a partial short in the line at that point as was also the cause of the noise on our phone line we would complain to AT&T about periodically when it got too bad.

    The solution to the issue was for the Apartment Complex to run a new phone line in to the apartment from the demarcation box. We have had none of the troubles described here that we previously experienced once the old copper was replaced with new.

    I’d suggest that those with these sort of issues ask for a line tech with U-verse to come out and examine the line for noise signal loss and taps that make no sense and if these things are seen then look into replacing the copper lead in to their house or apartment.
    The phone company may or may not foot the bill for this depending on several factors. You may need an electrician to do this for you

  59. Hate to rain on everyone’s parade of misery, but my Mom has had U-Verse for over 2 years and only had one issue in that time.

    On Thanksgiving Day 2010, the TV signal froze right before the football games (major panic), so I called AT&T and a tech tried to help me reset the system. I followed instructions but failed to unfreeze the signal.

    Amazingly, a tech showed up an hour later in a personal vehicle (had a badge), took 5 minutes to check out the system and discovered an unplugged wire to the main modem in a spare room where my nephews had been playing video games. Problem solved, not AT&T’s fault.

    My Mom and my brother who lives next door love their U-Verse service and have no complaints at all. I’ve been impressed with my Mom’s picture quality and channel offerings.

    I’m a current DirecTV and an AT&T HSI DSL subscriber. U-Verse just came online in my neighborhood. I abhor my DSL service as I pay dearly for ‘pro’ speed which is a total crock (and deceptively advertised). If U-Verse internet speed is proven better, I will strongly consider switching all of my service to it.

  60. We have had the I-ned installed in 2011 to stop the loss of service to the telephone, television, and internet at any given time for 1-5 minutes. We have had numerous service calls started from 2009. It appears the freezing has returned, even with the I-ned!!!!!!!! I am a former Direct TV and Time Warner customer. It looks as if it is time to return to one of them for better service! I do not know about the prices for their service. However, just received notification AT&T will be increasing their prices. Not a happy camper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Maybe it depends on city or state. I had uverse at my old house about 4 years ago a loved it. we moved and couldnt get it at first but now its available and we switched. So far so good and its been a week. I know my parents only a couple blocks away have some problems with the picture once in awhile but nothing major. There features are second to none so i hope you guys all get your stuff taken care off. I would be pissed to.

  62. I can relate to this article! After five months, untold hours, perhaps as many as 20 premises techs, outside linesmen, and the assistance of the BBB my problem has been resolved. Their technology is sound, but the problem is running the signal through existing lines and old copper wires. Very convenient to blame it on the customer, and very easy to tell you an endless amount of times to reboot your system (and I hate constantly talking to India!).

    My problem was wires running under the road that needed to be replaced. Once that was done everything was acceptable. Another problem is that I am 2800 feet from the node.

    These people are slippery. Don’t let them get away with it! Call the BBB (Atlanta), your state AG, and demand a refund (I am paying under $80 per month for a bundle of three services for a year because of this stupidity). Keep after them!

  63. I had very similar problems with freezing, intermittently and consistently dropping the wireless connection and slow internet, if I could event get there. I called 1-800-288-2020 multiple times–reboot my computer, reboot the modem, again, and again. Yesterday I spent from 9:01 am to 10:15 am with tech who had me try different things only for him to decide I needed a new modem/router. That came today and all seems to be working a LOT better. I refuse and will probably have to dispute again paying for the service call to my house because it is their equipment that is being replaced, not mine.

    When I had to use my cell phone to talk to them because AT&T was working on my problem, that was just another insult.

    • I’m having the same exact issues here in Calif. they refuses the fix their lines and just waste your time by sending you another modem! Tech support gives you 2 choices we’ll send you a new modem or you pay for technician! Wow, can you believe this?

  64. I am glad I found this. I have U-Verse and am on the I-ned service. We have had problems since day one. Today the lady at customer service basically called me a liar about my 1yr promo that is about to end in April. If the TV freezes up the whole system goes down. The techs have told us that we are the farthest from the “pedestal” that they have installed. I am so fed up with system and would not recommend this to anyone.There have been several techs out and just like everyone else there is a different answer for the problem. I was told one time a supervisor would call me within 48 hrs. Guess what I am still waiting. I never thought about the BBB but I will call them now. AT&T cares about one thing and one thing only…The Almighty dollar. P.S. U-Verse has only been in our area for about a year. I live in Alabama out in the country.

  65. Christy G. Miller | March 5, 2012 at 2:08 pm |

    Well, I must say that after reading all these comments I am glad I kept my ATT Land line when we had UVerse installed over two years ago. I have no choice but them or Dish. Cable not available in my area. I do experience freezing HD, and will hit the reset button on the receiver. Yes this is a pain, but nothing compared to losing tv with Directv when the wind would blow or light rain occurred. My Internet is running well. Maybe the key is to not go with their bundle phone. I would go back to a regular land line. Like I said we have had a few problems, but nothing like anyone else, and it is usually solved by resetting the receiver, or by unplugging the Gateway. We did have to replace the DVR box once, because it quit recording, but this was done in 2 days. No problems since. Good luck to everyone. Christy from Birmingham,Alabama.

  66. I have had U-Verse for 3-months now, and have not yet had a problem. I am so glad that AT&T was able to bring the service to my street, although allot of people in my town have had it for some time. The service was well worth the wait, and I would not go back to comcast for half the price.

  67. I’ve had U-verse for 3 years now without a single hiccup in my service. I’m about 50 feet shy of being at the end of the run and get MORE than the advertised speed for my internet and my TV signal has always been flawless. As someone who works in IT I can tell you things do happen that will hamper service. The reality of it is sometimes things happen and they take time to fix. You would expect the population to understand this, but alas people in the US are resistant to change and are still under the notion that they must get what they demand when they demand it.

  68. I have been with ATT U-Verse for about 6-8 months now and have nothing but great experiences, I guess except for one when they switched me to U-Family without me asking to do so. But everytime I have called them they are very polite on the phone and amazing to work with. Keep in mind it is usually only the complainers that come to these websites, not the happy customers.

