Great Tips And Features For iPhones and iPads You Might Not Be Aware Of

Apple makes great products. Us Apple product owners (and stockholders) agree. But one issue many of us have is that the iPhone and iPad instructions are thin to say the least.

You get the general idea from the few pages of instructions, but both the iPhone 4s and the iPad 2 and the new iPad have so much more capability, shortcuts, and needed information.

For instance did you know that if your iPhone freezes there are two ways to deal with the problem:

One is by double clicking the home button and you will see all the apps that are open. When you have too many apps open, the iPhone tends to run into issues, including freezing. By touching on the icons at the bottom until all the apps have minus signs, you can turn off all the apps and your iPhone will work great.

If for some reason that can’t be accomplished, simply turn off the iPhone by pressing the Sleep/Wake button on the top and the home button at the same time. Then swipe the “slide to power off” as instructed by your phone. If will then automatically shut down and you can power it up again and everything will be fine.

Yahoo is kind enough to give us two dozen other tips:

Select URL domains faster: When typing a website address in Safari, you don’t have to type the “.com.” For example, you can type “yahoo” in the URL box to get to On a related note, you can press and hold down the .com button and you’ll see a list of alternatives to choose, such as .net, .org and .edu.

Make your own ringtone: Don’t settle with the ringtones provided by Apple and you need not pay your carrier for more of them. As the name suggests, the free Ringtone Maker app lets you take a clip from your favorite songs and make ringtones out of them in seconds.

Get word definitions: Apple has recently added a built-in dictionary and you can access it in most apps that let you select a word. Simply press and hold on a word — such as in an email, reminder, iBooks, and so on — and you’ll see a pop-up option for “Define.”


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