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Farmington Woods: A Tale Of What Happens When Chicago Politics Takes Control Of A Ct Condo Association

Like Chicago, we have our own little history of scandal here at Farmington Woods. In 2009, our General Manager, a man who had held that position for almost twenty years, a man that everyone loved and trusted, was released because a forensic audit had found “irregularities” with Farmington Woods accounts attributable to him. When asked at a meeting whether the amount of misappropriation warranted criminal action, we were told by the president that a decision had been made to move forward. We were now without an accredited general manager.

During the same year the association cut a deal with AT&T to install an untested system called U-verse in Farmington Woods which required 700 residents to sign up for the service. They needed this number to get the special rate. Board influence was applied to the extent that the association allowed AT&T canvassers to go door to door using pressure tactics to convince residents to sign up. What’s wrong with that? We have a strictly enforced no solicitation rule here, but it was ignored for another special interest.

By the time U-verse planted noisy boxes in prominent places on the property, some of which had a history of exploding for no reason at other locations, and folks found that it took a complete day for installation with a return visit almost guaranteed, it was too late. In the end, AT&T repaired the roads that had been torn up during installation by the patch method, while shrubs that had been in place for years were replaced only after residents complained. We were left with a collection of patched roads and buzzing boxes that still keep some folks awake at night.

So who benefited from all this inconvenience? I don’t know if anyone did. But the residents of Farmington Woods have switched back to Comcast in large numbers because of their dissatisfaction with U-verse, while the boxes still buzz at night and the roads look horrible. Oh, we did get to watch HD in more rooms of our houses, which for me was no benefit. I stayed with Comcast.

Then there was the firing of the long time golf pro a few years ago for reasons that have never been explained to residents. That decision has left us with a wrongful termination law suit that will surely have an impact on our fees and taxes when it is finally resolved.

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