Free Air Travel Getaways Postcards: Don’t Believe It

Consumer Protection Commissioner William M. Rubenstein is alerting consumers today about postcards that seemingly offer free air travel getaways, that have been landing in Connecticut consumers’ mailboxes recently.

The promotional postcards (samples attached) include images of airplanes and feature in large type the names and identifiable logos of Delta or Southwest Airlines, yet these post cards are from travel companies that have no relationship to the airlines. The cards advise recipients that they’ve been “selected” to receive “2 Round Trip Airfares” and hotel lodging, and direct them to a toll-free number for more information. In states where similar promotions have been offered, consumer complaints indicate that the offer is really a gimmick to get recipients to sign up for a pricey travel club or website subscription.

If you get a card like this, forget it

“We are concerned that these promotions could lure consumers into believing that they are going to receive a free trip and hotel stay with no strings attached, when apparently, that is not the case at all,” Rubenstein said.  “The fine print on the cards indicates that “certain restrictions apply,” and according to complaints from consumers in other states where these promotions have run, the conditions often become clear when it’s too late to change one’s mind.”

One promotional postcard received by a Connecticut consumer last week featured the Southwest name, logo and an airplane photo, and advised the recipient that they were selected to receive two Southwest tickets and a “BONUS 3 DAY, 2 NIGHT HOTEL STAY.” The card directed the recipient to a toll-free number for more information.

Upon calling, the recipient was told they had reached Berkshire Concepts, a new travel agency in the area. The caller was then offered airline tickets on Delta or Southwest for two people, valid for one year, and a bonus hotel stay.  However, in order to “qualify,” the caller was required to answer questions about their income, marital status and age, and was told they must attend a 90 minute presentation at a hotel location in Windsor, Connecticut, at selected times this week or next at the Hyatt Summerfield Suites in Windsor.

Consumers in other states who have attended similarly-promoted presentations report that they encountered hard-sell tactics encouraging them to join a travel club costing thousands of dollars, and that if and when they finally received their air travel voucher, they learned that they had to pay taxes and fees of $100 per person or more. In addition, many travel dates were blocked, and travel “restrictions” included a requirement to fly out on a Monday or Tuesday and return that Thursday.

The Department also learned of similar cards being received in Connecticut featuring the Delta name, and offering a similar deal and instructions, including attending a presentation at selected times this week or next at the same hotel in Windsor.

“We have confirmed that Southwest and Delta airlines are not affiliated whatsoever with these offers,” Rubenstein said.  “We are alerting consumers that these offers require careful scrutiny and consideration.”

The Department of Consumer Protection urges any consumer who has received a promotional air travel postcard and is thinking about attending an informational presentation to be wary and avoid signing up for a travel club they do not want or cannot afford.

“As always, if a deal seems too good to be true, it’s usually not true,” Commissioner Rubenstein said.

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300 Comments on "Free Air Travel Getaways Postcards: Don’t Believe It"

  1. Joe Buchheit | October 18, 2011 at 8:04 am |

    Received the same with Delta logo. Called Delta and they had no such promotion. Threw it away as just another scam. Looks very real!!!

    • Lisa Matthews | November 13, 2012 at 10:46 pm |

      Just got a postcard in the mail today with all of the same info supposedly from American Airlines, with their logo, same photo , same promotion I thought I’d google it. Also ,glad I did so…don’t know how they get away with it without being sued. This card says its postage is paid from a Las Vegas, NV permit NO 2736

      toll free number 1-888-871-6681 promo code AAPH-1109

      Too bad it is not true….they really should be tracked and caught for fraudulent business practices.

      • Got my postcard today from Las Vegas,NV:
        “In celebration of our new year packages we’ve selected you to receive 2 round trip airfares to anywhere in the contiguous United States – good for the next 12 months!”
        I’d have better luck at a craps table in Vegas, I’m sure.
        “Call Toll Free 1-888-871-6681 Promo Code AAMD-0222”

      • Received a post card today with American Airlines logo and the same picture as above. First thing I do is Google the phone number. It’s as I thought a scam. I’m in Iowa. I too wish they would be stopped from getting by with these scams. How could this not be illegal? It’s not fair to those companies who offer legitimate offers. We have a local focus group that really pays well and they have trouble getting participants because people don’t believe they will get paid. I’d participate more often, but you have to wait so many months.

        • Vera Veranda | October 20, 2013 at 9:44 am |

          Go the card w American Airlines on one side and same “offer” on the other side. They’re in Arizona delivery area now. Sorry so many people will be duped by their tactics.

      • I got mine yesterday.
        My card has a Jet Blue Airways-Fly Away Promotion.

        first class mail
        us postage paid
        Las Vegas,NV
        permit no. 2736


        Time share travel club.
        a deposit is also required for booking.

        Bogus of course, Keep Posting these SCAMS thank you.

      • I got a card w/ delta logo…..same postmark from Las Vegas w/ same permit number others have posted. This arrived in Utah. I tossed the card…. Too good to be true = scam.

      • I’m from San Diego…. I received the Jet Blue post card from Las Vegas permit # 2736. Called the number and the call center told me to come on down to the Marriott for a 90 min presentation (ie CON)… Then I checked the web and of course it’s all BS…. Thank you internet!!!!

    • just got one today in philadelphia thanks for the info everybody

      • I too got one today in Philadelphia.
        It reads: Fly A US Airline
        call within 48 hrs & also receive
        $200 totally free shopping Spree
        1800-888-603-7005 RSVP 3422
        Glad I googled and found this site. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to post. My postcard is now in the trash!

    • I am in MA. Just got the same card from American Airline.

      How can I report the scam?

    • Got mine yesterday w/American Airlines on the postcard. I live in Frisco, just north of Dallas. Thought the offer was suspicious and found this article through Google.

      Phone: 888-639-6990
      Promo Code: AADA-1130

      • Got mine today in Tallahassee, FL–no specific airline attached. Says “Fly A US Airline” on the text side and just “Fly Away” in big letters on the airplane photo side. Here’s the rest of the text:
        “Congratulations! You have been selected to receive 2 Round Trip Airfares in the continental US PLUS a 3 day 2 night hotel stay. Call within 48 hours. You will also receive as a bonus a $100 gas rebate voucher [w/Shell and Chevron logos]! We have been trying to contact you! (This is not a timeshare or land sale offer!) To claim this special offer, simply call 1-877-304-9878, RSVP 3421, Mon-Sun 9-9”

        Of course at the bottom is the disclaimer:
        “Certain restrictions apply. Call for details of participation. Taxes and reservation fees are the responsibility of the recipient. Offer void where prohibited by law. Not applicable to Alaska or Hawaii.”

        Yep, if it sounds too good….

    • Got one in Philadelphia as well. American Airlines plus 3 day 2 night hotel if I call within 48 hours!!

      Offer Code AAPH-1210

    • I also received a card with the Delta logo. I called and briefly talked with “Stephanie”, who confirmed that they are not affiliated with Delta and, in order to receive the “free tickets and hotel voucher “,after listening to a 90 minute sales pitch (she didn’t use this term), I would have to pay taxes, but she could not tell me how much. Nice scam, they should focus on legitimate and honest business instead. I hung up on her.
      The wheel of justice is turning slowly, but surely. one day the jerk who came up with this, will pay the price. Thank you for the informative website.

    • Received one today, Monday, Jan. 28, 2013. Figured it was too good to be true so I googled it. Has the American Airlines logos on front and back. Front says Fly Away Promotion. Back reads: in celebration of our new year packages we’ve selected you to receive 2 round trip airfares to anywhere in the contiguous United States–good for the next 12 months. Call within 48 hours and receive a 3 day 2 night hotel stay at major brands. Call Toll Free 1-888-639-6990 Promo Code AAFW-0125

      • I got the same card you did, in Bangor, Maine. I was briefly excited until I realized it was probably a scam.

        • Ha! Thought so!! My husband was excited thinking we could go on a trip without paying a lot of money so knew it was too good to be true (including free RT flight for 2 anywhere in cont. US)!
          Mine says Travelocity and incl.3/day 2/night weekend getaway at Marriott. Print on bottom of card is hardly visable let alone readable! Includes “promotion not sponsored by Marriot or Travelocity!
          Thanks for the heads up everyone!

          • I attended one of these offers several years ago. I like to try to figure out the scam and then go to see what it actually is. I don’t mind seeing what one has to offer, when there is actually something to receive of Value such as most Time Share offers do. I’M VERY GOOD WITH, NOT FOR ME!!! These offers are for a travel club that is really worthless and very high priced. They talk about Cruises at low prices, travel to exotic places but fine print always have a dozen LOOPS to jump through and many hidden fees for each loop. The free air travel is not free and usually the catch is the fees part as well as the stressing process and time frames you must jump through to get your actual flights and rooms. Miss one deadline and lose it all or pay a high fee to change. Every thing offered is probably there, except the Cheap. You notice the Say you will receive on the post card, NOT FREE.

    • Just received a card in mail this afternoon. Called the number but it was busy, so I decided to see what I could find on the web. Glad I did so I do not waste time on these scammers.

    • Received 3 in the last 2 weeks. American Airlines, logo and everything.

      Says” In Celebration of our new year packages we’ve selected you to receive 2 round trip airfares to anywhere in the contiguous United States-good for the next 12 months!

      Call within 48 hours and receive a 3 day 2 night hotel stay at major brands.

      To claim this offer, simply call and mention your promo code.

      1-888-211-0378 prop code aaaz-0301

    • John Hatherell | March 25, 2013 at 11:10 pm |

      I received the DELTA fly away promotion card today. the number on the card is 888-818-5325 with a ‘promo code 0322-1050017288. There should be an government agency dealing with these very bad people!

    • Just got this today in Atlanta GA – Googled to confirm too good to be true….

    • Received something similar today. The small print was full of tell-tale typos indicative of fraud by non-English speakers.

    • kim steve | June 17, 2013 at 8:56 pm |

      We got the same card todat bout ours fro Jet blue.

    • Same one from Jet Blu

    • Jim in New York | January 7, 2014 at 12:23 pm |

      The new scam from 888-820-2656 is a post card saying there is a package waiting for you. Call this number for the distribution center for your New Android Touchpad tablet. I can also qualify for a vacation promotion if I call within 72 hours. Woohoo! It gives a package number that I assume tells them which scam to run. How do these people sleep at night?

    • We received a post card for jet blue in Niagara falls NY.

