Sirius XM Complaints: Cheating Customers by Billing Improperly

Nancy Shapiro of Middletown is one of the hundreds of people whom Sirius XM tried to take advantage of by billing for a contract she did not need or want, and had not requested.

When she purchased a new Buick LaCrosse, it came with a standard three-month trial subscription to Sirius XM Radio – a product I will buy with my next car.

And when the trial period ended on March 30, Shapiro contacted the company to get a regular subscription, like she had on her previous car, paying about $44 every three months.

But when her credit card bill arrived in May, she discovered she had been charged $488.86 for a lifetime subscription (the lifetime of the car).

“I contacted the company to dispute the charge,” she wrote me in an email asking for my help. “I was immediately told that the subscription was nonrefundable. I explained to the customer service representative that I had not signed up for this and when I received the same response, I spoke with a supervisor.” Next page

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139 Comments on "Sirius XM Complaints: Cheating Customers by Billing Improperly"

  1. It seems like a clear case of an improper charge to her credit card.

    Since her credit card company was so unhelpful, she should research changing to a different credit card company.

    • cathy waylett | April 5, 2014 at 3:03 pm |

      Sirius has been double billing me since last September, but will only give me a credit back 30 days. I bought a radio from them which they assumed I installed and used as well as a second radio which I did not. The radio works, but their billing practices are fraudulent.

    • I just renewed my XM subscription for 5 months and had a credit on my account of $18.63. My renewal price totaled around $28, but when I re-checked my account I discovered XM claimed I had a credit of $0.18 and billed me for $27.93. They’d better spend it wisely, because it’s the last dime they’re getting from me.

    • Sirius billing is very unclear – they charged a credit card for a full year service on a car that I had sold and cancelled 6 months before. They tried to give me a big run around but eventually I got them to give me a full $200 refund. I don’t trust them at all. I think the company needs to be investigated for their billing practices.

      I was transferred 5 times to different departments before they admitted their mistake. I think they were hoping that I would give up.

    • Private…April 10th…2015
      I bought a car kit and installed it. I activated the account with auto pay. It was nice at 1st but after a mouth or so I got tired of hearing the same songs over and aver again…. So I canceled it. or so i thought.

      They make it so hard to cancel I hung up the phone repeatably. Then the times I did get to talk to someone I was transferred over and over again.

      Well because my radio did NOT work i always thought it was canceled but no they just kept billing every month even tho i was getting no service….

      Word of advice. Stay away from this. They have no competition and do what they want to there customers. However I feel I was robbed by them and will continue to use my Pandora and other internet radio thru my Bluetooth. Wish I never would of fell into there false advertisement of FREE.

      There cons….STAY AWAY from this BS.

      • I’m going through something similar, but difference is our service has been ongoing for 5 years for our son’s car, but was never activated. The contract has been renewed every year automatically. They refuse to give us one penny back.

  2. Has anyone heard a peep about Howard Stern since he left for XM world? What a black hole that company is. Just a matter of time til they go out of business.

    • norma james | April 3, 2013 at 4:31 pm |

      Wow! Here it is 2013 and they are still getting away with ripping off customers. I did love the music but way too expensive for me. Every time I have called to cancel they give me a short term deal that I have to call in 3 months and request to cancel for the lower price. This time they combined our portable and car together to give us a great price for a year so I sent them what they said i owed for the year. Then I get a monthly bill that I did not agree to. After 1.5 hour and 3 representatives later I told them I wanted my 1 year fee back and to turn it off! The guy said he would send me refund and that I was on a 2 month free to make up my mind period. I told him. No turn it off, 3 times. He then told me that they were keeping part of the money but he couldn’t tell me an amount. For my listenening time. I told him my listening time was because they lied to me and had me send the 1 year fee so why should I have to pay because they were swindlers. Of course there was no other number to reach corporate and if you go to contact us it gives you the same customer care (less) number. They are lying and cheating people. 2 years ago they took an automatic payment from a credit card after we requested to turn off the service on our portable. The more I have dealt with them the more I can see what crooks they are. Look at consumer complaints on line and you will see it is very common practice for Sirius XM to steal& scam their customers. I wouldn’t have it again if it was free for life. I am going to laugh my ass off when they crash and burn. Can’t wait for the class action lawsuits to destroy the MFs!! Cousin Brucie I love you but your company sucks.

      • Mc Cullkin | July 29, 2014 at 3:53 am |

        Sirius XM will never go out of business and tens of millions of people like me have had no problems with Sirius Satellite Radio. Howard Stern didn’t go anywhere, maybe you just are not subscribed to the tier that includes his channel. Although Sirius XM stock is at a 5 year low, they have essentially cornered the broadcast industry by providing worldwide access to a large variety of quality content for a very reasonable price. I grew up listening to 99.1 WPLR and 106.9 WCCC but I hated the commercials and I couldn’t stand how they always played the same stuff 100 times a day. Not to mention 99.1 can’t be received anywhere north of Bristol and 106.9 can’t be received anywhere south of New Haven.

        I can listen to the same channel anywhere along the East Coast when I drive to Florida and that is reason enough to keep Sirius XM.

        I’ve had it in my cars since 2007 and I have never gone back to AM/FM and I never will. I think your problem and the problem that most people have is that they had a Sirius XM receiver and then they bought a new car with Sirius XM included in the stereo system. Unless you cancel the receiver, you will still get billed for it. In my case, I had the receiver in my 2008 car and then I leased a 2014 SUV with the touch screen entertainment center thing with Sirius XM. I also listened on the computer. My 2014 SUV had a 3 month free thing and when that expired I had to obviously call up and pay to subscribe. I was getting double billed (about $63.00/month) until I called and canceled the subscription for my old receiver.

        My suggestion to all of you is to learn about the technology you use before you complain about it and if you think that you are legitimately getting scammed or robbed to contact the BBB, FTC or any consumer advocacy organization. Complaining on here likely wont fix anything.

        • Neither will shilling for Sirius/XM. The posters are doing exactly what the website owners designed and set up the website for.

        • You are a plant | June 26, 2015 at 12:51 pm |

          Nice try el doucho – we know you work for Sirius

        • Dr. Ronsky | July 16, 2015 at 4:54 pm |

          Sadly once they have your CC#, automatic billing at preposterous rates are the order of business. Noticed on my CC statement they renewed my basic service for $54.80. Called to find the term only to learn it was 3 months. Cancelled but they offered the usual 5 month deal for $29 or so. Just tired of negotiating with someone in the Philippines several times a year for a reasonable rate. They are now gone for good (riddance).

        • With all due respect, I think you are being overly kind to Sirius XM. They can accurately characterized as employing unethical customer business practices in selling subscriptions regardless of how much you enjoy their music and programming. The terms of service should be clearly spelled out and communicated to customers as well as procedures for terminating service.

    • William A Walker | January 29, 2015 at 7:41 pm |

      I’m fighting mad lost my job 2014 called Sirius radio and explain my situation and I wanted it shut off they will not take no for an answer receive a bill in January of 2015 for $46 dollars I could go on and on to make a long story short if I had a rocket I’d shoot those bastards out of the sky I’ll never be back to Sirius Radio again or none of the rest of my family what a bunch of thieves

  3. Although it does look like their billing practices are a bit “agressive” I am a subscriber and to mc’s comment.. Howerd Stern is alive and well and frankly they have been doing the best radio ever on Sirius.
    Well worth the fee.

  4. I had a very similar issue with Capitol One. They are horrible. I did drop them and will never go back.

    I’m disappointed to hear this news about Sirius XM. I’ve been a subscriber for years and very happy. I’ve even gone through 2 new car purchases, getting my account transferred to the new car each time. No issues. I hope they get their act together in this category.

  5. I had my old radio go out, one of two that I own. Called customer service, they not only reimbursed me for unused monthly fees, they also sent me a free boombox to go along w/ my s50 radio.

    Sirius XM is a great product so I hope customers with concerns about billing are helped quickly and correctly so they can continue to enjoy the huge variety of listening options available.

    Love me my Sirius XM 🙂

  6. george homme | July 11, 2010 at 12:35 pm |

    “The BBB reports that it has received more than 3,200 complaints against the company in the past three years, with about half involving billing complaints.”

    Sounds like a big number until you factor in that there are over 19 million subsciptions! If half of the 3200 are billing questions then 1600 are billing questions and those occured over 3 years so it’s ~535 billing complaints per year with 190,000,000 + subscibers. That’s a .003% (yes, 3 thousanths of a percent) complaint record. I wonder what your company’s complaint percentage is? Bet it’s a lot higher!

    Sirius customer service does suck, my own personal experience, but hardly a case for a state attorney general!


    • IhateSiriusXM | March 11, 2016 at 1:42 pm |

      So did you conveniently forget the people that didn’t complain to the BBB? I tried cancelling with these bastages and no luck…Well, they cancelled my programming but are still billing me every six months. And you know the worst part? I had a new card sent to me by my bank after the first time Sirius fraudulently charged my acct. Guess what….that didn’t stop them. They called Mastercard, got my new card info and billed me again six months later, which is today. So all those sucking up to Sirius XM, Yeah, I never had a problem with them as long as I had service but good luck once you want to cancel.

  7. Unethical Billing and Hard to Cancel Service
    First called back in Dec. 2009 to cancel the radio. They said they will give me 3 Months free. I told them I really don’t want it, but they would give it to me any way.
    Called Back in Feb, called XM Radio (800) 967-2346 to cancel both radios.
    Thought the madder was done, but in April I had a $75.00 charge on my credit card. I Disputed that charge a credit was given back and then came back saying you only charged $17.50. Again thought the matter was done, but not,
    Received a bill in the mail on 6/24/10 Statement Date. Account summary for billing period 04/26/2010 – 06/24/2010 for $75.00. Keep on mind, I had canceled and could not even use the radio. No signal. Called back why am I still getting charge for service when I can’t use it or want the radio?
    On 06/30/10 called back about my bill. She said she would take care of it, and disregard that bill. There will be no charge and balance would be $0.00. If this madder wasn’t taken care of. I would have to call the District Attorney Office and report XM.
    Thinking this madder was taken care of. On 07/10/10 I received a letter dated July 6, 2010. From their collection agency. Past Due Balance for $75.00.
    6 Months latter and still dealing with this company in trying to get my account canceled.
    When there is a Class Action Suit against XM Satellite Radio. Include me in.

  8. Zombietech | July 11, 2010 at 3:49 pm |

    Really? Sirius may have poor customer service but that is not tantamount to cheating. My guess is the unscrupulous car dealer threw in a ‘lil extra paperwork for her to sign. I’ve had XM/Sirius for 6 years now and it’s a great product.

