Getting Internet Service From AT&T A Major Hassle For North Stonignton Family

Those of us who have telephone and Internet service tend to take them for granted.

For Sue Pianka of North Stonington, it took weeks of frustrating telephone calls to confused  AT&T “customer service” representatives, waiting for days for technicians who failed to show up and finally the involvement of CtWatchdog before she was able to have Internet service at her parents’ home, which is a few hundred feet away from her home.

Sue and her husband David gutted the house after his parents passed away and renovated it for her parents.

That wanted Internet service especially for Sue’s mother Claire, who loves to research on the Internet and used it to keep in touch with friends and relatives all over the country.

“She complained that she was going through withdrawal” Sue said.

Telephone and Internet service was not expected to be an issue because when their daughter lived in the house four years ago, she had both a landline and DSL for Internet service. And the Piankas have DSL service.

Sue Pianka contacted AT&T on Aug. 13 asking for a landline and a DSL Internet line.

She was told that AT&T were no longer offering DSL service to new customers. Instead they can be set up with U-verse fiber optics service that would provide both Internet and telephone service.

That was fine by Sue and she was promised that a technician would install the service on Aug. 22.

Her husband took the day off, but no one from AT&T showed up. They found a message on their home phone from the company cancelling the appointment saying it will be up on Aug. 23.

No technician again.

She then made several calls to try to find out what happened. Some of the calls were to foreign customer service representatives whose English was less than perfect.

Sue said she was promised by one of the representatives that they would look into the problem and would get back to her.

“A few days later I got a call from AT&T asking how I liked the service,” Sue said “I told them we still don’t have service.”

After that she was she was told that U-verse was not available in her neighborhood, but DSL was available.

She was promised that DSL service would be established by Sept. 10.

A package arrived from AT&T with the equipment they needed to set up DSL service.

Sept. 10 arrived, but no technician.

She then started another round of phone calls. “Every time I called I got a new person and you have to go over the whole story all over again,” she complained.

“For a communications company they have so little communication between their offices,” Sue said.

She was then told that U-verse would be set up on Sept. 16.

But the day before she got a call saying that neither DSL or U-verse were available for her parents’ home.

It was at this point that she contacted state officials, her legislators, the FCC and CtWatchdog asking for help.

I contacted AT&T and within three days a DSL line was set up at the house.

Sue said she reached out to officials not because she felt they could “do something about this, but because it is a matter of principle with me. I am attempting to get in touch with corporate personnel, not because I think they can do something about this, but because now it is a matter of principle with me.”

“Perhaps I’m wrong, but I consider a phone and internet service provider a public utility, like the power companies and to  have to go through all this is pathetic.”

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3 Comments on "Getting Internet Service From AT&T A Major Hassle For North Stonignton Family"

  1. I can relate! Horrible “customer service”. The right hand definitely doesn’t know what the left is doing, assuming the left is doing anything. AT&T just doesn’t give a damn about its customers.

    • Robert Turman | August 26, 2014 at 4:29 pm |

      I had uverse telephone internet and television installed on 8-12-2014 and i could not he happier.The internet has never went down .Everything is great.

      • your 1 of a million that doesn’t have problems!!! I have Direct TV and AT&T u verse Internet combine into one bill. Suppose to be high speed internet. What a joke! That’s how they advertise it anyway. When I called they said it’s because of our iPads and iPhones. If I try to watch something on Demand the Internet is so poor that I have to wait 24 hours or more before I can watch it. It’s a rip off. The older computers ran faster than this high speed joke. However I can pay a higher amount to increase my internet to a more high speed service according to their Representive. So how can they call it high speed when it is not? Isn’t that false advertisement? I was literally on the phone for 1 to 2 hours or more a day because I combined my bills. They finally got it right but they keep increasing my bill by a small amount every month! So I’m terrified to call with any changes afraid the same ordeal will happened. I’m really pissed off over this high speed deal. Why do I have to pay for an other higher speed when I supposedly already have it. I wish someone would start a class action suit against them for false advertisement. Even the AT&T employees tell me that they have so many complaints concerning customer service. I see no solutions.

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