From Racing Pro Bobby: Drive Like You Mean It!


Written by Bobby Carville

The condition of your own vehicle plays an important role in safety. Simple things like making sure the wiper blades are replaced regularly. Again, being able to clearly see what is coming at you in poor weather is so important.

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Also, check your tire pressure regularly. If one tire has low pressure and you need to take sudden evasive action to avoid a collision, the handling of the car will be altered and you may end up in your own crash while trying to avoid one! Those of you who watch racing on TV understand how just a pound or two of air pressure can completely change the handling of a racecar. A road car, although not as sensitive to air pressure as a racecar, reacts in exactly the same way.

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For those of you out there with performance vehicles, I do highly recommend having the tires filled with nitrogen. Leslie Silverman’s article “Where the Rubber Hits the Road” is well written and accurate on why nitrogen is a better option for performance vehicle tires as well as why is it used in racing. It didn’t mater what class of care I was racing, we always used nitrogen. Leslie’s article clearly explains why and I recommend you read it if you haven’t already.

On a related subject, tires and brakes are all what we call “wear items”. Their performance lessens and they wear out with time and usage. At the Skip Barber Driving School we pushed the limits of wear on both of these items and it was easy for us to see in a ridiculously short period of time how these two items affected handling and performance as they became worn.

I highly recommend having these items inspected at regular intervals to make sure your vehicle is safe and performing at its best; especially as we approach the fall season when weather conditions can vary from day to day and even hour to hour. Remember any wear or maintenance issues with your vehicle will be magnified in poor weather conditions so plan ahead.

Drive like you mean it! 



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