What Is Jeff Bezos’ Email Address?

What is Jeff Bezos’ email address?

That was the question I put to Google search — but I didn’t get a satisfactory answer.

I love Amazon, and admire its founder and leader, Jeff Bezos.

Bezos has given me the power of wiggling my nose (or my computer mouse) at any product I want, then waiting two days for it to arrive at my front door. It’s Bewitched and the Jetsons rolled into one.

Amazon customer relations is fantastic — if you are a buyer.

But try selling your own books on Amazon, as I do here. Getting your problems solved can take months because Amazon’s customer service culture consists of a cadre of buck-passers. Nobody takes ownership of your problem (as Apple consistently tries to do). When you do get an answer, it usually doesn’t fit your question. Eventually you hear what could be the company slogan: “Let me pass you on to the next department.”

First I wanted to find out how Amazon had gotten hold of the cover of my new book, Bad Dad, and listed it for sale weeks before it even arrived from the printer at a retail price of $8 below the future hardcover price. I had only notified BowkerLink.com, which is where publishers register their books and ISBNs (International Standard Book Numbers). Did Amazon grab the info from there? If so, that’s a new practice for them.

But I never got an answer. “Let me pass you on to the next department.”

My biggest problem, however, was that Amazon wouldn’t let me sell Bad Dad on its site, even though the book arrived early from the printer. “Let me pass you on …”

After weeks of trying, I expressed my frustration to my wife Karen. She answered with three words:  “Write Jeff Bezos.”

What is Jeff Bezos’ address?

It didn’t pop up.

My prize-winning book, Dave Lieber’s Watchdog Nation: Bite Back When Businesses and Scammers Do You Wrong (2010), is clear about what to do next. As I write on page 48:

Sometimes, you have to play detective to figure out somebody’s e-mail address, but it’s worth the chase.

The president of the telephone company is going to do everything he can to hide his e-mail address. Wouldn’t it be nice, though, to send your problem to his BlackBerry?

Sometimes, you can make an educated guess. You can probably figure out e-mail addresses for any company if you find a list of executives at a Web site such as Zoominfo.com or in a local business-news publication. Then you find out the company’s e-mail format (by searching and using the @ sign in your search) and match the name to the format. Is it:








About the only thing that can throw you off is if middle initials are required.

* *

So that’s what I did. I wrote to these three email addresses:




And guess what? None of the three bounced back as undeliverable.

Even better, I received an email from the Amazon:

“My name is Jason, and I’m a member of Amazon Executive Seller Relations. Jeff Bezos received your e-mail and requested that I research your concerns and respond on his behalf. I will be sure to include Jeff’s office with this correspondence.”

After a few days, my new book, Bad Dad, went on sale on Amazon both as a hardcover and for the Kindle.

So that’s my Watchdog Nation tip for today: when all else fails, write Jeff. Or any other corporate chieftain. A little guessing in the email address, and the buck-passing ends.

Thanks, Jeff, for answering my email.

# # #

Dave Lieber is The Watchdog columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. He’s also the founder of WatchdogNation.com, which shows Americans how easy it is to fight back and win in battles with companies, utilities, scammers and others.

His new book, Bad Dad, is a true-story mystery thriller about what happens when the worst 10 minutes of your life go viral. It happened to him. Read Chapter One here. Watch the short video book trailer here.

Dave Lieber’s Amazon Author Page

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11 Comments on "What Is Jeff Bezos’ Email Address?"

  1. diane cortese | July 25, 2012 at 12:28 am |

    I am trying to reach Jeff Bezos. Being totally disgusted with the stupidity of the answers I have received from Amazon, Do you have any answers?

  2. I need Mr. Bezos email address too or phone number. Urgent!!

  3. Well, guys… guess what? This is Amazon’s internal information and if you have issues, you better contact Customer Service. Not even us, Amazon employees, send emails to him, why? Just because. If customer service cant do something, neither he can. Besides, someone else will reply to you since he pays somebody to do it.

  4. I agree. Just spent 30 minutes on the chat line only to find out that my account was deactivated. When I asked why…I don’t have access to that information.
    What BS. I sure that Amazon tracks “every minute detail” on a customer. Typical corporate America response. We got your money, so go F……

  5. Dear Jeff… I have been trying for 8 months to have a problem with my AMAZON account fixed. No sooner do I SIGN IN than I go to order something, and I am SIGNED OUT and have to SIGN IN again and again and again…. I can not seem to buy anything because the minute I try to check out, it signs me out. Than it empties my CART… It’s a ‘ring around the rosie’ and I just can not get help from your customer service – which you seem to have stationed in INDIA, and no Americans hold these customer service positions anymore, so they can not help me. It’s happening with EVERY MAJOR AMERICAN COMPANY. Well Jeff, WHO CAN help me?

    Jeff Bezos

    P.O. Box 81226

    Seattle, WA 98108-1226

  6. Ann Carmichall | March 28, 2014 at 3:14 pm |

    To whom it may concern. I have tried repeatedly over the last 3 days to have someone contact me in order to change my email address/password. When I was fortunate to get an actual human on the line I was then passed around like a joint at a party!
    I have been a loyal client since 2008 when I purchased a Kindle. I have spent a lot of money on books, gift cards etc. I am so frustrated and very disappointed in this lack of assistance. If I do not get someone to assist me by Monday, I shall sadly retire my Kindle
    and buy a NOOK!
    Ann Carmichall
    cell: 713-384-3874

  7. I have been trying to get my money back for amazon for things I did not order. I have getting the run around.

  8. His email address is the first one. It actually works, though the email will be routed to someone else on the executive team.

    Here is a look at how Amazon Customer Service works for any inquiry other than a typical purchase or return. Amazon will send you a form letter email, which may or may not relate to your issue. You can reply telling them they did not understand or solve your issue. They will not read your response, and will simply send you the next form email. They will refer you to their policies and guidelines, which clearly support your complaint and which directly contradict what they just told you in the previous sentence of their form letter, but they will never acknowledge this. Ever. They are trying to break your sanity and your resilience. You can do a few rounds of this, and then they will eventually tell you that the matter is settled and they will not address it any further. Period. (This is because someone with unresolved parenting issues wrote that last form email.)

    After many attempts at this you will finally get the message, which is: Do not email Amazon with your issues. They do not care. It will not be addressed. They do not wish to read your comments and actually resolve your issue. In their attempts to be the “most consumer centric company on earth,” they would be extremely pleased if you the customer would simply shut up and leave them alone. If you persist, they can and will ban you for life from ever purchasing from Amazon again. They cannot continue to sustain their narrow margins if they have to deal with issues or complaints.

    The best advice is to get in your car and to go support your local stores. However few of them may remain. You both need each other more than ever.

  9. They care even less for their employees…so don’t feel alone!

  10. Spread the message to BOYCOTT amazon!!!!

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