Beware Of Emails Claiming To Be From Your Electric Utility Company

The latest Internet scam involves emails claiming to be bills from your utility company.

The idea is to get you to click on the link that is supposed to take you to your account, but instead will send you to another website which will try to steal your personal information.

“It’s very, very dangerous,” said Paula Selis, senior counsel for the High Tech Unit of the Washington State attorney general’s office. “It can also download other malware, so it could reach out and find other bad files and also install them on your computer.”

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  1. Well, UI is the flip side of this. When I received my bill in November they included a flyer saying they would be changing their billing software and some bills might be delayed. After several calls to them I finally got a bill for December a week ago. After a confusing call with customer service I spoke to a hostile supervisor who said an updated bill was sent out a week ago. I still haven’t received it.

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