Apple Store Packed: While Other Mall Stores Have Few Customers This Back To School No Tax Massachusetts Weekend

Hundreds of shoppers rushed to the Holyoke Mall Sunday morning even before the majority of the stores were open at 11 a.m to take advantage of the tax holiday this back to school shopping weekend in Massachusetts.

There was only one store though that saw any crowds in the morning: Apple. Not only was the store packed around 10:30 a.m. there was a line outside waiting to get in.

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There was so much interest in purchasing Apple products that those who were buying and needed some help were kept behind a line outside the store and were only let in when an Apple employee was free to help them with their questions about computers and other iProducts.

People were leaving with expensive iMacs even though it is expected that a huge upgraded iMac will be out in a month or two.

Other stores like Target, which also opened prior to the normal 11 a.m. Sunday start of shopping, had few customers. There were more people at Apple that Starbucks and Target combined. Of  course, by this afternoon I would expect both Target and Starbucks to be packed.

I was interested because I own Apple stock and options and after seeing what I saw today, I am buying more options tomorrow. (that is for disclosure purposes not that I am recommending you do that. Check with you financial adviser).

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