Bank of America Should Just Play Tape of Disputed Sales Call

It’s perhaps not so surprising that a Bank of America customer discovered recurring payments on his credit card bill for a service he swears he never signed up for.

This kind of thing happens a lot.

What is surprising is that BofA told the customer to pound sand when he requested proof that he authorized the bank by phone to enroll him in its Credit Protection Plus program, which came with a $212.50 monthly charge.

BofA’s stance: Trust us, we’re right. We have nothing to prove.

This didn’t sit well with Craig Chatfelter after he realized he’d paid more than $4,000 in Credit Protection Plus charges over 19 months–and, yes, he blames himself in part for not having kept closer tabs on his card statements.

If BofA is confident that its records show Chatfelter signed up for the program, let him see them. Play him the tape where he can be heard agreeing to join Credit Protection Plus. Case closed, right there.

Failure to do so on BofA’s part suggests that its records won’t stand up to scrutiny, and that alone should vindicate Chatfelter.

Story by David Lazarus for the LA Times.

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  1. I believe this is way all the Bank of America locations have an armed guard standing out front. They have to many pissed off customers.

  2. After all the horror stories about bank of America over the years, I don’t know why anyone would deal with them. Deal with someone honest like Capital One, or some other proven company.

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