    • Gee, I’m glad they were nice to you on the phone after they “upgraded” you to ufamily without asking you first.
      Now image 2 -3 times a week having to to call them because you cannot view the TV or you phone isn’t working?
      We are complaining here because this is what the website is for.

  69. I can’t believe what I’m reading. We too, have had problems with uverse. The TV picture freezes for hours at a time, sometimes more than half the day. The phone will go dead for hours and sometimes for the whole day.
    I had asked AT&T if it was a common problem and was told my house was the only one.
    Now I see dozens of other people at this website have the same problem.
    What can be done. I want to get rid of AT&T. Not having a working TV is annoying.
    Not having a working phone is unacceptable.

  70. I’ve had AT&T U-Verse television, phone and internet bundled for 12 months. My contract just expired this week-end. My complaint is the price of the bundle after the intro expires. Who can afford them? When I first signed up, I asked what will happen after the promo expired and was assured that I could always sign up for another. NOT TRUE. The only good deals are for new customers. Seems that if your an existing customer there is no loyalty towards you and no more cushy deals for you either. Your alternative is to cancel service and shop the competition. I actually liked the U-verse package I had, but not for $40.00 more a month-and we had no movie channels or sports channels, mind you. I called and tried to get another deal, was willing to sign long term or possibly upgrade and they just will not bargain with me, at least the front-line sales reps won’t. Next I’ll try to speak to the management team and see if they want to keep me as a customer bad enough to bargain and after that I guess I’ll head back to Comcast even though it is a big pain in the neck to switch everything over. I don’t know if I’ll bundle all my services again. It is too much trouble to cancel after promo periods are over. Any AT&T management out there willing to cut a deal to save a customer?

  71. I just signed up for unverse three days ago and have decided to cancel service before installation after reading these comments!

  72. UnhappyWithATT | May 6, 2012 at 11:23 pm |

    I just came across this site tonight. Wow, what a messy customer service situation! It mirrors my own experience.

    Long story short, I’ve recently “upgraded” (!) to U-verse from DSL. My DSL worked fine; now I’m having nothing but ongoing intermittent problems with U-verse. The download speed varies by a factor of 10 (!) making web browsing iffy at best. It also seems to me that the Motorola Residential Gateway is lacking in quality, including that the Wi-Fi signal is not so good. Most techs I talk to keep wanting to send me ever more “replacements” as if that’s a magical answer (I’ve done this once – I’m not going to turn it into an unwilling habit).

    As with most of the commentators, I’ve also been down the route of hours and hours of “support” and cross-wired communications with AT&T that has not solved the issue and has wasted a lot of my time. What I find of interest is that the techs (level 1 and 2) try to imply that problems are uncommon.

    I question that AT&T actually has the capability to fix the problem and it strikes me that the “U-verse” technology was rolled out prematurely without proper testing – reminds me of the Microsoft Windows Vista fiasco. Nor does their infrastructure seem sufficient to support U-verse in too many instances.

    At this stage, so that I don’t waste a lot more time, I’m *very* close to switching to another ISP.

    I think that AT&T may also be underestimating the impact that social media has on influencing consumer decision-making, not to mention the negative effect of word-of-mouth of dissatisfied customers. I notice that some AT&T rep(s) has occasionally posted in this forum to contact them by email. These messages, like most of the telephone support conversations, also seem very scripted and canned, and thus relatively ineffective. Suggestion to AT&T – figure out how to actually help us and at the same time, respect our time.

  73. ATTuverse is a big bomb we have had it for about 2 weeks and I hate it. It is soooo slowww and my computer is messing up more and the tv channels are not there . why is att so bad this is the second time we have tried uverse and I still dont like it I rather kept my charter but the guy talked my husband in to it . which I wish he did not. charter is so much better and faster and has all the channels I watch and not all over the place. att need to do some reorganizing of UVERSE cause it is BAD

  74. I hate to say that misery loves company, but it’s true. After an hour on the phone on Mother’s Day, only to find out that that technician was incorrect in her diagnosis, and the modem she was sending to fix the problem wouldn’t even arrive when she said it would, I thought it fair to be reimbursed for the high speed internet I paid for but didn’t receive. Today it took 3 hours of phone time, 5 reps, 4 supervisors, 2 disconnects and the loss of my patience to get anywhere. The floor supervisor, Catherine, was condescending and dismissive. I was also given contradictory invormation. I am shocked at AT&T’s lack of customer service. We were so excited when uverse arrived in our community and looking forward to doing business with such a well known company. I would never have guessed that I would be deceived and patronized in this way.

  75. Dealing with AT&T has also been a nightmare for me.
    I have spent hrs on the phone w/ their customer service,
    Given my information over & over again, been transferred
    From one person to another, and put on hold forever. I have
    I have scheduled 4 different dates for them to set up my
    Service, and have been excuses over and over. I have to
    Give them all of my information each time.

  76. I recently switched to AT&T U-verse after having a lot of aggravation from Comcast. I thought I had made the right decision, but I am retracting that now. They told me that the installation charges were wavered, however, I got my first bill over $369 which included (get this — hookups). My monthly bill is nowhere near that. All they did was change the name from installation to hookups (same thing). The power on my internet goes off after 30 minutes and/or my screen freezes. They refuse to send a technician over to my apt. instead I have to speak to someone from South Asia to help me out. I am in a financial mess over them, they said I could pay them out in 2 payments, 2 weeks apart. Are they kidding? I am getting very frustrated.