  9. I called to cancel last year and was offered a $77.00 contract for a year to stay. I was prepared to cancel at the end of the year however they offered to renew again for the same $77.00 per year…so I stayed again. Hearing how much they are trying to charge people for their service makes me crazy! I have Sirius — wonder if former XM customers are being targeted or if it’s new customers…

  10. I have been struggling with Sirius for months and at the point of boiling over, I could use any help you can give me. I have spent a total of (since I have been keeping
    track) 4.25 hours on the phone with their billing dept trying to resolve my issue, with no progress. I attempted to cancel their service back in the December time frame and they offered to give me basically free service (I think they charged $16) for 3 months. I reluctantly agreed, but made sure that my policy would not auto-renew.
    Unfortunately I received a bill on March 28th for a renewal that had happened weeks earlier. Upset I called their customer service line to cancel my subscription and clear my account. I waited for 20 minutes to talk to a human being, then was told I would have to talk to another dept to actually cancel. I was put on hold for someone in that dept. After 24 minutes of waiting I hung up. I tried a number
    of times over the next two weeks to actually reach someone, but each time I was on hold for at least 15 minutes and nobody picked up. I received a collection notice last week and below are my notes on what happened next;

    Date Time
    7/19 6:38 PM On hold for 24 minutes. Spoke with Joe, manager in
    billing dept. He noted that he saw in the records I called to cancel
    on 3/28, and I should not owe Sirius any funds. Promised to update
    account with such information, and to call EOS to dispute the claim.
    They would look my account and see the update, then immediately drop
    the collection action

    7/19 Called EOS immediately following conversation.
    Representative checked Sirius’s records to verify. They said the only
    information in my account noted from the phone call was that I was
    told to contact EOS to dispute the claim.

    7/19 6:42 PM Called Sirius back, on hold for 25:37, hung up when
    call was not answered

    7/19 7:10PM Called Sirius again, on hold for 13 minutes. No answer.

    7/19 7:25 PM Called Sirius again, answered at 7:45, put on hold
    to speak with supervisor

    7/19 7:51 PM Supervisor Alma came online, phone call was disconnected

    7/19 7:52 PM Called Sirius back, on hold for 20:10, phone was disconnected

    7/19 8:13 PM Called Sirius back, on hold for 21 minutes.
    Operator answers, request to speak with supervisor Alma

    7/19 8:51 PM Supervisor John answer the phone after being on hold
    for 20 minutes. Claims to annotate my account with applicable notes
    from conversation with supervisor Joe. Notes my request to have
    Sirius cancel the collection action, and my request to have $437.50
    sent to a charity of my choosing (3.5 hours of my time @ $125 / hr)

    7/19 9:15 PM Call dropped with supervisor John

    7/23 3:13 PM Called Sirius to verify proper notes were made to my
    account and notice sent to corporate. Was informed no such notes
    existed. Put on hold for 4:30. No answer.

    7/23 3:27 PM Called Sirius back, call answered at 3:30 by
    operator Roy. Put on hold at 3:44 to wait to speak to a supervisor.
    On hold until 4:09, Roy informed me he could not find a supervisor.
    I informed him I refused to wait 1 second longer, and to have him/ her
    call me back.

    7/23 4:04 PM Initiated another call to Sirius on second phone
    line. On hold for 12:42 waiting for supervisor, hung up without
    speaking to one.

    I would greatly appreciate any help/direction that you could give.

    Thanks much,

    • Update:

      I spoke with Ann in the corporate customer relations department over the course of three days (7/27 – 7/29). Ann was helpful in courteous in her effort to resolve the two issues. The misfiled collection act was corrected, and at my request a letter was sent to me from Sirius stating as such (although I have not received it as of 8/6). I did receive a note from the collection agency EOS/CCA that the matter was resolved.

      While the matter of the collection was resolved, the request to have $531.25 donated to the charity Career Beginnings remains open. Ann informed me that she could not adjudicate that issue herself, and sent the request to a higher department in corporate. They informed her that they would not make this payment, which was for reimbursement of my time that was wasted in resolving the collection matter with Sirius which was documented in my original complain. I requested that this be put in the letter as well, however that request was denied.

      My question to Sirius is this: Why are you not willing to stand by in writing a decision that you communicate via telephone?

    • had basically same experience as you only hung up after being on hold over 20 minutes 1st time waiting for a supervisor then being told there’ s nothing they can do but if I wanted to speak to him personally I could. I said yes but refused to be kept on hold again and hung up going to better business website and filed a complaint . Also filed a dispute with credit card for unauthorized charges. Unbelievable!!!

  11. I, too, having been having problems with my XM billing. I will provide details in a little while.

  12. Apparently, most of the comments here towards Sirius XM are NEGATIVE. Some points are indeed correct but some are just basically human stupidity.
    By the way, although they say that Sirius & XM have merged THAT DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN ACTIVATE A SIRIUS RADIO BY CALLING XM OR ACTIVATING AN XM RADIO BY CALLING SIRIUS (Yeah… I know, it’s ridiculous…)

    Here’s what you need to learn about Sirius XM:

    For new subscribers:
    > Check online to see if they have the channels & the music that they usually play & you usually listen to. Some are really good & some are just useless aside from the fact that they have like 180 channels for XM Everything + Best of Sirius; 160 channels for XM Everything; 60 channels for Mostly Music & 40 channels for News, Sports & Talk channels (refer to the website
    > For those who want to try it out for FREE I think it’s only available for car owners both for BRAND NEW & USED cars.

    For existing subscribers:
    > If you don’t want any hassle with you bills ALWAYS PAY ON TIME! Especially when paying via sending CHECKS ’cause your service MAY BE interrupted at the DUE DATE while your paying is STILL BEING SENT. Also please take note they charge $2.00 INVOICE FEE (I know… ridiculous…) every time they send you a bill.
    > You can pay through credit card on TWO (2) ways: (1) either by AUTOMATIC DEBIT of you’re credit card or (2) pay it via OTCCP (One Time Credit Card Payment) which both options can be done over the phone or through the internet.
    > If in any case you miss your payment the service will be interrupted for a couple of days (which of course you’ll call their customer services which takes 10 days to get a hold of a live person…) & you’ll have to settle the due balance to start the service back again. NOTE: If your service was interrupted & you already paid the balance you’ll start the service AGAIN which basically means you pay the service AGAIN (like monthly, quarterly, etc..) after paying the DUE BALANCE.

    Feel FREE to reply if you have any questions about their services.

    Thanks… 😀

    • You’re a friggin’ idiot. Quit trying to blame the customers for the company’s mistakes. I WISH I could pay a bill late by sending a check, my ONLY option for payment is via my debit card. Sirius has never, not once, in two years, sent me a bill or notified me via email that my renewal was coming up – they just took the money out of my account. It was never the right amount, nor at the right time, and they once charged me for my “quarterly” service two months apart.

      There are over 1675 complaints to the BBB about their billing practices over the last three years. 200+ in 2009, 400+ in 2009, and 900+ over the last twelve months so, as you can see, the complaints are pretty much doubling every 12 months. And you have the nerve to blame the customer??!!!

    • Truckers Wife | April 8, 2013 at 6:24 pm |

      Shame on SiriusXM radio for not having customer service in the United States. Canada has customer service in Canada for their SiriusXM customers, why am I being shipped over to India for the third time to sit on hold? They are charging me for a radio that we are not even using, we have one in our truck, bought another one to switch out at some point and they are charging us for two??? Love SiriusXM but you are doing your customers a huge disservice with your customer service and this will probably be your downfall. shame on you. heading to BBB now.

  13. My husband and I have been XM radio subscribers for over a year. We bought three XM radio accounts, one for myself (portable), for our vehicle, and for my father for Father’s Day last year. My husband called in January this year to cancel the portable device. After waiting on the line for about 40 minutes the representative gets on the line. My husband explains that he would like to cancel the portable radio. The representative tries to get us to keep the service. After unsuccessfully doing so, the representative states that she will transfer him to the cancellation department. After waiting for another 20 to 30 minutes the representative from the cancellation department comes on the lines. My husband explains again that he would like to cancel the radio. The representative offers him all likes of incentives and deals to keep the service. He states that he would like to cancel. The representative then states that he could not cancel the service because the system were down. Three months later we notice XM radio billed us for the two monthly radios still. My husband calls back and receives the same service, however his wait time is longer. He asked to speak with the supervisor. He asked to be credited back for the radio he asked to be cancel, which he was told no refund. My husband then asked them to make sure they cancel the portable radio. Three months later we are billed for all three radios, as my father’s subscription was to be renewed annually. My husband calls and received the same treatment, with the wait time, “save the sale”, cancellation department, then to the supervisor. My husband was told by the representative in the cancellation department that she could not process the cancellation because her system was down. This happen after she tried to see if he would change his mind. He was so upset that he told her to cancel all the radios and he wanted a refund. Again, she explained her system was down and she was not able to see how much he was charged. My husband asked to speak with her supervisor. After 20 minutes of holding. She asked, “Are you still there”, very poor customer service and passes him over to the supervisor. My husband explained that he would like a refund because he cancelled the service back in January (which the other representative was able to see on the screen). The supervisor stated that he would refund our card $127 and some change, which was close to $30 less than the actual amount charged. When my husband asked him why he could only refund $127 the supervisor did not give an explanation. We waited two weeks and no refund to our bank account or cancellation. My husband called back on his lunch to inquire about the refund. After holding for 40 minutes the representative said that she could not refund the card because that information was no longer available to her since the account was “cancelled”. He told her he had the card number with him. She refused to take his card information and stated she would send him a check in the mail in 6 weeks.

    • wow i am going threw the same thing right now. your on hold for over an hour.was told the credit would go back on the card then told well it takes 3 weeks then called after that then told they dont have my credit card number so they cant credit the account.. then told a check is in the mail. now i feel sick i bet the check will never come … If i put this on my American express this would of never happend they would take it off asap.. I wish 2020 would do a report on this company..

      • This whole experience sounds very similar to mine, I had to contact this site to get the atty general involved in order for them to stop a collection action on a service I had canceled months before (see my story below). This company is nothing more than a big scam who happens to have a radio division. I may still have the email of the person in corporate communications who finally put a stop to the madness (all of the mail is still not answered officially, I demanded they pay for my wasted time, which they refuse to do and refuse to acknowledge officially that they refused to, what a bunch of gypsies!)

  14. I have the same issue with them right now that they owe me a refund and after multiple phone calls I am now being told that they no longer have my credit card info and cannot give me back my money. They had the card when they charged me. The latest story is that they will finally cut me a check and I also will not be holding my breath but I certainly will be filing complaints with my state’s consumer affairs and sending a letter to the “executives.”

  15. heres a good one, i have been a subscriber for over 5 years, i got in my truck one day and tirned on my sirius only to find out to my amazement it was turned off, i called my wife and found out hers was also turned off, instead of calling the company and complaining i just figured the hell with it, its just one less bill and i really didnt listen to it much anyways.i knew the bill could not be delinquent because they had my debit card number and billed my account every month.a couple of weeks go by and i get a lettter from sirius claiming i owe a bill of 33.00 i called sirius and they stated they tried to bill my debit card and it was cancelled, i told her this is IMPOSSIBLE,i still have the same debit card and use it everyday.she then wanted to give me 6 months of free service if i would be willing to go back to sirius, i then told her where she could put my sirius unit. now three months later i got a letter from a collection agency saying i owe sirius 33.00 well guess what sirius i have a letter from my bank saying my debit card has never been cancelled and no funds were even tried to been taking out by sirius for the months sirius claims my debit card was cancelled. TIME FOR A MAJOR LAWSUIT AGAINT SIRIUS HOPE THEY ARE READY..

  16. I was so ticked off about my dealings with them i made a video about it..

  17. Kris Hebert | June 8, 2011 at 11:14 am |

    I just spent the last 3 days and multiple hours on the phone dealing with nondelivery of a product. My wife ordered a carkit online and it was never delivered. When I spoke with UPS they said that the delivery practices that sirius chooses is the cheapest way and removes UPS from all liability with it all falling back to Sirius to “help” out the customer. The multiple people i spoke to were not helpful and in fact extremely rude. I kept explaining that I cannot spend hours on the phone and that I was using my valuable cell minutes for the calls. They kept putting me on hold and eventually just disconnecting me. In the end they said they would refund me the price of the carkit but not the shipping or the taxes. Apparently they do not follow through with the responsibility of their cheap choice of shipping. Terrible customer service! I hope someone, or a group gets together to sue this company.

