Ford Reduces Gas Mileage Claim For C-Max Hybrid

Ford is reducing its claim that the C-Max hybrid gets a combined city-highway mileage of 47 mpg.

Following a government investigation into complaints from consumers, Ford is now saying that the average is 43 mpg.

“Ford wouldn’t take such a drastic step if it didn’t feel that it was absolutely necessary, even if it’s just a move to protect its image,” said John O’Dell, green car analyst.

“’s own testing found that the 47 mpg mark is achievable in the C-Max, but that was under controlled driving conditions. As we all know, our own driving styles rarely reflect the perfect behaviors needed to reach peak fuel economy. Additionally, hybrids perform best in slow, stop-and-go city traffic while for many people the daily drive is spent mostly on the freeways. These are two areas where the disconnect between EPA testing and real-world driving experiences come into play” said O’Dell.

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