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Dr. SARIA: What To Do About A Kitty With Urinating Problems

The client is in tears. The cat is huddled in the corner, confused and sick. A family friend is sitting on the stool, trying to comfort the owner. It is a hard situation- the owner came to me with the impression that her excessively urinating cat needed antibiotics for his urinary tract infection and is now getting a lecture on diabetes mellitus.

So what happened? Apparently the kitty, named Josh, has been losing weight despite eating quite a bit. He drinks his water, but also drinks from the toilet. He likes to drink from the faucet. In fact, he loves water and appears to drink all the time, I discover as I ask more questions.

He recently started urinating in inappropriate places. True, his litter box has been getting full quicker than usual, but it really didn’t make an impression on the owner until the peeing on the rug started. Naturally, the owner went to the Internet and self-diagnosed a urinary tract infection and called for antibiotics over the phone. When I, the veterinarian, wouldn’t prescribe the ‘necessary’ antibiotics without an exam, the woman reluctantly scheduled an appointment but insisted her friend be present to make sure I didn’t pull any ‘funny stuff’.

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Dr. Saria: Attempting To Solve Pet Mysteries

One of the biggest magic tricks I have to perform is figuring out the real problem with someone’s ‘sick’ pet. “Hello Doc,” the new client says as she walks in through the van door. Along…

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Dr. Saria: Spiritual Care Of Our Pets

“What does that mean, ‘spiritual care?’” the man next to me in the ferry line asked with a small sniff of disdain. We were queued up to board the Block Island ferry the day after New Years and I was tired from my polar bear swim and late night dancing. I glanced at the tag line on my van… “In Home Quality Medical, Surgical and Spiritual Care.” Then I looked at the man’s expectant face. His wife and eight-year-old daughter were leaning over, waiting for my answer, too.

Like one of those flickering flash back movies I saw in my mind pets and pet-parents that I had known over the years. Some of them were happy memories. Many were not. I thought of the movie Patch Adams and his famous line, “I seek to increase the quality of life, not just delay death”… and of how my own pets were handled in past situations before I became a veterinarian.

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Dr. Saria’s Answers For Dog Arthritis Issues

“Good morning Doc,” the 4’2” woman says as she attempt to haul, shove, carry and otherwise move her 120 pound Burmese Mountain dog, Ben, into my mobile veterinary clinic.

I raise my eyebrows and feel obligated to help her. As I try to help the massive dog take the two steps up, I can feel his body shake and his muscles tense. His lip curls up and his ears lay flat against his head.

The lady backs away and shakes her head. “This is why I called you. He has gotten so aggressive lately. I am concerned about my niece and nephew. I think he might bite them.”

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CTWatchdog News Hour: Milford Pet Hospital Takes To The Road To Rescue Animals

A Milford veterinarian has given up her lucrative corporate practice and has purchased a mobile surgery center so she can continue to care for animals in rescue shelters where she gives 50 percent discounts.

The last you might have read about Dr. Rebecca Saria was in September, when the largest pet hospital company in the U.S. ordered her to stop giving the 50 percent discounts she had been providing to animal shelters for years.

Dr. Saria, after more than nine years with Banfield Pet Hospital in its Waterbury location, quit her practice and purchased a used, 24-foot surgical van, fully equipped with diagnostic equipment, instruments, computer, fax machine – everything you would find in a normal vet practice.

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Blue Buffalo Recall of Some Dog Food

The following is a recall statement by the Wilton, Ct based company after more than 30 dogs were reported ill. At Blue Buffalo, nothing is more important than the health and well being of our…

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LIFE GOES ON: Grace’s Gift To Patients

WORKING WITH GRACE By Kathleen Cairns, Psy.D. Dear Doctor Kathleen, I have heard that you work in your office with your Maltese dog Grace and that she was a therapy dog in a hospital in…

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Save Money On Heart-worm Medicine For Dogs: Split Meds, And Use Generic

Actually I am a little surprised I had not thought about this earlier as I used to pay the same price for heart-worm medicine for our 10 pound and our 100 pound dogs.

People who want to save money on their medication split pills, getting – for instance getting a 20 mg prescription for Crestor and cutting it in half when they only need 10 mg.

Why not for dogs?

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Connecticut Legislators Gathering Investigative Data On Humane Society

Dear Representative Urban,

You asked about the Connecticut Humane Society’s (CHS) investments, cruelty investigations, education programs, medical clinics and other facilities, transportation vehicle, euthanasia of animals, and agency status.

Alicia Wright, the Public Relations Director for CHS, refused to answer our questions because the agency is “presently swamped with many projects and positive changes designed to continue to improve [their] programs.” But we were able to obtain considerable information from other sources, including the Office of the Attorney General, the Department of Agriculture, CHS’s website, and members of Coalition for Change, an organization devoted to reforming CHS.