    • K. Beaulieu | January 29, 2015 at 1:28 pm |

      Seems like it’s starting again in 2015. Just got a postcard for DELTA Getaway–2 round trip airfares “to most major airports in the continental US. Call within 48 hours. You will also receive as a bonus 3 day 2 night hotel stay!”
      This came out of Tampa FL, Permit No. 888
      I fly with Delta often, knew if they sent it, they would have spelled my name right!

    • Just receive a card in the mail You’re invited VIP Travel Expo. at this fun filled 90 minute expo and you will receive (2) round trip coach class airfare vouchers from Honolulu to Las Vegas,
      the earliest carller will also receive a 3 day/2 night stay at a major hotel. seating is limited call early. Phone 800-877-4888
      Promo Code: WH308 We live in Hawaii, so Las Vegas is known as the 9th Island, which Hawaii is made up of 8 different islands

  2. Cynthia Forrest | October 18, 2011 at 10:51 am |

    Received something very similar via email. Two free airline tickets from Southwest Airlines just by answering a few questions. The sales pitch was to agree to 6 different insurance companies calling me. Needless to say I got out of there and labeled the email SPAM!

  3. Received one from Delta, a post card. Glad I saw this website. It is definetly a scam and i will throw it away.

    From Germantown, MD

  4. Got a postcard in the mail today 5/1/12 that says 2 round trip airlin tickets free and if I respond within 48 hours I’ll get a 6 night, 7 day cruise. If its too good to be true, it probably is!

  5. Received a similar postcard today 5/07/2012 stating I’ve been selected to receive 2round trip airfares to anywhere in the continental u.s. If I call within 48hrs I would also receive as a bonus 3day 2night hotel stay. Says “fly a us airline” on the upper backside of the post card and it is sent From weat palm beach, florida. There’s a plane in flight on the front and says fly away anywhere. I will not be calling the 800 number but I will be throwing this away.

  6. I received this postcard today in Massachusetts. Same postcard with the Delta logo. Looks like they’ve moved beyond Connecticut.

  7. They’re expanding. I received a postcard in North Carolina, and it seems to be the same as the one “Amanda” received (See May 7, 2012 above). The fine print says no obligation to purchase or join anything but “This offer is being used in conjunction with a vacation promotion”.

  8. Received the exact same card today, but instead of an airline name/logo, it only has “A US Airline Flies” printed on the front. It does say “powered by Expedia” and states that the “seller of travel” is 220989803.

  9. Got one ysterday, we are in Tennessee. No logos no airlines mentioned either…

  10. I’m in California and also recieved one on 8/6/12. Mine mentions no specific airline,but names severl 5 star hotels for the bonus. I smell a S C A M!!!!

  11. Ryan Stoll | August 7, 2012 at 6:39 pm |

    They’re in IL as well.

  12. Pennsylvania’s starting to get them as well. The one I saw said it was also for US Airlines.

  13. Got one today in Nevada. No Airline name just the picture 2 airline tickets, 3 day 2 night hotel stay and $100 of free gas from Chevron/Shell. These people need to be run out of the country!

  14. I just received one in CA with the Delta name and logo. They look very authentic. I was tempted to call, but decided to google it first. Glad I did! How is this legal when it is so deceptive?

  15. I received one yesterday in Mississippi identical to the one Henry describes above. I hope people are becoming wiser about these type scams!

  16. They’re in Washington now. Obviously too good to be true. Airlines barely give away peanuts:) Thanks for info on this site.

  17. Received one in Oregon. No specific airline mentioned but proceeds with the promise of 2 round trip airfares in the continental US plus 3 day 2 night hotel stay. AND…if you call within 48 hours you also get a $100 gas rebate voucher (chevron and shell logos prominently displayed on postcard). Seems legit… (*falls out of chair in fits of laughter*)

  18. Bershire concepts is a scam. Please stay away from them . I was joined and pay a lot $$$$$’s and I’m giving up with them. There is no discount at all. They have no office and couple people working in the house in Mass. The website is horrible. This is a real scam.

  19. Got one today in St. Pete, Florida!

  20. I can’t believe people still think they can get something for nothing. Wake up people!!
    You’ve all just won the Brooklyn Bridge.. go down and claim it. Tell the NYPD you are the winner and they’ll give it to you.
    I’m not being a jerk.. think about it. Free airline tickets!! You won the Canadian lottery!! Cash this fake $5000 check that says “this is not a fake check” on it and then wire me $4000 but keep the other $1000 for yourself!!
    There’s sucker born every minute and that’s why these scammers are still in business.. because there is a steady stream of people giving them money.

  21. Now they are in Texas, but very rude woman said it was canceled and hung up!

  22. Got one today in Colorado. What a crock. Glad there are websites such as this to help validate that what looks too good to be true is just that. Thanks

  23. Just received one in Colorado, Western Slope. Thanks everyone for your help!

  24. I’m in Honolulu, Hawaii and I got mines today. The postcard did not have an airline logo, but it had the Las Vegas sign on it. It reads “Congratulations. you have been chosen to receive a complimentary Las Vegas Trip for Two.”

    Am I suppose to report this or complain to any particular government agency?

  25. REceived one in Indianapolis yesterday. No specific airline mentioned but proceeds with the promise of 2 round trip airfares in the continental US plus 3 day 2 night hotel stay. AND…if you call within 48 hours you also get a $100 gas rebate voucher (chevron and shell logos prominently displayed on postcard

  26. Recieved same scam postcard here in Minnesota, must be getting around fast!

  27. The cards are showing up in West Virginia now. I received one and also says as a Bonus offer of $100 Gas Rebate Voucher. I always beware of things that are free there is always some type of catch

  28. Got one in Honolulu too! Was excited to see Vegas, ha! Thought I’d check into it before calling.

  29. Got one in Indiana today (9/24/2012). Looks like the one Scott explained with the airfare, hotel and gas offer.
    Humm…if it looks too good to be true, it usually is 🙁

  30. MN got the same scam postcard today,fly us airlines 2 free round trip tickets and a 3 nights hotel & 200 dollar chevron gas voucher , re call 1-855-829-6165 scam turn into postal inspector .

  31. Got the same post card yesterday in Massachusetts, same picture but associated with American Airlines. Toll Free# 1-800-279-8922 and Promo Code# AAPE-1005. I called the number (not intending to give any information)and a live person does answer, stating “name and ‘Chicago Flight Center’, may I help you today?” If you read carefully though, no where does it say you will receive free airfare….it says ‘we’ve selected you to receive…”, seems they are very careful in the wording. Anyhow, when I got the card I was skeptical and googled for info and landed on this site. Be careful folks.

  32. So, re: American Airlines, when you called, what did they say?? Got the same card today 10/11/2012 .. just interested

  33. In NC and got one a few days ago with an American Airlines logo and picture. Say, FLY AWAY PROMOTION on the bottom corner on front and “Promo Code” AARD 1005. Post mark says Las Vegas Nev. I’m on the plane right now sipping a fruity drink with an umbrella in it. Just kidding, almost called the decided to Google it and found this site. glad I did. See, the internet DOES have good uses.

  34. I just received one with US Airways this morning in Florida. I too thought it was pretty believable and decided to google it just in case.. Glad I did but dissapointed it wasnt real..

  35. It has mades its way to Southern California with American Airlines. I called and told them I was on a web-site that said this was a scam. He assured me it was not and then wanted me and my spouse to go to a travel agency for a presentation. He repeated twice that this is not a time-share or land sale deal.

    Glad I checked. Thanks for the heads-up.

  36. I received one yesterday in North Carolina with prominently featured on the front and back. Everything else was the same as noted in other posts – picture of an airplane in flight, “2 Round Trip Airfares on a US Airline”, “3 Day and 2 Night Marriott Weekend Getaway”, mailed from West Palm Beach Fl.

  37. I am in Seattle WA. Got one today with logo, says “2 US airways tickets and A marriott Getaway anywhere US airways flies”. Similar to what Harry above got. I would rather pay for my own tickets anyway, nothing is free…

  38. Just received one in Florida for American Airlines. BIG scam on the loose!

  39. John Hatherell | October 24, 2012 at 11:13 pm |

    I’m in southern California and I just received the same postcard with “American Airlines” Fly Away promotion. the toll free number to this scam is 888-639-6990. Why isn’t there an agency where people can call and report these evil people?

  40. Eddie Naples | October 27, 2012 at 9:35 am |

    In NC received Post card with USAirways, Marriott and prominately featured on the front of the card. “2 US Airways Tickets and a Marriott Geyaway anywhere US airways Flies” …. on the back in fine print it states that none of the above mentioned companies are affiliated with this offer.
    Translation.. “THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM” BTW The post mark is West Palm Beach, FL. These guys are a moving target.

  41. Received the same postcard as Eddie Naples posted on Oct 27th. And if I called within 48 hrs, as a bonus there would have been a 3 day Rent-A-Car by Alamo plus a $50 hotel cash card.

  42. Received this offer in Nevada (Fly AWAY PROMOTION)…TOTAL SCAM! It was for US Airways. Don’t get sucked into believing this people…NOTHING IS FOR FREE!

  43. Received my AMERICAN AIRLINES Fly away promo October 30,2012. Glad I checked into this. Changed our mind and went golfing instead ! We live just north of Boston. Nothing is free…

  44. I’m in Ga and just received one just like it today with American Airlines on it. I figured it was just another scam.

  45. Received a postcard in East Texas today. US Airways, Marriott, Hilton, and Alamo names dropped.

  46. Teresa Abney | November 8, 2012 at 10:45 pm |

    Received one today with American Airlines logo, airplane on front. # was on card 1888-639-6990. I don’t see how one can be so evil to another such losers don’t do it. God will take care of these guys!!!

  47. Just got one of the postcards here in Hawaii. It said “You have been selected to receive 2 Round Trip Airfares to exciting Las Vegas” I figured it was a scam but this website confirmed it for me! Thank you all for posting!

  48. We received one yesterday ‘American Airlines’. Glad we checked the internet. Thanks everyone for your posts. Great website!

  49. Received one in South Carolina with a picture of an airplane with what appears to be Delta markings but no logo. Thanks for he heads up on what it’s all about. That tells me what I need to do with it.

  50. Just got one of these for US Airways “Fly Away Promotion” in Marietta, GA. The card had the same plane and US Airways logo on front and back. Thanks for posting this scam alert!

  51. I got one today with American Airlines logo. I’m in Philadelphia area. Phone number is 888-871-6681 and promo code is AAPH-1109. Fine print does say that “All components of this offer are fulfilled by a third party. Certain restrictions apply. Recipient responsible for all applicable taxes.” postmark was Las Vegas.

  52. Just received an American Airlines card in Pennsylvania. Glad to find this site that confirms that it is indeed a scam.