  18. I have never encountered such unprofessional customer service. I spoke to several people (all of whom were difficult to understand and not friendly) who had different answers to the same questions. I attempted to return an item I never received and was provided a “return ticket” #. The return never showed on my credit card, just the charge, and when I called back to speak with yet another person I was told they had no record of the return ticket number. Ironic, considering the individual who provided it to me 2 days earlier had mem repeat it back to him twice. I asked to speak with the person I originally spoke with, Max, and of course they had no record of me ever speaking with him, nor could they connectme to him. Again ironic, since the nice automated voice tells me that me call will be recorded and and it’s important to them. I finally called to dispute the charge on my credit card, which I have NEVER had to do before. Additionally, like other posts I read here, I was put on hold for a manger, waited 20-30 minutes each time, and was disconnected. If my call is that important to youSiriusXM, then you shouldn’t outsource your customer service to save a few dollars. When I called Chase Visa to dispute my charge, I immediately was put through to an understandable, and friendly customer service representative who treated me like I was the customer. Unlike SiriusXM that made me feel like they were doing me the favor. Hey Sirius – I still have my order number and return ticket number that you gave me which supposedly doesn’t exist according to 50% of your people I spoke with. So, let me know before you try and defend this complaint and I’ll give it to you!

  19. We purchased an XM radio from Syrius in May 2008 for my son’s car with a 2 year contract paid up front. In the fall of 2009 the radio was stolen from the car and we never got it back. In December 2009 someone opened a new account under my son’s name with a new radio ID number. In February 2010, I called to cancel the Syrius XM account because I knew we were never going to see that radio again. When I spoke with customer service, I was told we had two accounts (I thought there was only one account under my name). So I found out we were being charged both monthly for the account set up under my son’s name and quarterly for the account under my name. The customer service rep agreed to cancel both accounts and refund part of the money I had paid up front for two years service. Well here we are over 1 year later and I am looking through my bank statement and find that Syrius XM has been charging me still, not just for one account but two and this after I was assured both accounts had been cancelled. What the hey is going on. It’s not the money that’s the problem; it’s the fact that these people are going into my personal bank account and withdrawing money at will without any authority to do so. I’d like to sue them at this point for identity theft or privacy theft or something. I am spitting mad and of course, the customer rep doesn’t even work at headquarters but he’s on the other side of the world. Maybe I will send an email to the attorney general for NY. Anybody got any ideas how we can make this company toe the line?

  20. Vincent Cricchio | June 16, 2011 at 2:17 pm |

    My new Toyota came with a 3 mo trial XM radio service. Sirius decided, for me, to assign a subscription and billed me for it after the 3 month trial period ended. Beware of this company. Unless you want the service, refuse the 3 month offer when you buy a car.
    I filed a complaint with the BBB.

  21. I purchased the XM Select package for my Honda Fit. I drive 95, to route 9 to 91 into Hartford, CT. Service drops in odd places and never returns. I’ve contacted the company and they tried to blame it on my Honda radio, but I have a Pioneer system. They were going to charge me a $75 early cancellation fee and wouldn’t refund my money for a product that doesn’t deliver in this area. Try it for a month first to see if service is avail in your area.

  22. I bought a car in December 2010 and had the 3 month trial and signed up for the 3 year offer. In May I traded in the car and GM did the switching of all my services and I was told the 3 year offer would continue with the new car. In June, I was contacted by Sirius/XM to sign up for their service after the 3 month period. I told them I had a 3 year plan and they stated I did not. But they did say I had a credit which almost equaled the amount of the three year plan. At present their customer service whom did not speak English as a native language and was hard to understand stated there was no record of a three year plan. Using the logic in how I bought the original plan and asking her why Sirius broke my contract had gotten her confused and she tried to sell me an additional radio….I asked to speak to her manager and after minutes on hold she mentioned her supervisior was very busy and would call me back. Well it has been 12 hours and I have not had a call back. I feel Sirius broke my contract, held onto my money, and never notified me of any of their dealings. All I wanted was them to reinstate the 3 year plan I originally paid for to be transferred to my new vehicle. I feel sorry for a company that has a great product, but can not use English speaking call center reps and have them understand English from the customer. At this point my only option is to engage an attorney for a breech of contract or ask for my money back and not use their product.
    This is not the way to deal with loyal customers. Beware for those planning on getting Sirius for their use.


    When I called to cancel my Sirius Package the rep offered a complimentary extended service on my new XM equipped car. After a few weeks, XM reps called me up and said Sirius reps don’t have that authority, they’re still separate companies – pay up or we cut you off.

    FCC should investigate this monopoly. It’s a mafia.

  24. So here I am on the phone with Sirius XM disputing a 132.48 charge that I never authorized signed for or agreed too.

    I bought a new Mazda and the car has Sirius XM I had no idea there was a trial period to try the product could careless.

    Suddenly I’ve got Sirius sales people calling constantly to have me buy the product each time the answer is the same NO its two damn expensive and has little or no value to me.

    The calls go silent now I look at my bank account and there is a charge for 132.48 for SiriusXM WTH…that is out right theft I did not as I said agree to buy the product don’t want it yet these people can just go right in and charge you for it anyway what really pisses me off is the car dealership gave these clowns my account information without my consent or authorization.

    Monday there is going to be hell to pay. Anyone have any idea of any lawsuits being brought against this business?

  25. It appears that the left hand does not speak to the right……..I am being charged on a service I cancelled and I am being sent to collections for it………HOW can we stop them………It seems as though they are getting away with it…………WE all need to speak louder and get our voices heard. XM is ripping my family off and yours………..

    • Nancy Finley | September 2, 2011 at 8:27 pm |

      We had xm in our cars and we just now cancelled because my husband would make a payment and ask them to e-mail him when the next payment was due to e-mail him to let him know. they just went ahead and ran a credit card payment. this has happened twice and he has called them telling them over and over please e-mail me before payment but no they just run it. what kind of business is this, better get new managers in there and resolve this. there nothing but a rip off. they better close there doors.

  26. Charliesteele1 | August 25, 2011 at 12:15 pm |

    Yesterday I cancelled my sirius xm after two years. I have enjoyed it very much but when you dropped the southern gospel channel then it’s not worth the price. The lady offered me two month free but when you listen to only two or three channels then you take it away. I know that a lot of people may not listen to gospel but I do and it’s like taking away one third of my programing. Maybe one day you will replace this southern gospel channel and when you do, I think you would be doing a good service for Christians. Chrales Steele , Warrior Al.

  27. Ruksanafrosh | September 9, 2011 at 8:38 pm |

    since when has it become legal for sirius to activate your radio without your permission and then send you a letter saying this is a free trial..and in extremely small type mention that this free offer is for 3 months only and if you dont cancel you will be charged at the charges which will apply any legal entity willing to take this on…as i am sure they are doing this to hundreds of unsuspecting customers,..

  28. Good product but very poor customer service. Today, I see a completely unauthorized bill on my AMEX for $293.00. Subscription was to last until 9/12. I was shorted 1 year. Cust. Serv. says sorry but they cannot help.

    BTW…24 month renewal expires in 23 months.

  29. Jonille Shepherd | October 21, 2011 at 2:37 pm |

    I have had problems trying to renew for over 1 month. When I finally did, and gave them a credit card, they charged away. Count me in on that class action lawsuit

  30. We had this same problem. We were not notified that we were signing an annual contract on automatic renewal, and we were charged with no notification to us the following year. When we complained to management that our car said, “Call SIRIUS to renew your subscription,” they told us that they can charge their customers with no notice and that is our tough luck.

  31. Sirius has very unethical billing practices. They won’t allow anyone to opt out of auto renewal, which I find to be total BS. So I figured that the way around this would be to NOT link my renewal to any credit card so that they are forced to mail me an invoice – at which time I can cancel if I so desire. Only one problem… they don’t send you the invoice until AFTER the auto renewal kicks in! Hence, the reason I said they are unethical. All that aside, I still love the service so I renew every year after threatening to cancel so that they always end up giving me a rate that is around 50% lower. It’s all a game, but I’ve learned to accept the headache so that I can be entertained by the service!

  32. George Gombossy | November 30, 2011 at 11:54 am |

    From Tori and Greg Deaton
    Charleston, SC 29492

    To XM

    RE: Very Disgruntled Customer

    Listener Care:

    As requested by the last customer service representative I talked to today, I am writing this letter in an attempt to get a $90.00 refund check that was requested on July 28, 2011 and mailed on October 20, 2011 and never received. This check needs to be reissued; however I was told by this representative that I would only be able to get the check reissued by writing a letter to corporate. It is amazing that it took three months to get the check issued and not very surprising that I did not receive the check. This has become my expectation of your company.

    Also, due to my continued poor customer service experiences and billing errors, I have cancelled all five of our accounts. So, I am now expecting an additional refund of $160.51 for the unused portion of my service on account X-XXX4559857. I am also getting a refund on account XXX-XXX-6970 for $184.70. I was told it could take approximately 8 weeks for this refund to be processed. I will be disputing this charge with American Express.

    I have outlined the numerous conversations and number of representatives required to get a resolution. Excuse me I never got a resolution, I cancelled all my accounts to get a resolution. The whole issue stemmed from a Mariner Package that we purchase for six months during fishing season. The package was due to terminate on October 4, 2011. My husband called to verify the cancellation, yet the audio portion of the Mariner Package was left in place. I received a bill for $66.72 and I tried on several occasions to resolve this bill without success.

    I wrote a letter this past summer regarding the poor level of customer service I received from Sirius XM Radio. I have once again received this same poor service. In an attempt to correct a billing error by your company I had to stay on the phone for over 3 ½ hours. The only reason I held this long was in an attempt to get the situation corrected. I had placed other calls unsuccessfully, so I decided to do whatever it took to try and get the issue resolved. I am recapping my experience below.

    First Call 11:50 a.m.: My husband Greg Deaton made the initial call and after talking
    with a few people he was placed on an indefinite hold. He needed
    to leave the office for a meeting, so he asked that I take over the
    call. I continued to hold approximately 15 minutes when the
    customer service representative came on the line. Once again I
    had to go thru the entire scenario. The rep had difficulty figuring
    out all the transactions on our account. We had previously been
    charged on our American express $274.43 on May 2, 2011,
    $184.30 on June 29, 2011 and $170.46 on November 2, 2011.
    This representative placed me on hold a few times in an attempt
    to try and figure out the transactions. He finally told me he
    needed to discuss the billing with a manager and placed on a
    final hold. After 10 minutes he picked up the phone but cut me
    off. I assumed it was an error and since he had my number he
    would return my call. He did not.

    Second Call 12.20 p.m.: I call the Listener care number 1-88-238-6496 and asked the
    representative that answered the call to transfer me to the last
    person the record showed I was speaking. He told me they had
    know way of tracking this information. So, he wanted me to go
    thru the entire scenario again. I refused and asked to speak to a
    manager or to be passed to the next tier. My husband had gone
    thru three people before getting the last representative that was
    Disconnected. He refused to transfer me and eventually hung up
    and disconnected our call.

