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Ct Humane Society Cat Giveaway Criticized

The Coalition for Change provided us with the following statement criticizing this weekend’s cat giveaway at the Connecticut Humane Society. The CT Humane Society sponsored a special adoption event this past weekend. It was called…

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Heat Turning Up On Conn Humane Society Board

The group that gets credit for forcing the resignation of Connecticut Humane Society President/Board Chairman Richard Johntson tonight announced that a state legislative group will have its own comments Thursday about continuing problems with one…

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Fired Ct Humane Society Finance Assistant Has Questions For CHS Board

The following is a letter that Bridget C Karchere, former Conn Humane Society finance assistant, send to the new leaders of the board of directors.

It was written after the new chairman – Chris White – falsely told a donor that the board had met with disgruntled workers who had been fired.

“I was hoping that when Chris White contacted me,” Bridget told me “I could ask him, what was in my personnel file that prompted my termination? He states that due to what was in my personnel file my firing was legit. Which puzzles me, I was never written up at CHS. I, in fact, was considered a key staff member, and personally congratulated by Richard Johnston, in October 2009, for what a good job I was doing as the Finance Assistant. Of course this was prior to the news of the petition for Union representation at CHS.”

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Ct Humane Society President Chris White Again Caught Telling Fairy Tales

The controversial new president of the Connecticut Humane Society has again been caught spinning/fibbing/or ignorance – you decide.

Its not unusual for some newspaper publishers to make up stuff (Courant for instance), but to do it as blatantly and as stupidly as Life Publications owner Chris White does stands out.

You can simply search his name on CtWatchdog and find the other instances where his comments as chairman of the Connecticut Humane Society has had little relationship with reality, but here I will point out the latest: fully documented.

One of the major issues has been the Society’s Board of Directors refusing to meet with staff members who were fired for union activities.

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Ct Humane Society Board Makes Minor Changes

In response to unprecedented criticism and state and federal investigations, the board of directors of the Connecticut Humane Society says it is reforming its practices. The changes were announced last weekend to volunteers and staff …