  53. John on November 13,2012 at 6:57 pm

    Just got one “US Airways fly away promotion” in Seattle, WA. Looks just like the postcard above. Thanks for the warning!

  54. Gene Harrison | November 14, 2012 at 7:28 am |

    I just got this card here in Marietta GA as well. The only good thing about this postcard is that it generated some much needed revenue for the Postal Service.

  55. Showed up her in Wa stat. Been there, done that. It’s a horrilbe deal. Just tear it up in pieces and throw the card away.

  56. Got one in New Hampshire…glad to have found this site and confirmed what this REALLY is…

  57. Just got one in Northern Nevada. Listed This card said I had one more chance to call before they revoke the offer, guess they will have to revoke it. Ha.

  58. they are showing up in WA state.. american airlines fly away promotion. It flew away right to the round file where the company that sent it should go!

  59. Rhonda Allmon | November 17, 2012 at 1:49 pm |

    I received one as well. So glad i didn’t call but instead decided to look it up for legitimacy. Thank you! Postmark West Palm Beach FL Permit 1002

  60. Chapel Hill, NC: priceline and a bunch of hotel logos + Alamo & Chevron. Somebody stop ’em!!! Hello gov’t?

  61. Got one today in South Carolina–mine says it’s from and I’d been selected to receive 2 roundtrip flights anywhere in the continental U.S., along with 2 nights 3 days in a Marriott and if I call in 48 hrs., will also get a free Alamo Rental car and a 50.00 cash hotel voucher…glad I don’t believe in a free lunch!

  62. Got one today in MA. Does ANYONE know who this is? I tried to get a company name, and after a lot of prodding, the woman told me Sea Breezes. Sounds BS. Would LOVE to track these clowns down and file complaints

  63. My wife and I live in Pennsylania and we received this card this week. My wife signed us up for tonights meeting …and now, after reading some of your thoughts, I believe our evening will be better spent having a nice dinner out. Thanks for your replies. I thought this was a scam from the beginning.

  64. Yep, just got mine today (North Texas) with the American Airlines logo on it. I am an Elite customer with AA and figure this was junk…and it is. Thanks for the info!

  65. Got mine in Minneapolis yesterday. Googled the phone number with no success, glad I found this site. Mine said 2 US Airways tickets and 3 day 2 night hotel stay.

  66. Got one today with America Airlines on the card.

    Thanks for the website to warn me.

    Phone: 888-639-6990
    Promo Code:AADA-1130

  67. Freddie jaye | December 7, 2012 at 3:23 pm |

    Got one in SE Pennsylvania a few days ago.

    American Airlines
    promo code AAPA-1130

    postmark Las Vegas

  68. Got mine today in Charlotte, NC.

    American Airlines
    Promo Code: AACH-1207

  69. Got one in McKinney (Dallas area) Texas today. I’m glad for this website. It looked pretty darn real !

    American Airlines
    promo code AADA-1207

    Postmark Las Vegas
    Bulk mail permit No. 2736

  70. I can’t believe they get away with using American Airlines logo. It looks very real, indeed! Got one in Southern New Hampshire. I looked on Google before calling and saw this forum. No other company listed on the card other than a blurb in the smallest font possible which reads, “all components of this offer are fulfilled by a third party”.

  71. Just got one today, Philadelphia area. FYI it looks like the last 4 digits are a date code. 1207 = Dec 07. American Airlines all over it. What great consumer protection we have in this country!

  72. Got mine December 10th 2012 in New Hampshire. Assumed it was too good to be true.

    USPS Presort Permit No: 2736
    Promo Code: AANH – 1207
    Toll Free: 1-800-279-8922

  73. Andris Borsteins | December 11, 2012 at 3:24 pm |

    Just got one of these postcards in Fullerton, CA. Same verbage with US Airways fly away promotion on front of card. Inside they direct you to call a toll free number. They also state if you call within 48 hours you’ll receive a 3 day 2 night hotel stay at major brand hotel.

    USPS Presort Permit No: 2736 out of Las Vegas, NV
    Promo Code: USLA – 1207
    Toll Free: 1-888-639-6990

  74. Also received a postcard today in Chino Ca. It was a US Airways fly away promotion. Identical info as Andris indicated

  75. Priceline, US Airways, Alamo, Chevron, Doubletree, Hyatt, Marriott, Hilton, and any other organization mentioned as sponsors in this promotion should get their attorneys together and go after the people responsible for this HOAX. These are desperate times and they are making devious tricks to make people part with their hard earned money to pad their pockets. No conscience nor shame.

  76. I received the same fraudulent postcard today supposedly from Priceline saying “You are going to receive 2 Round Trip Airfares on US Airways…” It does not say “free” so I assume that they want me to assume it is. In tiny print down in a corner, they have their disclaimer: “Certain restrictions apply. …Taxes and registration fees and/or processing fees are the responsibility of the recipient. This promotion not sponsored by US Airways, Marriott, Hilton, or…” My postcard is touting US Air whereas may folks posting here are saying American Airlines. They must be making the rounds!

    • There’s a typo in my posting. I meant many folks, not “may” folks.

    • April Henderson | January 23, 2013 at 11:27 am |

      Received ours in VT last week and actually signed up for the presentation – when we got the call to confirm, I decided to do a quick web search. Thanks everyone for taking the time to expose this. I see there is a US Posal permit #1002 out of West Palm Beach, FL – is it a misuse, or just a buyer-beware enterprise?

  77. Yep, the scam card has arrived in California. I’m going to call just to mess with them!

  78. Got one today in Charlotte NC for American Airlines.
    promo code aach 1214
    I appreciate this website for exposing these weasels.

  79. Regarding calling to ‘mess with them’, that is a good idea, as they pay for each incoming call. You could set up a fax to call repeatedly to send them a ‘remove me from your list’ message.

  80. Got one today in Philadelphia PA for American Airlines.

    promo code AAPH – 1207

    After you answer the 4 questions, and they tell you it is not a Time Share, and not a Land Lease. Okay then, what the heck are they? Oh, they are a full service Travel Agency.

    It really comes down to another gimmick derived from a Time Share, and similar to a Land Lease – but everyone is SO STUPID, they won’t smell this one coming!

    Good thing GOOGLE is my true friend!

  81. Got a postcard today in Maine for 2 US Airways tickets and a 3-Day Marriott (or Hilton) getaway, powered by, and a 3-Day car rental from Alamo.

    Call toll free 1-877-380-5532. RSVP 7275

    I decided to Google it, before throwing it away as a probable scam.

  82. Bear in mind, these are not coming from the airlines.

    Thanks to all who have checked this out.
    Once again, if it sounds too good to be true.

  83. Same thing received yesterday in CA…American Airlines…figured it was a scam when I noted the TM disclaimer at the bottom-left corner, an indication that AA was not the generator of the postcard.

  84. I received my card today same scam
    about 2 weeks ago I filled out a entryform to win a truck at the mall. It sounded legit. I purposly spelled my last name slightly incorrect, the postcard I received today had it spelled that way. did anyone else fill out some kind of entry form? Just curious as to how we were “selected”

  85. “American Airlines”, (888)639-6990, Promocode AASS-1413.
    Mailed fron Zip Code 46802, Permit No. 1520, to Florida 34243.

  86. Received the American Airlines post card today. Thanks to everyone for posting the above. Philadelphia, PA.

  87. Received mine in Detroit today, 1/8/13 so they are alive and well in some Scamland hideaway! Mailed from (surprise) Las Vegas.

  88. Received the American Airlines post card. The lady on the phone says they are a local travel agency and we would have to sit through a 90-minute presentation, but no membership would be required to claim the tickets. Still somewhat skeptical about this offer though.

  89. Got an identical postcard today in California leading me to believe it was from American Airlines. Googled the offer. Thanks to everybody who posted. Threw the card away. It is very deceptive.

  90. I live in the DFW texas area and received a similar postcard on 1/14. Ours had the American Airlines logo and plane. It was called the fly away promotion. Interesting enough it had a red bow on one corner and said Happy Holidays….a little late, I’d say. Good thing there’s ways to find out about this sort of thing BEFORE you loose your wallet!

  91. I live in midcoast Maine and received a postcard on 1/14 with free tickets on US Airways, and the powered by logo. It shows a plane with no logo, but does have the Alamo logo, and offers free lodging with Marriot and/or Hilton. Read the fine print. It states that the promotion is not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned. Thanks for the website. The card will come in handy starting the wood fire.

  92. Also beware~~ they tell you to bring a credit card as a 2nd piece of Id.. they wont allow you to attend if you dont bring a credit card..

  93. Also just received the same American Airlines card as mentioned earlier. We live in San Diego, Ca.

  94. Received the same postcard today.
    Two free airline tickets and 2 nights at a hotel if called within 48h.
    American Airlines
    Promo Code AAUS-0111
    It’s a travel agency scam.

  95. Received 1 today from Priceline for 2 US Airway Tickets, A Marriott getaway anywhere US Airways flies.

    They offer 2 round trip tickets, 3days/2nights, at any Marriott or Hilton, a3 day car rental by Alamo plus $50 hotel cash card.

    Has anyone gotten cards so specific? I wamt 2 believe but I also don’t want 2 b taken!

  96. Do Not Fall Forit | January 20, 2013 at 7:18 am |

    I am in Tennessee.

    Received a post card with photo of unnamed airplane on front with text underneath “2 Tickets on a US airline plus a Marriott getaway! In small print in lower right corner “$50 Hotel cared powered by”

    On address side: box with ……….
    RSVP Code $50 Hotel card Tampa FL
    3926 owered by Permit #78

    Dear My Name

    Congratulations! You have been identified to receive 2 Round Trip Airfares on a US Airline flying to Most Major Airports in the Continental US and 3 Days / 2 NIghat at a Mariott or Hilton in the Continental US. Also, you will receive a $50 Pricelinecom Hotel Cash Card to be used at any time.

    Call Within 48 hours. You will also receive as a bonus a 3 day Rent-A-Car by Slamo plus a $100 rebate gas voucher. (logos of Alamo and Chevron)

    We have attempt contacting you several times. This is our last attempt.
    Call Toll Free 1-855-343-4988 Monday – Sunday 9AM to 9PM

    IN small print
    … This promotion not
    sponsored by Marriott, Hilton,
    Chevron, or Alamo…

    I smell a rat. I won’t fall for this. Neither should you.