  77. About 2 months ago, we signed up for ATT U-verse. It was a BIG mistake!!! I was enticed by a year of savings. I can gladly say that the TV and phone has been fine. My family actually likes the TV better than our last company, but the wireless internet has been a complete disaster. I’ve made 8-10 phone calls to fix intermittent problems (everything from no signal, to low signal, to the battery back up not working and beeping incessantly – were on our 3rd battery now). Service technicians have been here 6 times. Two weeks ago I thought we were finally all set and last week, the battery back up started beeping… again. Everyone I speak to is nice, but no one’s fix for the problems seems to work more than a week before something else seems to go wrong. I’m tired of listening to my family complain about the internet going down. I’m tired of restarting the system and my computer and their computers and their phones. I’m tired of being one room away from my wireless router and getting only 1 bar of service and looking at my neighbor’s home network and seeing that I could have 2 bars if I logged in using his router. Oh, and just for good measure, when I got my bill, they started charging me for the service calls. When I complained loud enough and threatened to leave they reversed the charges and when I called to cancel the service, they offered to take $100 off of my current bill and $5 off of my phone bill each month as an added incentive to stay. Sadly, the employees (even at the store) do not seem to think much about the company and the quality either. What a complete mistake. Try something else, anything else, but do yourself a favor and avoid ATT U-verse.

  78. Gene Frazier | July 17, 2012 at 12:17 pm |

    sent to AT&T Customer Service Not:

    I thought I would contact you in the HOPE that someone in your organization still remembers what customer service used to be. I recently called customer service to inquire why I was being charged for uverse receivers when I never had previously. I was matter-of-factly told that I no longer qualified for retiree discounts since the retiree ( my wife )
    was dead. I asked the C.R. if there was a customer retention person since I was considering discontinuing ALL service, uverse, telephone and cell service. The C.R. was unimpressed and asked what date I would want service discontinued.

    I was nonplussed by the couldn’t-care-less attitude. After hanging up I started browsing DirectTV, Charter and Dish websites. I like Dish for TV and Charter for internet ( 2 1/2 times the speed for 25% less). I will be moving to Verizon Cellular when my contract is up. We were a TOTAL AT&T and Southwestern Bell customers (employee and retiree) for over 40 years and to be summarily dumped in this manner is very disheartening. Apparently AT&T is not interested in 75% of something…they would rather have 100% of nothing.

    Sadly Yours,

    Gene Frazier

  79. AT&T recently installed this on my street, and now it seems like once a month they have a sales person knocking on my door trying to sell me their service.

    When I look them dead in the eye and laugh at their promises of a better, cheaper, more reliable service that what I have, I thank them for their time and politely tell them that unless their triple play is $5 a month, including hbo and showtime, I’m not interested and to not come back.

  80. ConstantReader | September 11, 2012 at 10:02 am |

    Hello? Is the caller there? Just more proof that digital technology basically sucks. There’s no guarantee that any of it will work at any time. Worse yet is the marketing departments of cable TV and internet providers promising “packages” that their own tech departments can NOT deliver on. Used to be you pick up the phone, get a dial tone and make a call even if the power was out in your town. Those days are over. I never know from one day to the next if my internet phone will be available to call 911. Customer NO service departments know that we are so dependent on this crap and don’t care if it doesn’t work. On to the next call…

  81. I would never get U-Verse, but I don’t think the technology is the problem. I think customer service is awful, the staffing is bare-bones and the training on the technology is not what it should be.

  82. I would suggest to never get the uverse package. Our nightmare started the end of July when an un-knowledgeable sales guy told us we got free mobile to any mobile with our package. We ordered on a Sat and they scheduled installation for Monday morning, but ran into problems with the lines outside of the house So came back Tuesday to install. Tuesday I called as directed to by Bob( The man that took our order) At&t mobile to let them know we had switched that day and to make sure we were put on the correct data package. Gloria whom I spoke to told me that the package does not have free mobile to any mobile and for their mistake she would add 5000 roll over min. ( We lost 2900 when they switched us to the u verse plan.) Long story short they never added the roll over min til I got a text saying I went over my min by $200. I called and spoke to Shianne and she said she would note it in the computer to credit my account and subtract the overage from my rollover min that were promised and I needed to call back when I received my bill. I called today and got ahold of Karen and she told me she could not give me the credit that I was promised. All of this started with their mistake and now they are going to try to make me pay $200 for their screw up. I will go to the BBB and report them. It has been 2 months of chasing this around and I have only gotten the run around and billed an extra $200.00.

    • After reading a few of these I realize I need to contact the FCC and the BBB if things do not get fixed.

  83. I also made the mistake of signing up for AT&T Uverse.
    Now our telephone goes out on average about once a week. When that happens, we have no phone service for 1-2 days.
    Our TV picture freezes constantly. with Uverse they advertise being able to record up to 4 shows at once. We can’t even record 1 show at a time. Whenever we want to watch a show, our first thought is wondering if the TV is going to work for us.

  84. If you DO decide to get Uverse, do NOT get family package. I just switched from.Cox basic, I had better optioms there. I wasnt exactly expecting humdreds of movie channels but I got WAY less than I expected I got 80 different variations of Disney Channel and the channels for people over 7 was Food and Animal Planet. And TONS of religious channels.

  85. Elderly Victim | October 2, 2012 at 1:42 am |

    Ours is a heartbreaking example of AT&T win-at-all- costs. A week doesn’t go by when there isn’t an article documenting AT&T’s over-zealous or too abusive treatment of a large segment of their customers including the elderly.

    Please read this as you should be informed of the treatment AT&T inflicts upon an elderly couple suffering with Congestive heart disease. The documented facts are indisputable:

    In any other country, this elder abuse would be illegal. It’s not that difficult to figure out. The question is will we have the intestinal fortitude to act on behalf of these people or sit by and watch.

    Notwithstanding aforesaid reprehensible treatment, the mindset of AT&T and their employees is lackadaisical and dangerous. There was absolutely no reason for trained technicians to not find a Bridge Tap earlier than three months while customer paid for 3.0 Mbps during that time.

    AT&T agreement for one year of DSL $14.95 3.0 Mbps

    Customer pays for 3.0 Mbps but only gets 1.5 Mbps, and that’s after the three months it took the trained technicians to find the Bridge Tap

    On or about the ninth month, customer discovers a substantial rate hike of $49 on their bill not specified in the contract. AT&T alleged one calendar year elapsed notwithstanding the three months customer paid for services AT&T failed to rendered.

