Hacked Credit Cards Selling At Bargain Prices

Have $2 to spare? Then you can buy a stolen credit card record, provided you pay up front and in cash. Or launch your own spam campaign by renting a botnet, with prices starting at $15.

So says “The Cyber Crime Black Market: Uncovered,” a report released on Thursday by security software vendor Panda Security.

Overall, the security firm found a thriving black market offering stolen information and attack tools.

The report says credit card details can be purchased for as little as $2 per card, but this level does not provide additional information or verification of the account balance available. If the buyer wants a guarantee for the available credit line or bank balance, the price increases to $80 for smaller bank balances and upwards of $700 to access accounts with a guaranteed balance of $82,000. Spend even more–up to $1,500 per record–and you can buy stolen records that have a history of being used for e-commerce orders or paying via Web sites such as PayPal.

Story by Matthew J. Schwartz for Information Week



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