  97. Seasoned Traveler | January 22, 2013 at 4:07 pm |

    I got a postcard today (1/22/13) just as others have described. It had an American Airlines plane and the toll free # 888-639-6990 and the Las Vegas permit 2736. I got this in Michigan! The scammers have moved on. Michiganders aren’t that gullible…

  98. Made In Detroit | January 23, 2013 at 11:00 pm |

    Same story as told by “Seasoned Traveler” on Jan-22-2013. Wish the “free” part was all true, but that’s not how life works. You would think that AA would be able to squash an outfit that uses the AA name & logo to mislead consumers in a way that makes AA look bad in the process. But, this ad gimmick has been around for years now, so clearly nobody is trying very hard to stop it.

  99. I just received my post card from American Airlines yesterday and my husband was very suspicious. He told me to call American Airlines, instead of the number on the card. So I googled it instead and I want to thank all of you for your valuable information. My card said
    “In celebration of our new year packages we’ve selected you to receive 2 round trip airfares to anywhere in the contiguous United States – good for the next 12 months! Call within 48 hours and receive a 3 day 2 night hotel stay at major brands To claim this special offer, simply call and mention your promo code Call Toll Free 1-888-871-6681 PROMO CODE AACS-0118 Post Marked Las Vegas, NY Permit No 2736.” Once again, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably isn’t. Mary in Central PA

    • Received post card via US mail 1-28-2013 w/AA American Airlines logo here in North Wales Pa.
      Same BS of 2 free airfairs to any where in the contiguous U.S. Call 1-888-871-6681
      How can any one believe a free gift like this is for real? I’d like to think this is a mail fraud case.

  100. I want to tank all that have posted re: this trash that is coming to everyone. I received mine in San Antonio Texas. P.T. Barnum said it best when he said ” there is a sucker born every minute”! Well said,with everyone’s comments listed on this site. I fully agree, it’s very necessary for all to do their due diligence when you are “magically picked” to receive something free. Many times it is not so much a “scam” but rather a portal used by marketers to attempt to get you into something. I.e. travel agency, club, etc. they usually can use American Airlines (like the one I received) because they (the agency or club) are”associated” with that particular Airline. That Airline does indeed receive some revenue, by additional revenue, bookings, etc, so they are not really to interested in spend to much time/money to “weed-out” thee type of marketers. Sad for us mostly. But s ha been said above, your best bet is to just throw away your “offer” so you don’t spend any additional time/money trying to get your free “offer”, that really doesn’t exist in the first place. Save your time and/or spare money for the carnival or circus where P.T. Barnum is alive & well and have some fun getting what you truly expected to get.

  101. Nate Peterson | January 31, 2013 at 1:51 pm |

    My wife and I got a similar postcard offering a trip on US Air and 2 nights at a Marriott courtesy of “Vacations On Us”. We decided to go to the presentation after being promised this nearly free trip (that had “fees” of $150 to start). As it turns out this promotion was sponsored by Archer Travel GPS which is supposedly a A+ rated BBB company. All I can say is BEWARE of any postcard and stay away from ARCHER TRAVEL. They are a shady business and certainly do not exhibit integrity that I would expect from a business that I would recommend to anyone.

    • Thank you, Nate, for posting your experience. I’m not interested in knowing how many people received postcards, but what transpired for those who attended the meeting. Even with fees of $150, it might be worth the fees and an hour and a half of your time. I’d expect a lot of limitations, and yes fees, but if you look at it like a sale, it may not be all bad. The questions I would have is wether or not you had to give them specific personal info such as a credit card number or if you would book directly through a third party with some type of discount voucher. I’d love to hear more details regarding the offer made to you. Thanks!

  102. I received my Post Card today. Shazam, Shazam, Shazam! I can’t wait to go visit Aunt Bee in Mayberry! Do think there is a Marriot or Hilton in Mayberry? Or maybe I will have to stay in Mt. Airy. Can you believe it! I can’t wait to have my haircut by Floyd. Do you think he still makes book? Probably not anymore, Barney probably caught him. Andy Griffith helped. I wonder if Goober still works at Wally’s Garage and Gas Station? Does anyone remember what brand of Gasoline was pumped at wallys.George Lindsey (Goober), Howard McNear (Floyd the Barber), …

  103. They’re still at it, trolling the waters and looking for suckers. Just received a postcard today, supposedly 2 round trip airfares from American Airlines, plus a 3 day 2 night hotel stay. Stay away!!!

  104. Received card in SW LA from Travelocity giving me 2 round-trip airline tickets on SW, Jet Blue, United, or a comparable airline, plus a 3-day/2-night weekend getaway at a hotel such as Marriott, Hyatt and Hilton. Call with 48 hours receive a $50 Travelocity Hotel Cash Card.
    Call 1-888-736-3576 RSVP 4743

    Fine print: Certain Restrictions apply.

    Not interested

  105. just got one from “Delta” today – immediately googled & tossed out

  106. got one yesterday 2/19/2013 for Us Airways tickets and a marriott getaway.

    says powered by TRAVELOCITY.
    on the small print thro it say the promotion is not sponsored by US Airways, Marriott, Hilton, Travelocity .com or ALamo. SO I Plan on adding to my recycle box for papaers.

  107. melbafactor9 | February 22, 2013 at 6:17 pm |

    I too just got one in the mail from “travelocity” and I’m so glad that there are people out there willing to post their experiences so that not everyone has to go through the same thing. I find it interesting how many different 1888 numbers out there. Mine says 1-888-735-5954 and when I tried to google the number I got all these Asian websites. Seemed a bit dubious.

  108. We got the postcard last week ,we are in Seattle. We had made reservations for a “sales pitch ” for tomorrow. I checked the net and found this side and i am glad i did because now they can wait for us .We will go out for dinner instead.
    Got two reminder calls today( Sunday) if we attend.The postcard was sent from Travelocity.Shame on them,will never book with them again.
    Thank you for posting the information.

  109. I just got my postcard from the mailbox. Postmarked from West Palm Beach Florida. Same as the others, 3 days 2 nights hotel, airfare for two to anywhere and 100 bucks in gas vouchers. Scammers.

  110. rcvd in maryland 2/25……..american…..same comeon…….hope they wind up losing their asses on postage

  111. Got the American Airlines 2 free tickets postcard yesterday in the mail and my husband called me so excited. I told him to throw it away. He insists it could be legit so I thought I’d do a google search. Now I can print this out to prove to him that you don’t get anything for free. Thanks for all the posts!

  112. We have a meeting Thursday at 8pm in walnutcreek Ca. Free airfare 2 nights free hotel 50 dollar voucher. We went thru the time share deal years ago it was a lot of work but the free trip to Vegas after paying for upgrades was fun. I thought I would check this one out. But now I’ll probably skip it. They did say absolutely no cost but bring your credit card just to prove you have one. Lol

  113. I am in Louisiana, New Orleans area. Just received a post card (presorted mail from Sacremento, CA)with “2 US Airways tickets and a Marriott getaway anywhere US Airways Flies” and picture of a plane on the front. On the back “powered by Travelocity” And if I act within 48 hrs I also get 3 day Alamo rental car & $50 Travelocity cash”. Very similar to others & also says “We have attempted contacting you several times”. There is a very small disclaimer in lower left corner – says fees may apply and this is not sponsored by the name brands stated on the card (i.e. US Air, Marriot Travelocity… etc.) The number is 888-446-6136. Looks like the same scam but they are switching it up a little.

  114. I’m in Maryland- just got ours for AA.. Something has to done regarding this false advertising. I am a travel agent, and this is just horrible!

  115. got the same with Philippine airline promo. I know nothing in this world is free but for curiousity I googled it to see if there are other people who receive the same postcard.

  116. I received one today with American Airlines on it. I was excited at first but then my senses came back to me. Nothing is free these days. The number is 888-211-0378 at the PROMO CODE is AARH-0301. I Googled and found this site. There should be a law on deception.

  117. “Fly Away Promotion” American Airlines

    Phone 1-888-211-0378
    Promo Code AARH-0301

    South Carolina, March 2013


  118. Thomas K O'Barr | March 7, 2013 at 4:06 pm |

    Received today in KY!
    AA- Fly Away Promotion
    Code AAKY-0304


  119. Cristi Sims | March 8, 2013 at 3:27 pm |

    I got one today in Arlington Texas American Airlines celebration of our new year packages. SCAM!

  120. Hi I got one today. Yada yada yada congrats you “Qualify for 2 round trip tickets anywhere in Continental U.S. via US Airlines. What a croc, thank you for posting the truth as I will not be calling there scam line 1-855-879-8217, Post marked “TAMPA,FL., permit #78.Courtesy of Vice President DANA KLINE, if that is your real name. Thanks for posting, glad I googled first.Curiously enough they do send them to Alaska, as I currently reside in said state, watch out Hawaii.

  121. Got one today too in Salinas, CA from Expedia. Number toll free 18886544274
    2 round trip tickets southwest airline

  122. Thanks for the info, I got in the mail this American Airlines card with the airplane and AA logo . In celebration of our new year packages we’ve select you to receive 2 round trip airfares to anywhere in the contiguous United States- good for the next 12 months! Call within 48 hours and receive a 3 day 2 night hotel stay. Call toll free 1-888-639-6990. To good to be true do I decided to google the phone number and just what I though, SCAM!!

  123. The same card arrived yesterday, addressed to my wife. Toll free # 1-888-211-0378, and the code AADR-0308. The woman I spoke to wasn’t pushy. She asked for ages and income amts.and said that my wife & I would have to attend a 1 hr.session to get the freebies. Has anyone actually gone to these sessions and gotten a “free” vacation??
    THANK YOU FOR THIS WEBSITE & THE COMMENTS. You people are wonderful!!!

  124. Terry baker | March 13, 2013 at 11:02 am |

    Got the same deal free airfare on American
    Glad I read this first. Also got in mail that you get a free cruise if you will join a travel club. “free cruise” cost just as much as if you would book it on line. You have to pay fees for port, taxes, traveling during peak or slow times, upgrades. Don’t
    Believe it when it says it is free.

  125. Concerned consumer | March 14, 2013 at 10:05 am |

    We received a postcard today, March 14. Front and back titled “Expedia”, with the jet plane photo. “2 Round Trip SoutWest Airline Tickets to any major city in the continental US plus a 2 day/2 Night Marriott Weekend Getaway!”. Also the same fine print previously reported, “Certain restrictions apply” and “taxes & registration fee and/or processing fees”. The scam is persistent. thank you to previous posters for your info.

  126. California | March 23, 2013 at 3:08 am |

    Expediia and Marriott. Bumbled that they only were giving me a $50 hotel cash gift card for the scam. From West Palm Beach. 888-655-4274.