    Third Call 12:35 p.m. I called the same listener call number and went thru the same
    Scenario. She would not transfer me to the next support tier. So
    I asked her to transfer me to cancellations. She kept telling me
    I had to explain my problem to her before she could transfer
    my call. I kept telling her to transfer me to the cancellation
    department and once again she hung up and disconnected our

    Fourth Call 12:55 p.m.: I called the same number again and got a male representative
    named Alan. I was forced to go thru the entire scenario. He
    put me on repeated holds, but eventually figured out the
    erroneous bill was related to the audio portion of the Mariner
    package that should have been canceled on October 4, 2001. He
    had identified all the radios and the vehicles each corresponded.
    I asked him to cancel the remaining portion of the Mariner
    Package. He had to transfer me to cancellations. I spent
    Approximately 40 minutes on the phone with gentleman
    before being transferred to cancellations. Once transferred
    to cancellations, the representative made me recite the entire
    scenario once again. This is incredibly frustrating. During this
    conversation I mentioned the $90.00 refund check never being
    received and she stated she was going to submit something for
    research. However, she then asked me for the radio number to

    be cancelled. The radio is on the boat! I told her it was the radio
    with the open balance. She told me she was unable to see that
    information. I told her the previous guy had determine the radio
    number. She told me she was not going to be unable to cancel
    the radio without the actual radio number. We went round and
    round. So, I told her if she was unable to cancel one radio to
    cancel them all! She HUNG UP ON ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fifth Call 2:35 p.m.: Once again I called the same Listener care number and
    immediately asked for cancellations. I refused to go thru
    the scenario again. I was transferred to cancellations. However,
    after repeated holds and repeated questions it took 45 minutes
    to cancel the service. I also asked this representative about
    the $90.00 refund check I never received and she told me there
    was nothing they could do about the check not being received
    since it clearly stated on my account that Sirius XM issued the
    check. She suggested I talk to my mail carrier and bank!
    WHAT! I asked her if she was insinuating that I was lying about
    receiving the check, because unless I received and deposited the
    check my bank would have no knowledge of their check! I told
    her my mail carrier only delivers the mail, he does not monitor
    the sender. She once again told me she could do nothing
    about the check. I told her that was a great way to run a
    business, you can enter in your system that you have issued
    checks that are never received and that eliminates your
    responsibility. I wish I could pay my vendors in this manner!

    End of Call 3:35 p.m.: I own and operate my own business. This disrupted my entire
    day. However, from previous experience this was the only
    way to resolve the situation. I am assuming this tactic is to
    get people to continue to hang up or give up via frustration!

    I am forwarding a copy of this letter to the Better Business Bureau and any consumer organizations that monitor poor business practices.


    Tori Deaton

  33. I can beat all of you! I have never in my life had a SIRIUS radio account. However, for the 2 1/2 years I have had my current cell phone number, I have gotten automated threats from SIRIUS that they are going to cancel my account if I don’t pay up. Sometimes I get 2 or 3 of these per day! I have called their customer service and they can see that somebody else’s name is on the account and SAY that they’ll fix it, but it doesn’t happen. Just cancel the account and stop calling me – that’s all I ask. This is harrassment! Who can I call? My state attorney general?

  34. Well, isn’t it great that you can just drop Sirius and get XM … no, wait, the FCC granted them the right to merge … for the consumer’s benefit. NOT.

  35. sirius xm was billing me for a vehicle i turned in for lease two years earlier. I just checked my amex business card this month and discovered what they had been doing. I filed a dispute with amex.

  36. Sirius automactically withdraws your subscribtion with out notifying you. Noticed we had a withdraw from our account went and looked back to find never received a bill. When I called they said they just automatically withdraw from the account last on file. REALLY, I don’t think so. I did not authorize you to make this transation. I want to see a bill showing the charges and what I am getting for that money. We are not pleased with the way they do business what so ever. Seems illegal when they withdraw money without an authorization or sending you a bill.

  37. I had a similar issue, they tried to bill my expired debit card for approximately $400 which I knew they were going to do because they tried to talk me into it when I was paying for the previous subscription. I deliberately left my expired account information in the system. Any how, I caved and ended up renewing for 6 months for about $30. I came across this website looking for information about satellite radio outages and am not all that surprised to see the number of unethical attempts at billing done by Sirius. Their billing department is indeed low-down unethical scum. I too question the legality of being able to debit large sums of money from someones account without sending out a timely invoice.

  38. Glenn Garlatti | December 30, 2011 at 1:32 pm |

    Spent 6 calls and 102 minutes this morning to get answers to a renewal and ultimately cancel 3 subscriptions. 2 people hung up on me 3 others were useless including the supervisor. I finally got a woman named Diane in the cancellation department that took care of everything. The killer was I wasn’t going to cancel the service when I first called, after the run around and complete disrespect I couldn’t imagine giving that company another dollar of my hard earned money.

  39. Rich Berning | January 7, 2012 at 1:37 pm |

    sold a car that had Sirius XM satellite radio service this past summer, to buy a new car also with Sirius XM service. The car I sold had 18 months left on the prepaid subscription and I called Sirius support to ask for that service to be transferred to the new car. I was told that they could not apply the old subscription to the new radio but that I could receive a credit to my account. The new car had a trial subscription that is about to expire. When I went to apply the credit, none was found in my account. I have called Sirius support multiple times this weekend, spending several hours on hold and being transferred from one representative to another. While on hold the call disconnected twice for no obvious reason, requiring me to call back and be on hold. I have now filed a complaint with the NY BBB and will be cancelling my Sirius accounts (3). (My new car has HD radio and I mostly listen to my ipod anyway.)

  40. Wendy Venoit | January 17, 2012 at 1:34 pm |

    Similar issue just this week. Last year my subscription was to expire. They told me they would renew me 2 years for $99. Sounded like a good deal, until I recieved a “renewal notice” in July 2011 saying that to renew for another year would cost $350. I immediately called and said that I had a two year subscription for which I already paid. They confirmed that this was accurate and said to ignore the renewal notice. I said “Thanks” and thought it was over. Then in September 2011, I discovered that my credit card had been billed for the $350. I called and was told that I never had a 2 year subscription. It was only a one year subscription with an automatic renewal. I disputed this and the charge. After talking with no less than 4 people (and being bounced around various departments), I said to please cancel my subscription. I was then transferred to the cancelation department and they put on the “hard sell” to get me to stay. I said “not interested.” They were very apologetic, said that they would give me a complementary 2 months and would remove my credit card information from their systems. Then, this month, another charge appears on my card for $13.95. Not a lot of money, I know, but I called to find out what was going on given that I was assured that my account was canceled and that my billing informaiton had been deleted from the systems. They confirmed that I had, in fact, called to cancel but that they could not remove my credit card information from their systems because of the refund they had sent to me for the $350. They then suggested that I should have called back to have it removed after my refund was processed. (What???). They then told me that my so-called “complementary two months” was really another automatic subscription renewal (What???). Again, I said, cancel my account and give me back my money. They agreed to do both. They tried to offer another “complementary 2 months” and I was very, very clear in my rejection of that offer.
    I know that the CT law on automatic renewals requires advance authorizatiion from the customer. Sirius is not abiding by the law and someone should go after them legally for being the scam artists that they are.

  41. I describe my experience with XM Sirius below. Still no resolution. Very sleazy practices.

    I have a dispute regarding a billing for “automatic” renewal of Sirius/XM service that took place on my inactive account (1-16485836838) for a pre-paid (check number ) 12 month period between Oct. 2010 and Oct. 2011. Your billing statement due date 11/09/2011 states I owe a previous balance of $159.83 plus an invoice fee of $2.00 for total of $161.83. You then send an invoice statement due date 12/05/2011 showing a $133.26 previous subscription credit with a new total amount due of $28.57. You follow this statement with one showing due date 12/09/2011 amount due $28.57 plus late fee of $5.00 for a total of $33.57. The next statement I received was from a collection agency acting on your behalf.

    On three separate occasions, I spent over 15 minutes (per call) on the phone with various representatives from your company. The last two calls ended in my being cut off. My first call was prior to the end date (Oct. 2011) of the 12 month service period. I was told in that call the renewal rate would be $159.83 and that there were no promotional rates available at that time. I informed the service representative that I will cancel my subscription effective the end of that 12 month service contract. I specifically told a representative named Chris following receipt of the statement with due date 11/09/2011 that I am not renewing the service, it has lapsed and to cease sending statements. Statements continued followed by a statement for the collection agency EOS CCA.

    To put things very simply, the only agreement that exists between your company and me is that I agreed to pay for 12 months worth of service and did so. Our contractual agreement ended at the end of that 12 month period.

    I have been billed initially for $161.83 with a final statement billing for $33.57 for the “automatic” extension of service that I have not agreed to verbally or in writing. As I have been informed by my attorney, this “automatic” extension of service, without any type of agreement from me, is neither an agreement nor binding.

    In addition, it is my understanding that attempts to threaten damage to credit standings, based upon invalid billing practices, is a clear violation of Federal Statutes relating to MAIL FRAUD and EXTORTION.

    My specific request is that you remove the above mentioned billing and forward a statement from both XM Radio and your collection company EOS CCA, showing a ZERO BALANCE on my expired account.

    If this request is not met within the next 30 days, this matter will be forwarded to my attorney and the State of Georgia Attorney General’s Office.

    In addition this matter will be forwarded to the Postmaster General for any Prosecution for the violation under the Federal Mail Fraud Statutes.

    Your company has digressed into unethical billing and unscrupulous business practices which have done nothing to positively promote your product. These techniques will only secure you a very negative reputation among the satellite radio listening audience. To put it bluntly, you need to clean up your act if you want to stay in business.

  42. have been trying to cancel my xm radio for months. My new car antana didnt work so I wasnt even aware I had it until a bill for 87 dollars came. I was told it was cancelled. After numerous phone calls where I am “disconnected” and several calls through a foreign customer service rep that i cant understand,I sit waiting for someone from XM to do their job. I get email reponses saying they see I want to cancel my service but I didnt stay on the phone long enough. Well your people hung up on me and if you see I want to cancel it, why not cancel it? I filed with the BBB and now I am getting attention but holy hanna, this is ridiculas.

  43. “Pay your bills on time” what an arrogant response. I can only hope that wasn’t from a real Sirius employee. Why should anyone pay a bill for a service they didn’t subscribe to?? I’ve already described my experience to 5 other Sirius customers I work with and everyone of them is discontinuing their service. Sirius’s treatment of me has only ensured they will get very negative advertisement for life from me.

  44. I am so not surprised to find all of these complaints that sound so familiar. I suppose I was lucky as I actually had a theft earlier this year that necessitated a new credit card so when my renewal came up, Sirius didn’t have a valid card to charge. Instead they started to call me… Incessantly. When I told them I wanted to cancel service, I was told that I would only be able to do so by sitting on hold with.a different department for 30 to 60 minutes. They could transfer me, but I would not get through to anyone. This happened time and time again – I received up to ten calls a day from someone who was trying to “verify my information as a routine update to their system”. When I informed that person of my desire to cancel, the person would become rude and basically tell me again that I could try to cancel by sitting on hold. I am now waiting for the collection letter as I am now past my renewal date and the radio is still on. Even if I LOVED the radio service, out of principal, I would never do business with these scam artists again. They will not see another dime from me unless it is via my attorney whom I will be paying to sue them.

