Ct Agency Coordinating Consumer Complaints On AT&T Transition To Frontier Communications

Consumers who are experiencing difficulties as a result of the recent transition from AT&T to Frontier Communications for U-verse, landline, and broadband Internet are welcome to file a written complaint with the Department of Consumer Protection. The agency is coordinating complaints in order to expedite the process, ensure the highest level of company compliance, and achieve satisfaction for consumers affected by this major change.

“Governor Dannel P. Malloy said, “We want to ensure that all customers are protected and adequately receiving the services for which they are paying. With that in mind, we’re encouraging anyone who is experiencing any problems to report their complaints through the state, and we will coordinate them together to ensure that these situations are being handled appropriately.”

A link to the agency’s complaint form is here. If preferred, an email complaint can be sent to: dcp.frauds@ct.gov In any complaint, consumers should include the following:
• Contact information — email, home address, telephone (include alternate means of contacting you if your service is down)
• Billing address
• Specific problem — specify if there is an outage or if a shutoff notice was received. If it is a billing issue, please provide details. If the problem is poor reception, please describe. If there is limited use of certain stations, please give details.
The Department of Consumer Protection will coordinate complaints with the company and other appropriate agencies.

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24 Comments on "Ct Agency Coordinating Consumer Complaints On AT&T Transition To Frontier Communications"

  1. Where is the link reported in the article?

    • I spent hours on hold waiting to talk to someone
      at Frontier. I need to know when the McAfee protection ATT provided ends; how I can get it
      continued, etc. I also need to put a stop to some
      premium channels I was getting for 3 months via ATT
      so I don’t continue to get them and get charged
      I was without the same services (on demand etc)
      others complain about.
      the persons I reached after doggedly holding for
      almost an hour were rude, uninformed and unhelpful

  2. Today, I suddenly cannot send or receive e-mail.
    Therefore, I am unable to file a complaint at dcp.frauds@ct.gov.
    For the past two weeks my DSL internet has slowed.
    Currently, I am unable to carry on my daily business.

  3. There is no link in the article

  4. I filed a complaint with the state on Monda because I did not get the refund I was promised by two AT&T/Frontier employees. They were very helpful so I do not believe it was not them stopping me from getting a refund.

    I spoke with a lady on Oct 20 to get my landline turned off. She said it would be turned off Oct 21 I would get a refund in the mail around Nov 9 when my new bill would be due. Well that did not happen. I called AT&T again on Monday and spoke with someone and they said my landline was not turned off and I said it was because I tested my phones and it was off in October. This lady said she would give me credit back to Oct 20. She worked in the New Haven office. It seemed like she was having a hard time getting my account information but, she also promised me a refund.

    I went on line to log into my account. I got in and there was a message about Frontier and I could not get my account information.

    Now it is Nov 19 and I usually get my bill around the 9th. I filed the complaint with the state on Monday and I got an email to pay my landline phone on Tuesday from AT&T I logged in and got the same message about Frontier and could not get into my account.

    So I get this email after I filed a complaint with the state. So now I just have to wait for the state to act.