  127. received postcard today I live in Fl. what bothers me is the RSVP which is the last 4 digits of my ss #. REALLY PISSED

  128. John Karezet | March 24, 2013 at 12:07 am |

    I found this blog and comments by accident and I can’t believe how naïve you all are! Do you live under a rock? This is not a “scam” it is a marketing tool used by a vacation and travel club to get your attention. You call them…you go to their presentation…you get the airline certificates and hotel stay. Simple. So you have to pay $150 for a $3000 vacation boohoo quit your whining. Have you never gone on a time share tour and got free stuff? I do all the time and I also went to one of these in the PA area. I got a vacation out of it. So there are restrictions who cares it saved me a lot of money. Do you really think that every American Airline employee that answers the phone or works the ticket counter knows every single promotion the airline corporation does? Hardly! The airlines profit from these promotions and the activation charges are the promoters way of recouping their costs. You all need to get out more and experience life! I find it interesting that all these comments come from people that don’t even go to the presentations.That’s all I’m going to say…because I have yet another vacation I have to plan.

    • I second John, I go to these all of the time. I’m in NC, I got the Expedia/SWA/Marriott post card (note, not or Expedia, Inc.) from FL, permit 1002, phone # 1-800-446-6136. I can’t speak for this specific company but I don’t mind sitting through a presentation and getting hundreds of dollars in free stuff. You usually have to put a deposit on the hotel room to hold the RSVP. I’ve paid $50 upfront in those cases. So yeah, drink the lemonade, eat snacks, clap along, don’t bring your wallet in, and learn how to say, “No thanks, I’m simply not interested in this type of investment but I enjoyed the presentation…good job!”. You might have to say no a few times but it’s good practice to practice saying no. Also, Disney and Marriott are involved in the timeshare business these days, there are good ones and bad ones in every industry so be careful and practice buyer beware. With this shady-looking postcard, approach with extreme caution.

  129. Tracey Holman | March 25, 2013 at 3:56 pm |

    I received my second one of the postcards today in Dallas, Tx: it us a marketing ploy. The number on the card is 1-888-778-8632.

  130. Rock winchester | April 1, 2013 at 6:35 pm |

    I got a card today and called before I read these posts. After I asked and answered a few questions they hung up on me. They did ask about my credit and I said that it won’t be bad after my bankruptcy gets finalized in a few months. (No I am not going bankrupt.) I suggest that everyone call the number and string them along as long as possible to waste their time. Unfortunately, some things that happen in Vegas don’t stay in Vegas. No other State would permit these predatory sleaze businesses whose operators have the ethics of termites and the manners of cockroaches.

  131. I received a card today…Headed ‘travelocity vacation gift card’, for 2 round trip tickeds on SW Airlines, 3 day\2 night stay at a Marriott, plus a $50 travelocity cash gift card. In the lower right corner in teeny tiny print it says that the promotion is not sponsored by SW Airline, Marriott, or Travelocity. I am in Oregon, so it is not only happening in Vegas! And yes, to John above, it is a scam!

  132. To All: Nothing in life is free! However, like John K. pointed out, before you worry about this “scam”, you need not jump to conclusions. Two-years ago, I received an offer from Westin (a VERY reputable hotel chain) which also owns timeshare property all over the world. I was offered multiple day/nights stay at their property in Avon, CO right there at Beaver Creek Ski Resort. I was offered the room for multiple nights at the cost of 1-night. Upon arrival I had to meet with a gentlemen that offered us up our packet which included $50.00 in pre-paid expenses to be spent at the resort & advised I DID NOT HAVE TO ATTEND, BUT IF I ATTENDED A 90-MINUTE PITCH ABOUT THE PROPERTY, I WOULD RECEIVE A $100.00 PRE PAID AMERICAN EXPRESS CARD. My spouse and I loved the property and decided at the end of our trip to attend. We stayed multiple nights, used our $50.00 for ski tune, took the $100.00 and used for gasoline and said no to the offer to purchase a timeshare. No hard feelings, etc. We received the AMX card immediately and had a great vacation skiing. Keep an open mind and so what if you have to pay taxes on prize, if you went on Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, etc, you have taxes on any prize you win, so why not on some airline tickets?

  133. El Vaquero | April 2, 2013 at 6:36 pm |

    I just received one of these cards with the appearance of having come from American Airlines and a toll free number 1866.639.6990, and marked with Promo Code 0329 … Because I am a Private Investigator, I dialed the number from a “throw away” prepaid phone and was (of course) met with a recording that said I had reached the “Reservations Department” instructing me to leave my name and number. I have real “reservations” about doing so … I hung up and am shredding the postcard.

  134. Christian | April 4, 2013 at 1:43 pm |

    Received mine yesterday in Maryland featuring 2 free tickets on American Airline and a free 2 night hotel stay, called today. Same gimmick where they want you to sit through a 90 minute presentation and pay $39 plus taxes and fees for each ticket.
    No thanks!
    Promo code: AAMD-0401

  135. Received the same this week from American Airlines complete with their large logo and then in small print it says “All trademarks & service marks are the property of their respective owners. All components of this offer are fulfilled by a third party. Certain restrictions apply…etc.”

  136. My postcard arrived while I was away. It appears just as everyone has already posted, mine said American Airlines. This should be pursued by the major airlines that are being defiled by these tactics and by the Attorney Generals of each state.

  137. Houston, April 08 -2013
    Mine says “Delta Fly Away Promotion” below a picture of (the belly of a plane) and red balloons w. 2013. Call 1-888-639-6990.
    Sorry, got to run. Only 47.5 hours before my offer runs out!!

  138. Southern CA this time
    Delta, two round trip fares, 2 nights hotel
    1-888-778-8632 code 0402-xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Staying home this time 🙂

  139. Got one yesterday, mine says Southwest, Jet Blue United …48 hours to claim it and 3-day/2-night weekend getaway at Marriot, Hyatt or Hilton.
    I need to call 1-877-663-3114 to claim this and my travelocity hotel gift card.

    • Got the exact same one. The paid postage was out of West Palm Beach, FL. Two round-trip tickets on JetBlue, Southwest, United or comparable airline, plus a 3 day/2 night weekend getaway at a hotel such as Marriott, Hyatt and Hilton. Call within 48 hrs and get a $50 Travelocity Hotel Cash Card. Used logo for Travelocity as only recognizable logo.

  140. Oh i bad! I should have looked here first – but not too much damage done I hope. I called last night here from Delaware and gave my cell and work #’s – yikes as well as email address (personal). Delta was the logo with the same empty promises that all of you have noted!
    Well at least I didn’t go to the presentation tomorrow night! So glad I checked here and now making your website one of my favs! Thank you all for valuable lesson – too good to be true it is and check here first!

    • I received one of these same postcards in the mail on Friday. The front of postcard had a picture of an airplane in flight with a large Delta icon at the bottom and the words “FLY AWAY PROMOTOION”. I called the toll free number on the card and after answering a few very general (non specific or threatening) questions, made an appointment for the 90 minute presentation. My wife and I have attended these sort of promotions in the past and have sometimes benefited from them. However, they can also waste your time with a lengthy sales and the “promotion” offer being highly inconvenient and inflexible. Thankfully this site and it’s readers have exposed this marketer as falling into the latter category. I am cancelling my appointment today.

  141. Got one today from Bend Oregon.

  142. I got the Delta promo here(Maine) a couple of days ago. I would really like to get those tickets so my wife and I could go to Oregon and visit our son, but it looked suspicious. Didn’t dare call for fear it would encourage them to make nuisance calls if they had my number. Checked the Delta website and saw no mention of a promo. Found this website which tells it all. Thank you!

  143. I got my postcard today in Dayton, Ohio. I was suspious when Delta airlines tickets were offered. I researched the phone number and found this web site to convince me it was a con. Thanks.

  144. So I was the dumb guy (in Dayton) who called and signed up to go to their presentation. I have to admit that I was suspicious when they said I need a credit card as a form of identification, so I started looking and found this website. Thanks for looking out for us. One thing I must say … when I called to cancel my appt, I did not get any flack, which was a pleasant surprise.

  145. Just received my postcard today from “Delta” offering me two free round trip airfares and a 3 day 2 night hotel stay. I live in Dayton Ohio. Thank you for the information although I already knew it to be too good to be true.

  146. This scam has staying power! Just got mine today in Cleveland, Ohio. Delta logo with “In celebration of our new year packages” offering 2 free trips and 3 day/2 night stay, just call 888-211-0378, promo code DLRF-0413.

  147. Got my “Delta Fly Away Promotion” postcard here in the Chicago ‘burbs April 16. It surely does look official. The toll-free # is 1-888-639-6990. Did not even call, as it looked suspicious, plus we are another commercial airline employee family! Goggled the scam and there you have it. I hate those presentations and we’ve been kept captive in a conference room just so we could have freebies. My husband swears he’ll never do it again. Even though he LOVES FREEBIES! Good luck, everyone. Also-NEVER, EVER GIVE SOMEONE YOUR CREDIT CARD # UNLESS YOU INITIATED THE CALL.

  148. Same thing in Cincinnati, for American. Same day, got one for Norwegian cruises, checking it out now.

  149. Maria Murphy | April 22, 2013 at 6:47 pm |

    YEP got the American Airline one today ~ scam has made in to good ole Iowa!

  150. Neil Boynton | April 22, 2013 at 9:04 pm |

    Postcard arrived in my mailbox today here near Cleveland. I Googled the phone number and found this website. Too good to be true as I fully expected. I was just curious to see what this was.

  151. My card says that it is from Travelocity and “You are going to receive 2 Round Trip SouthWest Airline Tickets,” plus a Marriot Weekend. Notice the wording: “You are going to receive…” That keeps them within the law because, you are going to receive it AFTER you go thru all their b.s. They don’t say, “You have won etc.”

    My card is post-marked Sacramento and the toll free no. is 888-295-9157.

    Just remember: there are no free lunches or free RoundTrip tickets etc.

  152. I received one in the mail today

  153. We received one supposedly from American Airlines. I don’t understand why the Feds don’t play the scam out and arrest these thugs.

  154. Philip Marshall | May 2, 2013 at 2:15 pm |

    Got one in The Woodlands (near Houston), Texas, but it’s not airlines this time, it’s the Marriott Hotel – though it does offer airfare on an unspecified airline. The postage permit is the same as mentioned in other posts – 2736. It carries the same phone number and a “promo code” of 0426-211007748. “Certain restrictions apply.”

    Into recycle it goes (except the addressee, of course.)

