TARGET Stores: What TO Buy, What NOT To Buy At Target

There are some great deals to be had at Target stores, but like all chains there are things to avoid. has published two columns on what to and what not to get at Targer.

“In the battle for public opinion, Target has shellacked its larger competitor, Walmart. Whether it’s environmentalists attacking the very concept of big-box retail or workers’ rights advocates lambasting the chain’s treatment of employees, Walmart has become the poster boy for the excesses of capitalism. Target, meanwhile, has built a reputation for cheap chic, pairing with Liberty of London and Michael Graves to churn out high-design at low prices. Walmart gets blamed for putting mom and pop stores out of business, while Target recently opened its first store in Manhattan, a market Walmart has yet to crack,” says the lede of the columns written by Elaine Pofeld.

For instance, the column suggests you stay away from purchasing furniture, movies, music, exercise equipment, shower curtains, and some toys. I would suggest reading the complete column because it does into where you should buy these items.  Exercise Equipment

Things to Buy at Target

The Kindle, green cleaning products, some groceries, and cosmetics.

Again, I urge every smart shopper to read the complete column so you know WHY you should consider buying these items at Target.


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