  45. Geoff McPherson | January 27, 2012 at 4:50 pm |

    I am getting hounded by Sirius agents in MANILLA Pill-a-Peens, and I can’t get them to STOP CALLING ME!! I have canceled my account. I paid the balance. I KEEP GETTING HOUNDED BY CUSTOMER CARE, and N O W, they tell me “…des, sir, eet kin tayk up toh ten dayhs for eed to ha-peen” TEN DAYS?? What? ” I’d like to speak to somebody State-side, please..” Sir, we do noht haf dat nomber” (BALONEY).. “well, then, “CHAD”…please give me your supervisor”…sir, I can noht do thaht”..why not”….”it cahn taik up tooh tehn daiz for eed to ha-peen”…no, no no…please, you guys call me every six hours, except for that’s another 24-plus calls ?? ( it’s been a few days since I thought I cleared up the account…). IF THIS IS WHAT I HAVE TO LOOK FORWARD TO, I WILL NEVER, EVER, SIGN BACK ON TO SIRUS-XM; their phone system sucks and is annoying me to the point of harassment!!! GOD HELP ME. I WILL NEVER HAND OUT MY CELL PHONE ( no landline…we cut the cord years ago)..instead, I’m getting a MAGIC JACK…they can grind their boney little fingers to a stump calling that number for all I care.
    SIRIUS XM: You’re sadly doomed to failure. You need to re-invent yourselves; surrender your satellites to a company that can use them for two-way communication and internet capabilities..because YOU SUCK.

  46. On behalf of SiriusXM, I’d like to apologize for the mistakes that happen in regards to the billing. It is true that ALL of our services do automatically renew unless you call in to cancel, and the excuse given for that is so that you, the subscribers, never go through any interruptions in service that you did not authorize. However, when I was going through training, the REAL reason described is so that we get all the money up front so that -we- never get screwed over. I disagree with this practice and voice my opinion about it on a daily basis at my call center.

    I actually work in the cancellations department, so I listen to the disgruntled comments of subscribers all day and try to make up for things that have happened by offering you promotions that are meant to make things better. Everything from a year at half off to five months for twenty-five dollars. However, in an attempt to make it so that the company would earn more money, they’ve actually been removing certain promtotions from the repertoire of the retention agents. NO longer will 5for25 be available, or 2 mos free service. The BEST deal available now is the year at half off, which isn’t even truly a year at half off. Our regular subscription fee is 159.39, with ‘applicable taxes and fees’, whereas the year at half off reduces that 159.39 down to an even 86.

    To be completely honest with you, ladies and gentlemen, I’m hunting for another job because I don’t think I can stand behind SiriusXM for too much longer. At one point, I enjoyed my job, being able to save all the customers who called me lots and lots of money. However, as they placed tighter and tighter handcuffs onto the wrists of our agents in an attempt to make the company more money, I can’t help but feel like THIS is exactly what causes the depression that America is falling into.

    If you have stocks in SiriusXM, sell them. If you have our services, cancel them. It is in your best interest to remove yourself from this cycle so that you can break free and save yourself more money in the long run. SiriusXM is NOT worth the trouble.

    Especially if you’re a Howard Stern fan. He’s actually sueing our comapny for not fulilling our end of his contract.

  47. I urge everyone to stay away from Sirius XM. Their accounting process is hideous. I have been trying to get an error on their part corrected for 6 months, still to no avail. I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of paying for their service ever again after the hassles I’ve gone thru!

  48. I called Sirius to cancel. They claimed that I did not. They have turned my account over to some collection agency. This is for $35. I will go on every forum I can find to put the word out that your company is terrible. I actually was planning on renewing until Sirius tried to screw me. They will never get the $35. They will get an investigation from the Attorneys General of MA and VA though. I wish them well.


  49. I am also going through the same issue with sirius charging a credit card that had been expired for 10 months. By the time I found out about it on my credit report my credit rating had dropped from a 725 to a 622. I am currently under contract buying my first home, and this low credit score is virtually making it impossible to get a home loan.

    First time calling sirius, they wouldn’t issue a refund due to the credit card being expired, even though they charged it without having the newer expiration date, they would not issue a refund without the newer expiration.

    The lady i spoke with agreed to refund the amount, but tries to sell me on receiving a check in the mail. Obviously that wont work since the charges from the credit card wouldn’t be resolved and dismissed as they promised they would do…allowing me to contact the 3 credit bureaus with a letter from my credit card explaining the mishap on a card where I have never missed a payment.

    I pay my credit card company to overnight me a new card since they can’t provide the newer expiration date over the phone, and it takes 7 – 10 business days via snail mail.

    AFter paying $30 for shipping, I received the new credit card the next day and called sirius back. I first called at 8:45 AM central, right when I arrived at work. After an hour of explaining my situation to a subordinate, she informs me that a check was already issued. I about loose it since the anxiety of not being able to resolve this credit snapfu was through the roof prior to the call. I was transferred over to a supervisor. Said supervisor said that I was to be refunded money to the credit card, and that someone from new york main office would be calling me to handle this, since they were unable to process refunds without approval from corporate head quarters. Total time spent on the phone = 1.5 hours.

    Believing the man, I waited till 5 PM. No call. I called back. After being transferred 3 times, I got another supervisor who was adamant that Newyork would call me in the next two hours. Sure enough…no call. Total time on phone = 1 hour. In addition, the supervisor provided me with a case number, and I wrote it down. He also promised to watch the case to insure it was handled and resolved.

    Today, I waited till 3 PM to call, and was told that there were no notes on the account related to the case number provided. I about had a heart attack. I explained the situation, and was put on hold for half an hour. The supervisor got on the phone, and was able to locate the notes on the file. He again offered to provide a check, and when I declined, he informed me that it may take up to 10 days for someone in New York to get in touch with me.

    For real, I have 5 k in earnest money down on my first home.

    I have 3 weeks to secure a home loan and really have no idea what to do if sirius doesn’t refund my credit card.

    Can someone please help me?

    Tom Hinde

  50. OMG I figured I couldn’t be the only one with several complaints about this company. To much to type, but basically the same stuff everyone is writing here. I will NEVER EVER become a customer of Sirius again. Horrible amd very rude customer service. All they care about is getting your credit card number for automatic billing. I figure in a year or two they will be out of business. Can’t treat customers that way.

  51. Bob Trotta | March 4, 2012 at 12:30 pm |

    MAYBE what people should do IF they REALLY want XM radio is to call your credit card company just before your XM subscription is due for renewal and tell your credit card company that you misplaced your card and need a new one! Not sure if this would affect your credit rating with the three credit bureaus, but could it be WORSE than having collection notices coming to your house? Just a thought.

    I have had XM radio for YEARS with my GM lease cars since it first became available. I never had a problem with them. Now that I think of it, it seems that all this crap started when Sirius became involved. Anyway, with my new Chevy Cruze, Feb. 2011, I canceled the service after the free trial period because they kept HOUNDING me to renew. They could NOT put it on my credit card because the one I first used had been compromised, so I had to get a new card with new numbers! otherwise, I would probably be in the SAME boat as everyone else here. I figured that if I survivied for DECADES listening to AM-FM radio, I could survive now too! Besides, with iPods and thumb drives and the outlets in the newer cars, you can record and listen to your own music without ANY billing issues.

    I think the Sirius employee who wrote above is correct- CANCEL your service or do not renew it. EVENTUALLY, something will have to happen! Maybe it’s time for the CEO to go on that TV show UNDERCOVER BOSS so he can see how people feel. As long as the revenue is coming in, he most likely does NOT care one bit about YOU or ME. HOWEVER, once his bottom line is hit and his 401k, retirement package, stock options, health insurance benefits start to be affected, I THINK you’ll see a difference because complaining about them or calling them out on sites like this or Facebook or Twitter obviously has NO affect. Fool with their bottom line and I think a change will be coming!

    Just my two cents!

  52. We purchased a new vehicle august2011. It came with trial Sirius. Before the trial was up we received phone calls and mail wanting us to take out subscription. We politely declined. Since January we have received 42 calls and 2 mailings a week offering various deals. I have told to to cease and desist to no vail. I now am contacting the AG for harassment and exploring court action via small claims for same. So glad we did not take the service. I also have written to Ford Motors about my experience with Sirius.

  53. Just got off the phone with Sirius. I cancelled the service, but, they insist on billing further under their “automatic renewal” scam. I told them that I bought their service for a specified amount of time and did not want to renew, and further, told their rep at the time that I did not agree to automatic renewal. Still…they’re sending me to collections over the time it took THEM to shut off the service since they ignored common sense, and, my earlier instructions. Now…I’m telling everyone I know. Hey, please tell everyone you know. Sirius has sticky fingers and is willing to try to ruin your credit through these bullying tactics. Good companies don’t have to do this!

  54. I too have had trouble with Sirius XM – before the trial period even ended…I think we all should notify the car manufacturers (FORD, GMC, CHRYSLER, Toyota, etc) that we are very dissatisified with Sirius XM billing practices – maybe they could put the pressure on them to clean up their act. My one suggestion is if you have any problems notify the BBB, the State Attorney’s office and your credit card company. If they get enough complaints – maybe something will happen.

  55. A note to all future XM/Sirius subscribers – BE CAREFUL, THEY WILL AUTOMATICALLY SIGN YOU UP FOR AUTO RENEWAL WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT (even if you request that it isn’t done). I had XM on my M5 and when I sold it, I called and canceled. 7 months later I get a charge for $175 – after 2.5 hours on hold, some guy who could barely even speak English and couldn’t even repeat my name back to me let me know that they had no record of the cancellation. LOL!

    In short, these guys are sleazy and dirty, about as much ethical fortitude at this company as Charter Communications. Don’t trust ANYTHING Sirius claims they will do – cancel everything through your bank and let them deal with it.

    • for those complaining about autorenewal..its stated EVERYWHERE for their service…your told to read t&c do u really give cc info without reading t&c

  56. Sirius Radio subscription is a number one scam!! I have life time subscriptions ( I feel so foolish now). In 2005 they included internet online radio as well with lifetime subscription. Now they are saying that I have to pay to connect via my ipad. I am a UNHAPPY customer!!!!!!!!

  57. i reported back in oct. of 09 my xm radio stoling and xm continued to charge me 18.49 a month since then . i report this to them and they continued to lie that they reimburse me but only to continue to charge me eventhough my wife has a sirus buildin radio in her car , they billed me both the sirus radio every 3months and the xm every month . i have documented each time a so call customer care conversation for my record but this last time which was today i was disconnected again when they placed me on hold . this is not good business and i will not sit on this .

  58. I just got off the phone with XM/Sirrius who was trying to automatically withdrawal $95. If I had not switched banks and had cancelled my debit card they would have taken this money without asking. When I asked why they take money and the amount they are taking without informing me, they claimed I had signed up for automatic withdrawal and they claimed they mailed something to me. #1 I don’t recall signing up for automatic withdrawal and I’m sure I would have remembered reading that. #2 Nothing was ever mailed informing me they were taking money of how much they were taking and when so I could be prepared. When I continued questioning them and told them they were not getting a new card number they hung up on me.