  155. Cards are going out in D/FW area. They want a credit card for ID purposes. Big red flag.

  156. Just received one with Southwest logo and 2 night three day stay at Marriott anywhere in continental US AND if I respond within 48 hours a $50 Expedia hotel cash card. Of course it’s a scam but wanted folks to know I am in Pinehurst, NC and the post mark is from West Palm Beach, Fl. Toll free number is 7-888-446-6136. I just hope a lot of folks aren’t duped.

  157. Just received my card today in Des Moines Iowa. Promo Code Jon-0430. Thanks for the heads up.

  158. Looks like they have crossed over into Iowa. I received a post card from DELTA today offering 2 round trip tickets to anywhere in the contiguous United States.

    Too bad….

    Toll Free number 1-888-211-0378, PROMO Code JON-0430

  159. I did this a few years ago, very similar to this with an aim to win – I went to the presentation and so long as you go (you don’t have to buy) you do get the trip. I spent three days in Las Vegas and had a great time – airlines extra fees were slightly less than now so it was only $50 per person, and it came with free food, shows and transportation vouchers from airport to hotel – so it CAN be done to your benefit if you decide to play their game to win 🙂

  160. Well, Well… Got one today and it is from American Airlines….What a crock of crap! I’m in Texas…Thought I’d google the number…and here I am. Thanks for the info.

  161. Fellow Texans…I would love to CRASH one of there meetings they are now holding in Houston aree at the Marriot in Katy..just got the post card and called them just to see what it was about..GIve the Mass based scamers something to remember..Dont mess with Texas!!!

  162. Got one in Kansas today. If it’s too good to be true, it usually is.

  163. New York – received one today – Las Vegas Postmark (remember folks – scams originate in every state – including Texas…). I’ve gotten these elsewhere before, knowing they were scams, called the # waiting for them to ask for my credit card # (which they always did), and then told them to go f themselves. Why are these things not illegal?

  164. Virginia D. | May 28, 2013 at 2:49 pm |

    I’m glad I checked with this website. It looks like the scammers are working in Illinois now. I’m in the Chicago area and received one of their postcards today with an official looking American Airlines logo on it.
    Not that I was going to fall for it anyway–there’s always free cheese in a mouse trap.

  165. I just received one today. Looks like they are working there way into Kansas now. Thank god for this website….

  166. Received this card today in Maryland. AA American Airlines Fly Away Promotion. 2 round trips, 3 nights, two days, “all compo nets of this offer are fulfilled by a third party.” No compo or nets for me. Thanks.

  167. I received a postcard today in Maryland. Like several others on this site, this card looked like it was from American Airlines and was a Fly Away Promotion with 2 round trip airfares and a 3-day, 2-night hotel stay. It’s a complete scam. The number they gave me to cancel my “reservation” to the supposed 90-minute preview was a fake number. I have filed a complaint with the FTC with as much information as I was able to gather from the “marketing promo company” and hope everyone here will do the same. Time to shut this scam down!!!

  168. Greg Carter | May 29, 2013 at 10:35 am |

    I guess I am missing something. I look at it as 90 minutes of a hard sell, I say no, and I get two tickets for which I need to pay taxes and fees. if they are the same taxes and fees I would otherwise have to pay via Orbitz or, then my 90 minutes have paid the airfare. sounds like a deal to me. I don’t read the postcards as something for nothing.

  169. Brian Powell | June 4, 2013 at 11:11 am |

    I just received such a card this week. No company information upon it. Despite being mailed from West Palm Beach to Kansas City, it urges me to call within 48 hours.

    Knowing it was a scam, I called and heard music and a message saying that due to the high call volume, operators with be with me shortly. After a few minutes, I reached a recording asking me to leave my name and contact information so a representative could contact me regarding the offer. I left the phone number to the district attorney’s office.

    (Fine print…”this prpomotion is not sponsored by SouthWest Airlines, Marriott or Expedia”. All were mentioned on the card.

    AND the font looked cheap.

    Happy travels, all!

  170. I just received one today at Fort Polk, La from “Expedia”. Same free 2 round trip and 3-day, 2-night post card that everyone else has wrote about. Instead of calling the number on the card, I called Expedia. Naturally it was a hoax, but now they have some more info to investigate the scam.

  171. Got one from Jet Blue today here in Long Beach, CA. Checked the phone # on Google and found this report concerning this scam. No thanks!

  172. Just like the person above, I also received a Jet Blue one in Long Beach today. I’ll pass.

    • I’m in Long Beach, CA as well and I guess since JetBlue flies out of LB Airport, they try to reel you in with the local airline. Who wouldn’t want a free trip? I google phone numbers all the time and just like the , I found that this is a previous posts revealed, this is a total scam…Thanks but no thanks….

  173. g johnson | June 17, 2013 at 1:54 pm |

    In May 2013 I received the offer from Delta Airlines (their logo was prominently used) for free roundtrip air & a 3 day 2 night hotel stay. Submitted registration form to Grand Incentives in Sarasota, FL. A money order for $100 accompanied the registration form. Two months later I received a letter from Grand Incentives letting me know they wouldn’t honor the offer due to my sending a “Personal” Money Order, rather than a “Postal” Money Order. I have to say that I can’t believe any respected travel agency would be part of one of these schemes.

  174. Colleen Carruthers | June 19, 2013 at 10:58 am |

    I just received one in Altoona,Pa…from Expedia stating, Congratulations! You will receive 2 round-trip tickets on Southwest, Jet Blue, United or a comparable airline, plus a 3-day/2night weekend getaway at a hotel such as Marriott, Hyatt and Hilton. Call with 48 hours. You will also receive as a bonus a $50 Expedia Hotel Cash CARD!!! Nobody gives this kind of deal away without getting somethng in return…thanks anyway, I plan my own getaway…

  175. Sallie Miller | June 21, 2013 at 1:13 pm |

    Received postcard with American Airlines on it. Live in IL. Says 2 round trip anywhere in US and 2 night hotel stay. I put it in the trash.

    • Just received one from Marriott for 3 day 2 night Getaway. West Virginia. I figured it was too good to be true so I googled the topic and found these postings. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to post. My poor grandmother would have called the number and been scammed.

  176. I received the offer from “Delta Airlines” for two free round trip airfares & a three day, two night hotel stay yesterday, 6/25/13, in the Syracuse, N.Y. area. The Delta Airlines logo is used on the front and back of postcard. These SCAMS come at least twice a year to this area. Thanks to all that take the time to post these scams so others don’t fall victim to them. Don’t waste your time or hard earned money on this scam..

  177. Of course these marketing schemes are not free…..but if you look at it from the perspective of spending 90 minutes…..saying no to whatever they are selling….pay the $150 pp for airfare and hotel… just got a 3 day vacation for $300. My wife and I do these marketing pitches all the time… have to simply be firm when you say NO to the sales pitch. They can pitch it to me all they want…in the end…I am only going to get the cheap mini vacation. I say no to the first sales person. I say no to their supervisor. Then I say no to the “General Manager”. By then, I have given my 90 minutes of time and say “times up” time to go. Thanks for the presentation and thanks for the reduced vacation. Take it for what it is….nothing is free…you just have to know how to take advantage of what is being offered.

  178. Got one from JetBlue today in Syracuse, NY. 2 round trip airfares anywhere, good for 12 months, plus bonus 3 day 2 night hotel stay! Came from Las Vegas, permit no. 2736.

  179. Received postcard yesterday which LOOKED like it could be an official Delta air lines “Fly Away Promotion”. (Mailed from Las Vegas, permit # 2736; 1-888-516-4142, promo code KENT-705)
    I scanned the card and sent it to Delta customer service, suggesting this might be a copyright infringement and maybe their lawyer should call..

  180. In Illinos. Received one yesterday. The phone number was same but the picture was Marriot Hotel. Normally I toss away this type of mail, but paid attention this time because we stayed at an expensive JW Marriot Hotel two weeks ago. Could it be coincident? Or there are some insiders who illegally leak customer info. Has anyone connected this – recent stay or flight and the postcard? Or Marriot sells info that you did not know you agreed?

  181. Got one from AA (in Mass) from Las Vegas, permit no 2736 18887788634

  182. Just got one today with the Orbitz logo. Postmarked from West Palm Beach, FL – Permit # 1617.

  183. Jody Hopkins | July 22, 2013 at 2:28 pm |

    Mine arrived in upstate NY today “from Expedia”. Promises 2RT TICKETS on Southwest, Jet Blue, United, or comparable airline..Plus, a 3-day/2night weekend getaway at a motel such as Mariott, Hyatt and Hilton. Oh, and a $50 Expedia Hotel cash card!
    Toll number 1-855-327-7002.
    Postage paid West Palm Beach Fl Permit 1002.

  184. Received nearly the same as others. Heading is Expedia followed by my name printed a half line lower after the greeting. All the references that you see mentioned above including the West Palm Beach, FL permit 1002 are present. There is a different phone number than I’ve seen after reading a few reports- 1-855-888-5703. At least there is a small print disclaimer that notes that each of the mentioned brand names is not sponsoring the promotion. As always, if it sounds too good to be true, it’s a scam. Never fails.

    • I got one today exactly like Jay’s. Same numbers and it says Expedia. They managed to line up my name a little better. 🙂

  185. I actually accepted a free-flight offer and had to attend one of those 90-minute presentations. The presentation was very enticing, but the smiles and friendliness disappeared when I asked to see an actual copy of the contract I’d be signing, which was evidently not available until a detail-free agreement was signed and money paid.

  186. Today July 29, I received card with same Las Vegas permit #2736 for Jet Blue Airways Fly Away Promotion. Phone 1-866-792-0801.

    Orange County, CA.

  187. Scott Kohne | August 1, 2013 at 4:07 pm |

    I received a card August 1, 2013 promo code 727-2240006064′ for Ametican Airlines Fly Awat Promotion. They are now hitting Pennsylvania.

  188. got mine today 8-2-13 Expedia
    received 2 round trip ticket( not free) on Southwest, US airway 3 nights/ 2 nights weekend getaway. and $50 dollar expedia hotel cash card 1-855-885703. I don’t use Expedia! I use!! thanks for heads to all the people!!

  189. Got one from Expedia a few days ago…slightly different picture, very similar, I googled the phone number and found this site.

    Mine came from West Palm Beach Fl.

  190. Got a Delta postcard last week, looks like its from delta offering 2 free rt air tickets and if I act now a free 3 day 2 night hotel package as well…

    I know nothing is free and have attended meetings like this in the past but they said there are no redemption fees paid to anyone but the airline for taxes and fees and that no hotel reservations be made in order to get what they offer for free.

