DirectAir Consumer Complaint: Lousy Customer Service

By Linda Lee from Marstons Mills, MA.

On March 4, 2011, I purchased 5 tickets from Direct Air on their “Friends and Family”

promotion which was an offer to purchase the ticket now and use them anytime during the

following year. You did not have to say who, when or where the tickets were for; anywhere

they fly was the deal.

I have flown with Direct Air in the past, flying out of Worcester and going to smaller airports

in Florida.

I was able to book a flight out in November and although the flight was terribly delayed, I got

to Florida 7 hours later than I had planned.

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3 Comments on "DirectAir Consumer Complaint: Lousy Customer Service"

  1. Direct Air’s public charter air flights are known for its promising schedule. Sad such things happen.

  2. Were in Florida yesterday, when co worker in Massachusetts sent me a text to let me know there was a problem! Scrambled to get flight home and lost 2 days in Florida at Disney! First time for my 11 year old daughter to Disney and lost 2 days due to Direct Air’s IRRESPONSIBILITY!!!!! Can’t get that time back!!! Totally p’d off and will NEVER fly that airline again – even if they do start flying again which is very doubtful!! Shame on Direct Air for stranding thousands of people all of the country and all that you can get back is the cost of your ticket. What about the money that you had to spend for alternate transportation to get home! Just cost us thousands to get home!!!! Pathetic!!! Hope Direct Air NEVER flies again – they deserve to go belly up forever!!!!

  3. I too lost tickets purchased thru Direct Air! My daughter purchased 3 tix to be used to help take care of my Dad, who as a matter of fact, passed away shortly after Direct Air screwed us out of our tickets. Because she used a debit card (which was used as a credit card) she is unable to get the money back without filing a notice of claim!? Don’t get it, why can’t they just return money. Wouldn’t fly with them ever again if they did come back. Shame on them for messing up the vacations of so many children and for taking away time I could have been with my Dad before he left this earth!

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