    AT&T failed to reimburse customer the modem purchase price pursuant to contract notwithstanding the customers written and verbal requests and assurances from an AT&T supervisor.

    AT&T is dropping the elderly customers speed daily, sometimes multiple times a day. The speed never goes up ONLY DOWN!

    What started as speeds of 1.5 Mbps is now ONLY .74 Mbps (point seventy four).

    Again, Current speed is under POINT SEVENTY FOUR .74 Mbps and DROPPING

    The Ill Elderly customer has a Life Threatening Congestive Heart Disease. Notwithstanding ongoing issues with internet, numerous calls to report trouble on the phone line have also gone unanswered and or unresolved for years.

  86. We had Earthlink DSL and Charter cable for years. 2 years ago AT&T came around our neighborhood selling uverse as they had upgraded their lines and it was available to us now. We had many issues at first with bad boxes in addition to the price going up constantly so we cancelled our land line since we all have cell phones (not AT&T). We still have issues with pixelating and channels dropping randomly. Our conclusion is that for some reason AT&T uses inferior boxes. We never had these issues with Charter cable and now that our contract period is up with AT&T we are considering going back to Charter. We are in a large midwestern city but unfortunately those are our only 2 options. I think if there were more competitiion these companies would have to have better service and equipment.

  87. I think Att u-verse customer service is the worst and looks bad on all of ATT. I went five weeks and four no shows just to get a install bafore I cancelled the order. Then after 3 mounts I try one more time. For two weeks and no call and no show then one week no call and no show. I lost four work days and two saturdays and still no u-verse. When its time for a new phone plan it will not be ATT thanks to u-verse

  88. I think I can top everyone’s stories without ever having U-verse. I ordered U-verse finally after their relentless marketing. The day before they were to arrive I was on a walk with a neighbor and told her we were going to get it. She said, “Good luck, they were at our house for three hours and finally told us that it wasn’t available on our street.” This was the first I had heard this but then I also heard it from another neighbor on that same day. They arrived the next day and we told them that the other neighbors couldn’t get it. They said that according to their records, we could. They spent two hours and told us that we couldn’t get it. Since that time, AT&T has continued it’s relentless marketing by phone, internet, mail and with in-person people coming to our door (more than one of these things happens weekly). I had finally had it with the phone calls and explained our situation in detail to someone on the phone only to have her scream at me and tell me that I was wrong and it was, in fact, available to us. The last visit (last week) from the nice man in a suit at my door ended with him finally realizing that no one on our street actually has it and somehow he had records that everyone on the street had a dial up connection (which isn’t true, most of us have a terrible internet connection no matter our provider). He promised to check on it and get back to us. Since last week we have received three mailing and one more phone call to sign up. I do not live in a rural area, I live in Orange County, CA, in a very dense urban neighborhood. Several people in the neighborhood have U-verse. I actually will never get it even if it does become available because I can’t believe the incompetency of a company that would spend the amount of money and time that AT&T has spent marketing a service to people that it cannot provide.

  89. It sucks! Technician hung up phone on us…. Representative take hours on with none seem to help…I get transfere from one to another rep….horrible….I think consumer affair should step in…. November 28th 2012


  90. decaying infrastructure | December 10, 2012 at 8:37 pm |

    Have the technician check the wires outside your house, the wires on the poles. I used to experience lost signal during rain, or high humidity, turns out the insulation, on the wires, was completely decayed. I figured this out myself, after many frustrating calls to AT&T. When the technician came to the house, I persuaded him to take a look at the wires and he said: “Hey, you’re right; good call!”. Yeah, duh!
    AT&T, just like the other utilities do not have any financial benefit from maintaining the infrastructure
    through which their service is provided. Apparently it’s cheaper to take service calls, where frustrated “customers”, aka stooges, vent on underpaid phone operators. Typical American business model.

  91. Miss Sharissa | January 3, 2013 at 9:41 pm |

    The President of the company doesn’t care about the customers. Nobody in the company cares about the customers. They give you the run around so they won’t have to do anything and they hope you’ll just get tired and give up. Wonder why there’s no physical place for you to go and yell at them? Because they DON’T CARE. Nothing will change them, not even the FCC. Because they don’t care, either.

  92. I just signed up for AT&T Internet/TV. Nothing but the same connection issues ever since. They keep sending out techs and replacing my router but the issue keeps happening. It’s been almost 3 weeks and I work from home. This is unacceptable. They must be selling this stuff to people who have barely any signal in their area.

  93. AT&T was a good company. But, don’t forget for a minute that they were bought by SBC who then took the AT&T name. The company is still SBC on the inside – management and all – a truely bad company. It’s a company that charges more and more for less and less. I agree with the previous comments about Comcast. I hate them too but, they’re starting to look good when compared to SBC – until they raised my monthly bill by $10/month. The ATT answer to poor DSL speed is to move you up to the next level service for another $10/month. I ask: “If you can’t provide me with the service/speed that I’m already paying for, how are you going to provide the next speed level? And why would I pay more money for continued sub-standard performance?” There’s a reason they lost a class action suit pertaining to DSL speed – they’re a bunch of crooks. And, there’s a reason that Comcast was voted as a top ten most hated U.S. company. The answer isn’t to complain to them; we must all collectively engage our representatives/FCC to take these lowlife crooks to task and demand that they be penalized for non-performance

  94. Had ATT DSL (KY). Called an operator about blocking a call and the operator conned me into changing over to U-verse. All the benifits that were quoted to me were a lie. I was assured I could change back to DSL if I did not like it. They would not. Made many calls to try and I am still trying. They billed us for all the new service and modom which was not supposed to happen and it was a nightmare getting our bill corrected. I only have the internet service because the other services were not available athough I was told they were when I was conned by this ATT employee. The service, when it works, is slower than my DSL and I am waiting on a tech as we speak. Many Many visits. Most weekends the service is not available. When I call the tech and spend hours setting up yet another tech visit it begins to work again (strange). Most times I clock around 1Mps which is not enough to watch video. It should be 3Mps which I have never gotten. This has been going on for about a year now. Looking at satilite service. I now record all of my calls to ATT. They will not screw me again. Luckily this is one of two states that it is legal.
    All I know to do is call the PSC and FCC to fill out a complaint.

