Gov. Malloy Signs Critical Condo Bill

July 15, 2013

In what has the potential to be a major victory for condo owners in Connecticut, Gov. Malloy signed legislation Friday that would give the state more power to discipline property managers who violate state condo laws.

Prior to this legislation – Public Act 13-289 – the state Department of Consumer Protection could only take action against property managers if they committed some impropriety with association finances.

Giving the Consumer Protection department additional powers to regulate property managers was proposed by the CCOC. The Community Association Institute of Connecticut agreed to support the proposal as long as the violations investigated are “knowing and material.”

The Public Act goes into effect Oct. 1.

If the Consumer Protection Department fully enforces this law, disgruntled condo owners will finally have a place to file a complaint against condo managers who violate state condo laws.

The Act also requires condo associations to make available agendas of regularly scheduled board of directors meetings to condo owners 48 hours prior to the meetings.

At many associations agendas are only provided to unit owners the night of the meeting.

Another section of the Act requires associations to make available to unit owners detailed financial records of reserve accounts.

And, the Act clarifies how associations must draw up proxies to prevent board members from having an unfair advantage.

To read the full Act click below.

2013 PA-00289-HB-06477-PA


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One Response to Gov. Malloy Signs Critical Condo Bill

  1. Jessica on January 21, 2015 at 5:57 pm

    Our condo fees went up to 385 and their answer is because they have empty units . I keep getting fined and now they threatened to put a lean on my property I don’t pay within 10 days of $530 and can foreclose on the unit. There is no maintenance being donethey charge us for pavement of $400 per unit over 100 units and none of the grounds of been paved yet. The gentleman that’s in charge of cutting our grass comes by at night drive station wagon with the flashlight it looks that each card to find something wrong to give us a fine. Cars being towed from visitors parking spots Who are actual visitors. Kids can play outside taking pictures of our kids without our permission. I called multiple times to go over my fines and they just hang up in my face and don’t give me an answer. The maintenance man literally walked up to a child and took his ball away. Don’t know where else to go. Me and several unit owners are looking for help

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