AT&T Refuses To Identify Its Vendor Who Hacked Connecticut Cell Phone Accounts

Denise M. Jones

January 3, 2012

Paul Carney

AT&T Asset Protection 550 Cochituatate Road Suites 13 & 14

Framingham, MA 01701

Dear Mr. Carney:

Re: Account #xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Please see the enclosed Identity Theft Complaint and Affidavit. I’ve been advised to send a copy of the brief report to AT&T. In addition to the report you can reference the following timeline of the fraudulent activity on my account, primary #xxxxxxxxxxxx8

On 12/12/11 Customer Service at AT&T explained to me that some of the major fraudulent changes that were made to my account started with a phone call by someone falsely claiming to be me. The caller had changed my last name & address as well as added 5 new lines & purchased 5 new iPhones all charged to my account. In the process, my own personal cell phone was also taken out of service as it was used for an upgrade on one of those iPhones. I dedicated much of that day both on the phone and in person at the Torrington AT&T branch attempting to resolve these problems. At that time I was advised by the fraud department to add a “special pass code” to my account to protect my account from future fraudulent activity, which I did immediately. This security code should have prevented any further illegal access to my account as no one other than AT&T personnel & I should have had access to this code!

Next however, on 12/13/11, I again had to call AT&T to troubleshoot the problem that my husband’s cell phone had stopped working. At that time I learned that even the new pass code that I had added the previous day had not prevented yet another occurrence of fraudulent activity against my account. This time my husband’s line had been fraudulently used to obtain an upgrade that was obviously not authorized. I next went back to the Torrington AT&T branch on 12/14/11 to address the matter again and to correct the sim card in order to get his cell phone functioning again.

I’m sure you can agree that the fraudulent activity that occurred not just once, but again for a second time even after the security pass code had been put in place is cause for serious concern. It was my understanding that AT&T & I were supposed to be the only ones with knowledge of and access to the new security pass code. However, that being said, I was flabbergasted and am unable to accept the statement made to me by Ben Kirk at AT&T on 12/22/11 “that someone who stole my identity is doing a good job.” It’s obvious to me that AT&T has a real security problem within their system that did not prevent these security & identity breaches from occurring.

During my last conversation with Ben Kirk, he said that AT&T would cover my service for 6 months and give me new equipment presumably to compensate me for my inconvenience. However, I’ve since left several messages for Ben but have still not received a return call back a full 12 days later. This is totally unacceptable and should not have to be tolerated. I have not received anything whatsoever in writing acknowledging what happened, what new security measures are to be put in place to protect my identity and AT&T account or officially advising of the free service and equipment that Ben promised me.

To say that I am disappointed especially by the more recent lack of response or consideration since my last conversation with AT&T would be an understatement. At this time l am formally requesting that AT&T provide me with written acknowledgement of Ben’s promised free service & equipment so that I can determine how to proceed. I also want to receive documentation as to what steps have been and/or will be taken to protect me going forward.


Denise M. Jones

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