  95. I decided to switch from DirecTv, AT&T Landline and AT&T DSL to a U-verse package. Why not? I had a 30-day money back guarantee. Nightmare! I constantly had problems with the U-verse DVR, remote, phone and internet. I had 4 techs at my home in a 3 week period. There was a 4 day period where I lost all services (phone, internet and cable). I decided to cancel. Now, I am having trouble getting my refund back. I have called several times and I still have not gotten my full refund. This is ridiculous. Avoid U-verse at all costs!

  96. At@t lost my cell phone service from bad customer service and cell phone systems that are not working to keep extra services from adding to my bill every other month. My family member worked for uverse for a about four years as a prem tech and was fired because att actually counts bad modems and cable boxes against techs… instead of keeping good techs with lots of skills they fire them for any reason and hires new ones. AT@T treat employees as bad as they TREAT CUSTOMERS ….this place needs to remember who can make or break a business!!!

  97. I love U-Verse! My family just celebrated our 2 year anniversary and received a free movie and 15 dollar reward card. We live in a newer home in Alabama and have never had the tv freeze up on us. Wifi signal for IPods, Xbox Live is great and never have had a problem with phone connection.

  98. Terrible customer service. Internet speeds not nearly what you pay for. AND they cut the other cable wires inside my house and I didn’t know until I tried to switch away from them.

  99. AT&T U-Verse User | January 9, 2014 at 10:08 pm |

    AT&T is the biggest telecom ripoff in America. However as if that wasn’t bad enough they pooped U-Verse, the worst internet service yet to be seen, with worse quality standards than providers in 3rd world countries. U-Verse is a bogus company and a scam.

  100. Joseph F. Mack | January 30, 2014 at 12:25 am |

    Having been laid off (30 years heavy duty telecom tech, including teaching & writing programs) I applied for an AT&T installation tech job, had to have work. Took the AT&T test for installers, got 100%, finished 30 min before anyone else. Was never even contacted for an interview – yes, I was 60 years old, but in better shape than any of the younger applicants.

    They want someone just trained enough to do the job, not wanting the installation techs. to have enough knowledge to actually understand the real problem. They know how to run the cables or fibers, work the signal test equipment, and call a higher level technician and that’s it. All the old guys who really understood the equipment from end-to-end have been retired or laid off. Welcome to the ‘New America!’

  101. If you look at many of your electronic gizmos in your house, and read the FCC Part 15 sticker attached, you will see it says, to the effect,”This device must not cause interference to a licensed radio service, and must accept any interference it may encounter” or words to that effect. ATT U-verse gets to your neighborhood somewhere via fiber optic cable, no problems there, but from there it goes all over the neighborhood via CAT V cable or plain old twisted pair copper. In other words, a massive antenna system to pick up every 2-way radio transmission, broadcast station, ham operator around, and in the process, pixelate your TV and cut off your phone or internet randomly. ATT U-Verse also illegally radiates it’s signal do to poor installation practices, and interferes with the above mentioned legal radio services. The basic cure is for ATT to run fiber to each house, thus minimizing the copper in the air. I have to put up with the interference U’verse generates. The fact that I am receiving interference means the system is leaking. I hope the 1500 watt amplifier I use is messing up your service just as much. In my case, the interference U-verse generates is illegal, in your case, you have to put up with it, unless you can get ATT to do something about it. I haven’t been able to.

  102. 2-3 time a week I get a call from an AT&T salesperson wanting to sell me U-Verse. I work from home, and have had nothing but good service from my DSL. My data service is vital to my livelihood so I considered changing very carefully.

    They have been so persistent that I decided to check with my neighbors to see what they were using.

    I checked, my neighbors on both sides now have U-Verse. One has had at least one outage a month since installing U-Verse, sometimes for as much as a day.

    On the other side, she didn’t think that it was much better than the dial up it replaced. I checked her up and download speed. She’s getting less than 1mbs on download, and her upload speed wouldn’t even register on the on line meter.

    Our neighborhood is 50 years old with buried phone lines. The lines are so bad that we get marginal POTS service, lots of noise and cross talk, especially when it rains. Investigating just a little bit further I found that these were the lines AT&T planned to use for U-Verse. My neighbors U-Verse service is delivered over existing copper wiring clear from the central office, miles away.

    Once, when a serviceman was next door working on my neighbor’s service, I asked him about installing U-Verse. He replied “Not in this neighborhood”. That’s when I learned about their using the old copper loops to the central office.

    The next time a salesperson called, I told him I would consider it when they could get fiber optic to my home. He assured me that was the plan. When I asked him a few more questions about the planned fiber optic installation, he didn’t really have any idea was fiber optic was.

    Three days ago I got a letter from AT&T thanking me for being a high speed internet customer and encouraging me to switch to U-Verse ($15 a month discount for 12 months, $100 reward card and such). On the bottom of the letter was a web site address. When I tried to access the web page I got a 404, page not found error. When I tried it again today, it redirected me to another page where the bonus card is now $50.

    A lot of the criticism of U-Verse is from 4-5 years ago. I thought they might be getting the bugs worked out, but I guess I should still wait a while.

  103. Debbie Constabile | August 29, 2014 at 1:29 am |

    AT & T give you the run around and U verse antiquates your lan line equipment (Phone and Internet) raises your electric bill, forces you to purchase all new equipment.

    I called the phone company complaining about my $108 Phone and internet bill and the AT&T representative suggested I try U-Verse $35 per month. Without any discussion or inquiries as to my present set up we agree and an appointment was made for three days later. 2 days later I received a call explaining there are technical difficulties in the area In which I live ( on a Large Scale) and I said and problem and expected a call in a few days.

