Chase Damages Woman’s Credit with $16,159 Error

Imagine waking up one day and finding out that you can’t get a credit card because someone at the bank screwed up and told the credit reporting agencies that you owed more than $16,000 to Chase.

You’d think that this could be easily resolved–but apparently not without getting the local news involved.

A California woman tells CBS that her applications for credit cards were being rejected because of a huge $16,159 stain on her credit report.

Looking into that mystery number, she found that the credit reporting agencies had been told that in 2007, a court ordered her to pay that pile of cash to Chase.

But amazingly, Chase suddenly began caring about this woman after CBS got involved.

She has since received a letter from the bank saying there was never a judgment against her.

That letter has been passed on to the credit bureaus, which have cleaned up her credit reports.

Story by Chris Morran for The Consumerist.

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