Ct Consumer Complaint: Sirius Continues Charging For 18 months After Cancellation

From Rosana in Wilton: I read your articles on CTwatchdog re: Sirius and have my own story to add.

My car was going off lease at the end of June 2010 and I called just to confirm that my 3 year subscription (set to expire on June 26) would be cancelled.

The woman I spoke to assured me it would.  On June 13, 2010, I turned in my old car and leased a new car with XM service.  Last week, I called because my service was disrupted and the customer representative mentioned there were 2 accounts associated with my phone number.  That is when I first realized my service was NEVER CANCELLED.

I had seen the occasional charges on my bill and assumed it was related to the navigation/traffic service on my current subscription.  Turns out, over the last 20 months, I have been charged almost $275 for services I did not need or even have access to.

I have spoken to 3 customer service representatives who say I never called to cancel.  The notes say I called on June 4, 2010 to downgrade my subscription to quarterly.  THAT MAKES NO SENSE.  Why would I call to continue service on a car I would be giving up in 2 weeks?  After getting no where with the representatives, I have written 4 emails and after threatening to report them to consumer affairs, my complaint has been escalated.  I now await the response.

After reading your articles and a few of the comments, it seems that Sirius may be guilty of intentionally bilking their customers; their earnings and subscriber numbers would be intentionally inflated (INVESTOR FRAUD), and they are abusing their access to customer credit card information.  I was told that subscriptions are automatically renewed and there are potentially abusive aspects of that business practice as well.

Please forward my information to the CT ATTORNEY GENERAL and I would appreciated any guidance on my next steps.  I will also keep you informed if/when I get a reply from Sirius.

Thank you,


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10 Comments on "Ct Consumer Complaint: Sirius Continues Charging For 18 months After Cancellation"

  1. George Gombossy | February 27, 2012 at 12:30 pm |

    I contacted Sirius on Rosana’s behalf and received this email from her this morning:

    I spoke w/ Susan Boutilier this morning and was told i would be getting a full refund. Thank you very very much for contacting sirius on my behalf, for forwarding my info to the AG, but most importantly, for your articles. What happened to me smacked of shady corporate polices…and your articles verified what i already thought to be true.

    • Joyce Nelson | March 28, 2012 at 11:12 am |

      I have now been turned over to a collection agency in Norwell, MA for services cancelled last year…They have called me and tried to get updated credit card info. I would like to file a claim against them for $5000.00…do you think I stand a chance….how do you resolve this?

  2. Thank you for continuing to follow up on Sirius – if it were not for this website I would have probably not gotten my issues resolved. It’s good to know there is still an entity holding companies accountable!

  3. The exact situation happened to us. I just filed a BBB complaint. We turned in a lease car in Dec. 2009 and told them to stopped the service. We missed the $350 payment for another 2 years due to we moved homes that month. We caught in January of 2012 when they tried it again. They stopped it after we fought them on the phone, but we are out around $400. They even called AmEx to get our new CC number since ours was stolen recently. Can you help?
    Ken Page, Houston, Texas

  4. I to have just stumbled into the same problem with Sirius xm, just today. I cancelled an account over 2years ago and found out that they had been billing me since that time. After the much anticipated response from the custome service folks that they could not refund the money, being heckled in Spanish by the associate and then being hung up on by the second supervisor. I about blew my top.

    I will take all help I can get on this and I intend to file a complaint with the FCC and department of justice. This is bloated theft and deceptive practices.

    I actually like the xm content but as for the company there is a huge communication problem there as well as the possibility that the folks in control may be in fact committing a crime.


  5. PauleSmith on 7-27-2012 at 10;30PM I was told that i had a subsciption paid up till 2014, now there saying your on a free trail for three months. ends 10/2012 what is going on with this company.My car subsciption was paid by infiniti till 2014

  6. brian brawner | August 30, 2012 at 8:35 pm |

    I came to this site due to an incident which just occu birred. My subscription was due July 12, but I never received a bill. In an attempt to be honest, I notified them online that I wanted to pay my bill but I hadn’t received one. I was informed I would get a bill when it came due. By August 1 I still had not received a bill, so I notified them online. After chatting with 2 different customer service reps I finally determined the computer had my bill due Dec 7 (12/7) instead. The rep told me I owed 165 dollars which I paid with a copy of the chat transcript. Today I received an email from Sirius saying I was close to losing service due to non payment. Apparently my bill was actually 197 dollars and I was on the nonpaymentlist. They admitted they received $165 but because it was the “full payment” I was threatened with disconnection. I have never gone off on a customer service rep the way I did on this woman. She kept telling me Sirius had not received a payment in one breath while admitting they’d received $165. I had no oprobem paying the extra $32 but the whole idea of cutting off my service despite my paying what I was told to pay really irritated me. They eventually shaved $30 from the bill as a “courtesy.” But it was such a slap in the face for a customer who actually correctedSirius

    • brian brawner | August 30, 2012 at 8:48 pm |

      Corrected their mistake. (Sorry. I must’ve run out of characters.). Thanks for allowing me to vent.

  7. Its June 2015 now and Sirius is still bilking customers by making unauthorized extension of service, usually at a stiff increase in price.

  8. Shilloh Marie | December 2, 2015 at 8:01 pm |

    My fiancees account is paying for someone else to listen on his old truck. And he has been for the last 4 months. They claim we have 2 accounts

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