  59. I specifically requested Sirius NOT use my credit card in June 2011 for the 2012 renewal. Prior to the 2012 renewal, my service stopped (end of March 2012) and as of today, 06/21/12, still not working. Meanwhile Sirius charged $162.00 to my card in May 2012 and then $362.09 in June (no explanation). When I called (for the 15th time in several months, it took an hour to get $145 back. Sirius cannot seem to tell me what the actual cost of the service is, but from what I now see, the DOUBLE the price from 2011. Also, the May charge was a “promotion” for $95 that they “took back” in June and charged $200 (roughly) instead. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with and what a shame there is no alternative for satellite radio.

  60. howard plant | June 23, 2012 at 8:28 pm |

    Raised the price….$50…on phone for 20 min. no response…customer service is terrible

  61. Stayed on the phone for about 20-30min.
    Got transferred and was told an ”8 min wait time” that ended up being another 15-20min, no one answered the phone to help. called back again, (recording again) waited again and when someone finally answered we canceled.

    The worst phone customer service ever that I had to deal with when trying to negotiate a subscription plain in the beginning for service.
    So we where very frustrated and canceled all and any service dealing. I feel relieved that I never have to call ”Sirius XM” as a paying customer and be subjected to that type of treatment ever again.

    Sirius XM seems to be very shady, why can’t you cancel service over the Internet like you can request service on there web sight?…..Hummmmmm.
    Come on with the class action please.

  62. Edward Ballinger | July 23, 2012 at 7:32 pm |

    I have been trying to cancel my account for three months and cannot escape. This is an old ploy of getting a few extra months of pay out of us, hut it’s like we have been telling the government “there is no money & we can’t afford this XM deal anymore, so cancel my account.
    Trust me, I have been holding on the phone for 45 minutes three different times, plus sending a note back on there billing notice. Email me and lets get this over with.
    Meanwhile Ill get back on the phone.

  63. Stop using XM Radio. The customer support is rude it automatically renew my account and when i want to cancel my subcription they want me to Pay $31 for the service that i did’nt use. I told them that i will not gonna pay for that and they Harass me that they will send it to collection agency.

    This need to be stop. Cosumer need to take action on this.. This is unfair..

  64. I called XM radio to cancel my 12-month plan one week prior to the expiration, explaining that the car was being sold. The XM rep told me that he would leave the service active for another 2 months at no charge, so the new owner could enjoy it. That was six months ago and I’m still getting bills and late charges. Have called their customer service twice and both times they tell me to hold while they check their records, but they never come back on the phone. They won’t let customers cancel online, so you have no way to prove it.

  65. Dear subscribers, please ready the SiriusXM terms and conditions first before posting your ccomplaints. That’s the problem, when you sign up for service and the customer rep says “please read our terms and conditions in our website” you guys just say, YES but you didn’t.. so, who’s the idiot now?

  66. ernie g pettite | November 9, 2012 at 12:15 pm |

    I have s complaint in regards to my service about 2 years ago I spoke to one of your representatives in regards to my service if it could be on hold because my car was out of service and she said that was fine just call when your car is working now my car is wotking I called I have. No service and now I have no. Service can you please. Help me my account number is pccy728 and my. Phone # is 323-944-8086.

  67. Sirius Radio = shyster.
    The last few years, after a dispute with them, I was told to call the Cancellation Dept. Upon doing so, I rec’d a very nice price (IMO) for internet radio. I did it again last year.
    This year was a different story. No promotions I was told. I was continually being quoted a price for the Radio unit and the internet radio. Finally my redirectly the rep to INTERNET radio only, I was told $175. I informed him that the price was too high and I was not interested.
    Looked at my credit card stmt online and found that Sirius had charged me $197!!! I immediately disputed the entire charge! I was told that they get a lot of calls concerning Sirius.
    I think the worst thing the Gov’t did was to allow Sirius and XM become a monopoly. Either you pay their price or do without.

  68. I have gotten no programing for about 2 years now (despite having paid, foolishly I know). Finally got to US-based technical support through a back-door number. Sirius says my account is fine, but there is something wrong with my radio. Local radio repair says my radio is fine, but it seems my account is deactivated. Back and forth like this. I finally cancelled for good, but did not want to as I like the programming. Anyone have a similar experience?

  69. Keep a lookout!! These guys just withdrew $17.21 from my bank account for “Standad Activation Fee” even though my radio has been activated for months. I spent 30 minutes talking with customer service and they promised to credit my account. The only explanation I got was “an error in billing”. Can’t help wondering how many of their customers aren’t catching this!

  70. Advised Sirus radio that we did not want to re-new our service on one of our vehucle’s as the rates were sky High. We received a bill for $26.14 for use they thought we used but vehicle had been parked for 6 months.
    When we called and inquired as to the charge the person we talked to could not be understood as he was in Phillipines, after my wife speaking to him (Ron empl. #9678P)for some time he stated that he would help, but he did not help at all as he could not be understood. I then got on the phone and asked to speak to a supervisor in the United States at which time he refused to transfere my call or give me a telephone number for contact in the US. Why does SirusXM have a address in Detroit, Michigan and a post box # but no telephone listed? Why do they have a company in the Phillipines answering their billing complaints? Why not keep the jobs in the United States?

  71. dont use this service they will rip you off

  72. this company is the biggest rip off they will rip you off i called bbb to turn them in.

  73. I have NEVER in my life been treated in the way this company has treated me.
    This people are horrible. I don’t understand why anyone would EVER get this service.
    With such horrific costumer service, I don’t understand how this company is still in operation.
    By giving this review, if I can save just person from the trouble I’ve been through, I will feel better. DO NOT GET SIRIUS!!
    I have been given the run around over what should have been simple fixes for them.
    Long story short–well after my initial 3 yr subscription ran out, they charged my now EX-husband’s credit card for a 3 yr renewal and refused to refund it on his card–over $500! This was done with no phone, email, or mail notification.
    Since Sirius on my car had stopped working almost 2 years ago, I of course would have never noticed. ” You should have called us.” Oh really? Now why didn’t I think of that? I DID call several times, you idiots. And you couldn’t fix it. I gave up and let it go. My mistake- I should have called and demanded a refund for the remainder.
    How was I to know over a year later, you were going to take it upon yourselves to put an unauthorized charge on someone’s credit card that I hadn’t even talked to in a year?
    That would be bad enough, but when I call to get the problem fixed, I was given a complete hassle. Had to spend over 30 minutes on the phone with these people on Christmas Eve! I was FINALLY told I would get a refund check in 7-10 days. I’ve waited. Called today and guess what. They haven’t sent it yet!!!!! So now they tell me it will be another 2 weeks. Were they never going to send it? What are my options if they don’t?? Do I have to talk to an attorney?
    Meanwhile, it has taken so long, I have to go ahead and send my ex a check without getting the refund first. I live pay check to pay check–especially at Christmas. This has put me in a very bad situation.
    Do these people care? NO. This is unbelievable.

  74. Just called with a bill discrepancy and was on the phone for 43 mins and almost had it resolved. I was intending on keeping service in 2 vehicles and all of a sudden i get transferred to another rep and had to start over. I expressed my displeasure with how long i had already been on the phone and may have said B.S. and the new rep hangs up on me. I then call back and after talking with a few more reps/supervisor and 62 more mins later i get it resolved by cancelling my subscriptions. I had been with them since 2007 so it was their loss. The reps were all friendly and if the first one had got it right i would still be with them. By far the worst customer service experience of my life. We’ll see if refunds are correct in a couple of weeks.

  75. Judith Lorenz | February 16, 2013 at 4:06 pm |

    Called Sirius with concerns that service to 1 of 2 cars was cut off 1 year ago.
    Either give me refund or give me service for 1 year. Customer service is in one of 5 countries overseas and they cannot help me. Also refuse to give me a contact in the US. I refuse to give them my money without service. I will find someone in this country to give me service or else.

  76. There is a clear pattern of poor customer relations involved here. Serius XM has tried to extract an additional 2 year commitment from us by attempting to charge through an expired credit card. Company representatives had followed with a letter suggesting we owed them money. Our initial 2 year contract (paid up front) was expired and we had no intention to renew. Following calls to their customer relations department I was blamed for not understanding some fine print in the contract of service which I do not recall having received. (Renewal was done on line.)and it was up to us to cancel… I have requested written confirmation that all is clear from them but I must admit that I am not hopeful that this will be received. Can’t recommend this company!

  77. I had read complaints online about Sirius Xm and their scam artists aka customer service people.

    I received a free trial of Sirius XM with the purchase of my new car, at the end of which I decided to renew the subscription for 6 months at a discounted rate of ~30$.

    I am closing in on the end of my subscription(ends in April) and in light of all these testimonials from several people online, I decided to call a month ahead to confirm I did not want to renew my subscription.

    I explained my case to a certain rep who then forwarded me to another customer service rep. Long story short, twice during the call the rep put me on hold for 2-4 minutes and came back with changes to my account that I was not agreeable to or had even conveyed to him during my call.

    I simply needed to cancel my account after the end of the promotion period and he twisted my words into:
    1. deactivating my current better promotion which was still valid for another month in favour of a more expensive 6 month extension
    2. Deactivating my acct completely assuming that I wanted to forgo my current month just like that

    Be very aware and attentive of what they say to you over the phone when they are making the changes you asked them to make. I was extremely close to getting shafted. Think things through and have THEM narrate your account information (when it expires, price etc) instead of asking questions that may or may not give you the full picture. THEY can see your acct info not you.

    I just called them today again to make sure what my account showed and asked them for proof. They gave me a call confirmation id and access to my online account.

    Goodbye Sirius XM.

  78. ​I do hope that some people are more intelligent than I am and actually read a few of the thousands of reports of being ripped off before giving these people your credit card. I for one have had Sirius in my car since close to their beginning. I had never really had any problems, none worth even talking about anyway. That is, until last year when I got a second radio.

    Now, before this second radio, I would get a bill and then I would just go online and make a one time payment for a year and that was fine, nothing went wrong. For some totally unknown reason, I decided to call and activate my new radio, this is where it went all downhill. It was suggested that I let them just do automated billing, using my card number. I figure, why not, it’s not as if Sirius is some small fly by night company and I have a lot of things set up on auto pay with zero issues. So, I do it.

    The first thing I noticed right off the bat is that they charged me more than was agreed upon over the phone. If I am being honest here, I thought this was probably my fault for not listening close enough to what he was saying, but no big deal, I am now set for a year. About two months goes by and they hit my account again, but for 195 dollars. Okay, no idea what that is for, I will call and find out. Me being me, I did not jump on it right away and within two days, they hit my account again for 80 dollars. Keep in mind here, I am FAR from being rich, I should not even be spending money on Sirius if the truth be told, but I spend a lot of time driving for my work and I thought it would be nice.

    I finally call them and trying to get any sort of an answer or to straighten anything out is mind numbing. They just plain old tell you that you’re wrong and were not over charged. I tell them that it’s right here on my bank statement and they ask to see my statement, which I have to mail somewhere, with a letter explaining the situation. Yeah, I’m sure that is going to work just FINE. Instead of continuing to be ripped off while I sent my bank statement to some oddball across the country, I chose plan B. The one where I go to my bank, tell them my card has been lost, they need to cancel it and send me a new one. They do, which in turn gives Sirius nothing left to charge.

    In a few days, when they try to charge my card again with whatever made up amount they feel like hitting me with, it does not go through. So, what do they do? The shut off my radio. I have paid like three years worth on it from them ripping me off and yet the first time they can’t steal from me, they shut it down.