  5. Scammed by Frontier Technical Support- $5.99/month Security Software package hustle during internet “outage”.
    At 1:30 PM on 17 November I suffered an internet outage on my DSL. After 30 minutes I did the standard modem/computer shutdown…off for 10 minutes followed by a startup of my modem then my computer. Still no internet so I called Frontier. My bad that I waited for the customer service representative to answer….25 minutes after I called then finding out I should have pressed 4 for tech support. Wait she said, I’ll transfer you over….click hum…ok called tech support…got a friendly voice. I told him the internet light on my DSL modem was red. He asked what model modem. I told him it was a hardwire (not wifi) modem….OK, he said. I was waiting for him to tell me to do the reboot thing however, the very next thing out of his mouth was “did I have a security program on my computer”. I said yes I have the ATT provide McAfee Security Suite. He says that’s no good it is only a trial package that expires after three months. I told him I have had it several years with ATT. Next he starts telling me about Frontier’s security software and connect anywhere cloud. He told me the security was $5.99 a month and the connect anywhere was $4.99. I told him my ATT McAfee was at no additional cost and I am happy with it. He said I’ll email you information on both of Frontier’s items. OK I said seemed benign. Oh by the way your area is suffering an outage, rest assured we have all available assets working on restoring your internet. Around 6:30 PM miraculously my internet was restored. In my email inbox was an email thanking me for PURCHASING Frontier’s security software and it gave me a key code to activate it. Needless to say I got billing customer service on chat and told them I never purchased anything, that I was supposed to have gotten an information package. Aaron told me it was removed from my account. I asked it I will get an email documenting that the service was removed….No says Aaron, you can email this chat to yourself as a record of his assurance….yea right….never received that email and once you email it grays out. Now I have to follow up and make sure that really happened.
    It smells of a scam….are internet outtage…..call tech support to find out what’s going on….get hustled into having them send you information on an email which turns into a purchase.

  6. Roberta Lewis | November 23, 2014 at 1:26 pm |

    I was just disconnected for the second day in a row after a long time on hold, and finally getting someone. I now have 8 different phone numbers and have been passed around. My internet down speed this morning was 0.23!!! That is unusable so I can’t contact them by internet. They never call back after the disconnect even though they say they will. I am a reasonable person, but a month of nothing is outrageous!

  7. Ralph Pizzoferrato | November 30, 2014 at 8:51 pm |

    I have been without phone service since Nov 25. It is now Nov 30. I have spent hours waiting for an online chat with Frontier only to be told my work order is still waiting. This is almost 7 days without service. Totally unacceptable. With the complaints I have already read online, how can our state aty. general continue to let this service continue. These issues are widespread, contrary to what Frontier staff has stated. Please do something.

  8. On or around Dec.3 I called Frontier to get internet services at my house. 3 days later, I called back to see when they were coming out to do the install. They had to redo my work order because it had errors. Today Dec.23 They were suppose to be at my house between 8AM and 2PM. I called 1 (800) 921-8101 to see if they were delayed and still coming out. Love and behold my work order still had errors. Why cant they pick this up and give me a call??? Now they say that I am good to go and they should be here on Jan2. This is really irritating and can not keep happening.

  9. We were solicited by AT&T over the summer and switched from Comcast to uverse with the promise of saving 100 a month. Since we all have laptops the only thing we we requir was hbo go and showtime anytime. Everything worked well until suddenly our services stopped. We found out frotier took over and we have not had our service since. I have called so many times sat on hold 45 minutes a time no one ever comes. On the rare occasion I get someone they do not have a clue, I w promised by a supervisor I would only be billed for the intent as we still don’t have the services we signed up for. Frotier is not even includ as a choice. I have. Ad to purchase on amazon any show I want to watch. They are billing me over 600 dollars for a service I don’t have and I have called daily to try to get someone as I was promised I would not be billed. Even if I had the slice I should only be charged 179 a month. I can’t get a person. The last supervisor I spoke with told me she didn’t know when it work but she thought the end of December. How can they be billing us I am so angry if this hurts my credit I will have to get a lawyer.heydo not respond to calls or letters AT&T will not help either.

  10. Robert Miller | January 1, 2015 at 11:29 pm |

    For weeks now our emails from customers do not reach us. The problem is at server in CTbbut after hours upon hours with Tech people trying to explain their is a problem reaching this email server they usually hang up because they are not trained or simply rude but our problem still exists.

  11. Frank Slugaski | January 6, 2015 at 6:44 pm |

    I cannot believe HBO GO and SHOWTIME ANYTIME are not available on Frontier. HBO GO asks for your id and password, but says “You are not subscribed to HBO” -which is totally false. I have been a subscriber with all cable providers I have contracted with. Showtime Anytime doesn’t even give you an option of choosing Frontier It was never an issue with AT&T or XFinity (which I had before AT&T). Reading prior emails from customers who switched to Frontier a year ago, the problem existed then and continues now. This was part of the paid service for AT&T and the price is the same for Frontier (no discount offered for the lack go HBO GO and SA) Now I have asked 3 customer service reps from Frontier on different occasions and no one had a definitive answer. It seems that they still don’t have a solution for over a year. How is that possible, when it commonplace across the nation with almost every cable provider?