    So supposedly no catches for 2 rt airline tickets…

    I go to the meeeting tomorrow at 430pm

    supposedly its to announce a new travel agency, when I pressed for the name it was bluewater or blue water and no contact phone number? how does a travel agency not have a website or a phone number?

    this post card was sent using permit mailing Las Vegas NV no 2736 with a promo code of CA726 and a phone number of 888-592-2322

    Other posters have stated they have something to do with this website voucher the “fly away promotion”

    We will see if its a scam, looks like they are targeting Fresno CA

  191. Steven Leiphart | August 6, 2013 at 4:40 pm |

    Just got mine from “American Airlines”. Everyone should call these numbers repeatedly and hang on the phone for a long time just to occupy their call center. 888-598-2322

    Call it over and over and repeatedly ask the same questions just to keep them busy… and prevent them from talking to other potential suckers. If you have an auto-dialer, program it to repeatedly call the number 24/7.

  192. I just received the Expedia scam postcard in New Jersey. The phone number is 1-855-598-9832. I just tossed it in the trash.

  193. I just received the same type of postcard today in the mail and I thought it sounded fishy. I went to the Delta website and didn’t see any info on this type of promo. I then typed in Delta Fly Away Promotion Postcard and I saw this information. I’m sure glad I checked it out!

    Thanks for alerting us!

  194. Got my postcard yesterday. Jet Blue Airways Fly Away Promotion. 2 round trip airfares to anywhere in the contiguous US. Las Vegas permit # 2736. Call 888-598-2322
    Fine print @ bottom left reads “…all components of this offer are fulfilled by a third party…”

  195. Got the same thing, American Airlines Fly Away Promotion, and tossed it in the garbage after reading these reviews. Figured it had to be a fake because the airline would go broke (oh, they already probably are LOL!).

  196. File a mail fraud complaint with the postal service to shut them down.

  197. Just got a postcard today from “American Airlines” and will be promptly reporting on this company and throwing this crap in the garbage!

  198. I got one today 9/3/13 in California. to call 866 792 0801. I know what is it about and I don’t care unless I am planning a vacation and to get free stuff. I did it with my kids in Orlando, FL, I spend 2 hours with my wife early in the ,morning, got cafe croissant, the guy talk for 2 hours and then we told him , sorry buddy, I just came for the free tickets… Now yo have the choice to let us go with the tickets or to continue talking an to waste the entire day with us but you will not see a dime from me. We got the free tickets, the kids played the entire day and it was free. I don’t care if they send post cards, they pay the mail, not me.

  199. Just got this kind of card with an American Airlines logo and a generic plane on it. I tend to be very skeptical of “free” offers for anything, so I went online and found this confirming article.

    On the back of the postcard in very very teeny tiny letters (seriously, I needed a magnifying glass to read this fine print) it also says “All Trademark’s and the service names are the property of their respective owner’s. All components of this offer are fulfilled by a third party.”

    The double misuse of the apostrophe makes me cringe, but setting aside their lack of grammar, they are making it clear they are NOT American Airlines. So how then can they get away with using AA’s trademarked logo (or Delta’s or Southwest’s, or any of the others they are using on these scam postcards)? Surely the airlines could go after them for that.

  200. I’m in Southern California and I got a similar postcard that says Jet Blue Airways Fly Away Promotion with a toll free number 866-792-0801. I know everyone needs to make money so they can exist but scamming people out of their hard earned bucks is just plain wrong. Free sounds great but nothing is really free…

  201. Received a similar card with American Airlines on the front and back. In teeeeny tiny font on the bottom left of one side it says “All trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners. All components of this offer are fulfilled by a third party. Certain restrictions apply. Recipient responsible for all applicable taxes and fees.”

    number listed is 1-888-820-2656

  202. Got one in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia today. Priceline. Based on how long it took me to scroll down this list of complaints,I wonder how many people fall for it! These people are worse than stinkbugs, and just as annoying!
    Number listed as 800-281-3090

  203. Has anyone actually attended the presentation?

    • Actually, yes! my wife and I have gone on the 90 minute time share presentations several times over the years, for the free perks and gifts so when we got our postcard, we called up because we wanted to go on the ‘free cruise’. NOTHING IS ACTUALLY FREE, ever, but we figured we would “pay” with 90 minutes of avoiding the sales pitch. they were very nice about giving the ‘vouchers’, pointing out that a 3rd party sponsor handles them. The free cruise (4-7 days) requires a 98$ ‘activation fee”, and doesn’t cover the port taxes, fuel surcharges, processing fees, and 9-11 security surcharges which average 55$ per person, per day. – so much for free, right? – BUT most of these fees are extra to the price of the cruise ticket no matter where you get it, so the cruise actually costs 98$ for 2 people. We also got 2 free airline tickets anywhere in the us, for a 70$ activation fee and similar warning that we are responsible to pay those other fees separately, so the 2 tickets may cost about 200$, which is still not a bad deal. Activating these tickets also promises to get you 2000$ worth of coupons, but who knows how much you have to spend to use them… we just don’t expect anything to come at no cost.

  204. Barbara Bellval | October 8, 2013 at 1:07 am |

    Real offers do not contain punctuation and capitalization errors.

  205. Thanks for the info. Just received the card today. It had no web site but only a phone number and promo code. The front of he card Shows American Airlines as the sender.

  206. Got tan and brown one today in Southern CA that tries to pass it self off as a UPS “parcel pick-up notice”, with the brown shield (missing the letters of course). Addressed to me or “current resident” and must call “Distribution Center” now for immediate pick up.
    Pre-sorted postcard sent from Las Vegas w/ permit # 2736.
    Since it’s open only to the named addressee on the offer, I guess I should give them my name as Current Resident. 😉

  207. Received a card today for Jet Blue. Like others’ cards, this came from Las Vegas, permit no, 2736. It advertises 2 round trip airfares and a 3 day/2 night hotel stay. It says to call 1 888 778 8632 and has a promo code.

  208. Alan Whitten | December 5, 2013 at 6:23 pm |

    I used Google to find this website with the search text, “West Palm Beach FL Permit 1002” from a post card I received today. The card had no return address nor company affiliation disclosed, just the phone # 877-459-5559. It read, “In efforts to make 2013 OUR BEST CRUISE YEAR EVER, your first cruise on us and you have been identified to receive a Complimentary 8 Day/7 Night Caribbean Cruise for 2!” It goes on to offer ROUND-TRIP AIRFARE 2 ADULTS & A $100 GAS REBATE VOUCHER, if a call is made within 48 hours with the notation: “THIS IS NOT A TIMESHARE OR LAND SALE OFFER.” It seems the sender used photos and logos to make it appear to have come from Royal Caribbean, fine print indicates a Norwegian or Carnival might be substituted and also that the promotion is not a part of any of these cruise lines.

    I am passing on the offer, based on the posts above and that a web search on the 877 number shows it has been used to make various telemarketing calls, see the 800notes website.

  209. We received one from Jet Blue how disappointing. Niagara falls NY.

  210. Sarah Knott | March 1, 2014 at 3:31 am |

    I recived my postcard in KY on February 28, 2013. This time, they changed from an airline scam, to a Marriott hotel scam. The offer was for a 3 day/2 night getaway, at one of 600 locations of Marriott properties. Also offered 2 free round trip airfares, and a 50$ hotel gift card. Sent from Las Vegas, NV. Permit number 2736. Phone number 1-866-950-4793.

  211. Now these lowlife scum are sending it out as Marriott, with pictures if their logo.

  212. Just got the “Southwest Celebration” scammer card in today’s mail, with the “Marriott brand” hotel offer and the “2 round trip airfares” text. Mailed from Los Angeles CA Permit No. 4848; phone number 1-888-820-2656.

  213. Minnesota just got their cards: “Congratulations..You will receive 2.. tickets… and 3day/2 nights….” It goes on to list various known brands. Call 1-855-571-8894. The claims center answers and says it is for a new online company PTC, who is a wholesale company. A 1 hour presentation is required. They would not give owner’s name, online web address, nor anything. You have to attend to find out. Not going to happen.

  214. Got mine today in Las Vegas. It’s such an honor when I’ve been selected and the card is addressed to me or “current resident.”

    SWA & Hilton brand hotel. Same NV permit number 2736. The phone number is 866.792.0801, promo code 5750016034.

    Won’t waste my time calling.

  215. Gaby Veeger | April 24, 2014 at 12:18 am |

    So if you received a card in the mail – went to the presentation & paid the fees. Could you use the air tickets and hotel within two weeks of the presentation?

    • Patrick Bartos | April 27, 2014 at 1:04 am |

      Gaby, your ability to use the airfare and hotel within two weeks depends on the restrictions and timelines they put on the items. However, if the fees you paid were to sign up for the time share, you should be within the time frame allowed by your state to cancel the contract if you have changed your mind. I did that once and you should be prepared for the nice people to turn nasty when you insist that you want out of the deal.

  216. Keith Jordan | May 6, 2014 at 9:02 am |

    I got one yesterday in Maine, saying jetBlue. It came from Sacramento, Permit #1297. Phone is 1-888-778-8632. At least they did not call me “current resident”.

  217. Pandora S. | June 2, 2014 at 2:12 pm |

    Just got mine today in Hudson Valley NY with a United logo – 2 round trip tickets and a 3 day, 2 night stay. Phone number 888-389-0519 Promo code NY0529 from Tampa, FL permit # 888. They want a 90 minute presentation so just asked them if they were United reps and they hung up.

  218. Got the postcard today wanting me to call within 48 hours with the code to get my free trip and stay at a HILTON Hotel. Phone # 1-888-598-2322.

    My question is HOW can they launch this type of financial assault using the USPS presorted mail on us? Why can’t such practices END to protect the public??

  219. I wrote about this same promotional offer shortly after you did. Since then, that story has been read over 35,000 times, with over 500 comments posted to it. And these offers continue to be made, with my readers continuing to report (into June of 2014) a myriad of variations involving the use of a number of different airline, hotel, cruise line, and third-party travel booking sites.

    David Lazarus of the Los Angeles Times wrote a detailed piece on these “travel club” promotions on August 1, 2013.

    There have been reported criminal prosecutions involving this type of promotional offer, but they seem to be continuing, unabated.

  220. Same card…airplane pic of Southwest & 3 day 2 night hotel stay. 1-888-778-8632

  221. Scam is still going. I am from TN, and received the PC today! Decided to check it out online and this is what I found.

    Southwest Celebration
    Promo code 8930014453

    Same Las Vegas NV permit number of 2736

  222. Got the card, went to the presentation, they asked for our credit card number, so we left immediately.

  223. I received the postcard today with generic plane on front. Postcard said Southwest Getaway Celebration. It was also for 2 R/T coach class airline tickets to most airports. Phone number:1-888-598-2322. Permit no. 210 zip code 18640 Promo code LLF0718.

