Some Internet Data Miners To Let You Know What They Know About You

Internet users will soon get a chance to see what information data miners and tracking companies have on them and will be able to opt out.

The move to self-regulate comes as there is greater pressure on these companies to limit their collection efforts as the Federal Trade Commissioner suggested this week.

“When it launches in January, the Better Advertising Open Data Partnership will allow consumers to see interest-based data collected about them from eight firms including BlueKai, eXelate, 33Across, Lotame and others with more expected to join later,” according to

“Google, Yahoo and many others, however, are not current partners. Consumers will have the ability to access the data directly from publisher sites and ads that include special icon prompts that lead to more information about interest-based advertising and opt-out options. When a consumer clicks on an “i” icon in the corner of an ad, they will see their interests and a list of companies that have collected data on them. Opting out may not stop the tracking but will prevent the information from being used to deliver personalized ads.”

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