Customer Claims Bob’s Discount Furniture Short-Changed Them On Sleeper Sofa

When is a queen size mattress not a queen size?

When it is in a sleeper sofa.

That is what Tom and Joan Cavanaugh of Waterford, discovered a year after purchasing a queen size sofa-bed at Bob’s Discount Furniture.

A queen size mattress is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long.

And that is what the salesman at Bob’s told the couple the mattress in the sofa-bed would be.

The couple didn’t question it until earlier this year when a taller relative slept on it during a visit.

The relative is 6 feet 2 inches tall and complained that the bed felt short.

Tom and Joan Cavanaugh measured the mattress and found that while it was 60 inches wide, it was only 69 inches long, three inches shorter than their relative.

“We called the store to complain, and they sent a tech out to verify the size. He then called the store to inform them of his find which was the same as ours. We spoke with Amber, and she informed us that no one makes a sofa sleeper mattress 60″ by 80,” the couple wrote CtWatchdog. “Not true, as I found several

companies on-line that did indeed make them.”

The couple demanded their money back. Bob’s would only offer a store credit.

“Not an option,” the couple wrote me. “We feel that we were misled and lied to by the store personnel.”

I never realized that queen size sofa sleepers were not standard queen size.

I decided to take an informal survey and contacted salesmen at five different furniture chains.

Of the five salesmen only one knew that the queen size sofa sleeper was 10 inches shorter than the mattress you have on your bed.

The other salesmen offered to check and reported that the regular sleeper was shorter.

You can purchase a sofa bed that has a real queen size mattress, but they are much more expensive.

I contacted Bob’s public relations staff for a response, but received none.

Bob’s did make another offer to the couple, proposing to give them a refund on the mattress and suggesting that the couple purchase a full sized queen mattress for the sofa bed. However, Bob’s warned that the 60 by 80 inch mattress “will not properly fit the frame of a queen sleeper sofa.”

“The offer is insulting,” Tom wrote me. “All we want is our money back, Amen.”

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4 Comments on "Customer Claims Bob’s Discount Furniture Short-Changed Them On Sleeper Sofa"

  1. To be honest, I don’t disagree with the first option the Bob’s gave – they had already had the sofa for a year! Expecting to get a full refund after that amount of time had passed is just ridiculous.

    • In a way I agree they should not get the full amount back. If the sofa was not all that it was supposed to be it should have been noticed sooner not just when their tall friend was sleeping on it. If you watch the courts on TV they try to make you whole for your loss but what they allow is not always the full price for the item it depends on depreciation.

  2. Come on Bob’s make good. Face it the salesman lied and that is not the way you do business. I have two homes full of Bob’s Furniture that I am happy with. Love the Bob O’Pedic!!!!

    Take care of the people and refund the money.

    Longtime customer.

  3. Irma Oneal | March 7, 2016 at 5:29 pm |

    Bobs furniture claims with guardian are the worst they never answer and the third party company does not want to work with you on schedule we people work and need some company to work Saturday or at least after five Bob do you want your customers who spent over 5000 dollars not taken care of Bob

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