    This is NOT just bad billing practice or some sort of mistake. Take a look around of peoples reports (like I should have done) this is a flat out scam. As in, a planned out rip off. Big companies clearly do not have to abide by any laws EVER and no matter how many people bring charges, nothing happens. Can you imagine if a small company started doing this? They would be sitting in jail right now.

  79. I have read a lot of your complaints before calling SIRIUS/XM to complaint about the unexpected billing which really cost me. I was really prepared to fight with them about the charge and the over-draft against my account. To my suprise it took only 5 min for the initial call to be transferred to the billing office which could offer the refund; it took 45 minutes for that office to pick up the phone, 20 minutes to explain that I wanted a refund on the bill of $103.92, and $30.00 for the overdraft. Overal about 1 hour 15 minutes. I was suprised, and impressed. They must really be trying to clean up their act. It is my opinion that a lot of companies are realizing that customer service has to be paramount if they expect to profitable.

  80. I formally closed my Sirius account in Feb of 2013. They called me in May with a $25 for 6 month deal, and I refused. I just got a bill for $25! I know the calls are recorded so I wonder if I should sue them for fraud?

  81. Love the music, but HATE the customer service. Had a bad experience last year when I got a new car and tried to transfer the service. So dreaded today, when I had to do the same thing. Robo voice sounding woman answers the phone, I explain what I need and the call is disconnected. Called back and got transferred several times to various departments. I understand they are people just doing their job, but upper management needs to take a look at how this affects the Sirius XM customers. The front line phone staff appear aggresive, pushy, and lack any real people skills.

  82. I have contacted sirixm customer
    Service i also explained that my
    M P 3 radio it so small with no instruction book how to the use radio going after activation and cant hardly any thing so its still get signals i told them to cut off the radio they never did and still getting signal

  83. My new Toyota truck came with a free six month trial subscription. I never wanted it, never used it, and do not care if the subscription is not renewed. Now they say I am past due..these people are idiots.

  84. I am tired of dealing with Sirius XM billing. I had 2 radios and 1 internet listening. I cancelled the radio with the attached internet listening and they still want me to pay $6 because they didn’t shut off my radio. Too bad.
    My other radio was a 6 month subscription, which was paid up to July 2014. It was turned off April 2014 because I cancelled my subscription. What I stated was that Sirius should NOT renew my subscription when it expires. There billing dept is so out of sync I refuse to go back, as much as I liked the channel line.
    They hire (outsource) this over seas and these people in customer care can’t follow what you are asking them or they are just trying to rip you off.

  85. I cancelled my XM service on 1/24/14
    My credit card was continued to be charged on
    1/28/14 and 2/18/14 and 3/28/14
    I finally cancelled the card so it could not be billed again…
    So now on 4/28/14 they send me a charge through the mail… what a scam!!!!
    I have been told 4 times that I will not be billed agian, yet I still am being billed.
    Please do yourself a favor and NEVER sign up for Sirius XM service.. if you do, you will reget it.

    • Jeanie Schmidt | May 11, 2014 at 6:11 pm |

      We have also been billed for services NOT received beyond date when cancellation was to occur. I called to cancel and was told if I removed my credit card, it would cancel automatically on the end date. Instead they sent me a paper bill and evidently kept the service going despite our only conversation of wishing to cancel when service date ended. When I called about this, I had to speak to a couple agents and was offered more upsetting ‘bargain pricing’ despite repeatedly telling them I never want to do business again with a company who imposes such cheating and deceitful practices. I got a confirmation number of cancellation but not before having to repeat my intent and message at least SIX times. This company needs a class action suit.

  86. I’ve had Sirius XM in my car since 2003. Every single interaction I’ve had with them has been similar to those described above, the company practices at best immoral if not fraudulent and dishonest billing practices and typically wastes hours of your time if you contact them to dispute.

    I specifically renewed on condition that they would send me a renewal notice prior to renewal and that I didn’t have to cancel in advance, but they lied, and still charged.

    After the sound quality of the stations I most listened to significantly degraded (originally they advertised and claimed “near CD quality” but I guess they now sacrifice quality for greater number of mostly useless channels) I gave up and went with a much lower priced deal on just the news channels. It is still painful and I’m dreading my next imminent interaction with them.

    If your car has XM technology, there’s a good chance it has bluetooth audio capabilities. While XM covers places without cell phone data coverage, a Pandora subscription on a bluetooth smartphone played through your car is otherwise a much better choice for music, with consistently great quality music of your own taste!

    Also, it actually was worth cancelling (as hard as that is) and going 2-3 months without service. The only thing I really missed was the TV news channels (CNN, MSNBC) and BBC World, and after a number of weeks they call offering a really great deal to come back for a longer subscription period.

  87. I was getting double billed for three years without ever knowing it. The two bills would arrive about 6 mos apart, my wife didn’t realize she was paying for two vehicles after trading our truck in. I asked them, why isn’t the vehicle identified on the bill? No good answer. They said the radio ID # is on it. Does anyone really know the radio ID? I also asked them why I don’t get a consolidated bill instead of one at a time? That I would have know I was paying for two trucks and not one. But its easier to slip these bills by a busy consumer if they send them one at a time. I’m done with their sleazy billing practices. Time to get my music on a thumb drive.

  88. The fact that Sirius/XM tries to charge a full retail priced renewal automatically, once you’re signed up with them, isn’t really news. A little online research made it clear that it’s just the way this company does business. (Charge people hundreds of dollars for a subscription they’ll actually sell you for under $100 if you keep declining to renew and their rep keeps countering with better and better offers.)

    Very annoying — but nothing that would make me stop using the service (because I do think it has sufficient value at the lower negotiated rates).

    My issue is with repeated billing problems. For example, I used to own a Hyundai with XM radio but not long after doing a 2 year renewal on the service, I wound up selling the car. My new car came with an XM radio too, so they promised to transfer service over to the new receiver. Great — except the new receiver had additional “traffic and weather” features I wanted. When I tried to get those added, they claimed my discounted plan made that impossible, so they had to up it back to full retail price first – and then add additional fees for the traffic and weather options!

    Perhaps foolishly, I agreed to this (partially figuring that having almost 2 years worth of pre-paid service meant I’d still have at least a year or so under the new price plan). Well, the technician was never able to get the traffic or weather feature to “take” on my new receiver! We wasted a good hour or so on the phone, doing all sorts of nonsense. He even had me physically get out of the car and stand a certain number of feet from it, under some weird theory that my keyfob with remote vehicle start capabilities might be interfering. Nope!

    I wound up having to go back to the plan without the extras. BUT, I discovered later that XM never put my discounted price plan back! That caused it to expire in under a year, vs. the 2 years I would have had left otherwise.

    Now, I have a new Jeep and this time, told them I wanted my existing XM package from my old car cancelled, and to just give me a refund for the unused portion. No playing around “rolling it over” to the new receiver.

    Guess what? Over a month later, the refund never appeared on my credit card — and XM’s response is, “We see we gave you the refund. Call your bank!” (The bank’s web site lets me see all card transactions and there’s no sign of a refund on there anyplace. Guess who I fault here?!)

  89. I was happy with my Sirius/XM service but some employment issues have forced me to cancel the service. While Sirius is not alone in the practice forcing customers to call to cancel their service is just BS. They send you emails but you can’t cancel your service via email. They allow you to set up (start and change) service on line but you can’t cancel service on line. Pure sales tactic BS.

  90. hey want a quick tip how not to fuck up with your banking account? call siriusxm to cancel your service, ask for the cheapest rate 5 months for 20 bucks or 6 months for 25 bucks and then dont agree to save your credit card on file, just a one time payment. trust me 🙂

  91. lorna Gillespie | June 1, 2015 at 10:07 pm |

    Just had a meltdown with Sirius tonight. googled Sirius customer service issues and found this site. Sirius had an expired cc on file. When my subscription expired I didn’t worry about..I didn’t want to renew and they couldn’t bill me. Well today they contacted me. I asked them to cancel and they told me I owed $200. – for the period of 5/15/15 through 6/1/15. Yeah right. Then she said she would knock it down to $27.00. Asked her to cancel. She wanted me to give her a new cc number today to pay $27 and call someone else to cancel. Not going to happen. After reading these comments there is no way I am giving them a valid cc number!! Told them they weren’t getting another dime and she should cancel my subscription today!!!! What an awful company
    So sneaky and lousy customer service!!

    • Totally same experience today. They finally “waived” my debt, which is similar to a house burglar “forgiving” you because you didn’t have cash in the house.

  92. Robert Parker | June 10, 2015 at 12:39 pm |

    When there is a Class Action Suit against XM Satellite Radio. Include me in.

  93. Steve Pavlina | July 5, 2015 at 5:56 pm |

    Sirius XM Radio is “ripe” for a class action lawsuit and I am willing to support any effort to bring them down with a huge penalty.

    I renewed my subscription last December, 2014, for 2 or 3 multiple years and paid by check by mail. Sirius cashed/deposited my check.

    Five months later, about April or May of 2015, Sirius disconnected the service with no warning. When I called, Sirius said the account had expired because I did not pay for its renewal that was due last December.

    When I called back later armed with payment information, Sirius admitted the mistake and said the service was already restored, but again with no warning.

    Based on their lack of communications, integrity, disorganization, accountability, and competence; I cancelled all four active subscriptions and requested refunds.

    I received refunds July 3, 2015, but Sirius left out about six to seven hundred dollars based on my calculation of the refunds that were due.

    They are arrogant and discourteous and lack any awareness of customer service. If they wanted to keep me as a customer they should have called me back right away when they found the mistake and told me the service was restored and that they added three more months to my subscription to make up for the loss of service. Instead, they did nothing and loss a permanent customer.


  94. After getting in trouble for automatic renewal, they keep doing it. Jacking prices and hitting cards. I specifically checked “do not renew”, but that didn’t matter. Then they purposefully make cancellation into a totally impossible task. Seems criminal.

  95. James Murpy | July 30, 2015 at 11:03 pm |

    I bought a refurbished radio from Sirius for a low $9.99. The company charged $50.00 cancelation fee and a $15.00 ” switching” fee. I complained but no sympathy. What a rip off.

  96. I am outraged at the cancellation of the Ch. 69 Escape. It was the only reason we have 3 accounts with them ! I have written the Co. Pres. and the FCC complaining about zero input from customers, zero notice, totally irresponsible and arrogant.
    For other kinds of problems I highly recommend their Chat Room service. I have found it reasonably quick, very responsive, seem to know what they are talking about.

  97. MARION DAUGHERTY | September 13, 2015 at 3:18 pm |


  98. Dr Lewis C Shigley | September 15, 2015 at 4:25 pm |

    I purchased a new auto in 2012 which came equipped with Sirius with introductory service for three months. At the end of three months I extended the service for 1 year. I never received an invoice nor was I informed of their terms. I noticed that the charge appeared on my Amex billing.

    And the end of the 1 year period I was contacted to renew and I declined.

    Several years went by and I noticed that the service had indeed been removed from my vehicle.

    Then this past August I noticed on my Amex billing that Sirius was billing me $231.43. I immediately contacted Amex and told them I had no idea why Sirius had made this charge as I haven’t had the service in over two years as I believed I had effective cancelled it.

    In today’s mail was a finding from Amex stated that due to the supporting documentation that I was indeed obligated to pay as an invoice and Sirius terms were attached. This was the very first time I saw this ‘documentation.’

