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Animal Abuse Awareness Poster

In an effort to raise awareness of animal abuse and the potential legal consequences for those found guilty of that crime, the nonprofit group Concerned Citizens For Humanity (CCFH) funded the development and printing of a poster…

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Connecticut Humane Society Press Conference

Two members of Coalition For Change, which is working to force Richard Johnston, the president and chairman of the Connecticut Humane Society, out of at least his chairman’s post, speak during a press conference today…

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Connecticut Humane Society Critics Take Their Case To The Media

A group of former Connecticut Humane Society workers and their supporters finally got the attention of traditional media today by setting up a press conference in East Hartford complete with former staff, volunteers and donors for the media to interview.

Newspapers, the Associated Press and television and radio stations had ignored complaints up until this morning, even though state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said two weeks ago he had opened an investigation into claims that Society President and Chairman Richard Johnston was using the nonprofit agency for some of his personal bills.

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OSHA Returns To Re-Inspect Connecticut Humane Society

Copyright © 2010, After apparently being hoodwinked last year by managers of the Connecticut Humane Society, two OSHA inspectors returned today to conduct a full investigation of conditions in the Newington-based facility. Robert Kowalski, acting…

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Heat Turning Up On Connecticut Humane Society Management

The next two days apparently will be interesting at the Connecticut Humane Society, where workers, former workers, volunteers and their supporters have targeted Richard Johnston, longtime president and board chairman, for removal. The CHS board…

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FURminator Review: A GREAT Tool To Rid Pets Of Extra Fur

If you are an animal lover like us (two dogs and two cats), odds are you spend some time dealing with shedding issues, including hairballs.

Now if your animals sleep with you (three of them do including the BIG dog), you are also doing a lot of washing to get rid of the fur, especially the short fur from a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

So when I was in PetCo the other day looking for a way to prevent the BIG dog from wolfing down his meal in 30 seconds (found a silver ball that fits int he dish), I came across the FURminator.

It looked impressive, like something you would see in a grooming shop, and it was pricey, $40. I asked the clerk how well it worked and she raved about it.

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Humane Society Board Member Backs Johnston

A member of the Connecticut Humane Society’s board of directors says she is surprised that some employees and former employees are criticizing the Society’s President and Chairman as a bully. Kathyann Cowles of Glastonbury said…

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OSHA Inspection Obstructed By Connecticut Humane Society President, Workers Claim

Sept. 11, 2009 is a date remembered by many workers at the Connecticut Humane Society. It of course was the anniversary of the World Trade Center destruction. It was the date that a group of staffers said they would no longer be bullied by Humane Society President and Board Chairman Richard Johnston and they conducted their first of many secret union formation meetings.

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Ex Connecticut Humane Society PR Chief Dishes On Its President

A former Connecticut Humane Society Public Relations Director is backing up allegations that the Society’s president Richard Johnston bullies and verbally abuses employees on a regular basis.

Cheryl D. Rice, who now runs her own public relations and marketing business from her central Connecticut home, says she was one of many employees who was fired by Johnston.