    A few days pass no call so I call them, they say it’s going to take 30 day, OK another $108 phone bill to deal with but after that I’ll go to $66 right?

    I wait 30 days, no call I call them” Is there U verse Service in Willow Springs?” The reps says yes, schedules and appointment I wait 3 hours no one show up “ Where is the installation guy?” Rep” Oh the appointment was cancelled didn’t anybody call you? Of course not that why I’m calling:

    Schedule another appointment for the next day. The guy arrives on time, after about I hour I realize all the equipment I have including the telephone plugs in the walls of 4 rooms are now obsolete.

    Next, i’m told to get a cordless set of phones in order to make this easy. I told him I did not plan on any additional purchases, that when I called, I called to lower my bill to save money, he apologizes and try to get the lan line phones to work. For 4 hour( NO KIDDING),5 hours later he gives up, I concede and tell him he did his best ,I see it won’t work with my equipment and I would figure it out on my open he could leave now.

    I called AT & T back explaining my situation and complaining about the deception their sales people use and how the Rep neglected to inform me of their intentions to antiquated all my current equipment (all my special order decorative antique looking phones)the caller ID and the answering machine) and got no where, they were here, they installed new equipment and I’m going to pay for it!

    I had to go out and buy cordless phones to replace the relatively new lan line phones I was using, not an investment I enjoyed making as I already had equipment that worked just great, it was the Phone and internet bill that was killing me!

    I am sorry I ever decided to stay with At & T I should have switched to Comcast. I know your going to say at least I’m saving about $35 a month, but now, all the new editions rely on electric, I have just about every outlet filled with a plug related to the phone or internet. Before, (for the computer) I ran everything through a surge suppressor that I turn on and off at will. Not any more! Now I have four phone plugged in a modum that has to stay on all the time and a battery pack for in case the power goes out that also stays on all the time

    Presently, I have no way of knowing what those additions are going to mean to my next electric bill. It will probably only be a few buck but that’s not the point, the point is I was lead into this eyes wide shut! The installation which took 5 hours, took so long because apparently the technicians are sent out to install a system that your current lan line equipment cannot support and they either are afraid to tell your or there not supposed to, they have to act like they can get it to work for awhile until you feel sorry for them and send them home.

    Forced technology, unexpected additional costs and anticipated higher electric bill was not what I had in mind the day I called to get my bill lowered.! I was forced into adopting a new technology that not only this build but me personally were not ready host now forced to accept. That’s the corker!

  104. George j Krecidlo | October 7, 2014 at 3:48 pm |

    I have just been notified that connecticut will no longer allow bundleing Direct Tv with AT&T. Can you please tell me why.
    Thank You

  105. I echo everything you say about the service and quality of at&t, service freezing, wiring problems on my street. Customer service would walk me thru unplugging the equip. resetting etc. and then tell me “If it does not come back on in 24 hours, call us back”, I finally switched back to regular cable, this was 5 years ago and I only had U-Verse for less than 6 months. Now I am being contacted by a collection agency for $650 charge for equipment they are saying was not returned, WHAT IS WRONG WITH A COMPANY THAT WAITS 5 YEARS TO CLAIM THE EQUIPMENT WAS NOT RETURNED! I returned the receivers to a UPS shipping center per instructions from at att, 5 years ago, who keeps a receipt for 5 years? This equipment is highly traceable, It’s probably in the living room of another one of their customers but att wont even talk to me about it saying I need to deal with the collection ag. This is a very disreputable company (IMO), they are bad news!

  106. victor de Francisco | November 6, 2014 at 7:08 pm |

    I too have the exact problems.


    Contact me

  107. Stokley Richardson | December 8, 2014 at 6:26 pm |

    I have changed my opinion of AT@T since reading the above. I had always though of them as yankee carpet baggers ever since they took over South Central Bell many years ago, but after reading the above I can see that they take advantage of anyone that believes them.They advertise fiber optic connections to your house. They do not tell you that the last half mile will be two wires of copper wire.They do not tell you that their internet speed is only 6 mbps instead of the 50 mbps that fiber offers.But you people are lucky or have patiences to wait on their telephone robot. When I pay A company $160.00 a month, I am not about to wait ten minutes while some recording robort states press one for english press 2 for service,and ect. As soon as I can find another cassette recorder for my TV I will connect my out door antenna and get 26 channels free. ALL I GET ON MY PHONE ARE ROBOT CALLS THAT DISREGARD THE DO NOT CALL LIST. I can Get A free phone that will not receive the robot calls which eliminates the aggravation and will not cost me anything. All that I will need then is an internet connection which I can get free at the library. NOW I HAVE PLENTY OF MONEY AN ONLY A FEW YEARS LEFT TO TO SPENT IT, I LIKE CONVENIENCE, BUT I AM NOT ABOUT TO LET THESE BASTARTS TRY TO CHEAT AND AGGRAVATE ME!!

  108. Concerning AT&T UVerse. We have had this service for a few years now. From the beginning of the service, the main TV with the modem that is not moveable, half the screen will go black. I have always had the feeling that AT&T was messing with our service and making the TV do that. On occasions someone would type on the screen, verses. Tonight, it said, “When they found out”. I recently signed a contract to use the service because we have had trouble in the past with the service and our bill would double and they told that it was because of the promotions expired. I told them that it would be less of a headache for all concerned to stop with the promotions and give people an automatic discount. These people have done this to me and others as well and I think it should be against the law because I have got so mad, my blood pressure went up. Why should we have to deal with this kind of business so a company can keep getting bigger and the government won’t do anything about it?