    I just got off the phone with Amex. They are reinstating the credit to me and contacting the disreputable Sirius XM to inform that that any attempt to charge me in the future would be impossible as a blockage has been made by me to the account.

    This company is utterly disreputable and I would never recommend to anyone that they subscribe to this service.

  99. joseph leonard | September 29, 2015 at 2:12 pm |

    I purchased a radio and lifting membership in 3/2010. Received a letter 9/ 2015 stating my radio will no longer receive the new signal. So I will get a free radio and free app down load. After calling the number for days they now say no I am out of luck I get nothing..

  100. I’ve had Sirius xm since I bought my car back in 2012. I have always had billing issues with them. Everytime they run my card, there is absolutely no notification of any kind. With recently losing my job and having to pay my college tuition, the have ran my card once again without informing me. When I called to temporarily cancel my subscription, I was hung up on twice and put back to the main menu once. Not just that, since the charge cleared today, they will not refund me the full amount or cancel my subscription. This is the worse customer service and company I have ever had to deal with. Absolutely ridiculous!

  101. I just went through an exchange with Sirius that was unreal IMHO. We purchased a new (to us) car and wanted to turn off our old Sirius radio and turn on the new one. Seemed simple to me, but NO, not with Sirius.

    I called Customer Service told them what I wanted done, then waited ….
    A few minutes later the woman that I was talking to told me they had turned on the 90 day trial for the new radio and then wanted credit card information. I said I didn’t want a trial, I just wanted one radio ID replaced with another. So she told me to wait on the line while she transferred the call.

    The next representative had a very surly demeanor, but told me that after my “90 day trial” my card would be billed about $67. She also issued a credit for about $50 for the radio rhey were deleting, so it cost me money to transfer from one ID to another and I still have no idea why that should be.

    Talk about an example of a business that has NO competition! They should be the Billboard example of why the FTC should deny these mega mergers that are now happening regularly.

  102. Jayme Tarradiddle | January 21, 2016 at 1:06 pm |

    I purchased a lifetime membership when i was younger. The lifetime service included the use of both radio and over the internet. I have not had much use of the service lately but when i attempted to login online i was confronted with an outstanding balance prompt. When i try to investigate the amount online i continually get redirected to a payment page.

    On an aside, when i purchased the service it claimed to be advertising free. If you ever listened to talk radio on the service you would know this is untrue. But what really annoyed me was the radio stations constant shout outs promoting the radio station. Is this not a form of advertising? I think so.

  103. Dec. 2014 I purchased a new vehicle. I called SiriusXM customer support to transfer my services. They informed me that because the new vehicle came with a free trial they had to open a new account and close the old account. I supplied them a different credit card for the new account. Fast forward to Jan. 2016, SiriusXM debited my new credit card for the full year. Today, January 28th I happened to see a charge on my other credit card for monthly fees to SiriusXM. Since I’d already paid for 2016 in full I was confused and called customer support. Apparently they had never closed the old account for the vehicle I no longer own, and have been charging my credit card for 13 months! Not only that, but afer calling customer support today they transferred me three times and I ended up talking to a supervisor, Patrick (Agent #1114SH) who denied me a refund. It is my money, and as far as I’m concerned, when they failed to close the account per my request December 2014, SiriusXM stole that money out of my credit card account. I was told they closed the old account today, I hope that’s true.

  104. I received an email regarding my existing Sirius account. “For an extra $4.00 per month, plus fees and taxes, you can stream Sirius radio everywhere, your phone, your computer…” sounds great right?! Wrong!… the fees and taxes add up to $15.99 per month! That puts the extra $4.00 per month to a whoping $19.99 per month, which comes to an extra $239.88 per year added to my already $208.00 per year for my regular subscription. What a scam!!

  105. I see a lot of issues here that were easily resolved just by having your back or CC company refuse any payments to said (note- ANY) company, unfortunately if you have more than 1 account and would like to keep anyone -you lose them all.
    My issue is when when I boiught the Lifetime subscription, I was told that 3 VEHICLE transfers would invalidate the lifetime, somewhere it went to 3 RADIOS, who wouldn’t upgrade to new technology?.

    DO NOT purchase ANY already in vehicle. Buy a system off the shelf at Best Buy or whomever, then also buy a second atennea and equipment- NOT A ANOTHER RADIO, then just install and keep moving the radio itself from whatever vehicle you want

  106. Bill Balue | June 20, 2016 at 8:09 pm |

    They added Music Royalty Fee which I never authorized. They have a new service fee, which I have no idea what that is. When I called to cancel the service they offered me a new deal which was less than half of what my current invoice was for one year. I just cancelled my service, and will listen to whatever is on the free radio from now on. I have sent them an email to cancel my service however they still billed me after the renewal date. I will say one thing, I am sure happy that I did not give them my Credit Card Account or they would have never notified me of anything. If you have their service I suggest that you pay by check.

  107. Angela Easterling | September 21, 2016 at 12:00 pm |

    Sirius/XM allowed someone to make a $200 charge/change to my account.
    Only because the caller knew my name, phone number and address…Many people know my name, phone number and address…If this is your only criteria to keep my personal information safe, this is a bad, bad policy. I do not feel safe with the company having my personal information. It happened to be my elderly father in-law who was trying to cancel his subscription on the car my husband purchased from him. We were going to eventually get the service for my husband, but his own account. Not on mine. My father in-law told me that the woman asked him if he wanted to add the account to mine and of course he said yes, and she just automatically charged me $200 for this service. I am appalled! Most companies you have to give 3 generations of SS# of family and then offer your first born just to pay a damn bill…Here they give access to your CC to anyone who knows you basic information…BAD PRACTICE OF A COMPANY.
    So, rather than automatically assuming that you want no one to access your account, other than yourself and authorized people, they assume the opposite. They told me that I had to tell them in the beginning that I did not want strangers or unauthorized users to not make changes/charges to my account. Absurd!

  108. Daniel Hanson | October 27, 2016 at 3:34 pm |

    I just discovered I was charged $ 201.07 after repeatedly telling the caller that I did not want the service. How is this different than the Wells Fargo scam??

  109. My original card I used for yearly payment expired and I got a new one.
    I got an email from S/XM stating that my card had expired and they wanted a new one submitted. I asked when the account renewed for the year and also when my account was cancelled for non-payment. No answer. Go to chat online and chat with Lisa. She was friendly and asked for account information, which after saying that she probably had already, I gave her this. I use my first and middle initial and my last name. She needed to know what name the first initial stood for. I said no. What a waste of time. I’ve gone thru two cars with their service and I was happy at $100 yearly. The current bill is $233, and according to them is late. They won’t answer to a reply of their email to me asking when the account was due for renewal. No answer, no more a customer. So, I guess l’ve lucked out for now!

  110. vinny dalton | March 2, 2017 at 4:59 pm |

    I own a Sirius radio that does not work now, is there a shop where I fixed. thank you

  111. Here is our ordeal shown within my conversation with a chat representative:

    SiriusXM Chat
    Close | Print
    Status: Disconnected
    Salma: Hi, my name is Salma, Thank you for contacting SiriusXM. How may I help you?
    KENNETH FOX: I have found 5 fees charged to an account that was deactivated over a year ago.
    KENNETH FOX: Each amount is for $19.48 for 5/2016, 11/2016, 12/2016 and 1/2017.
    KENNETH FOX: I only found the error when I received an email the other day saying my credit card was being denied.
    Salma: I’m sorry to hear that you are having an issue. I’d be happy to look into that for you.
    Salma: In order to assist you with your request, I will need to access your account. For security reasons, can you please provide the following information?

    1) the Account holder’s first name, last name or business name
    2) the complete address, including zip code
    3) the phone number.

    KENNETH FOX: Name and address
    KENNETH FOX: Phone
    Salma: Thank you for that information, please give me a moment while I access your account

    Salma: Certain changes made on your account may result in us sending you an email confirming the changes. Is your current email address?
    KENNETH FOX: yes
    Salma: Thank you for confirming the account details.
    Salma: Please give me a minute while I check that for you.
    Salma: On 09/26/2016 I see that you have made a payment of $235.99 on radio ID XXXXXXXXX556 Jeep Liberty for Select – 12 months for the period 09/19/2016 to 09/19/2017
    KENNETH FOX: Yes – the amounts that I gave you were for an account that was deactivated.
    Salma: As per the account, the radio ID XXXXXXXX7556 Jeep Liberty is active on the account.
    KENNETH FOX: Yes, the Jeep is active.
    KENNETH FOX: the money taken was for a Chrysler Sebring that had been deactivated.
    Salma: May I have the radio ID you are referring to ?
    Salma: Thank you.
    KENNETH FOX: 5/23/16 $36.49
    11/21/16 $19.48
    12/21/16 $19.48
    1/23/17 $19.48


    Salma: I understand your concern.
    Salma: I see that you have billed $19.46 for the period 02/21/2017 to 03/21/2017
    KENNETH FOX: that is how I found the error. We never before received an invoice. The money was taken directly from our account.
    Salma: You have cancelled the radio and you have billed for the used services and remaining balance was removed , So there is no balance on the account.
    KENNETH FOX: There never should have been anything billed at all.
    KENNETH FOX: First time money was taken was in May of 2016. Then not again until November of 2016. 5 months were skipped and then payment began to be taken out again on a deactivated account.
    Salma: I understand your concern.
    KENNETH FOX: The account never should have been invoiced, never mind paid. We should see a credit to our account for $94.93. Please confirm.
    Salma: We have a special team that will help you with that. Let me give you their telephone number.
    Salma: Please call 888-601-6302 and that special department will handle that entire transaction for you.
    KENNETH FOX: No thank you. I believe I already spoke to your special department/team. They were no help.
    Salma: I am sorry for that.
    Salma: Would you like me to help you with any other information?

    KENNETH FOX: No thank you. You can, however, print out our conversation and forward to someone that can help and they can respond via or call 973-XXX-XXXX.
    Salma: I am sorry. Unfortunately, we don’t have the option to call you. However, if you would prefer to speak to a representative; I can assist you with a number you can call us at.
    Salma: You can reach them at 888-635-5142
    Salma: Their working hours are 08.00 AM – 11.00 PM EST Monday – Saturday and from 08.00 AM – 08.00 PM EST on Sundays.
    Salma: Thank you for contacting SiriusXM and have a nice day.
    Salma has disconnected.

  112. Response to my call and chat time from yesterday.

    Dear Valued SiriusXM Customer,

    On behalf of SiriusXM, we have a special opportunity for you to participate in a survey about the call you made to our Listener Care Department on 03/06/2017 03:16 PM. SiriusXM is focused on delivering excellent customer service and therefore, would like to include your valuable opinion on how well we took care of your most recent need. The survey takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

    Please take a moment to complete the survey now since this link will only be available for the next 3 days.

    Please click HERE to take this survey.
    Thank you for your participation.
    SiriusXM Listener Care Department

    I “clicked HERE” – will not let me take the survey. Said I am no longer the primary contact for this incident. Interesting, since I am the one who made the call.

  113. Just noticed today that SiriusXM is SUCCESSFULLY able to charge the expired debit card I have on file. Very shady.

    Calling to cancel today. I was planning on cancelling anyway since over $18/month for barely listenable music quality is far too much. I only really used it during NFL season.

  114. Does anyone have information about filing a class action suit against SiriusXM? I am tired of their deceptive billing practices.

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