FTC Shuts Down Five Robocall Operations

Tired of getting those obnoxious phone calls from “Rachel” promising to lower the interest rate on your credit card?

So is the Federal Trade Commission.

Today, federal judges in Florida and Arizona temporarily shut down five companies that performed these robocalls to consumers.

The robocalls, which usually started with a recorded voice from a lady named Rachel, deceived consumers into paying hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars by claiming they could reduce credit card interest rates in return for an upfront fee.

The FTC says these five agencies could have defrauded consumers out of possibly $30 million over the past few years.

“At the FTC, Rachel from Cardholder Services is public enemy number one,” said FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz in a statement. “We’re cracking down on illegal robocalls by bringing law enforcement actions and pursuing technical solutions to the problem.”

The five companies are Key One Solutions and Ambrosia Web Design, both based in Arizona; and The Green Savers, A+ Financial Center and Treasure Your Success, all based in Florida.

The FTC is trying hard to crack down on robocalls. Earlier this month, they announced a $50,000 prize to the person or small business that could create a new solution to block illegal robocalls on landlines and mobile phones.

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4 Comments on "FTC Shuts Down Five Robocall Operations"

  1. This is the best news I heard all week. I am on the no call list but that Rachel kept calling me even though I reported it to the FCC. This is so great Rachel was on of the biggest pest around.

    Now I hope the FCC would stop allowing people doing voter surveys and organizations wanting donations. I pay my phone bill and I don’t want to be pestered by strangers for voting or anything else.

    So the FCC gets 3 cheers from me. Thanks

    • Cathy A Mayer | November 4, 2012 at 2:32 pm |

      Stop all the calls on lowering your intensest rates like Rachel and all others. I pay all my bills on time. It is very bothersome. Thank your for your concern.

  2. Received a call from Rachel today 11/06/2012.
    We have received a call everyday, even after the FCC action.Since the #3 on the telephone does not stop the calls, I pressed #1.

    A male voice answered and I demanded that the calls stop. He cussed me out using phrases like “scum bag”.
    Stated they would continue to call everyday.

    The final phone number for this most recent call is 718-416-6122.

    I thought the problem was fixed.

  3. 12/06/12 & 12/20/12 received calls at 7:45pm and 8:45pm from 718-416-6122 and 417-800-2333 (Card Services) and I pressed “1” and told the man who answered to stop calling me, I am on the national “Do Not Call List”! He hung up in my face both times. Problem is not solved!!

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