Hundreds Of Ct Inner-City School Children Arrested Yearly On Minor Issues

Written by Lisa Chedekel

As a fifth grader at a New Haven magnet school in 2009, Jacob was watching a lot of “Ed, Edd n Eddy” shows on TV—a slapstick cartoon that features adolescent equivalents of the Three Stooges.

Maybe too many shows, his mother now says.

That October, she received a call saying her 10-year-old son was in the principal’s office with a police officer who was preparing to arrest him for giving a younger student— a girl—a wedgie on the school bus. His parents were dumbfounded.

“It was just surreal. You’re going to arrest a little boy over this?” said his mother, who asked that her name not be used to protect her son. She said Jacob, who had special education needs that she believed were not being addressed by the school, had been punched and injured in prior incidents that had never resulted in arrests. “It still brings up such anger and even tears at this point,” she said.

A C-HIT review of data collected by the Connecticut judicial department suggests that Jacob’s arrest, which was later dropped, is not unusual, especially in inner-city or overcrowded schools.


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10 Comments on "Hundreds Of Ct Inner-City School Children Arrested Yearly On Minor Issues"

  1. kathleen Kiley | December 14, 2011 at 7:42 am |

    Great piece. Perhaps include bullies in the arrest sweep, then you’d have schools in Fairfield County, too.

  2. Good. Start busting them young for what is assault, and they’ll learn the hard way the differences between right and wrong. Baby them as they do this and you’ll just make it worse.

    Without consequences, little SOBs become big SOBs.

    • Sweet Carol | April 30, 2012 at 3:13 pm |

      I agree. This is a matter of the parents not teaching the child. To me, I am thinking of how a kid gives a wedgie. Don’t they have to stick their hand in the butt crack to give a wedgie? That sounds like it is too sexual and is an assault to me. Sometimes kids can be told it is wrong to do and not to do again. Parents should be telling that and teachers if it happens, but if it happens a 2nd time, it should go to the police. This is bullying and the boy did this to a girl so it has a sexual connotation and was meant to be so. He may not have understood the seriousness, but I bet he does now. I think it is great. Nip it quickly and they learn, and hopefully the parents will as well. They always see these bullying and pestering as minor issues but they are not to the child on whom this is enacted. It is embarrassing and they are very uncomfortable. it is bullying at the least and sexaual harassment at the worst.

    • Some of these comments are disgusting. You would have to have a room temperature IQ to defend a 10 year old going to jail over a “wedgie”. I’m truly in awe at this flood of stupidity. What happened to after school detention?

  3. Why are the parents not teaching the kids how to ACT IN PUBLIC?!?

  4. Flabbergasted | December 14, 2011 at 10:25 am |

    Its not MINOR if the kid disrupts the education of other students.
    The teachers and bus drivers should NOT BE TEACHING THESE ANIMALS HOW TO BEHAVE !

    I see it all the time, indifferent mothers yapping on cell phones with inch long nails, ignoring the screams of their little ones. How are these little ones expected to learn if not from the parents? By the time they get to school its too late. I don’t know the answer but you can’t ignore the issue – go see how Catholic school kids behave, then go to a public school and watch. The Catholic school kids know how to act in public. If not, the school tosses them out. The parents are involved and the kids know what is expected of them.

  5. snoyds jorge | December 14, 2011 at 5:34 pm |

    If you want to change things, then let the parents take back the discipline of their children. so many parents are afraid to discipline their kids because of fear of getting arrested. I’m talking good old fashioned discipline. I told the resource officer at my 3 kids high school that if they did something bad i wouldn’t believe in “spare the rod, spoil the child”, they would get a smack up the side of their head. That office looked me straight in the eyes and said he wished the parents would do the disciplining because its their job. I told him that the parents were afraid , in fear they would get arrested. My daughter threatened me with calling the police after i told her i would kick her a#@…I told her to go ahead. I could use a vacation…My 3 kids are 19, 20 & 21…And they have told me that they were greatfull that they were given boundries and it was enforced. They look at their friends and see the ones that had no boundries or discipline and are amazed at the way their friends have taken a bad road in life…There is nothing wrong with good old fashioned discipline.

  6. “MINOR” issues turn into MAJOR issues if they’re not NIPPED in the bud! Kids are out of control these days because they are undisciplined. When you have KIDS having KIDS, this is what you get!

  7. Sweet Carol | April 30, 2012 at 3:23 pm |

    I think the mother’s name was withheld to protect the mother and father. They are the culprits in this case for not talking to their child when he was watching those shows to tell him that while it looks funny, it is not acceptable behavior. I think today’s kids are rearing themselves and not well. They need parental discipline and correction. It doesn’t have to be a spanking, though that does get attention. More parents who don’t discipline are guilty of abuse as they get fed up and hit the kids in inapppropriate ways or they yell and yell and kid never knows how many times they will yell before they really have to change. Kids need consistent discipline so they know the rules. Kids should not be deciding on the rules in the family. I have seen this in some of my grandkids. Parents think they are doing right or that their kids are good kids. They are in many ways but they are choosing what they want over what is good or best. Kids need some small choices and when they do well making choices, to be given more choices but still need direction at times. I have even said in some things, this is what I think is best, but you are old enough now to choose. Know what? They chose what I thought best. I even expressed a bit of surprise as they had the choice and they said that they knew what I expected and did what I wanted. It may be because they would get talked to, but I wouldn’t have. It wasn’t serious enough for me to give a command. It was a choice. It is more of a problem in my husband’s grandkids because they don’t have our church as a background to help teach them as well. Sometimes others can have more influence at times and it is great to have good people telling them the same things as the parents do. I have seen kids have a temper at McDonald’s because they are controlled to keep them from running all over and bothering other people. I’d make sure they didn’t go again for awhile if they did that and I’d probably remove them right then from the store. They would either have time out at home or a smack for sure. Have to do that inside now or some dumb person will report you. A smack or two on the rear doesn’t hurt a kid. But my son does well with his kids (or his wife does) with time out and then saying they are sorry afterwards and other one has to accept the apology or they stay in timeout. So both feel justified and can play happily together again.

  8. Today’s kids are not only smarter than past generations, but equally….far more violent and dangerous.

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