  109. Hello All, I live in Northern California Bay area, and I can honestly say I have had the worst time with ATT uverse myself. My problems are started with service and the techs kept coming out to my house till after the 7th time it was fixed no problems. Just recently Im so upset as to now my billing is incorrect and I cant get a att uverse customer support person to just hear my situation. I have never felt so cheated by a company before in my life and never felt so disrespected by their employees. I’m a long time Att customer with mobile and decide to try out the 2 year special and I feel as if I got cheated out what was promised to me. I would love to just be heard? It is pointless to call in because I get hung up on, I get transferred and they drop the call. Just recently I spoke to Jennifer Smith in accounting and as I proceeded to ask for a supervisor 3 times she told me “no” that no supervisor will hear my situation. I’m so angry and I want to take this as far as I can go PLEASE HELP!!!

  110. Gloria Shook | February 24, 2015 at 9:45 pm |

    I just ran across this spot when researching AT&T U-Verse. I have to have a home phone line as I have a pacemaker and defibulator, which is required for my health. My U-Verse bill has gone up since Sept 2014 $24.00. Can’t get a decent answer from anyone as to the reason. I stopped my wireless because it cost me (also covered my niece) over $120.00 and found consumer Cellular only $60.00 for the both of us. I had a balance on her go phone and they have been paying me back some money and no one can explain why the balance. However they won’t give me the total $120 back. I am angry and am going to file a complaint with the Federal Trade commission. If you have notices they have made AT&T give them millions of dollars because of unfair practices recently.. It is time we all file to explain to them that we can get things fixed or even someone nice to talk to. I get so angry at these people. Do there employees all get a break on their phone bills for being nasty???

  111. I read all of the post on this site. It appears AT&T just don’t care about service. My complaint is much different than most of the post. I can be watching my TV and it will shut down. I filed several complaints and it was discovered by several management personnel that they did not know the boxes were programed to shut down after so many hours of playing. I feel like if I am going to pay for a service that I should be the one to decide when to shut the box down. I asked several times as to why it is programed to shut down? The only answer I have received is to “save energy!” It is not saving energy on my part. It boils down to this… If you want the company you are paying for service to control when it is to be shut down. Then I would suggest calling on AT&T.
    Tom Parker

  112. KATHY BROWN | April 27, 2015 at 6:52 pm |

    I told a representative to call me back this week and I would have my decision on if I was changing my landline to Uverse. After reading all these problems I will continue my regular AT&T landline. It is more expensive than Uverse but I don’t have any problems.I have Uverse for my internet and TV and few problems compared to others on here.

  113. For almost 3 weeks now, AT&T cannot find the problem after hooking up to Uverse Internet & Phone. Ever since they put in digital phone line, 9 technicians have been to my home and have been unable to find out what is causing my service to ‘stutter’ like a cell phone out of range, ‘in’ & ‘out’ and unable to carry on decent conversation. It is not consistent either, removed all extraneous old analog phone lines so everything is straight to ‘box’ thus no interference still does not solve the problem. I was told it was either my caller ID, Answering Machine, or phone. I excluded them from line and still had problems although all lines now direct to phone. Tried another phone, but problem persists. I have VTech DECT 6.0. They even put in a new phone line into Kitchen, cause that phone was the worst, but problem persists. Phone in garage is old line, but appears to work fine, just Kitchen phone not working properly. Phone generally works OK in AM, but not in afternoon or evenings, continuously breaking up. AT&T informs me that there is AM interference on my line, but Techs always say, that is not problem since it is interference before the line enters my home. I remain at a loss.

    Customer Service sucks too. Many a Supervisor claims to call me back, but 90% of time they never call you back like they say. And I get disconnected alot from AT&T, and usually have to spend too much time pressing buttons to get the where I need to go. And, oftentimes I get to wrong place. Also, many of my calls to At&T are disconnected during transfers to others.

    AT&T has such a monopoly, they really do not seem to care that they have lousy service. All they really want is your $$$, service what they can and forget everybody else. But this problem has existed with them for as long as I can remember, even way back to 1960’s.

    Now I am told, I have to pay more to go back to Analog phone, since that is only what works. I still think they simply want to make more $ off you, so it does not serve they to provide top notch service, because, this way, they can get you off their lower cost plans and make you pay more for old services.

    One tech was supposed to come out between Noon and 4PM. I waited around all day. Nearing 4PM I got a call saying he is late and will arrive by 6PM. Almost 6PM I get another call, now closer to 8PM. He showed up @ 7:30 PM but could not fix problem.

    My suggestion to everyone, stay away from AT&T if at all possible, their service sucks, and you will only lose more money dealing with them in the long run. Unfortunately, they have a monopoly, and I have few alternatives.

  114. I have used Uverse for about a year for Tv and internet, as well as cellular now for two or so month’s. I have had a problem logging into my accounts for the last year or so.

    When I use a new or different device/or delete browsing history, I can’t login with my regular credentials. For some reason I get an error message that the info entered does not match any records on database for accounts.

    This login info is written down exactly as the At&t technical staff repeated and then again I made them repeat the information when they supposedly fixed my account for the third time this week!!! {THIS WEEK} not counting the last year.

    I was told by At&t that I was using the wrong credentials so I asked them what the credentials were since they didn’t give me that info?? WTF?? I guess, and they gave me the same “info” that they stated was the “wrong” credentials not three minutes before in the same call from the same tech. Ok I can see how a tech might get bored by the job but does it cause a loss of mental cognition completely? or plain stupidity?? I am going up the chain for this crap as this can’t be the status quo for customer service but I know it is so this will be the second time going to the better business bureau for a claim over malicious conduct by At&t. The last time it was for advertising that never reached the internet but costed me $1,665 dollars!! No Ad, No customers, and no explanation. The better business bureau got the bill cut in half but I got no product at all so I will not give up till I owe $0 ZERO because they gave me nothing.

