CT CONSUMER COMPLAINT: Saga Of Preston Woman With AT&T U-verse

By Dorothy Smith of Preston

For weeks, I had been receiving mailings about AT&T UVerse bundle packages.  At the new year, I decided to bite and called.  I asked if service was available in my area and told yes.  I booked an appointment for end of January. 

The night before installation, I received a message saying they would not be there to install and could not tell me when they would. (Vacation day already taken at this point to be available for them to come). They did not know sooner it could not be done?

I called the next business day to ask why.  I was told that it was a “facilities issue” and not sure when it will be taken care of- call back in a week.  I called in a week.  Told it was a “facilities issue” and do not know when it would be resolved.

At this point I pushed for some answers and asked that I be given a time frame which they said they could not.  I spoke with a manager who said he could not give time frame.  I asked why I was told there was service in my area when there is not.  He said there is service but we need to do construction first (in my book, no service).  When pushed, he said it typically is 2-3 days before can be done.

I called again a week ago and received Sheila who was appalled at the time drag and assured me she would work it through with me.  She would contact the engineers.


I told her to ask what is the “facilities issue”- specifically is  overhead wires, underground construction, etc.?  She called me back and left message saying it was a “facilities issue” and at best, it may be completed by 2/28 (2 months after I ordered) but no details as to the specifics.  She left number to call her back.  I called and no one could tell me how to reach Sheila.  I was transferred six times (for 30 minutes) before I got pissed.  Then Natalie or Natasha said she would work it through and call the engineers.

I again asked for specifics as to what the facilities issue was.  She got back to me to say it is a facilities issue and may be done by 2/28.  I asked about the specifics of the issue and she informed me that the engineers said I can not know- that it  is confidential according to their protocol (say what?)  I asked to speak with a manager and she told me they will just say the same thing.  I asked to speak with someone above manager and she told me there was no one (say what?).  I told her that was not acceptable and to get me someone.  After waiting on the phone for 20 minutes I hung up.

I continue to receive mailings that UVerse is in my area and to call now to get bundle packages.  I belive this is false advertising and that AT&T is not prepared to offer service in this area.

I have filed a complaint with Consumer protection but also ask for your advice/intervention.  I would like this resolved.  I would like one person to handle my case at AT&T to the end instead of getting the runaround and transferred umpteen times or put on hold.  I would like to know the specific issues that are preventing my install and not just “facilitites” (what’s the secret?)  I would like compensation for losing a vacation day.  Since this has gone on for 2 months,they did not know there was a problem before 12 hours of cancelling?

I would also like to express concern that my phone service is with AT&T with 700 minutes for cell.  I asked for the bundle in which my minutes would go to 250 and told that is only for new customers- not current customers.  If it is available, why can’t a current customer get it if there is no contract stating otherwise?  I would like the option for this plan.

From March 9

The saga continues and still no installation.  After three more phone calls, being on hold for 30 minutes each time, told I would be called back in 15 minutes (never happened), told I was being transferred to executive response (but sent to automated phone menu), I called again today.  On hold for 30 minutes.

Spoke with supervisor who ultimately told me I should stay with my current service carrier.  I asked if because this means it can not be done and she said I would be better off staying with what i have.

Finally, after reiterating it can’t be done she indicated it can not.  Why have i been told for 2 1/2 months there was service at my address?  Why, with each call i was confirmed there was service?

Why was installation scheduled for me only to lose 1/2 day vacation time?  Why do i keep receiving mailings to my home saying there is service in my area and to sign up? (just received one again yesterday).

I was told all tvs had to be at the house for install.  I purchased one for the bedroom which has sat for 2 1/2 months not connected.  I would never have purchased if i was staying with my current carrier.  I still have no specific reason what the problem is why I can not get connected other than it can’t happen.  Someone needs to rein this corporate giant in along with their horrible customer service.  As well, it is clearly false advertising.  If you can not get involved, please suggest who is the best to file a complaint with.  Dori Smith

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  1. I have a question for Dorthy — why did you still want the service after all of this? I mean I understand your frustration and you certainly have the right to vent and I am glad you have the forum to do so here. AT&T showed you bad service — you should have just canceled your order. Honestly, did you think that ATT is really offering you a great bundle? Please….

    • In Torrington, all I ordered was the U-verse internet and it did indeed take nearly two months with many phone calls and line pole technicians coming out, wasing my vacation days and, although the service is better now, it is not perfect, i.e. sometimes get messages that my browser can’t reach the internet, sometimes links don’t work…and I was told at the onset that I had thirty days to cancel if unsatisfied. When I tried, I was snappishly told that that was an impossibility and I would have to pay hundreds of dollars early termination fee.

  2. This is exactly happening to me right now as well except I moved and don’t have existing service! Per the Dept. of Energy website my town has service, but according to AT&T not my home. Installation was cancelled two days prior to and I took time off from work as well. No definitive time line for the service to be available, the installation to commence or what the issue is at hand. I’ve been told that this has been run up the ladder with managing and regional directors involved but even they cannot get an answer from AT&T engineering as to what the issue is and what the time frame is.

