WSJ & NY Times Expanding Into Regional Newspaper Territories

Today’s Bloomberg News story about the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal going after readers from regional U.S. newspapers by reintroducing local sections ought to be scaring the heck out of those newspapers.

Both the NYT and WSJ had previously attempted going local during the good old days of print journalism, but ended their California, Connecticut and New Jersey experiments when advertising started slowing down.

Now that every regional newspaper (including the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, Newsday, Hartford Courant, Boston Globe, San Jose Mercury News and the Miami Herald) has decimated its foreign, national and business news coverages, it leaves a great opening for the two giant newspapers.

A reader in Hartford who could get Connecticut news from the WSJ or the NYT would have a tough choice between The Courant and the national newspapers. If the national newspapers could also pick up the Sunday circulars, the Courant would be toast.

The Courant would then squeezed from both ends, the large papers as well as small daily newspapers that are hyper local and Internet sites line mine, New Haven Independent, CtNewsjunkie and new national sites that promise to cover every town.

The same holds true in every major city in the country. Maybe it will force the regional newspapers to stop laying off their talent and start beefing up their local business and local news teams. That would be a pleasant outcome for the readers and for democracy.

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  1. Mr. Gombossy, I love your site and read it daily. I support your lawsuit against the Courant. But you really need to start proof-reading and spell-checking your posts. I think that small errors like those will undermine your credibility and give your detractors fuel for their fire. Just trying to help, as I’m a big fan and want you to keep up the good work. Thanks for the website.

    • George Gombossy | November 22, 2009 at 11:27 am |

      Thank you for taking the time to point out this problem. I found a couple of errors and corrected them. Please let me know if there are others. Everyone, including myself needs an editor. Hopefully when we get a little bigger, we will be able to have a copy editor check all the blogs. In the meanwhile I welcome all informal editors’ help.
      The Dog.

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