Gov. Malloy Signs Critical Bill For Condo Owners

Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy Monday signed a critical law for condo owners that requires banks to reimburse condo associations for maintenance in case of foreclosures.

The reason the bill was critical because two judges had ruled that the state statute governing reimbursement of condo fees was limited to a one time six month payment.

State Rep.  Matthew D. Ritter (D-Hartford) said the bill was adopted during the last day of the General Assembly be an overwhelming vote from both parties. He said he believes the governor will sign the legislation.

Ritter said the bill clarifies that condo associations can be reimbursed for nine months of condo fees. If the foreclosure takes longer the association can continue to receive 9 months of fees every year.

Banks in return wanted more notice if a condo association was planning on taking a foreclosure action. The bill requires associations to provide banks with a 60 day notice.

The bill had the support of both the Community Association Institute of Connecticut, which mainly represents property managers and condo attorneys, as well as by the Connecticut Condo Owners Coalition, which represents condo owners.

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  1. I Live at Parsonage Village in colonial Drive in Rocky hill Ct, The condo board takes pictures of our kids playing outside and says that our kids can not play ball on the grass or common grounds. There is no where for our kids to play. They also fine us for opening our windows during the time the heat is on. On Sundays i like to clean my place and open my window to get air out my place and i was fined 25.00 for having my window open for less then 20 minutes and my heat was turned off. My neighbors child threw up on her rug she cleaned it and placed it outside in the summer to dry out she was finned 25.00. My other neighbor is Indian and her religion is shoes you walk outside with you do not bring in your house she rcvd a letter that we dont care about your religion and fines her daily for her shoes being kept in the hall way neatly in a corner. The one thing that bothers me the most is the guy who is in charge of our maintenance took a ball away from a small child and told his mother to come to his office to pick it up, we do not have a office this building she asked him nicely to give her the ball back to her son and he said no, she had no choice but to call the Rocky Hill police and he was spoken to. Last week a child left his bikeby his unit for less than 5 minutes and his bike was taken away from him for leaving his bike outside. WHAT RIGHTS DO WE AS PARENTS HAVE, Most people that live here do not speak proper English and are never heard. This year we had no hot water for over 3 months it took someone to call the news to get this fixed and now that mother gets harassed daily. Last week the member of the board walked up directly to a child and took pictures of him and told him to go inside he can not play outside cause its against the policy. One mother has up to 6,000 in fines for her child playing outside. Can someone help us

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