  115. Russell Casement | August 8, 2015 at 12:28 pm |

    I’ve got a U-verse service call in right now for the cable that was to have been buried. They showed up at 4pm on the hottest day in August, and put maybe an inch, or two at most in the ground. I could see it places, and just pulled on up into the yard. This was last night after 7pm when they finished, and I wasn’t even called in advance to let me know they would be here. So, the 8 to noon scheduled time slot has been pushed out by a simple text message. Now it’s 12:30pm, and if they aren’t here by then, I’m going to stop paying them and tell em to come get the damn equip. I have been lied to by everyone at AT&T, and it’s just not going to happen to me, a retired AT&T systems tech. I would have never done these things to my customers.

  116. purchased an alarm in Nov 2013 Digital Life Account 111033132267. I sold my home in July 2015 and called them to notify of my relocation. They stated in July they do not service that area and to leave the equipment for the new homeowners. Also I would not be responsible for the remaining months on my 2 year contract. Well since then, they have billed me for early termination of the contract. I called back in August shocked to receive a bill and the representative checked my new address and stated they could service the new address. I told them this is not what I was told in July and then tried to get me to do a credit check and get a new system. This is not what I was told in July and it is obvious I had been a loyal customer since November 2013 until July. Now they are billing me due to some information their customer service rep provided to me and now want me to pay the balance. These practices are deceptive and I would recommend NOONE to do business with ATT Digital LIFE…. STAY AWAY…

    Very disappointing and I Will share my story with EVERYONE I KNOW, website, BBB,etc.. This is really sad…

    • I went through this but they did not offer to get my old equipment out of the place I was renting. I did not want a upgrade to U-verse Elite I only needed the phone and internet. AT&T/U-verse swiped my DSL service with out telling me anything about a stupid upgrade when my DSL was fine. I have so many problem with my U-verse losing connecting and having to call a tech out within one month. I also had to have new phone jacks installed where I moved to. I had only had my equipment installed about five months before I moved. They forced me to pay $218. After that a bill came in two days that I had to pay $62, by then my phone had been suspended for none payment though I had paid and told them what day I would pay. I paid the $218 in two days. Now that I have moved I have paid AT&T $630 and they did not take the jacks out of the old rent place that should have been installed to my new residence and save me an installation fee of $99 both times. Getting a rewards card went straight toward the phone bill. The once hung up on me when I complained about the bill and extra charges. A $10 discount for a few months did not help. I will never suggest AT&T/U-verse to a friend or family.

  117. Having terrible experience with a bundle bill. Agent at Poplar Bluff, Mo store signed me up for Wireless +uverse + direct tv with a new Samsung phone. After getting home #1 i could not get into my acct because my name spelled wrong on email. The samsung phone buffered alll night long trying to get into My ATT. I never did get in. After getting home on reflection i saw the ridiculous speed 3mpb/s from ATT when i have 50 now. Duh??? I could see the writing on the wall somy husband took back the samsung 6 phone and cancelled the whole smear about 36 hours later. I did not go because i was ill. They refunded all back to me. They took out a $35 restock fee and i bought a go phone Zte max which made refund of $62 and change back. Okay then comes the real BS. I got a bill from Att for $150. How could that be when i only had service for about 36 hours. I went back to my Straight Talk which i had not cancelled until was certain of everything. I tried and tried to get them on phone i emailed any place i could think of. I emailed the mgr if the Poplar Bluff store and the salesman the day the merchandise was returned and service stopped. I even talked with salsman about my refund and mentioned they were dunning me. I called and talked with a rep at ATT named Brenda after i got my bill. This was suppose to be handled and a final bill sent. We talked for am hour. I then got an email from ATT on the 12th saying they had to turn off my service. WHAT????? REALLY??? WHAT SERVICE. So i called again and talked to Ms. Williams at 800-381-0500 at length. It was suppose to be taken care of again. A person was suppose to call me bavk with a final bill and solution. Not a word. They are threatening me with turning over to colkection acency and hurting my credit rating. Are you kidding me????? I worked hard for it. I pay my bills and am not trying to avoid it. i just do jot get $150.For what? No one seems to explain. I just texted the salesman. No word been an hoyr. I just asked him for some help. It has just been about 34days since the whole ordeal started. So who does a person talk to to get this fixed. I asked for a supervisor the first time. This is an outrage. I knew getting mixed up with them had been a mistake. is business so bad they are ripping people off now?

  118. Paul Chedda | March 7, 2016 at 11:23 am |

    I had AT&T install their Gigapower system last Saturday at my residence, that was a very bad idea. The first tech showed up, without proper parts, so had to enlist the help of two other techs, then they miswired the system and burnt out the modem. The following Monday two more techs showed up, changed the router and still we had issues. The next visit was on Saturday the following week, still with no resolution. So heres my problem. I had Comcast and Uverse prior to that. I have a home network that has a Server, 4 computers all on a LAN line. I back up the computers to my server through remote desktop. My entire network is LAN line with IP addresses assigned to computers and printers and my server. The wireless portion is used for iphones and Television as well as tablets. This worked for many years till uverse came around this time. The techs touched my computer and set everything to DHCP telling me, an Engineer, that Uverse can only work with my system if I buy a block of IP addresses from Uverse at $30 per month for a block of 8 Ip addresses, which only 5 will be usable.
    Last tech told me to add a router between their router and mine and I should be able to fix my issues. I dont want to do either. I subscribed to a service provider, I should not be ripped off because they see the potential to make money above what they are already getting paid and I should not have to pay another $145 for a dumb tech to show up without a laptop that cant set up a configuration in my router. At this point in my opinion AT&T are in breach of contract because they sold me a bag of goods that does not work, I cant even get emails through wireless communications, even after setting my inbound and outbord settings in Microsoft office.Also I am only getting 30 MBPS on their ‘Gigapower’ system. I’m making sure none of my friends go through this crap and AT&T can take their crummy piece of technology off my premises. I am going to an internet service provider that can actually do what they promised.

    • CeeCee Arbusto | June 3, 2016 at 1:39 pm |

      Dear Paul,
      You conclude you entry with the note hat you are “going to an internet service provider that can actually do what they promise” Please let everyone know if you have found such a provider so we can all go. Uverse and ATT are a sham and a shame, but I fear there isn’t much better out there.

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