CL&P Admits To Billing Problems As Its Accounts Receivable Operations Moved To Dallas

CL&P has confirmed that it is having problems with its new billing service caused since the giant utility moved accounts receivable operations from Connecticut to Dallas.

The confirmation came as the result of accusations made public by State Sen. Michael McLachlan Wednesday that hundreds of CL&P customers have received shut off notices despite the fact that they were current on their bills.

“Unfortunately we are experiencing mailing delays with some of our customer payments.  We are working closely with postal service representatives in Connecticut and Texas to determine what’s causing the problem and how to quickly resolve it,” CL&P spokesman Mitch Gross said in a response to McLachlan’s complaint.

“In the meantime, we are also making short term adjustments to our credit process and are temporarily suspending late payment charges for customers if their account is in good standing,” Gross said.

“We’d also like to remind customers that we have several alternative payment options, which include paying electronically online or having their payment automatically deducted from their bank account.”

In March 18 letters to the presidents of CL & P and Yankee Gas McLachlan noted that CL & P moved its accounts receivable operations from Connecticut to Dallas, Texas.

The former two-day payment processing service in Hartford now takes two weeks in Dallas the Republican senator said.

“Why would a major corporation want their payments floating in the U.S. Postal Service traveling from Connecticut to Texas?” McLachlan said.  “It defies logic.

“Many of my constituents have contacted me to share their frustration with CL & P’s customer service department in response to a CL & P shut-off notice.  One person told me, ‘I’ve never been late paying my bills, and now they send me a shut-off notice and charge me a late fee?’

“Another constituent received a shut-off notice and the power was turned off. Unfortunately, their payment was received on-time by CL & P and the power was restored. After a contentious phone call to customer service, CL & P removed the ‘reconnection fee’ from the customer’s bill.
“Phone calls to CL & P often result in a response saying, ‘Don’t worry, we received your payment.’  Tell that to a senior citizen who has never experienced the alarm of a shut-off notice.  

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5 Comments on "CL&P Admits To Billing Problems As Its Accounts Receivable Operations Moved To Dallas"

  1. George:

    Thanks for exposing this issue. I called and got all the late charges removed on our accounts. According the CL&P customer service representative, the processing will still take 7-10 days after they receive the customer’s check. Customers can call the 888 number on their bill on the day the payment is due and make a payment over the phone for those customers that have checking accounts. Otherwise, you will have to mail the payments at least 10-12 days before its due or start calling CL&P and complain so they waive the late charges.

  2. Do they notify credit reporting agencies of late paying and if so does this affect credit rating/credit core?

  3. Dennis Hubbs | March 27, 2014 at 1:59 pm |

    BS!! They simply are not mailing their bills out in time! This is what happens when these companies get too big to be efficient. Nonsense blaming the Post Office. There is NO need to mail a payment the very moment you get it, IF it’s sent to you in a timely manner! Pay on-line? Just another way for them to get their money sooner while exposing you to more identity theft possibilities…and to make it cheaper for THEM to operate their billing department. Way to go CL&P.

  4. John Q Public | March 28, 2014 at 7:38 am |

    And how many CT jobs were lost in this transition?

  5. It would certainly help if our legislature would de-couple the regulated power distribution companies (CL&P, UI) from the billing for alternative suppliers. Those alternative suppliers should be forced to do their own billing. Then if a customer had a complaint about their “post-teaser: rates, it wouldn’t be a debt to CL&P or UI. This way the customer could stand up against unfair business practices.

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