Consumer Reports Test Shows Too Many Cans Of Food Almost Half Filled With Water

Were you every suspicious that there was a little too much water in the can of tuna or can of green beans you just opened?canned goods

Consumer Reports was and it decided to investigate.

The non-profit group had one of its engineers open 63 cans of food ranging from chicken to corn. The engineer drained the water and weighed the solid food.

Have you ever opened a can of food and found it almost half-full of water? We have, too, and we decided to investigate.

“Across all brands and types of food, the cans held on average about 57 percent of the label’s claimed weight in solids,” says Consumer Reports.

Federal Department of Agriculture rules do not prohibit the practice, according to Consumer Reports

“When we asked a few companies why we found so much liquid, representatives tended to apologize without answering. “It should be about three-fourths corn and one-fourth water,” said a rep from General Mills, owner of Green Giant. “The water is in there to keep the freshness of the product.” A Hormel rep said that all of the company’s canned chunk products, including chicken, should be about 80 percent product and 20 percent water when drained gently. But the cans we opened had 54 percent chicken and 46 percent broth.”

So what can you do? One option is to purchase frozen food. You and your wallet might be better off.

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