  12. Barb Macdonald | January 7, 2015 at 1:53 pm |

    How can Frontier give you a billing date which falls on a weeken, then when you go to pay online, it won’t accept the due date and defaults to next business day, which appears as a late payment?
    How can they bill you for February and tell you that you are past due, when the next payment per my statement is January 10, which I scheduled a payment online.
    Not only was the transfer of service from AT&T to Frontier terrible, we are still paying the same price for services that we had at AT&T that we don’t have with Frontier, ie., App that allows us to manage our DVR from our phone or online, limited online networks. Frontier is the worst.

  13. Donald Slater | January 7, 2015 at 5:00 pm |

    Lost Internet Service on the 24th of December Christmas Eve, the worst possible time the Holidays.
    The entire holiday from the 24 thru the 29 I was without internet.
    I made numerous call and every day I was put on hold for at least four hours a day.
    Finally got someone at Frontier to pick up and they took my address and told me someone would be out to my house to fix the problem on Saturday the 27th of December. I waited all day and no one from Frontier showed up.
    I spent the next three hours that evening on hold again and when I finally got someone they told me there was a problem with my Ticket.
    They told me they would give me a call back, but nobody called. I called again and was on hold for another two and a half hours and they reopened a new ticket and told me someone would be out on Sunday.
    On Sunday at 5:00 a lineman came to my house and told me the problem was that I was switched to 6MBS and where I live I can only get 3MBS. I received misinformation from Frontier that I could get 6MBS where I lived. The guy came into my house and tried to fix the problem, but it became very obvious that he had no idea what he was doing.
    Told me he would come back on Monday Dec. 29th with someone who could fix my problem.
    Two men arrived again on Monday Dec. 29th and Between the two of them they came to the conclusion that my Account had been deleted and that I did not exist. They then called another person and four hours later at around 6:00 I got the Internet back.
    I’ve been calling for the last week to get in touch with someone in billing for an adjustment to my bill. I spent two hours on hold each day and was told numerous times I would get a call back. Well none came.
    This is the absolute worst company I’ve ever had to deal with. They have no idea what they are doing and I will not pay them a dime from our last bill due to the stress and number of hours I spent during the Holidays on hold with absolutely Zero satisfaction and no confidence that the Internet will continue to work for very long.
    Just a horrible horrible Holiday experience, due to Frontier Communications

    • Interesting I had Al list the exact same issue where my account was suddenly “deleted” during the transition. I was unfortunate in that I switched from Cablevision a week before the transition to Frontier. The entire process was a disaster from day one. I am right now in week six of waiting for line-speed upgrade I ordered due to the really s l o w speeds. Pages constantly do not load or have to be refreshed in order to load.

      I actually had one tech in my home for four hours during the transition (I went bananas on the phone and they actually sent someone out the next day after telling me in was going to be two weeks to get service). The entire time he was here he was on hold waiting for tech support.

      Frontier really is a mess.

  14. We have att max plus at 18 minium speed for 30.50 from Oct 2014 to Oct 14 ,2015 the package deal was 61.00 at att but as a loyal att customer they gave it to us for 30.50 a month for a year contract.frontier takes over we are not notified that there will be changes .our intern starts running real slow and drops etc. we get trouble ticket and find out frontier change our internet package to their max at 12 and he internet test are lower than 10 so the send a technician who change modem box told us he cant do anything about the speed discrepancy We spoke to Stacey from new haven she stated that there was a error in the transfer and that I had two choices 1 continue paying the same amount but lesser speed or pay more and get there package at 49.999 for three years with no contract we said no we want frontier to honor att contract with us she said she talk to management and couldnot ..we ask for a supervisor who in turned said she would connect us to repair technician who later stated he knew nothing and that billing has to correct the error still on the phone .who is protecting the customer if a company can change what they agreed to and not tell the customer . I want out of the contract without penalty.the right thing to do is honor the att contracted price and speed and work on introduicng new package later .we are still on the phone