    I believe this is completely false advertising. I should have never been allowed to sign up for service that clearly does not exist or I should have been informed before hand that it may take quite some time to have the service due to engineering issues at my home. I also believe as a consumer with rights I should be well informed of the issue at hand (timeline, issue itself) so that I may make an informed decision about my service purchase.

    I hope someone reads this and decides to take some action. I plan on filing a complaint with the Dept of Energy and Environmental Protection Public Utilities Regulatory Authority as this is completely unacceptable.

  3. Having the same exact issue right now. Live in a new house that was built almost 2 years ago. I’ve been getting told for months that Uverse is not available to me, even though my neighbors all around me have it. I finally got an e-mail 2 weeks ago saying that it is available. I placed my order, and delivery was scheduled for 4/30. I took the day off. Then I got a phone call a few days ago stating that the service could not be installed on 4/30 and they didn’t have an ETA. After calling AT&T several times and speaking to several supervisors, I was told that someone would call me back after looking into my issue. The order status on their website then changed to 2036. Then, on 4/28, it was changed back to 4/30. I spoke to a service rep online and was told that they would definitely be coming out to do the install today. I then called them up to confirm and was told that there is another issue going on and that they can’t install today. I’ve already filed a complaint with the PURA and let AT&T know that I would be contacting their corporate complaint division and will be contacting the Better Business Bureau later this week

  4. Again the same issues with AT&T. If you can even get a person to talk with, they have no answer and are no help what so ever.
    I was stupid enought to choose to leave Comcast because they would not offer lower related costs, so I went with Direct TV which only bundled with AT&T in my area. Took several months before they got the services hooked up and then tried to charge me full price instead of the bundled price I understood I would get. Then try to go onto their web site to pay them is a bigger joke. I can’t wait until my year is up I loosing these clowns never to return or suggest anyone ever use them.

  5. I have HAD it with ATT Uverse!!! I’ve had it a little over 2 weeks and nothing but a giant headache! I lose signal CONSTANTLY on tv & internet. I have 3 pages of the reps etc that I have spoken too. They could care less!!! I can’t even begin to tell you about this experience, it’d be too long! I have yet ANOTHER tech coming out tomorrow. I told them if it’s NOT fixed for real this time, I’d be throwing all of their equipment out on my front lawn. I will also switch cell carriers as well. I have had them for years for cell and internet with no problems!! Til I decided to get Uverse that is!!!! I have talked to supervisors, managers, reps and techs. This has caused me a great deal of stress!!! I need to go higher up with this problem. Who can I go to??? I have never been so frustrated with a company in my life!

  6. I did take the vacation day, and the tech showed up to install the U-verse, but after several hours he confessed to me that I was too far from the Hub ?? or something to receive the service, and he was frustrated with sales continuing to schedule these impossible installs. He said the technology was expected to improve to make service in my area possible in a year or two. Then much haggling with AT&T to get the deposit refunded, to the point that they even wanted to come back out and try the install again.

  7. In June I called AT&T to see if they could lower my $60.bundled bill. After being told I would save $$$ if I dropped my last 2 mo.with Dish tv & go with Directv.I would get all for $66 a mo.& another $10 off for my friend who signed up.I wasn’t sure what Uverse is,but rep.said I would love it & my bill. After Uverse,I had no phone svc. Now insert ALL the complaints above.My bill arrives.$168. After hrs of calls saying they would remove Uverse I got a 2nd bill for $298. While trying to get it straightened out, AT&T disconnected my service. I was told until it was paid they could not look at my account. I paid. Then could not hear on phone, buzzing was so loud.And could not receive signal for directv because I had no wifi signal. Month later I got phone back to DSL and was told they could not undo Uverse.Now 5 months later I never know if I’ll have tv or phone or how outrageous $$ the bill will be or why its always changing. Today I received 2 bills.A phone bill $68.96 should be $35+ (It was correct on 1 bill).$109.34 for Internet.I can only receive 6 MBPS downloads, yet charged for High Speed Internet. And 2nd. bill $49.00 Uverse restoral charge & $9.late payment charge. And $58.00 1 time charge? A separate bill from Directv for $68.96.I called direcTv to say I think I’m paying it on AT&T. It rings to AT&T. I know the drill to well,call and hang on till your ears are numb & be lied to by everyone you speak with.I have no choices where I live.Its satellite or Hughes Net satellite that has no wifi.I have charges from them for 2 day service,$59.That my American express removes & next bill,its back on. Dish tv for early cancellation. And no where to get help! I may be aged(72) But I was sure I lived in America! AT&T has a monopoly on ALL the services. Something must be done! Maybe I will have to vote for that crazy Donald Trump! Maybe he has the B—s to do something!!! The sad part is this is just a bit of the whole part of this story & yes, if its our only problem, poor us. wah wah wah. What happened to “You Get What You Pay For” So much for truism’s. Some how there must be a way to get away from At&t @ get responsible service.

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