A New Cell Phone Money-Saving Resource For Consumers

Our company has introduced a terrific new website, SaveOnPhone.com, that will help consumers make an informed decision about their cell phone plans.

As you know, the cell phone industry is going through dramatic changes. The big four carriers no longer control the entire market. Now, there are a number of discount carriers and these give consumers some attractive options.

SaveOnPhone.com tracks the major wireless carriers as well as these new discount carriers. We have placed them all on one website so consumers can compare the plans. We cut through all the hype and interpret the legal jargon. We give our honest opinion on each plan and the “gotchas” that consumers need to know about each offer.

You may remember that our company started covering the long distance industry 15 years ago, and we bring that same knowledge to the wireless industry to create a unique human-powered comparison of the cell phone industry.

We invite you to check our cell phone comparison website, SaveOnPhone.com.

If you would like more information or talk to the creator of the site, John Oldshue, you can reach him at 877-529-5560 or john@saveonphone.com

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