  15. deborah kidd | January 10, 2015 at 6:09 pm |

    I am not a customer of either Frontier or AT&T (I have Comcast). I also do not have (nor do I want) a house phone, yet FRONTIER took it upon themselves, without my consent or knowledge, to attach their box to my house…an unsightly thing with wires hanging down. What’s worse is that they not only drilled into my 110 year old siding which is no longer made, but the DRILLED INTO ASBESTOS without protection. I have called and called FRONTIER with absolutely NO resolution!!I am livid!!!!

  16. I just lost my landline and was told by Frontier that AT&T has until February 28 to tranfer over all their customers. Frontier has no control over this. Could this really be true, legal and allowed? No restoration date and no landline??? How was this buyout allowed to happen without a smooth transition of service? I never liked AT&T UVerse. That felt like a big scam. Now this?

  17. Moved to mt. Nernon Ohio to help ailing parents. Upon arriving I find that I have no service from AT&T. After numerous contacts with AT&T I still have no service and no recommendations. I even drove to AT&T store an hour away to try to remedy the problem. Nothing happened and I continued getting bills. My contract was cancelled and I was still being billed plus other charges for service I never received. I have been with AT&T for 7 plus years. Never thought they would treat their customers this way . they are sending me to collections for problems they caused.

  18. I sent my phone under warranty because the camera was not working. And today it’s back to me with broken screen, with a mail telling me I have to pay $320 for this phone. I stayed in phone for more than 1 hour going back and forth from customer care to warranty service explaining that the screen was in perfect condition when I put it in the box. They didn’t listen and didn’t care about what I was saying, for being a great customer for 2 years, never late on bills. What I have back is s…! As soon as contract finish …. Good bye.
    I will write this message every where so people know that even though you are a valued customer they only care about your money and that’s it.

  19. ellen mogensen | February 20, 2015 at 12:21 am |

    I have frontier dsl transferred from 10 years of att dsl in the month of November. Since that time, my service has been off and on every minute from 5pm to 1am then it terns off every half an hour or so everyday. I have had this on going problem for 2 to 3 months. trouble tickets ? 2. visits from tech guys? 2. resolution? none. I’ll try to get them on the phone again tomorrow but it could take another 40 minutes. so far, the reasons they state are 1. bad modem (they changed it).2.wrong password (one wrong and one misspelled ,both done by frontier. 3.modem speed and line speed not good . don’t match. so they took us off the 6mbps and put us on 3mbps to match what? they sold me the faster speed, it was a special for free. what next, no speed and no service at all?

  20. Dear Sirs/Madams:

    I am in the process of terminating a relationship with Frontier because of a gross misrepresentation of their service to me during the sales process.

    I was told they would deliver 6Mbps internet service. After the installation, during numerous follow-up calls with installation and support, it became evident that:

    My account was only configured for 1Mbps

    Because I am tech savvy I discovered this before the installer even left my home so it was corrected right away, but it left me thinking that this is standard deceptive practice for the company

    Once this was corrected, the installer and his central office support team was able to boost my service to 2Mbps, but no more

    They informed me that based on my distance from the CO, that was the maximum speed they could achieve due to limitations of their DSL technology

    This was a great internet speed in 1990, but today this is just laughable, and completely insufficient

    The fact that their antiquated DSL service couldn’t deliver the bandwidth they sold me is very simple to anticipate. The “distance from CO” problem is a well known limitation of DSL. Their sales practices obviously include withholding this information from you during the sale.

    So, after much time wasted in many, many support and business office phone calls and the installation session, I am terminating service, but this is obviously a dishonest company. I have been cheated and I’m sure many others have been cheated the same way..


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