  224. Received card today in San Antonio, Texas. Has plane on front and Congratulations, call within 48 hours you will also receive as a bonus a $25 dollar travelocity hotel cash gift card. Also has sponsers listed: Expedia Small print on back: Certain restrictions apply. This scam should be stopped. I feel so bad for people who fall into this trap!!!

  225. Just got the card now (8/4/14) in San Diego. LOVE websites like this! I knew it had to be some sort of scam so I typed “southwest celebration” into bing and this website came up.

  226. Apparently its still going on, we received a postcard today in Bel Air Maryland with a photo of a Southwest aircraft claiming we’ve been offered 2 round trip airfares anywhere in the US, call with 48 hours to received a 3 day 2 night hotel stay, yada yada yada. Sounds like the same offers everyone else is getting. There’s a little asterix at the bottom saying **Attendance required. Phone number listed is 888-291-6821 promo code MD-801.

    Thanks to this website (and my spidey sense) for warning us all!

  227. Got letter today(I’m in NYC),no return address. Sais 2 free tickets plus a Marriott stay (letter says NOT affiliated with Marriot). called # 855-723-2978. “Pamela” said they are “PPV Travel,like Expedia.(asked how they could be giving away all this. said they save money on ads(instead of paying William Shatner)and people like us would spread the word of how great they are. I asked & she gauranteed they are not selling time shares).wanted me to make appointment at the Staten Island Hilton, would take “90 minutes” as there would be many other people there.As above,thanks to all who posted.

  228. I received one and I live in SC. It has a generic airplane on the post card. It states, I have won 2 round trip airline tickets from Southwest, Jet Blue, United or comparable airlines. Plus 3 day and 2 night getaway from Marriott, Hyatt and Hilton. Just need to call 1-855-878-9444. RSVP 0823. It also had logos the postcard from expedia and pricelin. In small print it states this promotion is not sponsored by Southwest, jetblue, United Airlines, Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott, priceline, and expedia.

  229. We attended a 90 minutes presentation at Embassy Suites in Tigard, Oregon and were promised 2 airline tickets and 3 days 2 nights stay at Hilton. Ended up this is a big SCAM run by City Travel Broker. Those sales and marketing people really suck and pushy. They pressure you to buy their Junk membership for $8,995 and processing fee $199 and annual due of $199.
    We are smart enough to find out they are just trying to steal people’s money and produce nothing.
    The airline tickets and 2 nights of accommodation are all the lies as they want you to send they money to them to activate the gifts …. bala …. bala
    Don’t be fooled by these Jerks !!!
    Judy M

  230. Colorado Springs getting the postcards…Expedia, and “sponsoring” the give-aways. Cautioning everyone to toss it in the mail immediately.

  231. We received one today that refers to Cheap Tickets and USA Airlines. It looks like a check and says to call within 72 hours. We are from MD.

  232. Received postcard today in Westminster CO with a passenger plane picture (not clearly marked) and words on the front saying “SOUTHWEST America Celebration”

    Offer starts with Congratulations
    In celebration of 2014, we’ve selected you to receive 2 round trip airfares to anywhere in the contiguous United States.

    Offer then states to call 888-291-6821 within 48 hours and receive a 3 day 2 night hotel stay at major brand hotels (with promo card provided on the postcard)

    Disclaimer states in very small print:
    All components of this offer are fulfilled by a third party. Certain restrictions apply. Recipient responsible for all applicable taxes and fees. Please call for details.

  233. Just received my post card in the mail today in Connecticut. Southwest Celebration it says was planning trip to California with my son to look at colleges thought what a sweet deal. Looked up before I called glad I did thanks so much for keeping us informed looked to good to be true and it was. This company should be shut down for their sales tactics

  234. Got mine. CST #2001330-10

  235. Got mine as well. Southwest Getaway but the plane on the picture is not Southwest airline. Toll free number 888-928-3567 with Promo Code: NY312 2 round trip tickets and if I call within 48 3 day 2 nights Hotel Stay. Also notes “this is not a timeshare or land sale offer”

  236. My postcard came to me in southern California on June 15, 2015. It’s titled “Southwest 2015 Celebration”. I agree with previous posts that this should be investigated. At least sites like this alert people to its fraudulent nature.

  237. Henry Dicum | June 18, 2015 at 3:59 am |

    We received a similar”Southwest Celebration” postcard on or about June 15, 2015 here in northern California. As we have flown many times on Southwest, my wife and I took it initially at face value. The card claimed among other things that the “retail value of the award is up to $1,499.00”. We became suspicious when we noticed that neither the airplane pictured on the front nor the text on the reverse bore a Southwest logo or Southwest colors. The plane is photographed at an angle which makes its colors invisible. Obviously, the real Southwest would have shown off the company’s colors and logo. Whoever sent us the card was smart enough to try to avoid being charged with trademark infringement. We then found this website which confirmed our doubts.

  238. Confirmed Skeptic | July 13, 2015 at 4:42 pm |

    Received a “Southwest Getaway” card in the mail today here in Maryland. There are no trademarks shown, just the image of a generic airliner. The postmark is presort 1st class from Las Vegas, permit 2736. The callback number is 888-983-1650, which appears to be associated with an abusive telemarketer, based on searchable reports.

    In the tiniest print it says, “All trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners. Offer void where prohibited by law. All components of this offer are fulfilled by a third party. Certain restrictions, taxes and fees apply. Please call for details. Not applicable to Alaska or Hawaii. All major carriers accepted.”

    Sorry, I’m not biting.

    • I received the same postcard as Confirmed Skeptic. August 13, 2015. Howard County, MD. Paper waste.

  239. Patti Bricker | November 13, 2015 at 11:17 am |

    Got the same postcard in the mail the other day. Live in North Carolina. Googled it and got your great article. So the scam continues!! People need to be very careful about these offers.Do not be fooled!!!

  240. Got mine in letter form, with SW, JetBlue and another airline. Also had a couple nights stay at any Marriot (fine print on back said not affiliated with Marriot) was from the National Association of Travel Centers (NATC) called and they “prequalified” me and set me up for the presentation. I of course threw it away and did some in-depth research. I am a hard sell so thought that I would go to the presentation and walk away with “free” airline tickets and hotel stay, after much consideration came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to drive the 40+ miles to get there and researched more! I am not gonna play sucker to their game!

  241. Just got ours today “SOUTHWEST TRAVEL” Offered 3 days & 2 nights lodging plus $300. cash just to listen to theerprom. No pressure involved. Called the # & told them we would attend. BUT AREN’T.

  242. They’re back. Got one today with SOUTHWEST GETAWAY” with similar plane photo; promising 2 RT airfare and 3 day 2 night hotel. Phone number does not yet trigger scam; 866-382-6058 with Promo code RO-0428 and permit no. 2968 on postage stamp. Appreciate these alerts!

  243. Still at it in Virginia. “SOUTHWEST TRAVEL ANNIVERSARY” with a picture of a plane(no airline logo). “To celebrate our anniversary Southwest Travel is pleased to invite you to an exciting VIP seminar. At this fun-filled 90 minute seminar you will receive two(2) round trip, coach class airline vouchers to most major airports in the continental United States. The earliest callers will also receive a 3 day, 2 night stay at major 3 star hotels. Seating is limited, call early, do not be disappointed. No purchase is required. 888-851-8917 M-F 10am-8pm. Promo code FV519. Seminar location Fredericksburg. Postage permit No. 210 18640. Fine print: “This special promotion for travelers is not sponsored by any specific airline, resort or hotel. Offer void where prohibited by law. All components of this awards giveaway are fulfilled by a third party. Certain restrictions apply. Recipient responsible for all applicable taxes and/or fees. Please call for details.”
    I wish the Postmaster could do something about this like they do with other scams.

  244. I received the exact same one in Pennsylvania but a different phone number, promo code, and location. Otherwise, the wording and everything else was the same. Definitely not worth it…love how they make their names simliar to legitimate travel companies (like Southwest) to trick people.

  245. I got one with SOUTHWEST GETAWAY” with similar plane photo; promising 2 round trip airfare to most major cities and a BONUS 3 day 2 night hotel. Phone number is 866-382-6058. Promo is code MD0728 and permit is no. 492 on the prepaid postage stamp. Appreciate these alerts!

  246. I too, got one today with SOUTHWEST GETAWAY” with similar plane photo; promising 2 RT airfare and 3 day 2 night hotel. Phone number does not yet trigger scam? 866-382-6058 with Promo code NH0901 and permit no. 492 on postage stamp. Appreciate these alerts!!!

  247. GotEnrolledInScammerList | September 26, 2016 at 8:09 pm |

    I too, got one today with SOUTHWEST GETAWAY” with similar plane photo; promising 2 RT airfare and 3 day 2 night hotel. Phone number does not yet trigger scam? 866-382-6058 with Promo code NH0901 and permit no. 492 on postage stamp. Appreciate these alerts!!

    somehow my correct full name and address is with a Scammer. getting nervous
    Anyway to block this in future!! like a do not mail opt/out..
    complaint to some govt agency because receiving

  248. Just got a telephone call from (559) 657-6554. The call came in about 9:00pm making an offer to attend a celebration at the Southwest Airlines Special Club room in Sacramento, CA.

  249. Got a Southwest one in Maine. Same scam as everybody’s.
    Why don’t the airlines sue those scabs?

  250. I live in NY. On 2/27/17 I received a postcard with balloons, palm trees, blue sky and the underside view of an airplane (no visible logos). It says “2017 Celebration! jetBlue “Getaway” Air & Hotel Stay” on the front. Backside says “jetBlue Getaway” Dear (my name here) Celebrate! You are going to receive 2 round trip airfares to most major airports in the continental US. Call now and as a bonus you will also receive a 3 day 2 night hotel stay! We’ve been trying to contact you! (This isn’t a timeshare or landsale offer) To claim offer call 1-888-310-6109 Promo code: NY 0224 Postage Paid Permit #492 04101 My brother just started working for jetBlue, so I’m going to share this scam with him! This must be bad for legitamate travel companies! Thank you all for posting! So glad I Googled this!

  251. Here it is, 2017, and they are still trying the same scam. Same postcard with offer from “Southwest Travel”. But no dates or times. Just an 800 number and a promo code.

  252. Got mine today looks like same scam, but all they did was take off all the airline logos but all the same information is there this is gotta stop.

  253. Got mine in NY, allegiant Getaway, all the same information along with balloons and underside of the airplane.

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