Some Cool Information from Spirit Airlines

There is information that is important (He’s a smoker) and there’s information that illuminates (He smokes Newports).You may really want to know that someone smokes but you may not care what he smokes; or, you may find that fact interesting. Take your pick. Good writers will include the detail; less good writers will overgimmick you with it.

No gimmicks here: Spirit Airlines is sharing some information that is really neat to know, although I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with it except be illuminated. That’s already plenty.

I didn’t know that it takes 4.8 gallons of fuel to fly a passenger on a flight of less than 400 miles. At 42 miles per gallon, that’s in the Prius range, although Priuses (Prii?) don’t fly (not counting the accelerator problems.) Take a 2,000-mile trip and it’s 24.4 gallons or 60 miles per gallon. They pay $2.02 a gallon for kerosene type jet fuel plus this and that so that 400-mile trip costs $10.83 per passenger in fuel while the longer one is $78.

They also include information that shows how the price of their fuel — and ours — changes from day to day and over time. Considering the vast quantities they use a few pennies and more one way or the other means a lot.

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