Connecticut Consumer Resolutions: 13 for 2013

We all understand that the start of a new year might be a good time to review the successes and errors of the past year and resolve to make some changes for the better.

Here are some of our favorite resolutions for you to consider. We believe that by becoming more “consumer aware,” you’ll prevent undue stress and hassles in 2013. Try one or try them all – they’re free.

Resolution 1: I won’t waste time listening to telemarketers; I will just hang up, no explanation needed. My time and money are my own!

Resolution 2: I will thoroughly read – not scan – every written agreement or contract that I sign. The devil is in the details, as the saying goes.

Resolution 3: I will remember what contracts come with a 3 day right to cancel, and I will use it if necessary.

Resolution 4: I will go online at and check for active, valid registrations and licenses for every contractor I hire.

Resolution 5: I will not be persuaded to wire money out of the country for any person, prize, grant, or job opportunity.

Resolution 6: I will read and understand all disclosures when I buy anything, including computer equipment, software, vehicles and service contracts.

Resolution 7: I will understand refund and return policies at the places where I shop, and I will save my receipts until I’m sure that no returns are needed.

Resolution 8: I will get my free credit reports at

Resolution 9: I will keep documents with my social security number and all my financial records in a safe, out of the way place at home.

Resolution 10: I will never give financial or personal information on the phone, unless I am sure who is at the other end of the line.

Resolution 11: I will place my number on the Do Not Call List, and sign up for the Direct Marketing Association’s DMAChoice service to opt out of most junk mail.

Resolution 12: I will always give myself a few days to think about and get input from a trusted family member or friend before I agree to any offer that “seems too good to be true.”

Resolution 13: I will never agree to home improvement or repairs from persons going door to door in my neighborhood.

What’s your consumer resolution for 2013? Let us know at: and we may print it!

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