Credit Card Companies Offering Free Money

Credit card companies are once again offering free money–or it sure looks free when you see a huge 0% plastered on the envelope.

Open that new plastic, buy now and get 0% until August 2014?

Credit card experts say we’re seeing the best promotions for plastic ever since the Great Recession.

The latest run of 0% offers–including 0% financing deals at stores and 0% introductory-rate major credit cards–is one more sign that the worst is over for the economy.

More jobs mean more people can pay their credit card bills.

Credit card issuers are able to offer 0% rates to a significant group of consumers now because the expectation is that interest rates will remain low and the unemployment rate won’t climb dramatically through the end of 2014. If that’s correct, economists say, it would be awhile before rates increase appreciatively.

Story by Susan Tompor for USA Today.

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